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MGTOWs agree: Women are objectively ugly; only male lust makes them seem sorta hot

Area man discovers that women are secretly unattractive and vaginas are weird

Ladies! The jig is up! Men are discovering that even though some of you seem, like, really hot, you’re actually all quite unattractive!

In the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, a few of the more enlightened souls have uncovered the secret truth about women: they’re basically weird and disgusting and only male sexual desire makes them seem sexy.

EndlessPontification 15 points 1 day ago A lot of mgtow men still have trouble understanding that women are vastly inferior to men in pretty much every way. Women aren't even attractive, it's the male sex-drive, cultural indoctrination, and makeup that makes them appear to be. Strip all of that away and shave her head? Her outside will match her inside, as she'll look like an autistic freak permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]LemonZeppelin27 5 points 1 day ago I have thought about this. Objectively, the vagina is really weird and boobs just exist. But the male sex drive makes them appear to be attractive. You hear blue pill guys saying "I love women" but I just don't love women. I'm not even sure if I like women. At best, I am ambivalent towards women. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]Muginns 3 points 1 day ago They are supposed to be a support to men, and a way to give birth and/or nurture children, but they have to go and fuck it all up.

I don’t want to alarm any of the fellas who might be reading this, but I have heard that most if not all females are also infested with cooties. Best stay away!

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Chessman, the Portland situation isn’t a chivalry thing to us, it’s a Golden Rule thing. If someone was singling you out for harassment, what would you want witnesses to do – let you deal with this threatening, potentially-violent person by yourself, or stand up for you and try to stop that person?

Honestly, while I’d like to think that I’d stand up for someone in that situation (yes, including a cis white man, Chessy, that wouldn’t make a difference to me) even if I was putting myself in danger, I’m not sure I would really be brave enough to put my life on the line. You, however, have shown yourself unwilling to stand up for anybody – like the guy who was threatening to rape people on this website, that’s why we keep bringing up rape threats – even when there’s no risk to you personally. In fact, you’ve established that you think that standing up for others is a weakness introduced by gynocentric brainwashing, not a strength that allows us to live in a decent and compassionate society.

None of us want to stand up for you because you would refuse to stand up for any of us.

I’m wearing tighter sports bras, but I’m really going to get a proper binder soon. I could definitely live without boobs. They are not much of an advantage to me.

@Virgin Mary I really wish breasts were retractable.

Love to my fellow London residents. xoxoxo stay safe

Mildly OT, but I wanted to share.

At the laundromat I go to, I was sitting peaceably with my sketch pad. A woman was sitting two seats to my right.
A man began asking her questions. He wasn’t obviously dangerous, but obviously persistent in the face of her response, which could be summarized as ‘sweet goddess, why did I leave the house without earphones?’

After it became clear that he wasn’t going to stop, I lowered the pad, raised my head, and made very brief eye contact with him.

He quietly left the laundromat.

Not sure why, but I felt good about it. And I didn’t say anything to her myself.

@Robert Walker-Smith,

Good for you. Good for you.

Clearly Robert was just acting out of toxic male gynocratic programming. Or something.

Anyway, good job helping out.

Just a bit of OT news: Wonder Woman broke weekend opening records worldwide.


@alan, thank you! I figured it was about time. lol

Wait so chessie is OTD? Interesting. . .

“Let’s rewind a bit. Someone was abusing some young girls. Now no disrespect to our many talented young people on this site, but they’re just kids. And what he actually said was that all Muslims should be killed. One of the girls is a Muslim. Can you imagine how terrifying that must have been?”

yeah, it’s barely within the bounds of free speech but to the point it is perhaps irresponsibly inflammatory

“So some decent guys decided, correctly in my opinion, that this was unacceptable and attempted to assist in preventing any further harm to the girls. As we discussed before, sometimes a woman intervening can de-escalate a situation. But the perp in this case was demonstrating that he was happy to threaten women/girls.”

i think it’s borderline… but i dont think it qualifies as a “threat” in a legalistic sense, but i can definitely see how it could have felt threatening…

” He displayed all the signs of snivelling cowardice so it was perhaps correct to believe he might back down in the face of some other guys.”

That tragically wasn’t the case.

“But I’ve not seen anyone, and especially any women, suggest that there’s a duty on men, and only men, to always risk themselves to assist women and only women

So I think your thesis isn’t backed up by evidence. But I’m more than happy to consider any specific challenges you may have to my analysis. So feel free to correct me if, and where, you can show I’m incorrect.”

Evidence (ok it’s anecdotal or not quite scientific but i think it’s pretty clear white knighting is a gender stereotyped behavior):


Perhaps you want me to die of unrelieved boredom while you keep on talking.

Chessman, they intervened as he was heavily bullying her, he shoved one of them, the other shoved him back then he started stabbing. Well that escalated quickly. I don’t think you would condone a muslim doing this and nor do I (sadly that happened again tonight, which leads me to wonder what’s the cause for this general rise of terrorism in Europe, while there were little to no episodes before 2015?)

In fairness I did ask him to respond.

@ chessman

i can definitely see how it could have felt threatening…

Ok, so you accept a reasonable person would have seen the actions as threatening. Don’t you feel therefore that it’s commendable for people to intervene to stop an adult threatening children?

For one who throws about the word “bullying” like it were confetti, Chesswoman (and she has indicated that she prefers female pronouns, which is why I am calling her Chesswoman, because she has demanded we respect her preferred pronouns) certainly excuses bullying when teen girls are getting bullied by a white supremacist.

One would thinks as a black transwoman, she would have little sympathy for a white supremacist.

Why, as a black transwoman, would you defend that?

Chessman keeps bouncing between threads hoping that the commenters won’t catch on that he’s spewing different types of shit every different thread.

Holy shit, man, really. Like, dude. Come ooonnn. I mean this as just a person, ya gotta quit. You’re just gonna be banned at any moment.

ps. You’re doing a piss poor job of going down in flames.

Chessman is booored. Nothing on TV. He’s played all his computer games.


I’ll go harass the feminists on WHTM.

And now he’s boring us.

Kat, Chesswoman been banned.

Technically the male people are doing the harvesting in the male gaze. They are accepting the photons being reflected from others. It’s a rather immature way of trying to once again control what other people are doing instead of controlling their own impulses.

The twisting of the reality contained in the idea of “involuntary celibacy” is another.

I wish we could have a “To Catch A Predator”-style show where they get WTHM trolls to come in a room where a reporter reads their own posts back at them and asks them to elaborate on their statements for the camera. Also, whenever possible, the troll’s mother/wife/girlfriend/sister is watching all of this go down – either where the troll can see her, or from behind a two-way mirror or live feed. Call it “To Catch A Troll.”

Strange how MGTOWs such as Chessman view women as the weaker sense…until it’s convenient.

“Isn’t mgtow theoretically the answer to feminist issues like the wage gap which is caused by female hypergamous predatory behaviors of relying on men whom they pressure and coerce into assuming the toxic male “provider” role…? catcalling? rape culture? ”

Yep men choose the breadwinner role because of women coercing them to. Yep that’s it.

In reality most men want nothing more than to be the primary carer. Just go your own way already!

There’s quite a pattern for trolls to do the “actually I’m a black woman” reveal; but this is the first time I think we’ve seen someone take the trans angle, so I suppose he gets a point for innovation.

Strange, as she both said not being alt/far right, then a trans and even a black woman, as though she attempted to parody the strawman “hey how will they handly me if I gain enough sjw oppression point?” :), because of course they (the trolls, mysogynists among mra’s, etc) have this idea that feminists or “sjw” (their projection of it) have double standards and excuse bigotry if it comes for muslims, black people, which is of course ridiculous. In one case I saw one here in a past thread playing pretending being a jew and saying something like “you can’t contraddict me, you are goyim, check your privilege” remember? ^_^


Yeah, that one ticked off all of the boxes in the Troll Playbook. Messy.

Chessman has been banned? dang, I was still hooping for an explanation of “gaze-harvesting” . . .

Ingmar, it reminds me of the Right Wing Noise Machine wheeze about how if you don’t want to treat all Muslims as declared jihadis you *must* want sharia law in the United States.

Since they have a ‘with us or against us’ mindset, it is inconceivable* to them that someone might actually want freedom and dignity for *all* people.

*I do know what that word means.

I dated a guy who couldn’t handle that I made more money than him. I would have been happy to support him. But MGTOWs think it’s women coercing men into being the breadwinners, because everything is our fault.

It must be nice to be so far removed from ever actually being in danger of being killed by a guy who, by the way, we have very fuckin strong evidence was in fact murderous at the time, that you can just spin out hypotheticals about how if everyone had just calmly submitted it would all be fine. Because then, see, you could be blaming the dead victims for calmly submitting.
Its like they’re in a compeition to be the worst living dumpster fire.

I hope these men “going their own way” are going in the opposite direction to me…

It looks like I’ll never find out how I can prevent harvesting gazes, but I’ve learned two important things: I would like to buy a hotdog from @Fran’s Zebrica persona, and then go into deep space with her.

And @SFHC, thanks for the thread. I read it while I was cooking, and got the giggles.

I find it funny how these men feel us women are supposed to be there to support them as background noise. But the instant a woman has even the slightest hint of help or support from a man, she is inferior and couldn’t possibly get anywhere without him.

Ugh. It makes me wonder if I should just hire all female staff for work or projects. But that’ll be illegal…so meh.

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