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The Spinal Tap president: Trump tells ABC his crowd goes to eleven

This goes to eleven

If you haven’t seen ABC’s horrifyngly Spinal-Tappish interview with That Man in the White House yet, you need to go watch it.

At the very least, watch the final segment (embedded in the Tweet below), or even just the final minute of the final segment, in which Trump basically tries to explain that his inauguration crowd goes to eleven. (He also calls the crowd “the sea of love.”)

I’m not the first, or probably even the ten-thousandth, person to make the Spinal Tap comparison. In fact, one person has helpfully combined relevant bits of the interview with audio from Spinal Tap.

Here’s the whole thing, which manages to be scarier than any horror film I’ve seen in years.

If you need me, I’ll just be curled up in a fetal position on the floor.

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Viscaria, product of 20,000 evolution
Viscaria, product of 20,000 evolution
5 years ago


Today’s favourite news headline: voters who read little news think Trump had a great first week

I’m reading away, finding this both fascinating and frustrating in equal measure. Then I got to this, and couldn’t read any more without sharing with the group:

“If I complained about Obama the way people are complaining about Trump, they’d say I was a racist. And I’m not white, I’m Euro-American of Polish descent,” he said

He’s not white! He’s Euro-American! Of Polish descent!!

Laugher at Bigots, Mincing Betaboy


I guess he was trying to mock “I’m not black, I’m African-American”???? But it just came across as very stupid, because he’s a Trump voter?

5 years ago

He is in a little world all of his own.

He quotes Obama saying “if I thought your replacement (to Obamacare) did a better job, I would support it” as if that’s an astounding gesture of graciousness. No, it’s just that Obama wants healthier people. What does Trump want, if he finds that remarkable?

Don’t answer that.

Viscaria, product of 20,000 evolution
Viscaria, product of 20,000 evolution
5 years ago

@Laughter at Bigots, ah, that makes a lot of sense. I had thought he was really trying to claim that he wasn’t white, because of the ethnic discrimination and prejudice against Polish folk. As if that were somehow the same as racism. But your theory makes more sense.

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