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The Daily Beast takes on the creepy Republican politician who founded the Red Pill subreddit

Robert Fisher: Red Pill Republican

So here’s an interesting little scoop: According to the Daily Beast, the long-anonymous creator of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Red Pill subreddit is, IRL, a Republican politician — specifically, New Hampshire 9th district state representative Robert Fisher, known better in Red Pill circles as Pk_atheist.

“It’s possible that now, four-and-a-half years after Red Pill’s founding, Fisher may regret his creation,” Bonnie Bacarisse drily notes.

When reached for comment by phone, Fisher denied participation in the Red Pill forum, claiming not to know what The Red Pill was. Though he did say he had heard of the men’s rights movement, he said he hadn’t heard of PUA. “What is a pickup artist?” he asked.

This denial aside, the extensively researched Daily Beast story makes a pretty convincing case that Fisher and Pk_atheist are one and the same. And there’s this:

Within hours of contacting Rep. Fisher, and after delivering by email a summary of his apparent connections to The Red Pill kingpin, his two primary Reddit usernames had been wiped, and four blogs connected to him were deleted or made private. He has not returned additional requests for comment.

While Fisher wasn’t an elected official when he (allegedly) founded The Red Pill in 2012, he’s been a Republican state rep since 2014. He also seems to be a cool dude with super-awesome friends.

Online, Fisher describes himself as an “attractive businessman” who owns a “small empire.” According to his Facebook, he is the COO of Same Day Computer, which operates two locations in New Hampshire. He was also the sole member of his indie-electronic band, The Five Nines, which may or may not still be active. … 

Fisher purchased the computer-repair franchise from its founder, failed New Hampshire state senate candidate Joshua Youssef, who, according to the Concord Monitor, violated state election law by publishing a deceptive blog to “make it appear that his ex-wife’s attorney had endorsed his candidacy.”

It turns out that the alleged Red Pill founder has been allegedly saying many, many terrible things about women online over the five years since the founding of The Red Pill — and even before.

I suspect many of his constituents, especially the human females amongst them, will be thrilled to learn of his Red Pill philosophy. Indeed, Bacarisse notes, “Fisher’s past comments on a host of Reddit forums are arguably far more disturbing” than some of the more notorious comments of his less-than-enlightened Republican dude politicians in New Hampshire.

He blasted women for their “sub-par intelligence.” He said that women’s personalities are “lackluster and boring, serving little purpose in day to day life.” And Fisher once commented, “It is literally the [female] body that makes enduring these things worth it.”

But there’s more! (There’s always more.) In assorted posts, he expressed his great appreciation for “slut shaming” and his unhappiness with female autonomy.

“Marriage, and yes, female oppression, slut shaming, religion, these were all a means to control hypergamy … ” Fisher wrote on The Red Pill in November 2012.

“To give women autonomy is to take away the very thing that made marriage a realistic institution…  what I dislike is the general attitude that somehow we owe [women] something for sex … ” Fisher wrote on his blog Dating American, in 2012—just weeks before establishing The Red Pill.

It may not come as a giant shock to learn that Fisher has not been completely thrilled with his dating life.

He complained that girls were ghosting on him and standing him up. He aired grievances about the character of women: They were uninteresting, immature, unintelligent, lacked depth, and were entitled. He bemoaned that dating was easier for women. He felt it was unjust that women get a free ride, believing “a pair of boobs grants [them] equal footing with somebody bringing intelligence or a personality.” 

Like a lot of his Red Pill brethren, Fisher is positively obsessed with alleged false rape accusations, and claimed that one of his ex-girlfriends once threatened to falsely accuse him.

“If you’re unattractive, feminism tells us, you’re likely a rapist,”he wrote in one Red Pill post.”[M]en are tip-toeing to make sure they don’t accidentally become rapists themselves.”

And it only gets creepier from here.

In 2008, writing under the username FredFredrickson, Fisher posited that the notion that “rape is bad” was not an absolute truth. He wrote, “I’m going to say it—Rape isn’t an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he’d say it’s quite good, really.”

Though he stated he “doesn’t advocate breaking the law,” Fisher said online in 2012 that a 40-year-old man asking to see the breasts of a 15-year-old wasn’t creepy. Instead, he said it was “evolutionarily advantageous and perfectly natural.”

Fisher’s Red Pill beliefs aren’t just something he’s shared anonymously online:

As a candidate for state representative, Fisher proposed bringing concerns about the supposed plague of false rape accusations into the statehouse. Hosting a forum on Reddit under the username RobertFisherforNH, Fisher sought ideas to prevent “innocent people [from] receiving jail time.” He argued that because in rape cases “police err on the side of caution,” and show a high level of support for victims, the system was “susceptible to abuse” by women.

Given his noxious views, you may be pleased to note that Fisher is not what you’d call an influential politician, even on the state level. Partly because he seems to be a very lazy one.

“At his request, Fisher serves on no committees in the New Hampshire House,” Bacarisse notes. “Out of the 114 record votes so far during the 2017 session, Fisher has cast votes in half.”

Hopefully, after news of all this gets to his constituents, Fisher will go from being an ineffectual politician to being an ineffectual ex-politician.

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PeeVee the (Timber-Rattling Booger Slut, But Noice) Sarcastic
PeeVee the (Timber-Rattling Booger Slut, But Noice) Sarcastic
5 years ago

I so admire the people that engage Mr. Henderson. I simply can’t with people who got their “education” at the University of Assfaxia, School of Mansciences.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

I had a decent couple of days at work which is a rarity lately. Due to taking some ibuprofen PM last night I got a good nights sleep for a change and I currently have a nice pinot noir buzz going. So I’m in a good enough mood to deal with trolls in a semi civil way.

Collateral Thought
Collateral Thought
5 years ago

Depending on the person I’m dealing with, I can be pretty patient. Dave has a toxic and hateful worldview, and he’s badly misinformed, and he has an approach to discussion that’s neither constructive in general nor pleasing for anyone involved. But… meh. This is a pretty low bar, but he could be worse.

His confusion seems legitimate, as opposed to being an outright troll. That is to say, he doesn’t appear to be here just to upset people, but rather because he really believes the vile nonsense he’s read on those MRA sites. So I was willing to poke at him a bit and see whether he was interested in or capable of any meaningful discussion.

I’ve been reading WHTM for years, but just started posting. I figured I’d make an effort. 🙂

5 years ago

WHTM, you appear to be experiencing a jackass infestation at the moment. High breeding season?

As to our increasingly boring friend,
comment image

5 years ago

We live in a quasi -matriarchy.

Women , minorities and homosexuals are in charge.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

I feel like we’re burying the lede here. Is this NH congressguy Brandon? Or do they all just talk like that? I need closure!

5 years ago

We live in a quasi -matriarchy.

Women , minorities and homosexuals are in charge.

Which is why all 45 American presidents have been and are men, and two thirds or more of America’s total politicians are men, and nearly all of them are white and at least *claim to be straight.

Dave seems like the classic politically correct individual. Y’know, the person who defends indefensible points because his political party or social faction supports those points. So, literally incorrect, but politically correct.

It’s always difficult to tell whether the politically correct are genuinely unsure how to properly use data, or are in on the greater bullshit.

*I strongly suspect most of the Republican politicians protest too much.

5 years ago

‘State Legislatures can be looked at as a sort of development league for aspiring leaders, and ours has proved particularly successful in being a “farm team” for members of Congress — particularly women.’

Thanks for pointing that out–the couple of previous times I’ve read the NH state legislature the authors have basically laughed at it for being too big and unwieldy, but you’ve made a good case that it’s useful.

5 years ago

@Collateral Thought
Nice to meet ya.
@David Henderson

On a feminist MRA mock site,
Miggytoe fell into a fit of rage.
His disgust of gifs a splendid highlight.

Out comes Henderson like a newborn phage,
Spreading his noxious, banal talking points,
Ever so eager to take center stage.

Assertions lacking any data points,
Conspiracies with naught a single link,
He sees them all as common sense viewpoints.

It’d be naive to believe they’d bethink,
Reconsider and accept his words as truth.
He’d find no one here who’d swallow that drink.

When faced with opposition this great sleuth
Resorts to base insults, low blows, and lies.
Almost like his tales weren’t backed up with proof.

Dalillama: Irate Social Engineer


I strongly suspect most of the Republican politicians protest too much.

Please don’t.


1) 8/10 State and Federal prison inmates are the product of SINGLE MOTHERS. True or false?

False. Any other asinine questions? (If you can provide a peer -reviewed citation in a scientific journal contradicting my answer, I might deign to address your other nonsense )

5 years ago

Man, I hate how the internet has turned everyone into an “expert” on everything. We have people who dedicate their lives to becoming experts in their field, going through years of study and publishing papers peer reviewed by other experienced doctorate holders, but put that on hold, because Dave’s fee-fees trump all your “main stream” facts and science!

Also, yes, from what I’ve read 9/10 convicted criminals come from a single parent household, and because women are often saddled with the burden of caregiver after a divorce that’s often the mother. It’s a reliable indicator for crime statistics, paired with income and education level. Is your point that women are worse caretakers than men? Because that’s not what every sociologist who studies this thing for a living has gleaned from it.

5 years ago


Right. In retrospect, not right of me at all. For reasons that really should have been obvious to me in that moment.

Sorry about that.

One random thing I find interesting is that so many misogynists embrace atheism. It’s like, they reject following a belief just because they’re told to one minute, but then follow a different belief without being able to prove it in any way.

I’m probably expressing that horribly, but it’s like…why is misogyny the thing that connects atheist men and evangelical men? Why is misogyny the one thing that unifies men in western civilization? Even among people who reject the religious reasons often used to justify misogyny? It confuses me a bit.

My brain’s going off that username, “pk_atheist”. So that was my rambling. Sorry.

5 years ago

[M]en are tip-toeing to make sure they don’t accidentally become rapists themselves.”

Anyone who thinks that “accidentally” raping someone is A Thing is kind of strongly implying that they have never experienced or even imagined physical intimacy with an enthusiastic co-participant. Or even with a fellow-human who actually likes them. (reminding me, yet again, that these are people who generally don’t believe men and women can like one another – because they themselves hate women)
It really says a lot about them on so many levels.

Dalillama: Irate Social Engineer


Also, yes, from what I’ve read 9/10 convicted criminals come from a single parent household

comment image

5 years ago

Well, my face is red. When controlled for environmental and socio-economic factors, only 60% of incarcerated criminals come from single parent households, mother or father, according to a study co-authored by Cynthia C. Harper of the University of California at San Francisco and Sara McLanahan, a professor at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

That’s a pretty big difference, my mistake. It’s still enough to argue a strong correlation and works as a predictor of crime, though it’s certainly not a causal relationship.

Gussie Jives
Gussie Jives
5 years ago

As long as we’re having fun with Trolly McTrollface, I think it’s worth pointing something out for posterity:

You people close your minds and label everything. Everything is about labels. Labels. Labels. Labels.

First off, this is just the loveliest projection. If I had a dollar every time I’ve been called a “cuck” or a “cultural Marxist”… well, I’d probably have gas money for the week at least.

But more importantly, this is a complaint I only ever see from the right. Why? Because as the world’s conservatism has slipped into extremity, those who once carried that label proudly find it to be rightfully stigmatizing. But rather than actually own their mistakes, they take issue with the entire concept of labels. You saw this exact dynamic play out in 2009 when all those Tea Party rallies popped up. Numerous attendees were actually Republican operatives, but when asked on camera, their response was “I’m an independent! I’ve never been politically active until that Barack Obama guy came along, then I woke up!”

Frankly, I want more labels. Lots more labels. I want to know exactly where you stand, what you believe in and why you do so that when the time comes to defend them, you don’t weasel out of it and pretend you never support X objectionable thing or Y terrible person.

Because you don’t find this behaviour over here. None of us pretend that Valerie Solanas or Cathy Brennan aren’t feminists. They just happen to be extremists on the radical side of feminism and I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that neither are looked upon too highly here. Those labels differentiate them from other feminist strands that the rest of us may belong to and tells people that despite our common wish to empower women, the way that we do it is fundamentally different.

Labels means having to own your positions, and that’s the last thing trolls like you ever want to do.

Hambeast, disorderly she-tornado and breaker of windows
Hambeast, disorderly she-tornado and breaker of windows
5 years ago

wwth, that was wonderful! Especially this

When you say feminists “deny” statistics, I think you just mean that you misinterpreted the statistics and you’re not smart enough to realize it.

because there are always people who will take a statistic, misinterpret it, and broadcast it far and wide. MSM is particularly bad about doing this with science reporting.

5 years ago

Fisher describes himself as an “attractive businessman” who owns a “small empire.”

Phew! Where is that smell of cow dung coming from? Is the farmer down the road mucking his barn out AGAIN?

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