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Just some “men of good character” talking about murdering brown people

Ein Mann von Charakter?

So over on Chateau Heartiste, the pickup blog now devoted mostly to Nazi-riffic racist rants, they’re talking about ways to fight what blog proprietor James “Heartiste” Weidmann calls the “globalhomo agenda.”

Heartiste suggests that it is the duty of all “MAGAmen [to] engage their civic duty and report illegals to ICE.” And it doesn’t have to just be “mexicans,” as one commenter on his site notes; there are plenty of “chinks” and “bindis” who deserve deportation too!

Heartiste ends his brief post with what has become a fairly regular feature of his blog — a suggestion that unless the US gives racist white dudes what they want these white dudes might just have to start murdering people who aren’t pale enough for their tastes.

“Now that’s a resistance worth its name,” he writes, referring to the strategy of reporting brown folks to ICE. But if this

battle tactic … fails to thwart Globohomo, Inc., there aren’t many civilized options left before we’re talking a real resistance that splatters the history books.

I am assuming he means splattered with blood, not the contents of his juice box. Usually, Heartiste’s threats — oh sorry they’re just “predictions” — involve hanging white “leftoids” and people of color from the nearest lampposts.

While Heartiste is always careful to couch his murderous threats “predictions” in language he evidently thinks will give him some sort of plausible deniability, not all of his fans are quite so circumspect. A fellow calling himself swimologist writes

You know what a better “resistance” effort would be? Next time you’re near a Trump immigration protest, or a Muslim riot in Europe, just shoot ten of the protesters. I guarantee you that will bring the a resolution to the entire issue to the fore more quickly.

While some of Heartiste’s followers were shocked — shocked! — to discover explicit praise of racist murder on the blog of a man who regularly praises racist murder in slightly more circumspect language, others saw swimologist’s “shoot ten” and raised it.

A commenter calling himself  tomjones — presumably not the singer — thinks that phone calls to ICE won’t be enough to effectively combat the brown menace.

“You need STATE power to make a difference,” he declares, recommending the solutions engineered by such lovely fellows as “Putin. Hirohito. Mussolini. Franco” and, of course, Hitler’s Wehrmacht.

Anything else is the equivalent of wanking to old playboys. Armies. Militias. “just shoot ten of the protesters.” well, that’s more of the right idea from our brother swimologist.

You can see some of the Wehrmacht’s handiwork here. (Very NSFW.)

Another regular offers this rather final solution to the “Muslim problem” in Germany:

Elsewhere in the comments to this repugnant post, I noticed that some of the regulars had moved on from bashing brown people to attacking a blonde woman who’d made a YouTube video they didn’t like.

One of the more irregular of the regulars, a fellow who writes in his own oddball patois in which “llzozozozzozozozz” and similar outbursts take the place of the standard internet “lol,” even made his own little meme about her.

I’m struck by the reference to “good men of character.” Presumably the meme-maker considers himself to be part of this demographic. Presumably Heartiste and his genocide-hungry fans do as well.

Maybe this is just me, but I’m pretty sure white dudes who spend their spare time gleefully fantasizing about murdering everyone who’s not white are not strictly speaking, “good men of character.”

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Very much off-topic: I’m back, I guess. It’s been a long hiatus from reading and lurking the comment section since Cheeto Benito was elected, and I figured that it’s time to start finding out what these MRA/MGTOW/alt-right slugs are up to. I might be back tomorrow, or Thursday, or some other day; it’s just been caddywompus for a while.

Ear wiggles sound like “doodleoodleoodleoodleoodle” in my mind. Fiona is enthralling. I love the garlanded kittens, and of course, Maru!

Hana’s “WTF?” face at the end–!

Heartiste suggests that it is the duty of all “MAGAmen [to] engage their civic duty and report illegals to ICE.” And it doesn’t have to just be “mexicans,” as one commenter on his site notes; there are plenty of “chinks” and “bindis” who deserve deportation too!

B-But guys, conservatism is the new counter culture! Nothing is more counter culture than snitching on people for the police, amirite!

Actually, I do have one thing to say to these assholes, and I would like to put it forward as the best response:

(To Heartiste and his commenters, and any other bigoted assholes and Trump voters:)

Go fuck yourselves sideways into the ocean with a cactus.

And thank you for the brain bleach, everyone! I’m gonna swipe those for future Self Care posts on my blog!

> weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee
Interesting study, yet i do not know how just arguing about some dollars can be used to test negotiation management, especially if you do not really have the money. However, that shows well that behind the anonymity (if i am not wrong, negotiations were done through computers), the mysogynist assholery degree goes boooom ! And that it is influenced by societal factors. Kind of depressing, actually.

MAGAmen against Globohomo sounds like the title of a very trashy low quality superhero movie.

So, I actually did type the URL into my browser to watch the video from ‘blonde in the belly of the beast’, and I’m having trouble seeing what the mgtowbabies object to in it. After all, she pretty much confirms every one of their favorite stereotypes, from ‘liberal men can’t be masculine’ to ‘feminism has destroyed women’.

“Fiona” is not a name I would have associated with a hippo!

I was alarmed when Fiona opened that huge mouth to bite one of the keepers. As adults, hippos are aggressive, and highly dangerous. Turned out to be more of a “gum” than a “bite”.

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