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Sluts do not compute for one MGTOW Redditor

Those numbers can’t be right!

A Redditor called be_the_kiwi recently found himself a bit confused about some of the more advanced tenets of Lady Theory. So naturally he turned to Reddit’s most reliable source of information on the human female — the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit.

Under the heading “question about sluts,” the confused kiwi asked his question:

I read on the rational male [a terrible manosphere blog –DF] that “a woman’s imperative is to get the best one man she can get for sex and for provisioning. That’s why you don’t see many women “dating” (i.e. having sex with) several different men at the same time.” This doesn’t explain promiscuous women though; if this is true then why are some women sluts?

Ah, the Slut Question!

While you or I might be tempted to speculate that women who have casual sexual relationships with multiple men at the same time might do this because they enjoy having casual sexual relationships with multiple men at the same time, this is of course WRONG WRONG WRONG, as the assembled lady experts quickly explained to young kiwi.

One fellow called lonewolf-chicago has a whole list:

Attention seeking behavior

Conflating sex with “love”

The price they pay to keep a man’s attention.

They have nothing else to offer

No purpose in life, goals, no need to become masterful at something to build a reputation to make money because a man will provide for them.

And then a small percentage are wired to need sex…likely higher testosterone by nature.

Boredom. So many women are bored because they have few hobbies. ( shopping is not a hobby )

You might think that such a detailed list would cover it, but several other MGTOWs offered helpful theories of their own. MarketGiraffe declared that

sluts aren’t defined by how many times they get pumped… but rather how many times they get dumped.

The reason women are sluts is because they couldn’t get the guy to commit, because they aren’t worth anything more than whats between their legs (for the most part).

But Mr. Giraffe was quick to add, presumably on the off chance that any women were reading his comments, that

if a girl can cook and play grand theft auto, she won’t be getting pumped and dumped by me even if her vagina gets filled with fucking cement.

That’s right, gals — he’s single! Form a line, lonely vidya-game-playing/cement-vagina-having girls!

Someone called DigitalScetis had his own theory, based on the different sexual and emotional reactions women allegedly have to the sexy Chad Thundercock and the just plain ordinary “Brad.” (Note: in this case “Brad” refers to regular old Brads, not to Brad Pitt. Brad is a Brad; Brad Pitt is a Chad. Hope that helps!)

Women do not want to fuck Brad. They do not want to marry Chad.

They want to marry Brad, and not fuck him, and fuck Chad, but not marry him. This is optimizing her sexual strategy. Anything less, for her innermost feelings, feels wrong.

You may have noticed that in addition to being a stupid thing to say this does not actually answer poor Mr. kiwi’s question, partly because all Mr. DigitalScetis has done here is to regurgitate one of the basic MGTOW talking points.

Meanwhile, a dude called lostapwbm suggested that it was futile to try to understand female logic, because there isn’t such a thing!

The greatest mistake any man can make is assuming that any given woman is a rational thinker.

Ergo, sluts, The Wall, Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks.

Sluts are not well-known for their long-term planning skills.

Really? Because it seems pretty evident to me that the sluts of the world are a hell of a lot better organized than the MGTOWs.

But this is not all there is to say about sluts. Indeed, several MGTOWs took issue with the very premise of Mr. kiwi’s question. For them the issue isn’t why some women are sluts; it’s why any women aren’t sluts.

“[N]ot sure i’ve ever known a woman to really ever commit to one man,” a MGTOW calling himself chasingsnow reports.

[M]aybe 100 years ago, now they need 1000 men on facebook, 80 dicks a week, and dating multiple man to feel “ok”. all women are sluts.

All except the ugly ones, that is:

what i’ve noticed about the girls that have never whored and say its gross or immoral, they are ugly. ugly girls aren’t sluts because they can’t be.

But the hot gals? They’re all sluts, at least according to this anonymous dude on the MGTOW subreddit who may have never spoken to a woman.

i’ve never met a fucking banging hot chick that doesn’t sell her body in some way or the other. all women are sluts, and yet they rag on us for always thinking with our dick. yes, i think with my cock way too much, but isn’t you obsessing about your beauty just another form of sexual worship.

This last bit about “sexual worship” inspired another MGTOW to spew forth an extended, er, series of reflections on women, “sexual worship,” and of course “hoeing out.”

[W]omen in America are in love with themselves. They literally call themselves queens now, as if they graduated from being princesses. Men will go head-over-heels for women no matter how they act. …

The sexual revolution essentially created sexual worship in our society as a means of “liberation”, alongside “sex sells” consumerism. Rather than teaching women to become independent or strong through education, career, or activism, they were taught to hoe out to express their “womanhood”. 

So there you have it, folks! All your slut questions answered, courtesy of a bunch of dudes who hate and fear women in general and sluts in particular!

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5 years ago

@alan robertshaw

My local supermarket didn’t have any kiwi fruit. I am however happily reassured by people’s comments here. So that is a cute pic.

Did…. Did you really go to the supermarket to check out kiwi stickers to solve this mystery? That’s adorable.


A) you’re impressively talented in bard-stuff, especially for 17 (because less time to practice, not because youth is in any way bad)

And b)
At 17 you’re prime age! Haven’t you listened to the mgtows? You should be slutting out all the time! How are you going to Properly ride the cock carousel this way?

I don’t get this Chad thing. I’m engaged to what they’d consider a beta and and a friend is married to what they’d consider a Chad (except that he’s married, but….). I’m happy and pleased because we compromise on issues until we can both live with them, because we communicate and everything else that goes into a good relationship.
She’s exhausted, stressed out and told me if they don’t get a place where she can sometimes ignore the mess he makes and how he isn’t even willing to do the tiniest things she asks of him, she isn’t going to be married much longer, even though she loves him.

It’s almost like there’s more to men and women than their stupid ideas.

5 years ago

re: produce sticker for kiwi on kitten

Water. Just a few drops should be enough to roll the sticker right off the kitteh fur.

And seriously MGTOW-dude? Cement in a vagina? If you ever encounter a vagina still attached to a live human woman and she goes as far as to back a mini cement mixing truck up between the thighs to put CEMENT IN HER VAGINA, maybe she wants nothing to do with you, and hates any of the GTA game series with the fire of 1000000000000 suns.

5 years ago

Someone mentioned New Vegas; I have been Summoned.

…I did actually have one Black Widow character who had a genuine soft spot for Benny – plus she wanted in on his “liberate Vegas from House” plan. She romanced him at the Tops, and then freed him from Caesar. He turned up again at the Dam, and tried to shoot her ’cause he felt inadequate after being outdone by her so many times. He’s in the Colorado now.

5 years ago

The evopsych explanation for why people ‘slut-shame’ so to speak or why women cant be promiscuous just never seemed to add up to me.

A cluster of regions in Tibet practice polyandry for example, and there are references to the act in its outlawing in ancient Sumeria. Also divine prostitution by priestesses of Ishtar.
And don’t you want to attract a bunch of mates so you know you can pick the best one?
And in general, early humanity just seemed to be largely monogamous if following early phylogenetic evidence.

Anybody else picked any glaring holes in the logic of it? Because I’m rusty or at least poor at picking holes in that logic.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
5 years ago

@ zaunfink

It’s only a short walk away, and I also picked up some teabags. But yeah, it was slightly bugging me a bit. I’m as soppy as anyone for cute animal pics, but sometimes I do think about what’s gone on behind them. Mind you, years ago some people were protesting a Banksy exhibition for his use of animals. An arty friend stencilled “painting animals is wrong” on my dog and went to joint them. I did think that was quite funny (and Sas was no stranger to being covered in paint; you try decorating a flat with a clingy Belgian Shepherd helping).

Wolverine's granddad (formerly Kevin)
Wolverine's granddad (formerly Kevin)
5 years ago

Did you ever find a reliable way to dispose of Legionnaire Assassin squads ? I got on the wrong side of the Legion and they are a real nuisance. Being able to deal with giant radscorpions would be handy to know as well.

Paradoxical Intention - Leader of the Deathclaw Damsels

JM | May 16, 2017 at 10:26 pm
So I’m admittedly confused. Do MGTOWs think they’re more intellectual than the common MRA? It doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference.

The only real “difference” is that MGTOWs have sworn off of women entirely, whereas MRAs still apparently want to sleep with women, and marry them.

However, this is all for naught considering that MGTOWs will never go their own fucking way already.

Troubelle: Moonbeam Malcontent + Bard of the New Movement
Troubelle: Moonbeam Malcontent + Bard of the New Movement
5 years ago


re: A. Much obliged. It’s something that I try to work on when I can. I even casually make up songs for fictional things in my off-time.

re: B. I’m under my Mom’s roof (and I’ll be under my Dad’s roof next week) alongside my siblings. I’d get caught, and it wouldn’t be appreciated. (Plus, I don’t want to risk getting pregnant, shock and horror to the manosphere.)

Also, re: this guy’s fantasy. I never played much GTA, but it seems fun enough to derp around…though I’d probably spend some time secret-hunting. And I made chili just last night.

But I doubt I want my [insert amusing euphemism for the ladybits] anywhere around that guy.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
5 years ago

Don’t usually post brain bleach, but thought you might like this. Some friends have a network that sort of arranges horse adoptions and fostering. Anyway this poor mare lost her foal and a few days later a foal lost his mum. However they were brought together and this is them an hour after meeting. Aww.

5 years ago

I guess there is nothing original about this thought, but it just occured to me that one of the reasons they despise women’s sexuality so much is because their sexual experiences have made them feel even more insecure.

They do not understand women’s bodies, their understanding of anatomy is rudimentary and many of them seem to have grown up with sex negative indoctrination.

Rather than seeking an open sharing of sexual inexperience or fear to get over it they seek refuge in this absurd categorising of women – attractive = promiscuous, unattractive = desperate or prudish. This is amply boosted by the media.

There seems to be little independent thought. They spread their toxic drivel and seem to attract many young men, some of whom stick around to share their resentments about women who just aren’t doing what they should be doing (ie boner pleasing on demand whilst being virgins and looking like models).

I hope that they are a niche. I know many young men (no, I am not riding the cock carousel!) and they do not seem to have been affected by this poison.

5 years ago

@Wolverine’s Granddad

Depends on the weapons you use and the exact issue with these enemies, but the biggest problem with Legionnaire Assassins and Giant Radscorpions is their high damage threshold. Deathclaws and Super Mutants defend themselves in the same way, so do high-end NCR soldiers, robots, and a lot of DLC enemies.

I favor melee weapons, and for melee weapons there’s an amazing perk called “Piercing Strike” which causes bare fists, knives, baseball bats, that sort of thing to go through 15 points of DT (GRS has 18, most others have 15 or less). Combine that with a decent weapon, high melee skill, and other useful melee perks (Super Slam, Slayer, etc) and it gets really ridiculous. Even without Piercing Strike, a shovel with Super Slam can clear a large number of GRS, as long as you can keep a knocked down scorpion between yourself and the others.

For other weapons, there’s three main ways past this: Deal so much damage 15 DT is irrelevant, use armor-piercing ammunition, or rely on critical hits (Which ignore defenses in general).

Explosives work best for the first one (With three ranks of Demolition Expert you can generally rely on a missile launcher to OHKO nearly anything), but you can also do this with Brush Guns, Anti-Materiel Rifles, and Tesla Cannons. Armor-piercing ammunition is Max Charge cells for energy weapons, AP ammo for guns. AP ammo really only exists for rifle-type guns, but it ignores 15 DT (Assault and Marksman carbines are probably the best choice for this sort of strategy). Some handguns have special ammo (Craft with the Hand Loader perk) that ignore smaller amounts of DT and have other bonuses. Critical hits depend on your luck – but Finesse boosts critical chance, some weapons multiply (!) critical chance, and you can increase critical damage too. E-weps work best with critical chance, but there’s a half dozen guns that are amazing with it too, and Combat Knives & Katanas are absurdly lethal with a high crit chance. Side note: Every weapon except explosives benefits from increased critical chance. The thing is, an AMR is powerful normally, but critical chance turns some lacking weapons into world beaters.

If defense is your issue, make sure to use your consumables – DR is applied before DT, so if you use Med-X and that reduces the incoming damage to less than your DT, that damage is basically nullified. If you have 50 Science, you can turn Stimpaks, Banana Yucca fruit, and Psycho into Slasher…which is like Psycho, but also with DR (Which stacks with Med-X). 50% DR, plus 20 or so DT, and most Legionnaire weapons will completely fail to penetrate your armor.

There’s also a perk, Fight the Power!, that increases DT and critical chance against anyone wearing NCR or Legion armor.

There’s also a perk, Entomologist, which increases damage against insects by 50%.

Or if you want an “I win” button, there’s a shotgun perk (And Stay Back!) that gives 10% knockdown chance per pellet for shotgun attacks. Damage is negligible against these enemies with buckshot even with shotgun surgeon, but knocked down enemies can’t retaliate and certain shotguns (Caravan shotgun, hunting shotgun, etc) spit out so many shells so quickly even if the first fails to knockdown, the follow-ups will.

Terrifying Presence offers a special speech option to deal with Legionary Assassins, or so I’ve heard.

Finally, the Assassins are after you. If you’re wearing either NCR or Legion armor, they don’t spawn. (If you go the disguise route, be sure to directly put on and take off the armor. Don’t just equip something else while wearing it – there are some bugs in the last official patch).

There are other strategies, these are just usually the questions I ask myself when making a new character.

To summarize: Have an organized combat strategy, including a method for taking down armored opponents. Use special ammunition. Take drugs. Sync your perks with your weapons. Explore the consumable crafting menu. Try things, see if they work, or how well they work. Fail a lot. Try again. If all else fails, find a way to avoid these opponents – it’s very possible to play New Vegas and win without killing a single damn thing.

5 years ago

[M]aybe 100 years ago, now they need 1000 men on facebook, 80 dicks a week, and dating multiple man to feel “ok”. all women are sluts.

80 dicks a week? That’s more than 11 sex acts a day. If nothing else, these sluts must be exhausted.

The original question just showed how stupid most of these MGTOW ideas are, and how self-contradictory they can be. Their logic is far more convoluted than any of the supposed “female illogic” they decry constantly.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

I doubt that most sex workers even have 11 clients a day. It’s really hard to imagine someone having 11 different partners every single day just recreationally.

5 years ago

Men will go head-over-heels for women no matter how they act.

This part stuck out to me; like, what’s the problem here? It’s stated as a given that this is a bad thing, but where is the downside? Even in the MGTOW world where the only thing women want is the attention of men, it just sounds like the women and men described are both happy with the arrangement.

The only ones who aren’t happy are the MGTOW, sitting off to the side, pouting and stomping his feet because everyone else isn’t doing what he wants them to.

MGTOW are basically Veruca Salt.

Dalillama: Irate Social Engineer


I doubt that most sex workers even have 11 clients a day.

This is correct. Also most sex workers actually do take days off sometimes.

5 years ago

@Wolverine’s granddad (formerly Kevin)

If you’re on PC, there are mods to make Legion and NCR squads scale to your level – as it is, if you piss them off early in the game, you’ll have enemies with top-tier weapons and armour coming after you.

Wolverine's granddad (formerly Kevin)
Wolverine's granddad (formerly Kevin)
5 years ago

@IgnoreSandra and Diptych
Thanks for the advice. I’m on XBox 360 still. I guess memorizing all that useful info is the way forward. It never occurred to me that taking meds before a fight was an option.

(((VioletBeauregarde))): Liberal Snowflake Social Justice Necromancer
(((VioletBeauregarde))): Liberal Snowflake Social Justice Necromancer
5 years ago

@dlouwe: Very well put! When I deign to reply to them, my response is essentially the same as my namesake’s: Can it, you nit!

5 years ago

That is, indeed, a Herculean amount of dick for the hobbyist slut. Perhaps also for the professional, depending on dick distribution in time and space.

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