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Today in Breitbart Comments: The Nazis were right about everything except how to win wars

The Alt-Right: Literally Hitler, or just figuratively?
The Alt-Right: Literally Hitler, or just figuratively?

In this late-night edition of Today in Breitbart Comments, let’s plunge into an ongoing debate between different factions of Breitbart’s alt-right fanbase.

In the comments to a post titled “Milo on CNBC: A World Run by the Alt-Right Would Be So Much Fun,” we find two distinct types of alt-rightist fighting it out.

On the one side, those who agree with Mr. Yiannopoulos that the alt-right is basically a bunch of lovable scamps, free-speech enthusiasts who don’t really mean it when they say “gas the kikes race war now.”

On the other side, well, those alt-rightists who do in fact mean it when they say “gas the kikes race war now.”

You can see representatives of each of these factions offering succinct summaries of their basic position in this lovely exchange:

Ann Inquirer ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ I-RIGHT-I • an hour ago I like it, and it's not Nazi. It's just fun to have the freedom of speech and poke PCness in the eye. You want to label someone Nazi, label the KuKluxKAIR with their IslamoFauxbia Nazi. 2 • Reply•Share › Avatar CharlemagneDidNothingWrong Ann Inquirer ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ • an hour ago The "Nazis" were right about nearly everything except how to win a war.

Those in the second group tend not to be big fans of Mr. Y, who, as a gay man with a Jewish mother, does not exactly fit perfectly into the traditional Nazi demographic.

Captain John Charity Spring MA IGnatius T Foobar ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ • 2 hours ago Milo is an entryist Jew trying to co-opt a movement of loosely aligned young white men who see their demographic Armageddon approach with the Multicult. Nazis who have seen the data and results of the last 20 years of Cuckolding conservatives. The traitors like Ryan who take the liberal dildo will have to go.

CharlemagneDidNothingWrong • 2 hours ago Milo is a degenerate, and apparently a liar. The Alt Right is first and foremost about white ethnocentrism and race realism. All else stems from those necessary core beliefs.

Still, there are many points of agreement between the two factions. For example, many of those who put themselves in the “lovable scamp” camp turn out to be gigantic freaking racists too. Oh, sure, the scamp campers insist that they’re not really hateful racists. They just have a rather, let’s say, broad definition of what isn’t hateful racism.

White Male I-RIGHT-I • 2 hours ago The GOP cucks are just leftists from the past. They embrace the same things as democrats from 20 years earlier, sometimes less. The alt-right/white nationalism is the only meaningful right-wing movement. Colorblind conservatism won't conserve anything because race is the bedrock foundation of culture and society. Most of us aren't nazis, by the way. You can want the white race to live without wanting jews to die. Most of the nazi stuff is intentionally ironic. The purpose of the trolling is to normalize seeing offensive material and shift the Overton window rightward.

White Male Greg • 2 hours ago Those of us who are a part of it can. It's just hard for establishment types to comprehend a movement that doesn't require adherence to a specific dogma. Broadly speaking, the alt-right is white identity politics. We want to save western civilization. For some that means protecting modern values from Islam. For others, it means undoing the left's post-WWII culture war victories. Our common ground is support for free speech, understanding that western civilization is white civilization, and the desire to save the white race and white countries. Most of us don't hate other races. Some of us even have nonwhite friends. We just don't want them to take over our countries and would not have kids with them.

Yeah, you don’t think people of color have contributed anything to western civilization, you want to ban them from immigrating to the United States based on the color of their skin, and you wouldn’t let your daughter marry one. How could anyone even think you have anything in common with the Nazis?

NOTE TO EXTREMELY LITERAL-MINDED READERS: That last sentence was sarcastic.

REMINDER: This is the audience that Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, cultivated for many years as the head cheese of Breitbart — and that Trump was presumably hoping to appeal to by hiring Bannon to run his campaign. These are the people that Trump is empowering and emboldening.

109 replies on “Today in Breitbart Comments: The Nazis were right about everything except how to win wars”

It’s okay, guys, we can trust him. Some of them even have non-white friends, you see.

Can they really consider those non-white people friends if they have so many conditions on their interactions?

Non-white acquaintances, non-white people they wave or say ‘hello’ to in passing…those I might…*might* believe that these racists know. But friends? No, I don’t believe that is true.

Oh hello, ironic racism. Please fuck off.

I think I liked plain ol’ open racism better. Can we go back to that ? Or are we stuck with Milo “IT’S JUST A JOKE” Yiannopoulos ?

Pro-tip, ironic racists : if you have to explain that it’s ironic to everyone, then it doesn’t mean that everyone is too dumb to get the joke. It just means that you’re too dumb to understand what irony is.

They’re just old-fashioned individuals who’ve come together to protest this postmodern society, in which insulting people based on their sex or race or whatever is seen as deeply uncool. Not fair!

They want to take us back to the good old days when people like them would pack a picnic basket and go witness a lynching.

Breitbart hearts Donald. And Donald hearts Putin. He gave him a shout out last night as a strong leader, not like that Mom-pants guy, Obama.

Putin: He rides a horse bare-chested!

He has his enemies assassinated!


What would happen if this comments section had a comments section ?

Is it inappropriate that i laughed when i saw this had 9 comments? I’ve gone and ruiend it now but yeah…

A hint. A soupçon? An aroma wafting on the breeze?

Sounds very much like my granny, though she was concerned about mixed marriages in the religious sense … Catholic boys lead good Protestant girls astray, she warned 12 year old me. She didn’t warn me off my Catholic girlfriends and neighbours though. She wasn’t prejudiced.

Milo reminds me of someone I met many years ago I was part of a battle re-enactment group. There were several of these groups and many had a high proportion of right wing members. The person in question was pointed out to me at a multiple group show as a “crazy bastard.” During the rehearsals I met him but found talking to him was difficult, he was a rabid Nazi and a holocaust denier. Later I found out from someone who knew his family that his parents were Polish Jews who had fled to the UK during WWII.

It seems that guy shared a dysfunction with Milo, “Hispanics for Trump” members and the few Blacks supporting Trump and may even be likened to those women who support the MRAs.

@Sinkable John:
A circular digression, if I may.

We Hunted the Mammoth has a vast readership, more than a million unique people. If one percent of them read the comments section as well, then that means ten thousand people silently read your posts. That’s around the number of people that an average person meets in their lifetime.

Because of the way that the internet skews, many of those people will be younger and more emotionally isolated than average. This means that for some of them, you may have been the first French person they have encountered. The internet is a funny thing, however, because of how intimate it feels: emotionally, it feels like you’re talking or listening directly to the person. There isn’t the distance that you’d get if ten thousand people were in a room listening to you speak. You feel like a friend.

At least one person will now feel, after reading your posts, that they have a French friend. Before this, when they saw a map of Europe, France was just a hexagonal shape; now it has a human representative. France is that cool guy who goes to metal clubs like them (or like they wish they could) and is always funny, warm and supportive.

When you posted about insomnia, anxiety and finding zombies scary, there was almost certainly one of these people who began crying with relief because someone else feels like they do. This is unbelievably powerful, and this means that from now on when this person reads these comments and they see your name, they will see a stand-in for themselves. When you battle a troll, they will imagine themselves doing it. When you make jokes or talk about your music, they will identify with that and take courage in sharing their own creative energies.

Those commentors who have been here a while longer will probably have several people who identify with them and who take courage in their daily lives from our actions here, just as we do from watching the actions of Éowyn or Pearl or Malcolm Reynolds.

If these people ever met, they might get along very well. They’d talk about how they really identify with Paradoxy’s rant or how Scildfreja inspired them to be a woman in science, or how WWTH showed them that they can be brave too, or how they found that Jack helped them through their own thoughts on gender. As the comments section got more established, they would discuss their other hobbies: knitting, baking, cats, whatever.

This is what our comments section would be like.

More like wondering how someone could make such a huge ass out of themselves more likely but whatever.

Never noticed that you made an ass out of yourself. Then again, this whole blog is dedicated to pointing and laughing at people who do that for a living, so maybe the contrast is why I never noticed ?

Nah, I think it’s just because you don’t :p


That’s… yeah, I hadn’t seen it this way before, but now I do. Whew. Daaamn that was a powerful post, I don’t think I can engrish up the words right now, so I’ma just say :

Hello, unseen friends !

More like wondering how someone could make such a huge ass out of themselves more likely but whatever.

“Oh hey, look at Jack. He was fumbling and awkward and uncertain, and did it anyway, and didn’t die, and everyone still loved him because he was a great person no matter how he identified. It must be okay for me to do the things I’m terrified and awkward and uncertain of doing.”

Milo Yiannopoulos’ rhetoric is extremely immature. A world run by the alt-right would be fun? Does he not read these comments? Does he really just see it a playful trolling when they refer to him as a degenerate Jew? Is he that naive, or that cynical? People with far right views, the ones who go beyond the digital world of the internet, would probably back up their beliefs with real world action if they were in power.

I, um, may have got something in my eye just now. The fact that it happened just as I was reading EJ’s comment is purely coincidental, I tells you!


Right ? I myself hit my elbow right on that spot that hurts like all hell. Or maybe it was a toe. I don’t remember. *sniff*

I like it, and it’s not Nazi. It’s just fun to have the freedom of speech and poke PCness in the eye.

And Brian turns to Max and says: “Do you still think you can control them?”

Sympathisers always irk me.

Couple days ago, some guy vindictively and condescendingly explained how the Nazis never desired world domination and were anti-imperialist because they respected the autonomy of non-whites in their host countries. Double-checking this, it seems very untrue.

And here we have Milo trying to justify his ‘only joking’ lovable scamps when even they (in many cases) seem to want to kick all the other cultures out. And of course (undoing the post-WW2 culture war).

Should I start buying canned food before November hits?

OK, EJ, this was a low blow, now. My eye has something.
Hey, silent readers! If you are reading me, I am very sorry, do NOT, at any circumstances, try to follow me, cause I’m REALLY lost. Eat your vegetables!

Who said Charlemagne did anything wrong? I mean, he ruled in the 9th century, it’s inconceivable he did nothing morally repugnant. But like, is there an SJW campaign to tarnish fuckin Charlemagne that I don’t know about? Who the fuck is he talkin to with that nym? Is he tryna convince his own ass? Fuck it, I put too much thought into this already


Sounds very much like my granny, though she was concerned about mixed marriages in the religious sense

You and Scildfreja were my light when I 1st started lurking. Still are, but now I have a whole buncha lights. I find myself pandering to y’all too much, but none of it’s untrue. I do love you, internet buddies. Thx for letting me chill here

And hiya, lurkers, I’m Axe! 🙂

Guys, seriously, I may only post here sporadically, but I read your comments almost every day. Keeps my faith in humanity going when most other evidence I see tells me to just give up.

@ CPphazor

anti-imperialist because they respected the autonomy

You probably already know this, but for any lurkers who might be lead to believe the Nazis were anti-imperialist….

The principal reason the Nazi regime did not want an overseas empire was that they knew it would be impossible to maintain without a massively expanded navy.

It would have been easy for the Royal Navy to blockade any supplies that had to be routed by sea. Far simpler and safer for the Nazis to exploit a land based expansion and occupation; which is of course what they did.

Someone needs to kindly remind Mr. White Male that “trolling” to make right wing thinking more mainstream is not original to the Internet. It’s been happening since the 60s with talk show hosts and the current GOP platform and all that stuff. Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Bryan Fischer were all alt right before the term was made.

It might even be the context that inspired it but “ironic racism” makes me think of a great PopeHat line

If you are fucking goats ironically you are still a goatfucker.

Well, obviously just like gender there is no such thing as race except as a concept derived from the lizard brain.

Well, obviously just like gender there is no such thing as race except as a concept derived from the lizard brain.

Okay, sorry, please folks correct me if I’m wrong, maybe I’m seeing trolls erywhere after the freaking festival that’s happened those last few days, but I just can’t help but read this as someone trying to go all straw SJW, especially since I can’t see what this is doing in the context. Or maybe it’s just the name Pol that does that.

Apologies if I’m mistaken, I haven’t slept in a while so the paranoia could be setting in. Meh.

Hi Pinko 😛. My name is a considered accident that is completely unrelated to the far right, oops sorry, “alt-right” reddit forum.

In fact, one of the reasons that I was turned-off reddit way back in 2008 was the fascist nature of so much of the content.

I did not learn about the /pol/ thing until recently.

*invokes a messiah I don’t worship*
Moving backwards:
1)’lizard brain’ is an overly simplistic shorthand for a complex set of brain systems and interactions
2)in so much as there is a ‘lizard brain’, most everything we think about comes from there and is refined by our ‘higher reasoning’. Subitizing numbers, nonlexical communication, etc. Name it, it starts in the ‘lizard brain’ or at the very least takes a detour there
3)concepts are not inherently nonexistent, and exempting them on that basis is meaningless distinction
4)Race is the ethnogeographical classification of human populations. That happens, people do that, so it exists. Arbitrary, but not nonexistent
5)Gender and race aren’t just alike. Pretty significant differences, in fact. Laverne Cox is transgender, Rachel Dolezal isn’t transracial
6)Nothing about this is “obvious”. There are fields of study dedicated to understanding race and gender. Race seems to be more or less settled (provisionally useful, but not supported by genetics/cladistics), and that took forever. Gender is not as understood, so what’s “obvious” to you musta escaped the minds of researchers. Let em know, eh?

In conclusion, most of your statement is untrue, and that which is strictly true misses the point entirely. Mayhaps a result of trying to boil down complex subjects down to 114 characters…

Hi Axe.

Concepts are “existant”, agreed. They would not be concepts otherwise, would they? But the concepts can be illusions, can’t they? Just like the concept of race and gender are. I never said that concepts are “inherently non existant”. That would be rubbish. Thanks for straw-manning me….

Yes race is a classification. An illusory one. But a classification nonetheless.
Once again, thanks for straw-manning me…

Gender and race are different. You are correct. Correct but pointless.

And “field of study blah blah blah”? Listen mate, do yourself a favour and read more widely.

Your conclusion needs padding out too. 114 characters? What? What is the nature of your strange attack? I am confused by your irrelevant statements. Please explain.

Hey this just reminded me that rights don’t exist.

Ok. It’s nighty nights for this little black duck. But I enjoyed locking horns with you Axe. Maybe we should do this again sometime?

And goodnight all. ‘Till next time.

And I’m lucky I checked before I sauntered off too. “Asshole”, EJ? Ok, to be honest I didn’t think that I was being like that but I will take note of your criticism and re-read my comments later to see what you were getting at. Thanks. Sometimes I’m not aware of my perceived demeanour and tone in text like this.

I wonder if folks like Milo, Russell Veh, etc., are the political version of bug chasers. In that they know the ideology they are supporting could kill them if its adherents took power, yet that’s why they support it. They are attracted to danger.

Gotta stop tryna bail people out. They never take the hint, and I just feel like an idiot

Sorry about that, everyone. This was such a nice thread too…


Hey this just reminded me that rights don’t exist

Was gonna say, thought better of it. Glad someone did


his response was well-considered and (as far as I know) was entirely in line with current academic thought

I hope so. Given the considerable possibility I was either talkin outta my ass or simply made a mistake of omission on any of that (especially re: the gender and trans stuff), I welcome correction 🙂

Okay, that was weird.

So… what’s with the overly-empirical-mindedness lately ? First the Dick Marsh troll who “can’t see his rights” (for fuck’s sake !) and now this happens.

Pol just reads like a troll trying to go straw-SJW with little to no relevance to the thread at large. I mean there’s posting off-topic, and then there’s dropping a random incorrect statement like that with zero link to anything that’s been said so far, besides a whiff of “lemme debunk racism right here right now”.

And then they lash out at Axe for having the gall to correct them, and on top of that they call him “irrelevant” and “pointless” ? What the hell. That was neither true nor an appropriate response. Especially if you’re gonna end with an oh-so backhanded “good debating with you” – which, incidentally, also reminded me of Mack Ditch.

I’m baffled because I seem to remember seeing Pol’s name attached to other, non-trolly comments around. As far as I know, they’re not a troll.

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