Two days, or KAZOO days? The Final Countdown Video Party hums along

Two days left! In celebration of the impending arrival of election day, here are some kazoo-based covers of The Final Countdown. There are rather a lot of them on YouTube, if you wish to explore this micro-genre further.

Ok, those aren’t bad, as kazoo covers of The Final Countdown go, but the all-time champion is of course this fellow:

BONUS video: A lizard running, set to the music of that last video.

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In very important news, I’ve decided on my blue cocktail for election night. I got some blueberry pomegranate juice and club soda and decided to pick up some Absolut Citron to keep it from being too sweet. I’m sure it’s going to look more purple than blue but I like Blue Curacao enough to drink it all night so the only other option is mixing vodka and blue Gatorade and that’s just not nice enough.

For dinner, I think I’m just going to throw a pizza in the oven but maybe I’ll stop at the too expensive for my typical shopping grocery store and pick up some fancy cheese and crackers.

Out of sheer curiosity, I checked out some of the AltRight’s most popular Twitter users. The delusion…the nutty conspiracy theories…them pretending to give a shit about sexual assault…it all makes me feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

@Axecalibur ~ Thanks!

Holy moly those are some awesome kazoo covers. This might be my favourite micro-genre yet πŸ˜€


I’m planning to make psuedo-pizzas out of discounted naan bread and tomato pesto (which needs to be used soon anyway) for tomorrow night. Election night, just tinned chili with shredded cheddar and corn chips.

As for kazoo covers…hyeh. Anyone here like Undertale tunes?

At this rate, I’ll soon have all the lyrics to that song memorized. And I’ll never be able to hear the original without a kazoo and a kiddie piano over it, either.

Somehow, given what sort of people Drumpf’s fan club are, it seems more than fitting.

@Makroth – Agent of the Great Degeneracy

Holy. Shit.

In very important news, I’ve decided on my blue cocktail for election night.

I wish I had the money for booze for election…or, like, if I may say without anyone saying “don’t”, smokes. Just something that prevent me from chewing my goddamn nails to the bed.

Gum, lots of gum. I’d like lots of gum for election. The really rock hard kind that takes forever to chew.

@Handsome Jack

As a kid, I tried to chew Blu-Tack a few times. Actually wasn’t that bad.

This was released earlier this year but I just heard it yesterday so here.

@Troubelle: Moonbeam Malcontent

I chewed that stuff as a kid, too. I chewed a lot of things. I still chew things. Sometimes I catch myself chewing plastic caps or straws or pens.

The new tasty pen ink they’ve got is actually pretty nice.

@Handsome Jack

My middle sister introduced me to the thing that thing came from! She actually went to his concert a few months back.


Good to hear. Over a year and people still remember.


In very important news, I’ve decided on my blue cocktail for election night.

My first thought was that you were talking about a dress, and I was very impressed with your election fashion choices. XD

@Makroth; Yay, Post-Modern Jukebox! πŸ™‚

Speaking of ‘Careless Whispers’….

It’s this guy’s fault we worked that sax lick into our burlesque show last week. LOL! (Well, it’s really our trumpet player’s fault for showing us that vid….)

It’s a real shame that Trump’s accuser dropped her case.

But I can’t say I’m surprised.

I hope that the truth comes out, and sooner rather than later.

This is my favorite version of Final Countdown. I only wish the video quality was a little better:

My plans for Election Night are to ignore the news as much as possible in favor of celebrating my wife’s birthday.

Sticking me head outta my hole for a few minutes to echo a sentiment : OMG FINALLY IT’S ALMOST OVER.

Still not looking forward to the talks of rigged election and whatnot.

@Sinkable John
Come back soon; hope you’re doing well 😊😊

@Mish & Dali (& Axe ! I saw your comment in the older thread but couldn’t reply D: )

Hugs to eryone πŸ™‚

Been keeping up with the blog but not so much with the comments because my connection is acting up a lot and giving me trouble these days, sorry πŸ™
There’s also been some personal stuff keeping me away from the internets in general, so keeping up is getting tricky.

TOTALLY NOT STRESSED about the election, by the way.


@Sinkable John,

No need to apologise! It’s just great to hear from you. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing with the move and all.

Hope the personal stuff is not too awful. Take good care of yourself and stay in touch with us when you’re able to xxx

Well the move didn’t go that well 😐

I lasted all of two days in school, and even that was more than it took me to realize that it was a bad idea from the start. And apparently everyone but me knew that as well – “that school isn’t what you need” they say. Couldn’t have said it before, meh. Spent a week and a half in town and that wasn’t that great either. So long story short I’m back to square one and trying to find a plan B.

I really have the kazoo version quite stuck in my head. Curses!
Seems quite fitting for the momentous occasion, however.


What @kupo said, ’cause she always says it well πŸ™‚

Hopefully it cheers you a little bit that you’ve been missed (as you can see from comments!).
If you want to elaborate on stuff at any point, you know you have lots of sympathetic ears here (what a weird picture that just raised in my mind – creepy sympathetic ears…).

This is how happy we are to ‘see’ you (llamas first for Dalillama, then I’ll find some happy lizards for EJ, cats for me and kupo, maybe a dog for Axe?). Why yes, I should be working, why do you ask?

ETA: sorry if those are actually alpacas :\

I just woke up and heard the news before I was even out of bed. Shittiest morning ever and I’m sure I’m not the only one. From what I can see half my own country is terrified right now, I can only imagine how it’s like for you folks in Murica.

… as for me, don’t worry, could be worse. I’m getting lots and lots of sleep these days because I’ve got relatively easy access to hash and the like (@Americans : hash here is nothing like what you know, and weed is preferable, but hey, at least it’s cheaper) but the bad side is that I’m not motivated to do much besides video games. Speaking of which, I expect the price of Skyrim PS4 to go down real fast now with the competition. I mean, a violent and racist world where every asshole and their dog is armed ? Hey, at least there’s giant spiders instead of nazis. Even my arachnophobic ass likes em better.

Oh well. Thanksies everyone, and all the hugs ! πŸ˜€

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