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“Are Women Really Human?” asks the MGTOW meme of the day

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MGTOW Friday continues with this lovely meme, found in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit.

You’ll be happy to learn that most of the MGTOWs commenting on the meme do in fact believe that women are human, and possibly even deserving of some of the same rights as men.

“Women are human and have certain human rights,” says someone calling himself Whiskeybandit67. “They are assholes, but human.”

Ayy-Mayy-ZoSuperwoah, meanwhile, thinks it’s “twisted” to say that women aren’t human.

Yeah women don’t really contribute much value to humanity, but that doesn’t make them less than human. Whoever wrote this is deranged. Deprive them of the right to vote maybe, and maybe to work some jobs, in other words, strip some circumstantial privileges, but to strip them of human rights? Like what, exactly?

I guess this is what passes for a voice of reason on the MGTOW subreddit, huh?

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5 years ago

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