Three days left, and the Final Countdown Video Party is overrun by tubas and pugs

We’re only three days away from the big day. Probably a good idea to turn off the news and play videogames, or watch creepy old episodes of Space 1999 or something.

Today’s Final Countdown cover isn’t the worst cover I’ve ever heard, but it’s definitely the one with the most tubas.

The bonus video today involves three layers of pug.

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@Laugher at Bigots:
Yeah, I agree. There’s a lot of assholes in movement atheism who seem to only be there because it gives them an excuse to be unpleasant to people; and a lot of people who want to be the audiences for those assholes.

Steve Bannon’s pants actually caught on fire while he was helping the Trump campaign craft a response to the Comey letter:

As the aides agonized over which words to feed into the teleprompter, they become so engrossed that a hot light set up next to the machine caused Mr. Bannon’s Kuhl hiking pants to begin smoldering.

“I think my pant leg is on fire,” he said after noticing the acrid smell.

This election is the gift that keeps on giving.

I remember (back around 2010 or so), a few atheists were harassing liberal Christians on YouTube, especially women who made videos about liberal Christianity. Other atheist YouTubers called them out for being assholes at least.

@history nerd

I have a lot of respect for the younger Frank Schaeffer. He regularly blogs on Patheos and for the Huff Post about atheism and liberal Christianity. He was earmarked to be his father’s heir and one of the leading lights of the religious right. He saw the error of his ways tho and has become an enlightened critic of the movement. I think he’s a very brave man to go against everything he was brainwashed to believe as a youngster. He is very sorry about the things done in the name of Christianity, as a former member of the ‘Moral Majority’ he feels partly responsible. Now he doesn’t attack anyone’s beliefs, understanding that no one, neither atheist or Christian can truly be certain in their beliefs.

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