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Breitbart’s Milo Y: “We need to make America hate again”

Milo, saying something terrible

We haven’t heard much from Breitbart “journalist” and self-proclaimed “supervillain of the Internet” Milo Yiannopoulos since he was booted off of Twitter. Sad!

But he’s kept himself busy with his Dangerous F****t “lecture” tour of American campuses, delivering deliberately offensive speeches in hopes of ginning up controversy and garnering publicity for himself.

Alas, I am going to add another dollop of free publicity to Milo’s publicity pile.

And why is that? Because in a recent speech at Ohio State University, Milo declared himself in favor of hate.

In a rambling monologue filled with Trumpian talking points and endless stale jokes about his (Milo’s) oft-professed love of sex with black men, Milo rhapsodized about the sheer manly masculinity of Donald Trump, the man Milo has nicknamed “daddy.”

“Daddy will restore strength and masculinity as a virtue in America,” Milo declared.

No, he really said that.

We’ve had enough nurturing, we’ve had enough coddling, we’ve had enough safe spaces: we need to make America hate again.

And how do you do this? With a lot of “tough love.”

“What Donald Trump will really do is bring tough love back into vogue,” Milo declared, according to the transcript of his remarks posted on Breitbart.

Apparently his version of tough love involves a lot of yelling and crawling through the dirt.

My legions of veteran and active duty fans know a thing or two about tough love. They got it in boot camp and it turned them into men. …

Think about some of your fellow college students. Surely everyone in this room knows someone that by age is a young man or woman, but acts like a child. America is turning into a nation of crybabies … .

You mean like all those guys who got so mad about Lady Ghostbusters that they complained that the film had “raped” their childhood memories? You mean like the presidential candidate who has cried “foul” and “rigged” every time some new awful revelation about his awful self hits the news and knocks his poll numbers down?

You mean like the journalist who demanded that the White House do something about him losing his “verified” checkmark on Twitter?

Oh, wait, Milo probably isn’t referring to any of these crybabies, because Milo is all of these crybabies rolled into one. Milo helped to inspire a massive harassment campaign against comedian/actress Leslie Jones for the crime of appearing in a Ghostbusters reboot while female and black. Milo decries the alleged “rigging” of the election as petulantly as Trump himself does.

And, yes, when Milo was lucky enough to get himself into a White House press briefing this spring, he complained to press secretary Josh Earnest that “my verification check [on Twitter] was taken away for making fun of the wrong group of people.”

It was a tragedy of roughly the same magnitude as the confiscation of Richard Dawkins’ tiny pot of honey by airport security, even though he didn’t look like a terrorist!


As Milo sees it, only a giant infusion of manly masculinity can save “the Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy, or as we used to call it, civilization … .”

Apparently, this manly masculinity is inversely proportional to the tendency of grown men to suck their thumbs.

Back before our civilization despised itself, we applauded tough men. But you can’t produce tough men – or honorable women – without tough love. If you want to keep civilization, you better start by insisting that boys grow up, instead of trying to infantilize them so they’re afraid to stop sucking their thumbs.

I can’t imagine Donald Trump sucking his thumb, except perhaps after a Zinger Tower Burger.

I can, alas, and now that you mention it I can’t get that image out of my mind.

In case you, dear reader, are not so great at visualization, perhaps this badly photoshopped picture I found on the internets will help.

He's got the best thumbs. Truly stupendous thumbs.
He’s got the best thumbs. Truly stupendous thumbs.

You’re welcome!

H/T — GamerGhazi

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5 years ago

Good job Milo, you got the evangelical who supports electrocuting the gay out of teenagers and the neonazis sharpening their knives. Yeah, I’ll bet they’re just gonna loooooove you.

5 years ago

Someone mentioned a previous conversation about whether Milo is serious, and I just have to question whether he believes a single thing he says. To me, he seems like an attention-seeker and especially a contrarian before he is anything. This makes it rather impossible to believe he means any of it. I mean, the man has said he opposes Planned Parenthood because they are destroying his “future harem” of black men– this is clearly just a farce to him. He has also said that being a gay conservative captures some of the forbidden, illicit nature that homosexuality used to have. I know the easiest way to dismiss someone is to claim they’re not actually serious, but as many have pointed out, the whole thing is a mind-boggling paradox of contradictions. I really, really think he just likes being outrageous to a reality-bending extent.

Not that this makes him less dangerous, of course. Though, if I’m right about it, practically any reaction is validation to him.

Croquembouche of patriarchy
Croquembouche of patriarchy
5 years ago

Hi Cranelady! Are you in Europe / the UK?
I doubt you will get much response to your comment soon from the Americas contingent of Mammotheers as they are probably mainly sleeping now, and more likely to focus on the current posts where conversation has been flowing thick and fast.
I only stumbled in this comment by accident. They might not see it when they rise. Or feel like discussing the motivations of one rabblerousing Brit at the moment.
Dunno. We’ll see.

5 years ago

Hi Croquembouche! I am actually in America, I’m just a hopeless insomniac– though I consider being mistaken as otherwise, for whatever reason, quite a compliment at the moment. 🙂

I knew this thread was getting old, I didn’t know whether less active threads still get read here, but have wanted to post my suspicions about Milo Y since I gestated them on other sites where commenters largely consider him to be a legitimate intellectual voice. If people are tired of talking about him well, that’s just gravy.

Thank you for replying though! I think the way you guys welcome new posters here is just lovely.

Croquembouche of patriarchy
Croquembouche of patriarchy
5 years ago

Thanks Cranelady. I look forward to seeing more comments from you. Commiserations on the insomnia, there is much to keep us all awake ATM.

5 years ago

Welcome! We talk about Milo a lot, so I’m sure there will be more opportunity. This thread was a little exhausted already and I didn’t have any more to say, but I’m also dealing with insomnia and in the US and I saw your post this morning. I’m on cold medicine today and feel like I’m writing my thoughts out of order, but hopefully I make sense.

Point being, I saw your post, didn’t have anything to add, and wanted to welcome you. 🙂

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