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Overcome lust by imagining women as chopped-up body parts, MGTOW of the Day recommends

This technique does not work for everyone

One of the little stumbling blocks faced by would-be Men Going Their Own Way is that it’s hard for straight dudes to free themselves from the influence of evil women if all they do is think about how much they want to have sex with said evil women.

And so you’ll occasionally find MGTOWs asking one another what they can do to lessen their terrible lusts. And the answers are often quite horrifying — longtime WHTM readers may recall legendary MGTOW Christopher of Oregon’s lengthy disquisitions on the (alleged) unspeakable smelly horrors of the vagina, for example.

Well, he’s not the only one trying to replace sexy thoughts with grotesque ones. Consider this lust-destroying advice from today’s MGTOW of the Day, fresh from a discussion in the MGTOW subreddit.

bitter_samsara 7 points 7 hours ago This isn't for everyone, but one technique is to visualize each body part and fluid separately for what it is. For example, a butt which can look beautiful but imagine the bones, sinew, meat, blood. There is poop that inside, which smells really bad. These things are just organized in such a way that the form appears to be pleasing, but in reality it's disgusting. Visualize those separate things being combined to make a butt, but see those for what they are. If you're not faint of heart, you can see the reality of how disgusting the human body is through autopsies, but really this isn't necessary unless you've decided this is a good technique for you.

This is actually a variation of an ancient Buddhist technique — no, really — but when combined with the intense misogyny of the MGTOWs it’s decidedly less than enlightened.

Straight women, naturally, have it much easier when it comes to the whole lust quenching thing: All they have to do to kill any lust they feel towards a particular man is to imagine that he’s a MGTOW. Works every time!

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Angry Since 11/9/2016
Angry Since 11/9/2016
5 years ago

Religion was born to dominate women and control the sheep for financial, social and cultural gain. Migtoes using religion to further their misogyny is hardly a stretch of the imagination.

4 years ago

The poop is not actually inside the butt. And smigtoes think they’re genius philosophers.

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