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Today in Breitbart Comments: The Nazis were right about everything except how to win wars

The Alt-Right: Literally Hitler, or just figuratively?
The Alt-Right: Literally Hitler, or just figuratively?

In this late-night edition of Today in Breitbart Comments, let’s plunge into an ongoing debate between different factions of Breitbart’s alt-right fanbase.

In the comments to a post titled “Milo on CNBC: A World Run by the Alt-Right Would Be So Much Fun,” we find two distinct types of alt-rightist fighting it out.

On the one side, those who agree with Mr. Yiannopoulos that the alt-right is basically a bunch of lovable scamps, free-speech enthusiasts who don’t really mean it when they say “gas the kikes race war now.”

On the other side, well, those alt-rightists who do in fact mean it when they say “gas the kikes race war now.”

You can see representatives of each of these factions offering succinct summaries of their basic position in this lovely exchange:

Ann Inquirer ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ I-RIGHT-I • an hour ago I like it, and it's not Nazi. It's just fun to have the freedom of speech and poke PCness in the eye. You want to label someone Nazi, label the KuKluxKAIR with their IslamoFauxbia Nazi. 2 • Reply•Share › Avatar CharlemagneDidNothingWrong Ann Inquirer ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ • an hour ago The "Nazis" were right about nearly everything except how to win a war.

Those in the second group tend not to be big fans of Mr. Y, who, as a gay man with a Jewish mother, does not exactly fit perfectly into the traditional Nazi demographic.

Captain John Charity Spring MA IGnatius T Foobar ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ • 2 hours ago Milo is an entryist Jew trying to co-opt a movement of loosely aligned young white men who see their demographic Armageddon approach with the Multicult. Nazis who have seen the data and results of the last 20 years of Cuckolding conservatives. The traitors like Ryan who take the liberal dildo will have to go.

CharlemagneDidNothingWrong • 2 hours ago Milo is a degenerate, and apparently a liar. The Alt Right is first and foremost about white ethnocentrism and race realism. All else stems from those necessary core beliefs.

Still, there are many points of agreement between the two factions. For example, many of those who put themselves in the “lovable scamp” camp turn out to be gigantic freaking racists too. Oh, sure, the scamp campers insist that they’re not really hateful racists. They just have a rather, let’s say, broad definition of what isn’t hateful racism.

White Male I-RIGHT-I • 2 hours ago The GOP cucks are just leftists from the past. They embrace the same things as democrats from 20 years earlier, sometimes less. The alt-right/white nationalism is the only meaningful right-wing movement. Colorblind conservatism won't conserve anything because race is the bedrock foundation of culture and society. Most of us aren't nazis, by the way. You can want the white race to live without wanting jews to die. Most of the nazi stuff is intentionally ironic. The purpose of the trolling is to normalize seeing offensive material and shift the Overton window rightward.

White Male Greg • 2 hours ago Those of us who are a part of it can. It's just hard for establishment types to comprehend a movement that doesn't require adherence to a specific dogma. Broadly speaking, the alt-right is white identity politics. We want to save western civilization. For some that means protecting modern values from Islam. For others, it means undoing the left's post-WWII culture war victories. Our common ground is support for free speech, understanding that western civilization is white civilization, and the desire to save the white race and white countries. Most of us don't hate other races. Some of us even have nonwhite friends. We just don't want them to take over our countries and would not have kids with them.

Yeah, you don’t think people of color have contributed anything to western civilization, you want to ban them from immigrating to the United States based on the color of their skin, and you wouldn’t let your daughter marry one. How could anyone even think you have anything in common with the Nazis?

NOTE TO EXTREMELY LITERAL-MINDED READERS: That last sentence was sarcastic.

REMINDER: This is the audience that Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, cultivated for many years as the head cheese of Breitbart — and that Trump was presumably hoping to appeal to by hiring Bannon to run his campaign. These are the people that Trump is empowering and emboldening.

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Pol is a regular, I was sorta surprised by the aggression on both sides. Hearts for both of you. I read Pol’s closing comment sincerely, myself, though of course your mileage may vary. From what I have seen, he’s a good egg! Just a bit more aggression and defensiveness between the two of them than required. That is my read, anyways! Your mileage may vary.

“Milo on CNBC: A World Run by the Alt-Right Would Be So Much Fun

It seems fascists and I have much different ideas of what “fun” is.

Alright, then I apologize for what I said about the whole “going straw-SJW” thing and my general reaction.

I should probably get off the internet when I get paranoid like this…

Sowwi, cheers !


When parody and caricature still show more self-awareness than the real deal. Still, Mitchell and Webb are the best nazis.

And the best aristocrats too.

I would interpret “gender and race are not real” to mean “gender and race are not biologically/genetically real, but merely socially constructed” – which means, yes these are real things people experience, but there is a widely held belief that they are immutable forces of biology (i.e. women are weak and emotional) which is NOT true, making his point relevant in that way.

Honestly i think you guys failed to give him the benefit of the doubt and overeacted without even asking him to clarify his position (which he later failed to do too, anyways, in all fairness). Hopefully i wont be labeled a troll as well 😐

We want to save western civilization. For some that means protecting modern values from Islam. For others, it means undoing the left’s post-WWII culture war victories.

I “love” how this guy thinks his movement is all about the cooperative coexistence of two explicitly contradictory agendas.

Hey, alt-right troll, the people who try to justify Islamophobia under the guise of “protecting modern values” such as secularism, women’s rights, gay rights, etc., from religious-fundamentalist extremism are in direct opposition to the people who are trying to “undo the left’s culture war victories” such as, you guessed it, secularism, women’s rights, gay rights, etc.

The silver lining is that as the alt-right movement tries to claim legitimacy and respect as a viable political position, the “South Park conservatives/libertarians” and the hardline traditionalist conservatives will realize that their attempted marriage of convenience was dead at the altar. They have nothing in common except their hatred of liberals, which is not a political platform.


aggression on both sides

Fair enough. I shouldn’t have been so aggressive. Not helping


you guys failed to give him the benefit of the doubt and overeacted without even asking him to clarify his position

You’re right, that’s a failure on my part. I’ll try to do that more

Hopefully i wont be labeled a troll as well

I apologize. I didn’t mean to make you feel unwelcome. Nothing you’ve said here has ever been trollish, and you’re a valuable member of this community

It’s okay <3 Especially on this blog, where we read about horrible things almost every day, it's really easy to let that anger spill out. It happens!

What political ideology does Matthew McConaughey despise?

Alt right. Alt right. Alt right.

I’ll see myself out…

Axe and I tend to fire on a hair trigger at the first perceived sign of trollishness. WELL, mostly Axe. *smirk*

Joke aside,

Hopefully i wont be labeled a troll as well

Don’t worry 🙂 I mean yeah sometimes there’s misunderstandings (one of my very first posts for example was so poorly worded that everyone thought I was a concern troll D: ) but they’re solved quickly and easily. Some people (y’all know who) around here even show a lot of charity to genuine trolls, an attitude which I actually admire, even though I can’t find it in me to even try to emulate it. WHTM has the healthiest comments section I’ve ever seen, which is a huge feat considering that the subject matter by itself is bound to attract trolls.

Threadfail ! It happens.

I’ma go back to focusing on EJ’s amazing post on the first page now.

ETA : I don’t get Atlas Sulked’s joke ._.

The two types are the racists who don’t care about violence as long as they can live in their all-white areas and never see anyone of an alternate ethnicity, and the racists who want violence and think racial cleansing would be the fun part of being a nazi.


But worry not – it wasn’t that funny 🙂


I only ever delurk to post silliness, rarely, as by the time I get to the end of the comments you’ve already said exactly what I would have said with far greater erudition and poetic thrust. TL;DR – you’re my light and that post on the first page cements that fact 🙂

@poe, ax, John: I think the above is an example of what happens when people spend so much time arguing with internet trolls that they can no longer ‘assume good faith’. Which, for the record, I think may be one of the more significant ways Internet trolling has harmed our culture. Constructive discussions really are not possible without some assumption of good faith.

For what it’s worth, I read Poes post in the same way that Sally did, as ‘race has no origin in biology and so we really shouldn’t discriminate’. However, I can see why ax and John would read it as supporting what I think of as ‘whitewash racism’, as typified by the ‘all lives matter’ group. This can be summed up as ‘if there is no biological origin of race, then why should we bother to distinguish between various races at all?’ As Ax pointed out, this view fails to take into account the very real social and economic constructs related to the notion of race, which in turn demand different responses to people depending on where they come from.

Is that more or less correct? I’m hoping this is more spreading oil over troubled waters than throwing oil on a fire…


No it is funny, especially now that I get it :p
I don’t get all of the american references, so I tend to miss a lot of the punz.

Who said Charlemagne did anything wrong? I mean, he ruled in the 9th century, it’s inconceivable he did nothing morally repugnant. But like, is there an SJW campaign to tarnish fuckin Charlemagne that I don’t know about?

Maybe he’s trying to insinuate a false dichotomy along the lines of, if you aren’t a rabid islamophobe then you must want Eurabia and you probably wish the Carolingians hadn’t reverted the Arab invasion of Europe in the 8th century.

“Oh hey, look at Jack. He was fumbling and awkward and uncertain, and did it anyway, and didn’t die, and everyone still loved him because he was a great person no matter how he identified. It must be okay for me to do the things I’m terrified and awkward and uncertain of doing.”

Joke’s on you! I die a little bit on the inside everyday!

Well, obviously just like gender there is no such thing as race except as a concept derived from the lizard brain.

5)Gender and race aren’t just alike. Pretty significant differences, in fact. Laverne Cox is transgender, Rachel Dolezal isn’t transracial

Okay, well, let me see if I can explain this correctly.

Race is a social construct but it has nothing to do with “the lizard brain” as that’s where instincts are stored. There is no such thing as race, if we’re technically, HOWEVER saying there’s no such thing as race can deny that racism still exists, just like saying gender doesn’t exist can deny that sexism and transphobia or even homophobia still exists.

You see, when I say gender doesn’t exist, I mean the gender binary–that you can be a man OR a woman because penis and vagina–doesn’t exist, that being a man makes you better at one thing while being a woman makes you good at others. It’s false. This has been proven in history and multiple cultures all around the world–women and men fought alongside each other in wars (such as new evidenced [haha] in Viking cultures show), some were kept home and others on the battlefield (like in Athens); women and men had pretty much the same rights and were equals (like in some dynasties in ancient Egypt), while some people were treated lesser depending on their gender (like upper class English women during the medieval era); and there are cultures that have more than two genders (like hijra in Indian culture or two-spirited people in many Native American tribes) and that people of any gender could marry any gender they wanted (there’s a variety throughout cultures and history although some of them were more in upper classes than lower classes and stuff).

This pretty much proves that the idea of Western gender binary is dumb, stupid and false. In fact, recent studies have shown that there is no such thing as “male” brains and “female” brains, like some assholes have been pettling. That’s false. The whole “male” and “female” brain thing came from just a few papers out of dozens of others that said otherwise.

Although, they did find some small, SMALL difference in people that identified as men and people that identifies as women–that is, cis men and trans men have identical brain structures, just as trans women and cis women have identical brain structures. (Of course, that’s when they’re just searching for difference in men and women and probably didn’t take into account non-binary people but, like, whatever.)

So, like, the gender binary is fake as fuck and people need to deal with that shit asap.

HOWEVER race is a totally different matter–while it’s been shown time and time again that gender binary is false, you can’t just be a black person and say you’re white. That’s not how race or racism works.

Take, for instance, in Japan, Korean people and people of Korean descent are technically not citizens of Japan, at least the last time I checked. I don’t know if they’ve changed it but pretty much if you have any ancestors that weren’t Japanese, you’re not Japanese. That’s how it goes, and that’s racist as hell.

There are places all around the world that have similar thoughts thanks to the modern idea of race (that is the concept of now what we consider race is new, not that race is a modern concept btw). Unless you completely falsify your own family tree, there’s no way you could be considered a certain race, and still technically you aren’t that race by societal standards. It’s really stupid, yeah, but it still exists.

And, you see, the reason why people can’t transcend race is because they aren’t treated the same because of their race, you feel me? Rachel Dolezal didn’t grow up with the experience a black person faces and she trying to be “black” when she has no experience or concept of what black is is just, like, laughable. How can you be black in a society when you weren’t ever treated as black?

It’s like cultural appropriation–you have, like white people thinking certain black things are cool or beautiful, like dreads or cornrows or big lips, so they get them, right? They’re hip and cool, right? Kylie Jenner gets her own brand of lipstick or whatever. But when a black person has dreads or big lips, suddenly they’re dirty or look ugly, and when a white person doesn’t have to deal with that because they’re white. There’s a bias in society due to racism that pretty much anything on lighter skin is better.

And, of course, that ties into colorism, which is where, say, black people with lighter skin are deemed more attractive compared to black people with darker skin. And this is a trend that’s all around the world, and many places like Japan and India have products designed to lighten skin because it’s considered more beautiful due to the fact people think light skin is better.

And that colorism is tied to “white passing” privileges, where black, Arabic, Latinx, South Asian, whatever people with light skin aren’t treated as bad as other people with darker skin because their skin is lighter or people don’t know they’re not white, which is tied back up with that whole “you aren’t such and such because you have this and that in your family tree so I’m going to be racist to you now” thing.

AND THEN of course, is the whole “systematically repressed because we think white people are better than any other” deal going on. You got cops that will shoot an unarmed black person before shooting a white dude that has a gun, you got racist realtors that won’t sell a house to a Latinx family in a white neighborhood, you got people in the school district systems giving less funding and necessities to school in communities with less white people than school with more white people, you got people thinking people with darker skin are less intelligent and eloquent just because of their skin color–and you can’t just ignore things like that.

So while race is a social construct, you can’t “transcend” race, you can’t darken or lighten your skin one day because think you’re a different race because you don’t have the experience of that race, ya feel? It’s not like gender because there’s proof time and time again that the Western idea of gender is false and that breaking the binary and gender roles benefits people while trying to “transcend” race doesn’t stop racism. (The whole “you’re on of the GOOD ones” mentally plays into that part.)

I hope I’m explaining this correctly and in a way that makes sense because I am not as versed in racism as things related to gender, and I’m not even that well versed in things related to gender.

Jack, there you go provin’ EJ right ‘n stuff!

I am eternally irritable about the way Victorian prudery has absolutely poisoned western culture. nnngh.

Was gonna mention the ‘gender brains’ thing, but it wouldn’t have come out as well as you did. Besides, during an apology post likely ain’t the time to be droppin knoledge. Thx

Quick thing: can we talk about how you start saying ‘ya feel me?’ (twice) as soon as you start talking about race? Not during the gender bit, only the race part. While explaining racism a black person. Can we talk about that? Cos:

It’s like cultural appropriation

Yeeeah… People might think some stuff about ya. Unless that was all some sorta clever, narrative device, in which case I’ll shut up

@Jack: do you mind if I ask you a couple questions about transgenderism in general? The question I have in mind could come across as transphobic, and I’m struggling with figuring out how to phrase it.

There actually are not many transgender people I know (at least, not who admit it), so I’m asking as a cis person trying to understand something outside of my personal experience, aside from a few lectures in medical school.

Also, it’s not your job to educate me. If you don’t feel up to it, I won’t ask. You don’t even have to tell me that you’re not up to it.

Yeeeah… People might think some stuff about ya. Unless that was all some sorta clever, narrative device, in which case I’ll shut up

That was actually a complete accident because it’s a verbal/written tic of mine. I say “ya dig”, “ya feel”, “ya know” (and others stuff too) a lot when I’m not sure if I expressed something right. (Or as a way to cover up when I’m about to stutter verbally, along with using “like” every other word.) Those habits transfer into my writing because I like to write how I talk. I probably should have thought it through a bit more when talking about that.

I’m sorry. I’ll be more mindful in the future about that.


I probably should have thought it through a bit more when talking about that

S’cool, buddy! I was mostly just confused 🙂

Nother thing in relation to your long comment. I wanted to mark a difference between gender and race that hasn’t been said. That is, as far as I know, nobody will ever be able to tell what the gender of my corpse is. They’d assume I’m a guy based on the genitals and hair distribution and everyone who knows me thinks I’m a guy and so on. And that’d be a correct assumption, but it’s still just an assumption. You mentioned that any brain differences between masculine and feminine are tiny and exclude everyone inbetween. Were I closeted nonbinary, how would anyone know?

Meanwhile, I could degrade for 100 years, and clever folks could be confident in saying I was black. If I had any DNA on me, they could probably tell I was American (continent, maybe even country) by the haplogroups and admixtures and other stuff I don’t understand

Now, none of this is to say that race is more real than gender or more important. Just that there’s a biological difference in addition to the social ones you elucidated. And I don’t know what that means vis a vis the ‘transrace’ nonsense (tho it’s pretty obvious I think it means something. Can’t quite figure it out). Just had to put the thought out there

(It’s taken me a good hour to write this comment, believe it or not)

Milo is pure troll. He doesn’t really have any desire to see the Alt-right gain power – he just wants to piss people off. And he’s achieved the rare distinction of doing so in two completely different directions. By espousing the Nazi cause, he’s pissing off right-thinking people who find their ideology abhorrent. He’s simultaneously pissing off the Nazis themselves, who know he should be terrified of them and are very frustrated he’s not. The only thing he has to do to get all this attention and negative energy is…valorise one of the most evil political movements of the 20th Century. No big deal when there’s lulz on the line!

He is contemptible.

Now, none of this is to say that race is more real than gender or more important. Just that there’s a biological difference in addition to the social ones you elucidated.

True. There’s way more solid biological backing to race than gender, I just kinda worried about bringing up too much biology, you know? Because I know jack shit about biology as a whole, probably less than gender and race. I can understand the more social aspects of racism, sexism, transphobia, etc. because I have faces and seen such things, but I can’t say I understand the biological aspects as much because I’m not face with dealing with biology everyday. And, like, the only reason it’s even biologically important is because it’s socially important.

I mean, I can go on a whole tirade about how human ingenuity and the difference between races are pretty much just cosmetic now, not that they did much in the first place, because we’ve come to a place that we can use technology to basically live and thrive almost everywhere on the planet. We live in deserts and places that have no sun five months out of the year reguardless of how “fit” we are for the environment. And, like, people can still have babies reguardless of their gender or sexuality, so, like, why do people even care anymore? Social conditioning.

But just because something is and has always been irrelevant doesn’t mean it hasn’t impacted and affected people negatively or positively. We’ve barred people who could have had made great contributions based on gender, race, religion, class, social standing, etc. and it’s sickening, stupid and sickening.

(Of course, I’m not just talking about people who could have made, like, contributions in science and art, it’s more, like, the contributions of humanity as a whole? Like, even if you think you haven’t done anything with your life, you still impacted someone’s in some way and that’s a contribution. Living is a contribution.)

But some days I just don’t understand how humans can have so much ingenuity yet still be so detrimental to themselves at the same time. It’s a pretty much the reason why I’m a feminist.

But, I ranted enough. You’re right, there’s also a more biological standing to race than gender could ever have.

@Axecalibur: if watching archeology shows has taught me anything, they could even tell what part of the world you grew up in by analysing the isotopes in your bones:

Which i think is super cool!

Also a big thank you to both yourself and Handsome Jack for a very pair of thought provoking posts.

(I might not comment often, but i read the site pretty much every day.)


And, like, the only reason it’s even biologically important is because it’s socially important


Like, even if you think you haven’t done anything with your life, you still impacted someone’s in some way and that’s a contribution. Living is a contribution


All of you have managed to keep my faith in humanity now since GlooberGators started rearing their ugly head. I tip my hat to all of ya.

I feel like all of you are dear friends, and thank you for being here.

Thanks for having created this space.

in so much as there is a ‘lizard brain’, most everything we think about comes from there and is refined by our ‘higher reasoning’. Subitizing numbers, nonlexical communication, etc. Name it, it starts in the ‘lizard brain’ or at the very least takes a detour there

Sorry, but no. The “lizard brain” is the most primitive part of the human brain that controls bodily functions that we don’t have to think about such as digestion and breathing. It keeps us alive but has nothing to do with anything we think about. It facilitates instincts; however, humans aren’t born with too many instincts. It’s why humans are dependent so long on parents compared to all other species. Most of what we consider “instincts” are actually learned behavior.

Hey, all.

I was never a regular and haven’t posted a comment in well over a year (at least) but I’m a daily lurker who’s read back through pretty much every post & the subsequent comments.

You all mean the world to me.

I’m quite isolated and sometimes WHTM is my only respite from my “jerk brain” and persistent loneliness. From feeling like I’m losing touch with other people. From questioning my faith in humanity and the existence of kindness, curiosity, empathy, delight, and community.

You all do a lot to help people you’ll most likely never see or “meet”.

Thank you. I often wish I could do more to contribute. Now, perhaps I will.

And yes, my teary eyes are from allergies. Just allergies.


Should have specified that my reply was in response to EJ (The Other One)’s comment.

I missed several comments while typing in my usual slow assed fashion.

Edited for clarity. Because it’s not always my strong suit >.<

@Handsome “Punkle Stan” Jack

No, I understood. It just felt like I was cross-talking. And thread killing! And confusing!

Which is why I don’t post much.

Love the ever-evolving handle, btw!

@PirateJennie, you are as much one of us as any <3 No pressure to comment at all, but your voice is welcome here too. Jump in wherever you like!

I’ll reply once I am not on my phone, Jack and Axe. Nothing bad. Just, well. Brain stuff!

Love the ever-evolving handle, btw!

I’m not very good at making up my mind about things so, yeah. I’m pretty happy with “Punkle Stan” though, as if that was an insult. XD

I’ll reply once I am not on my phone, Jack and Axe. Nothing bad. Just, well. Brain stuff!



First, my apologies. I’m limited to the phone so typing your full name is beyond my current capabilities.

Second, thank you! You’ve become one of my favorite regulars and definitely contribute to the welcoming atmosphere that makes this site so unique.


Editing window closed before I could correct misspelling your nym.

Again, apologies!

Hee hee, it’s okay. A lot of people mistype my name. It’s sort of a lexical roller-coaster.

My Mal gif above was just about, well. lizard brains. In humans. And, yes, it’s an actual term for a thing which exists, but, well, it’s way more complicated than just “There’s a lizard brain what regulates stuff and then a higher brain that is largely above instinct.” It’s true that the lower brain functions are largely autonomic (the pons and its friends are basically about keeping your heart beating and your lungs breathing), but, well, above that, it gets super messy.

I also want to contest the “There’s little that’s instinctual!” statement. I mean, it’s not wrong, I guess, but that gives the impression that there’s a lot going on in the mid and forebrain that is shaped by experience. They are affected by experience, yes, but their basic features are pretty regular. So I guess I’m saying that, well, it’s complicated? And that we can’t just draw a line that says “instincts go under here”. A lot of the unconscious, impulsive behaviour is very much midbrain and forebrain.

Definitions! That’s really all i’m babbling about. words are hard. I’ma sleep now.

The lizard brain is where superpowers come from.

Cookies to anyone who can tell me what bad sci-fi book taught me this. (I honestly don’t remember, I probably was 13)

I lurked for about a year before I posted. There were lots of people that I really admired, but especially Lea, PolicyofMadness and Falconer.

I remember that when I was still very new, Jack helped me to post my very first image. (It was of Théoden son of Thengel.) He’s been a consistently lovely and helpful forum member.

@PirateJennie and Crys T:
There are people who read the comments but very seldom comment (like Lanariel, Fruitloopsie or Penny Psmith) whom I always think of when I write stuff here, in the hope they enjoy what I’ve written. I shall add your names to this mental list. You are just as beloved a friend as Paradoxy or M or anyone else.

To the ten thousand: whomever you are, wherever you are, you matter to me. Your lives matter and your happiness matters. You are not friendless.

To the ten thousand: whomever you are, wherever you are, you matter to me. Your lives matter and your happiness matters. You are not friendless.

If I may, here’s an addendum : to alt-right lurkers and would-be trolls who never passed moderation, your lives do matter, but you’re no friend of mine.

No but seriously, hello again, unseen friends !
Please delurk someday and tell EJ how inspirational he is.

@Sinkable John

What kind of superpowers? If you recall that, I bet I can find you the book. (It’s not Wild Cards is it?)


It’s not Wild Cards. I believe it was a kind of space-opera. At some point the main characters survive a sort of maze that is incredibly and gruesomely dangerous, and when they come out they mainly become stronger and faster, and other things that I don’t remember. Since they fight with swords (because for whatever reason humanity collectively decided to ditch all their guns and replace them with blaster-like things that can only fire once every two minutes lest they overheat) they suddenly become very good at it because superhuman reflexes and speed. And since all they seem to do is fight (I remember something about overthrowing an evil empress and in the aftermath of said revolution fighting against some ancient evil alien thingies, and also infighting because of the evil yoomans) you can basically sum up the books by “Good guy defeats bad guy with a new power he just found out about, then moves on to defeat another bad guy with yet another unknown power”.

I seem to remember that around 50% of the books is spent describing with annoying emphasis how they trade blows very quickly indeed and how you can’t even see the swords because it’s mainly metal fog at that point, and also lizard brain. Lizard brain lizard brain lizard brain. Pretty much everytime one of them discovers a new ability that the maze gave them, there’s a mention of “something deep in the lizard brain” suddenly awakening.

You said it very well about the people who read but may or may not post. Thanks!

I learned in college that humans have only two instincts: (1) the ability to suck; and (2) the fear of falling.

Has the thinking changed since then? I’m just curious.

(I have a feeling that some smartypants commenters might say something about how some humans suck big-time.)

@Commenters who usually lurk
Welcome! It’s so nice to have you here.


I found it ! As soon as I read your message, it dawned on me.

It’s Simon Green’s Deathstalker.

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