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Memeday Pop Quiz! Men’s Rights Activist meme or White Supremacist meme?

Apparently her nose is never wrong

Memeday has returned! Today’s installment consists of a one-question POP QUIZ.

Question: Where did I find the meme at the top of this post?

  1. The MGTOW subreddit
  2. A Voice for Men
  3. The Daily Stormer

I’ll give you the answer after this weirdly filtered picture of my cat Sweetie Pie Jonus:

Actual entitled female

And the answer is: The Daily Stormer.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the Alt-Right movement — or at least the publicly visible portion of it — is made up almost entirely of dudes. They don’t talk about women much, but when they do, they talk about women almost exactly the same way that MGTOWs and MRAs talk about women.

Oh, sure, the Nazi types are more into chivalry and paternalism and all that “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (children, kitchen, church) stuff than MRAs and MGTOWs are, seeing (white) women as little more than pretty baby incubators. But the neo-Nazis spend at least as much time complaining about white women as they do pedestalizing them.

And, like so many white MRAs, complaining that straight white dudes are the most oppressed creatures on planet earth.

“We are the only ones without privilege,” the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin wrote after posting that meme. “Every other group – women, faggots and all non-whites – is being promoted above us.”

Sounds rough.

So how exactly can you tell misogynistic Nazi memes about evil allegedly privileged white ladies from MRA memes about evil allegedly privileged white ladies?

Well, the MRAs tend to go with a different evil blonde lady in their memes. Namely, this gal:

I did a whole post about her once upon a time. The original stock photo didn’t include the gun. MRAs added it because they evidently felt she wasn’t EEEEEEEVIL enough.

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Thanks for clarifying that.

We don’t handle suicide and suicidal people very well in the US, and that’s reflected in our language.

For what it’s worth, we certainly don’t do any better here… The language thing kinda surprised me, but I’m not even sure about that anymore. (I’m kinda losing my French, ’cause I nearly don’t speak it at all these days, so that might be why). Maybe occasional reader or Ohlmann might be able to correct me on that.

A little OT, but after reading about Telo Guy and only being tangetically aquainted with telomeres, (it’s been a long time since uni) I was shocked to see a commercial for a telomeres testing kit for $89 being advertised. I saw this the same night I read this originally.

Sadly, it’s a large part if why people are afraid to tell anyone when they do have thoughts of suicide. If I were to tell even a professional psychologist about it, I fear I would be locked up and drugged against my will. My job and relationships would be at stake. I’d have to really, really trust someone to confess something like that. So when I get to the point where I start thinking about it, but I want help, I’m probably not going to ask for help. In fact, I’ve been there and only once ever trusted someone enough to tell them.

@kupo, please feel free to talk about it here, if you ever feel that way. We’ll listen to you.

Thanks. It’s been a long time since it’s gotten that bad; I have my symptoms pretty well under control right now. Still, I would probably talk about it privately (like get people’s email) rather than on a website lots of trolls frequent. 🙂

Of course, @kupo, I totally understand, and have been to the same place. I’m glad you’re on the way out!


If I were to tell even a professional psychologist about it, I fear I would be locked up and drugged against my will. My job and relationships would be at stake.

That’s what happened to me without telling anyone. There really is a problem when people have to “be smart” and not mention something like this. Being left to figure it out by ourselves sucks. I’m lucky to have had one or two supportive friends when it mattered the most.

As Scildfreja says, glad you’re on the way out.

One of the reasons I identify as mad is because we don’t treat mentally ill people in the US as though they deserve autonomy and equal access to society, and that’s a political and cultural problem that needs activism applied. People can be self-destructive in any number of ways, but we do nothing unless a mental illness can be blamed, at which point the person becomes no longer fully a person in the eyes of the law. There is one set of rules for the sane and another for the insane, and currently no room for nuance. One of the things I appreciate about this community is that people crack down on ableism; as long as the mentally ill are conflated with “the other,” there will be no solutions. As long as “mental illness” is equated with “dangerous,” there will be no solutions.

I am personally lucky: I have been with the same doctor for almost 20 years, and I can admit to him when I’ve had suicidal ideation without getting committed. And yet there is always that worry in the back of my mind that sometimes makes me keep that very important information to myself. Information that he really needs in order to make good decisions about my care. That is fucked the hell up.

I live in Rochester NY and they finally got around to talking about Spokane dude on the radio. They conviniently left out all of his creepy meme-ifestos and screeds but decided to poorly cover him getting booted out of a Starbucks for asking out a teenage girl. Thank fuck I was almost to my destination because calls from apologist guys started pouring in! Thanks dumb radio guys.

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