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Milo swoons over Cernovich doc Silenced: “Technically, the film is sufficient for its purpose”

Mike Cernovich, Auteur
Mike Cernovich, Auteur

These are exciting times in the world of cinema. Mike “Juicebro” Cernovich’s new film long video Silenced — a documentary about a bunch of people who have not actually been silenced, as far as I can tell — has finally hit theaters Vimeo! And it’s getting rave reviews!

Well, technically I’m not quite sure if it is, because I’ve only seen one review, from Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, who also happens to be in the film, though for some reason this doesn’t count as COLLUSION and no one is making giant graphics featuring little red arrows pointing from Milo to Milo to show HOW DEEP THE CORRUPTION GOES.

Anyway, Milo liked the film, declaring it “great.” He said a lot of other things about the film, but, as I didn’t bother to actually read the review, you’ll have to find out what they are for yourself.

But I did notice one VERY IMPORTANT PARAGRAPH in which Milo set forth one of the reasons he, or whichever intern he got to write the piece (allegedly), think the film is so totally awesome.

Technically, the film is sufficient for its purpose. Almost all the interviews are static, tight shots, which do a good job showing expression and even at times emotion.

Did you hear that!!?/!


That’s the line that’s going on the movie posters for sure.

Milo does have some mild criticisms of the film, though.

My biggest complaint is with the graphics, a staple of documentary films these days, which feel clunky. In most cases these take the form of a tablet or cell phone used to show headlines or streaming video, but I found them distracting. While I preferred the tight interview shots of Silenced to The Red Pill, the latter uses graphics much more effectively.

Apparently, Silenced and The Red Pill are the only two documentaries ever made. Who knew?


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Does anyone know of a way to watch this undoubtedly piece of trash movie without giving money to Nazis?

@EJ and Ariblester

You noticed! I may or may not have been partially inspired by Jim Sterling’s satirical take on the subject matter in his 100% Objective Review video…

EDIT: Ninja’d by SFHC! Damn, I missed the next page of comments.

Great minds think alike, and this site is full of great minds.

(Also, add Ariblester to my @ up there; I didn’t see their post before I made mine.)

I realize all these people do with their lives is sit at their computer and gripe, but, really, their films look like they’re put together by third graders working with 1985 technology. I’m led to believe that the “manure-sphere” has a LARGE contingent of video game designers, can’t they get one of these people to do some decent animations??? or… something????

At least get a f**kin’ STAND for the iPhone they’re filming the interviews with, so it doesn’t look like they had a DRUNK holding the camera….

Yeah, you, juicebro, and the doofuses who almost cooperated on “The Sarkeesian Upchuck”… if you’re trying to do anything more than preach to the choir, YOUR PRODUCT QUALITY MATTERS… act like you understand this.

Just suggestin’


The mouths produce sounds that our brains interpret as information, if, again, your definition of ‘information’ is not too strict and unforgiving.

Actual spit take.

weirwoodtreehugger: communist bonobo | November 30, 2016 at 7:56 am
We need an alternative to the term wing nut welfare that doesn’t have ableism in it. Because that very clearly describes how the notables of the manosphere make a living.

The Bigot Money Cycle.

Since a lot of the money that bigots fleece from their bigot fans goes to other bigots to produce a heaping helping of shit.

Or Bigot Kickstarter.

Oh, that Urbanophile link posted upthreads. What in the holy fuck is that dudebro reviewer even talking about? Particularly the beginning:

Traditionally, the government was seen as the biggest threat to free speech. But well-established constitutional protections and case law in the US largely protect us from direct censorship.

The bigger threat today is from ourselves – from fellow-citizens and maybe us personally who seek to silence opinion they/we don’t like. We see this in everything from the “no platforming” movements on campus, to various activists looking for any tweet they can use to get you fired from your job. (See the famous case of Justine Sacco as one example). In this environment, too many of us are even silencing ourselves, afraid to speak out for fear of retribution.

Where do I begin?
To tell the story of what ignorance can be?
The stupid story that is older than the sea?
The simple truth about the wrongheadedness of man?
Where do I start?

Once again, there is the underlying assumption that everyone is secretly a giant asshole like the alt-rightists – they’re just too afraid to show it! It couldn’t possibly be that we “censor” ourselves because we actually care about the fact that words can hurt people, care about being fair and factual in our statements, care about people who could be hurt by ignorance and stereotyping, care about not laughing at things that are not funny to anyone but disgusting slimecrackers, and care about not being giant walking turds. No, turns out it’s all because of the dreaded PC police, who have nothing else to do than look for excuses to get innocent people fired for, I don’t know, making racist jokes on Twitter or something, apparently. Go sit on a cactus, dude.

Oh, but that’s not all. He seems to think that producing this film has been an act of brave defiance, like all the democratic voices fighting against dictatorships, and he’s been in great personal danger for backing it on Kickstarter:

There was another risk in backing this particular film. It was produced by Mike Cernovich, a controversial figure who has been called every name in the book. Merely interacting with him on Twitter can generate blowback. So despite the fact that this film is completely anodyne and includes such mainstream figures as Alan Dershowitz, it’s definitely risky to be associated with it.

Oh, wow. I feel your pain, dude. It’s so terrible, having to think about how associating with a nazi, a conspiracy theorist, someone who thinks they can affect reality with their magical mind powers ( and so on might soooo unfairly cast a shadow of doubt over you as a person. It’s just soooo hard to choose friends and associates based on the things they do and say.

But that’s the point. Free speech is worth nothing if it can’t be used to say risky and dangerous things. That’s why I’m proud to have supported this film and have my name in the credits as a backer.

Such courage, defending opinions that are perfectly in line with the current political climate. Much wow.

Cernovich and Feldman wanted to make free speech cool again. Part of that, as with Pumping Iron, meant using people who are largely not (yet) household names. So anyone watching this expecting a lot of mainstream famous talking heads will be disappointed. While it does include folks like Dershowitz, Scott Adams, and Jason Pontin, it’s mostly edgier and lesser known people, and even some ordinary citizens. So we will perhaps only know in retrospect if, like Pumping Iron, it helps create the free speech stars of the future.

Bolding mine. I have no words.

This takes Dershowitz’s talk about free speech and makes the stakes very real. Auernheimer comes across as a very scary guy and forces us to confront emotionally what it means to have a society with free speech. He may indeed be odious, but as Dershowitz points out, censorship inevitably spreads like a virus, citing the case of a man who was prosecuted for coming to court the courthouse with a jacket emblazoned with “F— the Draft.” (The Supreme Court let him off).

What is this word salad? Is the guy still under the impression that free speech is under attack by private citizens expressing their opinion on someone else’s opinion? And if that’s the case, where the hell is the courthouse thing coming from? Didn’t he just say that the constitution protects people from the government stifling free speech? Is consistency too much to ask?

The segment on science was also excellent. It juxtaposed Jason Pontin, editor in chief of MIT Technology Review, and scientist Melissa Chen, with Dr. Michael Goldberg, a pediatrician with alternative views about the rising numbers of children being diagnosed with autism. Pontin talks about the criticality of free speech to the enterprise of science, noting that even the most firmly believed of scientific findings are subject to being contested by new evidence. Chen also stresses that, while also pointing out that most non-mainstream views turn out to be bunk. Between them Goldberg lays out a bit of his case for thinking of autism differently.

So what, the documentary presents the case that crank views not being taken as seriously as common scientific consensus is a free speech issue? What even? And the reviewer thinks that yes, this is an excellent point to make? Okay, then.

Still, there’s a variety of people such as the liberal gay Jewish free speech activist David Rubin, liberal criminal defense attorney Miriam Seddiq (a Muslim originally from Afghanistan), Mexican immigrant Nestor Mendoza, Emmy-nominated rapper T.O.N.E.-z, and software engineer and activist Justine Tunney. A vast array of people and views are represented here.

“I have a black friend, I can’t be racist!”

There’s so much wrong here. The guy doesn’t care to check why assholes like Vox Day are not welcome in certain communities, what the validity or logic of the claims of all these people are, or what free speech even means. Instead it’s all about the frozen peaches and the usual liberal brodude bullshit about these assholes’ anger being justified and it being the fault of SJWs that Trump got elected for not soothing their egos and telling them they’re right about everything. This guy is a bona fide bully apologist. I hope all his shoes turn into legos.

Euugggh. That’ll do for now, or my head will explode. The writer of that piece is somebody with whom I know I couldn’t stand to be in the same room for any period of time (and that he would somehow believe that to be a free speech issue as well, I imagine). The amount of ignorance and bull-headed wrongness in that review is so staggering that if you read it, you should probably tie up your hands somewhere beforehand to avoid facepalming yourself to death.

That bar couldn’t hang much lower if it was a hurdle at a pre-K track and field club.

That bar couldn’t hang much lower if it was for Earthworm Track & Field.

Lower the bar any farther and it’d be PAINTED ON THE FLOOR!!

Freeze Peach:

The right to publicly verbally abuse others without any consequences (as it is written in The Constitution, “Twitter shall make no rule….”)

@ TZer0

I’m guessin’ the general tone of comment wasn’t to the Juice One’s liking…???


I’m glad I’m not the only one that clicked that link and said “what the fuck?” (the whole blog is like that – nice drop by trolling , Doug, please fuck off forever).

I didn’t make it nearly as far as you did – I stopped at the go-to ‘but, but, but..this other wrong rights my wrong!’ excuse of Gawker – it was so full of, not just ignorance and bull-headed wrongness, but that smug sophistry so common with the Alt-Reich. Bleh.

This is just another entitled white nationalist jackass who feels the world owes him unconditional support to espouse what he thinks regardless of content. That not wanting to listen to him, or provide him a platform, is somehow ‘silencing’ him. A belief, you’ll note, he does not allow for those who disagree with him.

So.. uhh… it would appear that the comments are disabled on that movie.

Guess they were.. silenced?

I’m not familiar with Vimeo, but perhaps only people who have bought the movie can comment on it? I saw the “Comments are disabled” message yesterday, but there are newer ones today, and all comments seem to be from users who have watched it.

Also, here’s a new gem:

The message is powerful as I also constantly (admittedly ashamedly) fear Government reprisal to my opinions, and even more so the chilling effects of inevitable attacks from the PC obsessed corporate world in the form of economic banishment. How many others either don’t post or delete posts because of fear of the ‘boss’ reading them? This is one of if not the most important issue of our time. Thanks for doing this and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

“Economic banishment?” You mean… getting fired? Like, the thing that happens when you do stuff that your employer doesn’t agree with, or doesn’t align with company values? This isn’t new or irregular, nor is it exclusive to the “PC obsessed.” That’s just… how employment works?

A couple other telling things:
-They never examine the content of the speech that is allegedly being “attacked”; they stand upon the principle of never facing any consequences for speech ever (unless it’s speech they disagree with, of course).
-They’re moving to a narrative that people keeping silent is equal having speech restricted. Simply creating an environment where someone doesn’t feel comfortable expressing an idea is now tantamount to infringing upon free speech. Full stop. Context is irrelevant. (unless it’s speech they disagree with, of course)

Another comment called out “intolerant moralists”; they’re at the point of denigrating morals (or rather, the wrong kind of morals) in order to cling to their dwindling belief that the world still revolves around them. Their values no longer line up with the majority but they can’t fathom a world where their views aren’t a priority, so they’ve created a scenario where they no longer have to even support those views, because the very act of opposing those views has been defined as immoral.


Where do I begin?
To tell the story of what ignorance can be?

Oh, wow, now there’s a song reference I haven’t heard in many a year.

(My mother used to have a piano version of the Love Story theme in a Reader’s Digest songbook, and played it fairly often.)

I can’t stand how freeze preachers (typo and it stays) act like political disagreements, including strongly worded and passionate disagreements are some sort of new thing. Like everybody went along with every opinion no matter how asinine or offensive until the ebil ess jay dubyas came along and started being mean to poor marginalized bigots. Do they not know any basic history? Do they think, for example when the protestant reformation was sweeping through Europe, there were no fights between people who were converting and people who were staying Catholic? Cause that shit tore communities apart. That’s just one example of the top of my head.

I just don’t understand how people think there was ever a time people didn’t get any shit for their opinions.

wwth – I think that the freeze preachers just want to be the shit-givers instead of the shit-getters. Simple as that, only the shit they want to give has much worse consequences for their victims.

And the idea that it’s possible (much less desirable) for nobody to be a shit-giver or shit-getter just flies completely over their heads. Everybody must be either on the top or on the bottom.

I just don’t understand how people think there was ever a time people didn’t get any shit for their opinions.

Nooooooo… before feminism everything was all their own way and we ruined it because we’re big meanie meanpants poop heads.

And being told your opinion is shitty is literally the WORST. Way worse than beheading or being burned at the stake or all those super easy things.

They are so brave. *sob*

The message is powerful as I also constantly (admittedly ashamedly) fear Government reprisal to my opinions


“Freeze preacher” is a good coinage.

I think they think that there was a time when white men could say what they liked and nobody else would dare disagree with them except in a very academic way; and since they do not regard anyone else as a person, this is synonymous with “all people could say whatever they liked.”


I watched that interview with Richard Spencer, and a lot of the stuff he said makes me think there’s also an element of “If everyone was equal, wouldn’t there already be equality?” I.e. white dudes are on top because white dudes naturally and fairly raised themselves to the top, so challenges to this hierarchy must be new and unnatural and unfair.


Also claiming the ancient Egyptians were white.

That’s a pretty standard claim, often replacing ancient aliens. The ‘argument’ in both cases being that PoCs could never have built something as impressive as the Pyramids, so either they were white, or they had external help.

During one of my Twitter lurks yesterday, I saw two responses to an indigenous man’s post about the Stolen Generation children.

Number 1 said “Who’d want to steal an A**?”
Number 2 said “maybe some really confused animal control officers?”
Then they had a good laugh and bonded.

They are clearly terrified of speaking their minds. Yep.
(apologies for the revolting detail; I saw these tweets as I was reading this thread so couldn’t help connecting)

Observations on Milo’s review:

Silence is, appropriately enough, one of the devices used effectively in Silenced. The film catches your attention when the title is displayed with the sound cut. Throughout almost the entire film, you will not hear interview questions or dialogue between the filmmakers and their subjects. There is no narration beyond a few title cards.

Apparently Milo doesn’t watch any non-Alt Right feature-length documentaries because a large percentage of them don’t have a narrator or on-screen interviewers.

The second device Silenced uses with some effectiveness is juxtaposition of different people talking about the same subject from different points of view.

All competent filmmakers try to avoid having their issue-focused documentary show the same people repeating the same things. That’s not really a “device” per se.

I’d also like to hear from more liberals… Why not have a liberal argue why free speech on campus is a bad thing?

I hear from enough of them myself, I could have referred some of the less screechy and smelly ones to the filmmakers.

Another viewpoint I expected to see was liberals who have fallen from grace — at least in the court of mainstream, politically-correct opinion, following public support of free speech. Dave Rubin springs to mind.

Censorship is not just a conservative experience, even on today’s Internet — it happens to anyone with the temerity to disagree with the regressive left.

So much for that “variety”.

My biggest complaint is with the graphics, a staple of documentary films these days, which feel clunky. In most cases these take the form of a tablet or cell phone used to show headlines or streaming video

Except filming screens showing footage isn’t “graphics”, which are added in post production.

My favorite moment:

Even if you have been an active warrior for free speech on social media and during the heated election cycle, this film will still please you. For some it will be hearing people speak who you’ve typically read about in articles or social media posts.

This clunky sentence is pure Milo and by that I mean it’s unintentionally comical and genuinely pathetic. It takes a whole lot of horse shit to turn being an asshole on Twitter into being “an active warrior for free speech on social media” but Milo tries his darndest to make it happen.

@Sinkable John

Ooh, I hadn’t seen that! Thanks! I love terrible movies, so I shall be watching Grumpy Cat’s Chrissie movie, and some kitty themed movie called Santa Claws, where kittens have to deliver all of Santa’s presents because he has an allergic reaction to them. It could be bad, or it could be gold bad.

I’ll probably be eating prawns and playing backyard cricket for Christmas. That’s the Aussie way. As a foreigner, I look upon such activities with bemusement, whilst trying to convince anyone who will listen that North Pole-ese on the present tags is the only way to know that it was indeed Santa that delivered them.

What will you be doing for Christmas? Any terrible movies on the horizon for you? 😀

Even if you have been an active warrior for free speech on social media and during the heated election cycle . . .

Yes, Milo. You’ve been such a warrior for free speech ever since you started your alt-right attention-whoring. You go. Yay, you. *eyeroll*

It’ll be amusing when he finally says the wrong thing and they all turn on him. It won’t take much since they only tolerate a gay man like him because he parrots their views.

So…what is this movie about? I’m pretty intrigued about this Cernovich fella. He seems to be the archetype of male insecurity.


I’ll probably be eating prawns and playing backyard cricket for Christmas. That’s the Aussie way.

*mutter, grumble*
Not for all us, it isn’t.
And that North Pole-ese stuff just adds to the whole bizarre experience of summer Xmas in a world that insists Xmas is white and cold.
*shakes fist*

I hope yours is great, though, and filled with terrible movies 😀

I actually thought the Grumpy Cat Christmas movie was pretty good-it has a kind of hackneyed kid-adopts-animal-who-saves-the-day plot, but a lot of Christmas movies have some sort of hackneyed plot, and the girl wasn’t annoying (thank God). Also, Aubrey Plaza voicing Grumpy Cat is (IMO) one of the best casting decisions of the past few years.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Alan Dershowitz can certainly be relied upon for a soundbite.

Sure, Cernovich & Co. can say what they want (in the US, with the usual narrow inciting-imminent-lawless-action exceptions), and the great thing about living in a democracy is that we can freely speak back. And employers can voluntarily choose not to associate with people who’ve shown that they’re biased against some of their customers–women and minorities buy widgets, too!

These people are definitely the authoritarian right, not the merry marketeers of the libertarian right.


The North Pole-ese thing is actually a tradition from my family, used to cold northern American Christmases. It completely baffles my in-laws and husband, though my step kids all love it.

The seafood as a Christmas food still doesn’t quite seem right to me, and the backyard cricket is just so weird… Has no one here heard of a good food coma?! I do love some of the Aussie themed Christmas paraphernalia about Santa and his boomers, ’cause reindeer can’t hack it in the heat. 😀

Christmas does feel very one sided – even the basic ornaments and things from Kmart and the like are all winter themed. Pretty, but so odd.


Ooh, really? I do like a cheesy feel good flick. That sounds pretty good, the kids might even like it!

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