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White people! Save your race by becoming “loud, fertile xenophobes,” loud xenophobe urges

Saving the race, one baby Hitler at a time

Pale Hominid is the very model of the modern Twitter Nazi.

He rails against Muslims and makes sly insinuations about Jews. He talks about “normies” and dismisses his ideological enemies as “cucked.” He’s still gloating about Hillary’s defeat — and looking forward to what he hopes will be Marine Le Pen’s victory. He regularly retweets, with approval, Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, Richard Spencer and someone called Wife With a Purpose. He posted a screengrab when his follower count hit 1488.

He’s also a bit obsessed with babies. White babies, in particular, and how we need more of them than we do brown babies. He recently went on a Twitter tear urging his fellow whites to start popping out all-white babies as if Western Civilization were at stake, Because, in his mind, it is.

Not only do fellow whites need to increase white baby production STAT, Mr. Hominid claims; they also need to be loud about it.

For Mr. Hominid, having white babies is also a great way to fight terrorism.

Despite all his dire warnings, Mr. Hominid is upbeat about the future.

It’s not known (at least by me) how many, if any, white babies Mr. Hominid has personally helped to produce. But yelling about babies on Twitter is, I guess, a good start. Baby steps, as they say.

Would it surprise you to learn that Mr. Hominid also has opinions about video games?

Huh. I thought we were supposed to keep politics out of video game reviews.

H/T — @EyesOnTheRight/Angry White Men

35 replies on “White people! Save your race by becoming “loud, fertile xenophobes,” loud xenophobe urges”

Ah, I was wondering who created the white humans only mod for Stellaris. Now I know!

Also: I suppose their problem could be fixed if they just played thinking the Enclave were the good guys?

I just want to say that it raises seven red flags for me whenever I hear someone use the phrase or word “normies.”

I get they impression that person has some kind of messianaic compound or delusions of opression. Like long lineups at the grocery store are the worst human rights atrocity for them but actual human rights violations are meh.

It speaks of delusion, entitlement and cluelessness

“We need more white babies! What? You want parental leave and services to help raise your child? Ha ha no.”

I dislike the “normies” thing because it’s unclear who he thinks he’s referring to. I’m not terribly comfortable when neurodiverse or disability rights people use it either because it’s too close to a slur for me.

I’m kind of frightened, though, because I actually agree with this asshole about Fallout 1, it was my favorite of the originals. (New Vegas is my hands-down favorite, though.) I’m consoling myself by trying to remember that even a stopped clock is right twice a day…

Phryne: Tool of the Butt-Worshipping, Lesbian-Powered Elite (also cats):

I get the distinct impression that he probably likes the first game for different reasons then you.

Well, I produced two white babies, but they both hate Trump with a fiery passion. Not sure how that factors into the “crowd ’em out numerically” plan for Western civilization.

@Zatar – I was just about to ask Phryne the same question! Is Fallout 2 “degenerate”? (I’m not much of a video game player, but I’m curious)

Ooglyboggles | March 24, 2017 at 2:56 pm
“We need more white babies! What? You want parental leave and services to help raise your child? Ha ha no.”

Yet again, these morons prove they don’t have the slightest clue about how to raise a child, nor do they care if these children live. They just want to hear that white birth rates are going up. They don’t seem to give a shit if these children one, survive to adulthood, or two, survive without being abused by their parents.

Phryne: Tool of the Butt-Worshipping, Lesbian-Powered Elite (also cats) | March 24, 2017 at 3:41 pm
I dislike the “normies” thing because it’s unclear who he thinks he’s referring to. I’m not terribly comfortable when neurodiverse or disability rights people use it either because it’s too close to a slur for me.

I agree, it is practically a slur at this point. It’s their way of trying to differentiate between “us” and “them”, and also try to make it seem like they’re oppressed because their awful views aren’t “mainstream”, even though they’re mainstream enough to get called “alt-right” and not what it is: Nazism.

We must remove their ability to claim “whites aren’t reproducing and want these outsiders here” by being loud, fertile xenophobes.

Nope! That’s a terrible reason to bring a fully dependent human being into the world. Also, fuck you, you racist piece of shit.

Fallout 2 is also incredibly degenerate and unfunny. A total mess. Fallout 1 is also more fashy because the militaristic BoS are heroes.

Fashy. Fashy.

@Zatar ; @Buttercup Q. Skullpants ; @Phryne, Tool of the Butt-Worshipping, Lesbian-Powered Elite (also cats)

Personally, I like Fallout 2 a lot more than Fallout 1. The world is a lot more in depth, and it feels “bigger”, if you get what I mean. The story of the Chosen One is a lot more interesting to me than that of the Vault-Dweller. But then again, I’m probably one of the less cool Greek letters to the OP and their ilk, probably something like a Mu or an Omicron. 😀 Still, I prefer my own view on life and especially post-apocalyptic role-playing games, smoothskins. 😉


So be loud and visible and make it undeniable that a significant number of whites 1.) View this as a genocide and 2.) Are forcefully opposed

How about NO? Because an even more significant number of whites (a) DON’T view this as a genocide, and (b) think your kind can’t die out soon enough (and are doing their bit in that direction by refusing to have anything to do with you).

Exhibit A: this-here white woman, who had her tubes tied without having a single offspring, and who is more concerned about methane holes blowing out in the Arctic than about “our kind” going on dominating the Earth with melanin-deprived knuckleheads like you.

…I feel unclean that this bastard enjoys Fallout. I want to get fascist bastards out of the games I enjoy.

The thing about Fallout 2 being “degenerate” is because Fallout 2 explicitly sets itself up as stopping fascist race-obsessed genocidal assholes from destroying the world. It’s impossible to play the game to completion without understanding the point the game is trying to make. That the fascists are the US Government is incidental, but also says a lot about the pre-war world and how arguably merciful the War was.

In New Vegas, Ulysses (A character set up to be the player’s equal and opposite) intends to “Burn away the flags. Begin again.” The war did that to America, and since the American Government was capable of being the Enclave burning away the flags was arguably merciful.

In smaller conflicts around FO2, the player is challenged with people who don’t look human but are absolutely people and unless you just shoot all of them on sight it’s impossible to avoid that point – at least, if you want any quest XP.

Not to mention, the player is explicitly a tribal, and never rejects or ever CONSIDERS rejecting that identity.

The game even ends by fighting Frank Horrigan, the ultimate expression of the concept of fascist purity that’s been explored throughout the game. And no, it’s impossible to leave him alive. If you intend to finish the game and save the world, you must finish off the exemplar of the Enclave’s hatred and pointless self-importance.

So, however much they try to avoid the point, fascists who play Fallout 2 are eventually brought to the understanding that the game explicitly hates their philosophy. Fallout 2 is about a lot of things, but the biggest one is how possible it is for most radically different people to get along. It’s possible to play it a different way, but you explicitly serve your tribe and must never betray them.

Fallout 1, however, just features stopping Super Mutants from supplanting humanity. It plays into their biases in some ways. It’s also worth noting that he’s wrong – the militaristic Brotherhood aren’t heroes. They’re helpful and necessary for the optimal ending, but only as far as their self-interest (Not being wiped out) extends.

That’s my understanding of why fascists wouldn’t like Fallout 2 very much.

Fashy. Fashy.

When you’ve been reduced to giving your movement cute nicknames, you’ve hit a very low level indeed.

@Viscaria, product of 20,000 evolution ; @Space Oddity

To me the word “fashy” sounds like something a cool and hip young person would say about the latest fashion, as in: “That outfit you’re wearing is definitely very fashy darling”. But then again, I’m so unhip that it’s pretty incredible that my legs are still attached to my torso. 😛

Hey! I have opinions on video games AND think FO1 is better than FO2, but I’m not a David Nazi. Not cool, David! :’D

It’s funny how 99% of the people ranting and raving about white genocide don’t actually make an effort to have any kids of their own, let alone specifically white kids. I guess being half Asian and half white, I would be considered a product of “white genocide” in their eyes. What a miserable, unscientific, and plain stupid outlook to have on the world.

I’m proud, proud I tell you, to say that every single one of my grandchildren are racially mixed (even the one’s who don’t look it).

I personally have no trouble with melanin-deficient people. Hell, I am severely melanin-deficient myself. But honestly, unless you live in the far northern (or far southern) places in this world, it is more trouble than it is worth. So why on earth should we go out of our way to make more white babies?

What? They think whites are superior to brown people and Built Civilization!!!!!! ??

Silly idiots.

I bet he doesn’t really want to work to support a large family or do the work of raising one. Not a lot of time for video games and whining on the interwebs when you have to feed, clothe and raise a house full of kids.


Viscaria is correct; the top definition in Urban Dictionary is this:

Fashy means Fascism-like, or to be full of fascism. Similiar to other slang terms like “jazzy” and “flashy.” The term originated in the mid 2010’s on various social media sites, specifically used by the individuals involved with the “Alternative Right” or “Alt-Right,” an umbrella term for the political movement uproaring from the populist parties and politicians, consisting of tech-savy and right-leaning young people from various Western countries . Although the movement isn’t always associated with Fascism, the term Fashy is still derived from that patricular political ideology. Typically the term is not used to describe the populist parties and politicians that the alt-right follows, although one might use the term to describe them as such, but is encouraged to be used only for fascist-centered ideas for the sake of scholarship that the alt-right demographic is associated with.


Before anything, SPOILERS for FO1 and 2.

So, one of the main plots of the first game (second only to the getting a waterchip cause, duh), is destroying the mutants. The mutants were humans infected with the FEV, Forced Evolution Virus, which made them incredibly strong, green, dumb-ish, essentially no longer human , who seek to kill/replace humans because they are “superior”. The Brotherhood of Steel is a militaristic organization that is trying to work in humanity’s good and therefore destroy the mutants too. I believe what this guy likes about this game is “Yeeeyyy, let’s kill everyone who is different with big guns so my race can prevaaaaill!”

In the second one, we are pretty much forced to (I mean, you don’t HAVE to, but if you don’t most missions are blocked) accept several different “races” as people, and protect them, and have empathy. Ghouls (humans who are so radiation poisoned they look like corpses), mutants, robots, even deathclaws (deathclaws are giant reptiles that are among the strongest and most famous enemies in the series. In FO2 some of them are as intelligent as humans because of military experiments). You notice through the game that most of the problems are caused by humans being bigots to other “people”.

In the end of the game you find out that the responsibles for many of the tragedies you see, including the kidnapping of your entire village, are work of the Enclave. The Enclave is what was left from the government of the US, and their main objective is kill all other races so humans, governed by the Enclave, can reclaim the US as their own. They kidnapped your village to make experiments to find out the effects of the wastelands in the human body, and they found out that “humans” from the wasteland were exposed for so long to so much radiation that they no longer can be considered human, and therefore must die.

I mean, the only way this could be a more obvious allegory for nazism (where the racism eventually gets so bad that even white people are suddenly not considered white) was if the president had a little mustache. In the end you kill the president and “destroy the Enclave” (or so you think). That’s why he doesn’t like the game.

*Sigh* This was satisfying. I love Fallout 2.

“I am the very model of the modern alt-right testicle.
My Tweets are white supremacist, my notions are fantastical.”


The Brotherhood of Steel is a militaristic organization that is trying to work in humanity’s good and therefore destroy the mutants too. I believe what this guy likes about this game is “Yeeeyyy, let’s kill everyone who is different with big guns so my race can prevaaaaill!”

Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.

Oh wait, wrong franchise.

Actually, one wonders if a fair amount of Spess Muhreen and (sigh) Astra Militarum players are actual fascists, er, “fashies” (is that the plural?). I suppose I can see that given they obviously ignore the light of the Greater Good and, you know, work for a gigantic fascist empire for which billions die for every day. It has everything: Big guns, interstellar genocide, regular food riots in underhives led by mutant cultists, etc. I’ve always got the impression that some people took the Warhammer 40,000 setting far too seriously. In case anyone is unaware of what I mentioned: Just picture Dungeons and Dragons, but with more tabletop models.

That concern goes ditto for people who dress up as Imperial Stormtroopers. That’s not much better than dressing up as actual Stormtroopers once you think about Empire destroying entire planets and stuff. Sure, they’re fictional, but they’re also pretty horrible people who lost to a princess, an archaeologist, a farmboy and a fishman.

In light of this, I’d suggest everyone start recommending franchises to fascists which champion fascism (IE: The fascists are the good guys) so that they might occupy their time instead of annoying more decent folk. Though that would probably be a short list. Ah, if only Starship Troopers had better video games, and if only they weren’t licensed off a film parodying the source material.

Speaking of the Starship Troopers’s film: Paul Verhoeven had a new movie released on home media this month. It’s about a successful feeeemale head of a video game company in a world where Gamergators are real people, appropriately titled Elle. It is, unfortunately, not a comedy, but well received nonetheless despite lacking RoboCop and Mars.

One thing I’ve noticed while looking at various Fallout 4 sites: Every person who uses a Brotherhood Of Steel avatar identifies as alt right. Every. Single. Fucking. One.

And they spend damn near all of their time screeching about how Railroad supporters (the Fallout equivalent of abolitionists and anti-racism activists) are – say it with me now – “Libt**d cucks. #MTCGA”


(And that’s why I keep steering threads here towards Fallout. Because it’s either that or ripping off my own head Jesus fucking arseballs I just want to talk about my favourite gun why are there so many Nazis.)

@Scolar Visari
Astra Militarum, because Imperial Guard wasn’t something Games Workshop could trademark. It’s kind of surprising how alot of the fans don’t seem to get that blind worship and bad parenting skills of the God Emperor pretty much caused the entire Imperium to be in its current state with its worst enemies being the literal personifications of their sins. Like seriously Chaos Space Marines popping up everywhere are to indicate that no matter how “pure and good” you think you are as a Space Marine, unless you actually act like a somewhat decent person you’re going to start looking pretty tentacley.

The IP even has the Inquisition whose entire schtick is being the most self righteous organization possible with no oversight that makes everything worse with their “hard men make hard decisions.”, making even bigger rifts between Imperial Factions. And then go the way of space meme daemons because surprise using a Daemon infused sword was actually a bad idea.

Then again I’m a guy who headcanons the idea that the Thousand Sons go out of their way to send gifts to their former brother chapters for defending them and help latent psykers practice their latent gifts safely.

I liked Warhammer 40,000 back when it was very obviously a 2000AD-ish satire of the whole grimdark-military-sci-fi genre. It’s taken itself way too seriously in recent decades, and the fanboys seem to think likewise.

I had a very difficult discussion about a year ago about semi-plausible science fiction, where I tried to explain that resource scarcity is not a thing that would affect any interstellar planet-based civilisation. I got mobbed by 40k fans who were adamant that any interstellar civilisations must inevitably be gripped in a zero-sum conflict against one another, in which immigration and war were synonyms and genocide was a moral necessity. They really, really wanted to live in a universe where they had no option except extreme brutality, and didn’t want to hear science to the contrary.

(Interestingly, they also really did not want to discuss why their favourite setting was that way. People like that seem to be puzzlingly hostile to literary criticism. But that’s a rant for another day.)

It makes me sad. I like the 40k universe because it gives me a chance to tell stories about fallen empires whilst dressed up in gorgeous baroque detailings, but the whole brutal there-is-only-war schtick is by far the least interesting part of it.

@Scented Fucking Hard Chairs

Holy shit yes that’s a fucking problem. One of the reasons I don’t talk much about my video games on forums and stuff is because of all the fucking Nazis.

That happened in F:NV (Legion supporters, and some assholes who literally seemed to worship the Enclave remnants. Also some peeps who seemed to think the NCR should go the genocide route on the Mojave, something the game never gives us ANY reason to think might even be POSSIBLE), that happens nearly every time I find an LP I wanna read, it even happened with fucking Civilization V.

A large portion of the people who enjoy the same things I do are nazis. That their philosophy requires them to fail to understand these things matters less and less sometimes.

Hey! I have opinions on video games AND think FO1 is better than FO2, but I’m not a David Nazi. Not cool, David!

Come to think of it, I have opinions about video games too. Not into the Fallout games but whatev.

🙂 Video games are admittedly pretty fun! But oh do I ever wish the GG group didn’t exist. Most of us gamers disagree with and hate them, but damn if they aren’t loud. (It also doesn’t help that they use tons of sock puppets to try to make it look like their numbers are larger.)

I said it before once and it bears repeating: The “humanity, fuck yeah!” attitude I keep seeing in SF circles (usually tabletop gaming but I see it elsewhere) strikes me as a cover for racism and a desire for genocidal wars. I certainly see it used in sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek ways too, but for the most part it comes off as all too earnest. It’s hardly a new attitude either; a lot of pulp SF literature was essentially Manifest Destiny applied to alien worlds. Is it any surprise the Sad and Rabid Puppies champion this type of adventure? Castalia House hosts gushing articles on how wonderful and varied (ha!) and full of heroism these stories were compared to today.

It’s been heavily hinted at in a variety of [canon] sources that the Blood Ravens of Dawn of War fame are themselves Thousand Sons defectors, and one would think the next game might answer that question definitively. Given that GW has just resurrected Papa Smurf himself, that’d hardly be the most startling thing to happen in the franchise’s history.

There are important exceptions, I think. Aside from the Orks (who are still soccer hooligans, but in space), the Ciaphas Cain novels did an excellent job of grounding the series with what reads like a believable human being while making fun of the individuals who do take themselves seriously (like the Inquisitors and Machine Cult). The series even has the Imperium ally with non-humans as a matter of convenience (gasp!) just as the rule book allows.

Since they’re completely immune to literary criticism, you should mention that the Imperium’s imbecilic campaign of galactic genocide is probably helping Khorne. I oft wonder why that one doesn’t come up more often.

All that is one of the reasons I enjoy playing Stellaris. You don’t have to play as a genocidal xenophobe (unless you’re a militarist fanatic xenophobe, in which case, you have to). Rather, you almost invariably absorb other species and their cultures into your own just as real empires did and can use their differences to your advantage. Who cares if they have six more limbs than us and breathe methane gas? Didn’t you read Nor Crystal Tears!? Wasn’t there an episode of Babylon 5 on this very topic!?

Meh, people should at least watch Enemy Mine.

People like this is partly why I’m seriously considering choosing a non-white sperm donor for my future pregnancy. Mostly, I’m considering it based on my preferences and that I hate being the whitest Mexican-American ever. -__-

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