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Women only have [redacted] to offer: A MGTOW shows his tender side

MGTOW love (Artist’s conception)

Who knew that deep down, Men Going Their Own Way were really secret romantics?

In the midst of a tirade against the “childish, immature, cruel and narcissist[ic]” women of today, one Redditor Going His Own Way posits that it is men, not women, who are the truly romantic ones.

In a post on the MGTOW subreddit, FloydMayweatherGOAT declares

Men have superior intellect, Men work harder,Men are stronger, Men are more moral and kind, Men are more romantic,

As for the ladies:

Women only have wet holes to offer and that isnt even that grand.

Huh. That doesn’t really sound very, well, romantic.

They’re all just illusions , take away the make up, perfume, done up hair and fancy clothes and ask yourself what is she really offering me? Women are worthless in my opinion … I will ignore every Woman and view her as beneath me from this day forth. Men stop being intimidated by Women, You are better than Women in Every Single way. Destroy the illusion.

Not sure any of this is really helping your “men are more romantic” argument, dude, but I am definitely in favor of your plan to personally ignore all women from this day forth. Perhaps while sitting in a hut on one of these lovely islands?

Go forth, young MGTOW, and go your own damn way already!

In the meantime, I have made some more lovely greeting cards inspired by FloydMayweatherGOAT’s romantic philosophy.






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@LL: Appreciate it! That’s a marvellous bibliography and I look forward to making use of it! I feel I should clarify: I’m certainly not saying that history as a discipline is explicitly homophobic. It’s my discipline, too, and I’ve generally had very positive experiences with its practitioners.

I think the vast majority of those who trot out the old “oh well we can’t judge the past by modern ideas about blah de blah de bloo” line are well-intentioned – and, well, in the literal sense, they’re right – but they’re not thinking about why students might be asking these questions, or why some might be more than usually eager to shoot them down.

Re: historicism and historical empathy: sticking to my guns on this one, I’m afraid; it’s kind of my thing. Hegel was a bumbling buffoon, but he’s not the only name in the game, and I think that some other scholars’ approaches still have a lot of potential. I’d go into it more but that would kind of be crossing the real-world and anonymous-feminist-commentary streams, and that’s not where I’m at right now, I’m afraid.


Also, everyone has the right to deal with wrongdoing and forgiveness in their own ways, but I personally am deeply uncomfortable with the idea that engagement of legal consequences is a sign of true repentance. Going through the system doesn’t absolve someone of the moral implications of their crime, why should the reverse be true?

While I agree that our Legal System (US) is broke as hell, I’m having a hard time thinking that “admitting you’re a rapist on MGTOW under an alias” is actually suffering any real consequences. Policy of Madness mentioned Legal Consequences only as part of the whole, which is to accept ANY real consequences at all.

The best possible outcome for him among his fellow MGTOWs is indifference, with hostility being much more likely.

Which is also the WORST possible outcome as well. So maybe JeffersonJackson had nothing to gain by admitting it there, but they sure as hell had no real consequences either. Actually, I slightly misspeak…the worst possible outcome would be for the MGTOW to convince him that what he didn’t wasn’t wrong and that women deserve it. Which you also can’t discount as a possibility. If he really is contrite and wants absolution, why go to a Pro-Rape space?

@ Buttercup

MGTOW is basically just aversion therapy for assholes.

;). Thank you for that gem!

I know I’m late to the party, but it seems to me that MGTOW is more like MEWAW (Men Endlessly Whining About Women). I had never even heard about this group until I visited here a short while ago. They sound remarkably like a 3-year-old pitching a fit.

I found a tiny escaped rabbit on my way to the tram today. 🙁

I brought it home and put it in a cat carrier. Now I’ve just been to the pet store to pick up stuff for basic bunny well-being. Currently putting up a notice on local facebook groups. Hope someone calls me about it soon.

These are hilarious! Why do the MGTOWs feel the need to trumpet their decision that they are never ever going to join the “Wet Hole Club” and make themselves appear even sadder than they are? As an owner of a factory-original wet hole, I applaud their realization that they will always be null contributors to the gene pool. Now why can’t they just shut up about it and go build WWII dioramas or collect coins and leave the WHs and their virile sexy Alpha males the hell alone?

@All the MGTOWs of the world: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for ignoring women – they (and the rest of mankind) are better off without you. Could you please go away now??? Permanently??

I know I’m late to the party, but it seems to me that MGTOW is more like MEWAW (Men Endlessly Whining About Women).

I like this acronym. It’s so onomatopoeic it could be their Pokemon name.


. Maybe I’m just sheltered from the world, but I’ve never heard of a repentant rapist going to the cops, confessing to the crime, and being willing to take the penalty.

I have. The officer told her that without a victim willing to press charges (and thereby re-traumatize himself and his family), their hands were tied, and strongly implied it would be a waste of the taxpayers’ money to imprison her. While I do understand that part of this was probably because of toxic gender roles, I imagine that if this person went to the police and said, “I emotionally pressured a woman into having sex with me. Please lock me up,” he might very well get a similar response. (OTOH, now that I think about it, the peace officer in question may have not wanted to deal with the paperwork or even thought that the situation described was “not that bad” and lied about the woman’s chances of prosecution. She’ll probably kill herself one of these days, instead.)

On another tangent, do ask me how thrilled I am that current laws leave a sex offender with nothing left to lose, and current attitudes tell them there is no chance of redemption, when my rapist gets out of prison just exactly when my probable grandchildren reach the age of his usual run of victims. Or don’t. You probably won’t like my answer.

@Amy Warrior Princess
There’s nothing wrong with any if the following:
– not contributing to the gene pool
– building WWII dioramas
– collecting coins

Let’s not use them as insults. 🙂

Are you sure it’s a lost pet? We get lots of feral bunnies in my area.


Yeah, quite sure. It looks shiny. It wasn’t wet even though it had been raining all morning. It came straight up to me and let me pet it. Feral bunnies don’t come up to people for pettings, do they?


Are you sure it’s not a vorpal bunny? Those things can be vicious, I once saw a lone vorpal bunny violently savage a group of knights..

I wonder what definition of “romance” he’s using? My late husband would sometimes do conventionally “romantic” things like bring me flowers for no reason, but this is what I consider the most romantic thing he ever did for me…

We had noticed an unpleasant and growing smell in the back of the house for some days, but had been unable to locate the source. Then came the moment when I walked into the laundry, and spotted the power cord to the freezer full of dog meat…knocked out of the power point. I screamed, my husband came running, and I wordlessly pointed with shaking hand. He summed up the situation in an instant and said “Get the kids and get out, I’ll sort this”. We fled, and when we crept back several hours later, the terrible thing was taken care of. He took it for granted that he would deal with that horror single-handed, so that the kids and I would not have to be exposed to such unpleasantness.

That, MGTOW, is romance.

The most romantic thing I can think of is agreeing to work as a team with your lover and best friend, supporting each other and uplifting each other, for as long as you can. Thinking of one another as equal partners and focusing on meeting your shared goals. The guy in the OP can’t do any of that, because you can’t be best friends with someone you despise, and you can’t be an equal partner with someone who you believe is your inferior in every way.

@Weird Eddie 🙂

@IP – Aw, poor little bunny! Glad you’re keeping it safe and sound. I hope you can reunite it with its humans soon. If no one calls right away, maybe you could try putting up a flyer where you found it. Or see if the local paper might let you put in a “Found” ad for free? (Not that many people read newspapers any more, but if I lost a pet, I’d check the classifieds.)

If the owner doesn’t turn up, is there a local rabbit rescue group that could adopt it out?


I made a post on the Facebook group for our apartment complex, and I put a notice up at the convenience store in the building.

It’s actually mandatory by law to contact the police if you take in an escaped pet, so I’ve been trying to call the police station all evening, with no luck. They’re horribly understaffed, I suppose.

There are actually some interesting laws when it comes to escaped animals:

– If a dog is found and the police have managed to identify and notify the owner, s/he then has to come pick up the dog within 5 days, or the dog will be forfeited to the state.

– If a dog is found and the owner hasn’t been identified within 10 days, the dog will also be forfeited to the state. The finder may never assume permanent ownership of an escaped/abandoned dog.

– All persons are obligated to keep in mind that cats are a special case. They can often walk around seemingly aimlessly without being technically lost.

For animals other than dogs:

– If the owner hasn’t been identified within 3 months after the animal was found and reported to the police, ownership of the animal will be transferred to the finder.

– If the owner hasn’t picked up the animal within 1 month after being notified, ownership of the animal will be transferred to the finder.

– If the owner refuses to take the animal back, ownership of the animal will be transferred to the finder

– If the police has taken care of the animal while waiting for the owner to pick it up, and if the owner hasn’t picked up the animal within the aforementioned time frame, the finder may still assume ownership of the animal. However, s/he is obligated to compensate the police financially for the costs of caring for the animal up until that point. If the finder fails to pay this bill withing 1 month, the animal will be forfeited to the state.

– Wild animals cannot technically be found, since they were never lost to begin with. They’re wild.

^These are the actual laws.

In any case, yes there are animal shelters to turn to. But I would really hope someone is missing the little bunbun and will let me know. 🙁

So, do MGTOWs talk out of their asses or out of the gaping, wet holes in their hideous faces?

@IP – my, those are some very specific laws. Why are dogs treated as a separate category from other pets, and what does “forfeited to the state” mean? That sounds ominous.

Give the lil bun plenty of scritchies and boops. I hope its human turns up soon.

@Viscaria – You have to wonder what their definition of romance is. Most people think of romance as something sweeping and grand, with an element of willing self-sacrifice. I suspect they define it as the coins they put into the sex vending machine. “Only men are romantic” = “only men have to make an effort to get laid.”

You’d think they’d get whiplash from all the lofty heights and abyssal depths they place women at. It’s like women are an absurdly expensive vase, and they don’t quite know where to put it. Up here? Down there? Way over there? No, no, not at eye level! Aaaaaa!

@IP: Oh, my goodness! What a sweetie! Maybe put up a flyer? If I lost someone like that outside, I would just kind of assume there was no hope.

@IP: I would not fail to consider the possibility that the bunny was abandoned. Bunnies are cute, but — my daughter had one for several years, and they take quite a bit of care (cage takes more effort to clean than a litter box) and are more work and much less responsive to humans than a cat, for example. (Fluffy was always excited to see me, because I used to pick fresh clover and bring it home to him, but that was about it as far as response to attention.) You can’t really let them wander the house, because bunny berries. So people buy them for the kids, because cute, then kids lose interest in smelly cage and, unfortunately, some parents set an example of responsibility by simple abandoning the bunny, hoping that someone will take care of it or, failing that, that it will make a nice meal for some hungry animal.


My primary complaint with Downs is not his historiography, it’s how his separation of habitual behavior and identity (based largely on a fixed historical point that he seems to consider the ideal sociocultural identity for the group he belongs to) helps feed into the rhetoric of historic erasure that tells the rest of us in LGBTQ+/GSM/QUILTBAG (pick an acronym/initialism) identities that we exist solely in the modern era, that historical nonconformity is never what it looks like, and that we should be glad we live in such an era because we would have been shunned or killed in older cultures – all while threatening the same to us now. It’s a poor position to be taking from a queer theory standpoint, and the detachment from back-projection – while laudable in academic historiography – does little to console those of us who are being told that we are not a culmination of a historical spectrum of nonconforming identities, but a spontaneous abomination wrought of modern rejection of the proper and ancient monolithic tradition mythologized by those who hate us.


As I said earlier, no time to talk much right now. But I wanted to say that I get where you’re coming from and that I can see the problems and the danger.


It simply means that the police will takw custody of the animal and pass it on to an org which will try to find a new family for it. In some cases they’ll sadly put the animal down. 🙁


Oh, I’ve always found that very likely. I’ve had pet rabbits before, so I know that they don’t really have huge personalities. I’ve been in contact with the police and it turns out nobody’s filed a report about a missing bunny in the last few months. I’ve also not found any flyers in the area about missing rabbits, and nobody’s replied to any of my efforts so far.


The Animal Protection services have agreed to pick the bunny up tonight or tomorrow morning. I’ve made them promise not to euthanize it, and they’ve agreed to notify me when/if they find a new home for it. I’ve also stated that I will personally find a home for it in case they fail. So now I’ll just have to wait and see.

Just had to say I love your reading list, but, but … no Foucault?

I did consider it. Foucault just has a bit of a tendency to a) evoke strong reactions and b)potentially lead to very long discussions, in my experience. 😉 Besides I got so used to the “send them to Foucault”-tactic from my own teachers that I thought, I’d be more…creative. 😉

And now, I can’t stop wondering what the Doctor thinks of Foucault… Though there probably already was an episode where he met him…somwhere among the ~1000 episodes I still have to watch. *eyes DVD pile* Bad self! Back to work!

True, I see what you mean. I still recall my women’s studies reading group many years ago arguing over Foucault’s work. There’s a fantastic book by Lynne Huffer called Mad for Foucault (you probs already know this, however). This is my favourite MF photo (no fangirl, not me):

His cat was called Insanity. Of course.
Re Dr Who – no MF in there afaik. My theory is that they are the same person 😀

The bunny has now been picked up by a friendly lady from Animal Protection.

We miss Leila already. 🙁

Ps. We named the bunny Leila, and they promised to keep calling her Leila.

I think that GOAT is showing a typical trait of the MGTOW – a rather scant knowledge of female anatomy. Our ‘hole’ ie the entrance to our vagina is not invariably wet. Moist is the every day condition, and varies from woman to woman, at different times of her life.

Sexual arousal is something that can certainly create wetness, but as sexual arousal generally requires lustful desire due to the appropriate stimulation (mental or physical) I would argue that someone as dismissive of any other aspect of a woman would really be most unlikely to ever know what a vaginal opening is like, wet or otherwise.

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