Annoucement: WHTM is now officially anti-cat. We only like dogs now. Dogs with guns.

All hail tiny dogs with guns!

Enough with these cats. We’re all about dogs now. No more discussions of cats or adorable cat gifs like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or even this:

Yep, we are DONE with cats FOREVER.

Even this one:

Oh, and happy April 1st.

HA HA! Man I got you guys good.


36 replies on “Annoucement: WHTM is now officially anti-cat. We only like dogs now. Dogs with guns.”

JEEBUS! Yep, you got me.

And I’m one of those people who’s been rolling my eyes at every April 1st email and stunt all morning, but this one fooled me.

Congrats, sir. And thanks for the gifs (as always).

Why isn’t there an april’s men day though.

I asked an anarchist why thier mascot is a black cat.

They said, “Have you ever owned a cat?”

Cats don’t care about heirarchies and have no concept of property. Everyone thinks they are assholes but they are actually super cuddly. They aren’t afraid to smash some glass (cups) in protest. Cats govern themselves and do what they want but will help others too.

I thought that over and went, “lol yeah.”

Ah those kiity gifs were much needed. I spilled boiling oatmeal all over the fingers of my right hand while writing a blog post a couple of hours ago, and now can only use my left hand (not my dominant one) and my right thumb to type. It’s slow going.

Bamboozled again!

In all seriousness, though, today has been kind of a bummer for good AF goofs. I usually rather enjoy them.

@Elizabeth Regina: Thanks, hugs gratefully received! It was instant oatmeal, the type you mix with boiling water so it was not only very hot, it stuck to my fingers still burning away as I fumbled with the cold tap.

As for cats, my own furrinati member is trying to insinuate his way onto the laptop. I can’t bear to think how much fur is inside it now.

I would vote for George Takai for Congress.

And I would move to California to do so.

Off-topic, but it’s an open thread so whatevs.

Has anyone seen DrNicolaLuna recently? The last time I saw her was almost a year ago and she was going through some tough stuff in her life. I just hope she’s okay.

Yeah, she came back for a bit. Post Trumpocalypse, I think. It has been a while tho…

Thanks to this reprehensible shift in focus, I now support MGTOWs – that is, Meow-Boxes with Guns, Tanto, or Other Weapons. Forget the right to bear arms; my life is now devoted to the right to arm cats.

(This is the only April Fool’s page I actually laughed at, so thanks!)


Chickens! In choppers!

(I still have that mp3 around somewhere, I need to find it)

As if those little dogs aren’t noisy and disruptive enough, you’re gonna give them guns? (Rhetorical Question)

No, I’m not a dog person. Years ago, I watched someone’s Yorkie for 2 weeks. I gave him a bath – because he looked like he needed it, plus, he he spent a day in the ER of a hospital (that’s another story). I trimmed the fur around his butt. I didn’t enjoy his company, but I did feel sorry for him. I
played with him, and forced myself to pet him and hold him in my lap.

My 3 cats just barely tolerated him, as long as he stayed out of their faces. My youngest cat, Perri, was very interested in his food, which was lamb baby food mixed with rice. He had terrible allergies, and that was what he ate, plus a vitamin supplement. He lusted after the cat’s food, while Perri lusted after HIS food.

My spouse would take him for walks, during which he was supposed to do his business. More than once, he waited until after the walk to relieve himself.

But the worst thing about him was the yapping. The spouse and I had a nearly 7 hour drive to return him to his owners after the 2 weeks were up, during which he whimpered and, yes, yapped.

Sorry to any dog-lovers who took the time to read what I typed. I’m under the influence of antihistamines…it’s beginning to be hay-fever season, where I live, and both my nose and eyes, won’t stop watering.


> EJ and Axe
And what about Scielfreidja (not sure about the spelling, sorry). I miss the scientific explanations. No news ?

Have a nice day.

Seconding the missing of Scildfreja! And the intercontinental virtual hugs to Chiomara. Bastards. I hope you can avoid these scum and/or get some support.

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