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#ResistTrump by making five calls a day

You don’t have to have a phone on your head to make some calls

I mentioned the other day that we may need to start calling our elected officials every day, on top of whatever other activist stuff we do.

Luckily, there’s an extremely useful new website to help you do that. is a site urging Trump resistors to make, yes, five calls a day to the politicians who represent us as well as other people who are worth besieging with calls.

The site — a grassroots effort of a number of activists — has an ever-changing list of recommended calls to make, providing you with quick backgrounders on the issues involved and sample scripts you may want to use when calling. If you give them your zip code, they will give you the phone numbers of the people to call, though you may need to give your full address in order to get the info for you comgressperson. (If you don’t want to give them your info, just keep the contact info for your elected officials handy.)

It’s not perfect; for some reason, at least in most of the entries I’ve looked at, they only list one Senator to call rather than both of them.

But if you want to call one, two, three or five calls every day, this is an excellent resource.

I’ve had some trouble keeping up with all the calls we should be making and I know I tend to be late in getting some of the #ResistTrump posts up, so I’d recommend using 5calls for all your calling-the-government needs.

I will of course keep posting these #ResistTrump posts every day  but will focus less on phone calls. Though I do reserve the right to nag you about making calls every day.

If you can’t call, write. While most people who’ve worked on Capitol Hill say that phone calls are the most effective way to get the attention of your elected representatives — short of actually showing up at their office in person. But emails can also make a difference (though you’ll have to look up their web sites yourself).

Things are moving quickly in the proto-dystopian nightmare that is Trump’s America. Trump is being even Trumpier than many of us expected, signing awful executive orders, alienating foreign leaders with hostile, petulant Tweets and statements, nattering endlessly about the size of crowds.

So we need to up our game. Calling every day is a good step in that direction. And until he’s out of office there will always be outrageous things to call about.

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I did it! I left a message with the ACOE, actually spoke to a person at Rep. Cardenas’s office, and got a buttload of busy signals when I tried to call Sen. Feinstein.

Woo! Good job Karalora!
I have to call one of my senators tomorrow to thank him for holding strong on Price. There are ads running encouraging people to call him asking him to confirm Price. I hope they’ll appreciate a friendly voice.

I hope so too. I got cut off toward the end, but I was into reiterating my point by then.

Also, thanks for the congrats. I’ve been a little slow to build my momentum. Social anxiety + overthinking = tendency to freeze. 5 Calls is magnificent because it gives me a solid plan to follow, every day. I can make my calls while my breakfast is cooking in the morning.

Not that I’m paranoid or anything, (I am) but the site was working great yesterday, and today appears to be frozen. Just a bug, or did the Man find it and break it?

It started working again later on and is working now. I’m going to go with bug.

In related news, I got through to a live person at Feinstein’s office today!

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