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Men’s Rights Redditors predict a dystopian gynocracy under President Hillary Clinton

Hillary, destroying city BUILT BY MEN
Hillary, destroying a city BUILT BY MEN

I sometimes lie awake at night imagining the eldritch horrors of a Trump presidency. Men’s Rights Redditors, by and large, seem pretty stoked by the possibility. No, what keeps them awake at night is the thought of Hillary Clinton behind the desk in the Oval Office.

In a post on the Men’s Rights subreddit yesterday, one Men’s Rightser asked his compatriots what they thought would happen to men — especially working class men —  if (when?) Hillary wins in November.

“Hillary will destroy working-class males,” declared someone called Mens-Advocate.

“Suppression and demonization of males will continue unabated if not accelerate,” Maltreatments added.

“War with Russia and more suffering,” predicted DarthRedimo.

“Working class males will be sent to die in more neo-con wars while females stay home or at least off the front lines,” ThePigmanAgain warned.

The only place where Clinton will harm males and females equally is when it comes to being blown up by some lunatic Muslim pissed off at yet another sea of Arab blood being shed by the psycho in the white house.

As the Men’s Rights Redditor known as HQR3 sees it, Hillary Clinton will be even worse than the dreadfully misandrist Obama. Because Obama is only the tool of the feminist overladies; Hillary is one of the boss ladies herself.

“In gender terms, Obama is a lower level feminist,” HQR3 argues,

whereas Clinton is one of the feminist queen bees. Instead of having an intermediary like Valerie Jarrett relaying “suggestions” to the Oval Office, Hillary will be the originator of the feminist policies. And she knows precisely what to do.

And she’ll be really really sneaky about it, just like a woman:

Expect her first term in office not to have overt misandry, but rather she will indulge in extreme gynocentrism–e.g., women’s health, girls’ STEM education, women’s homelessness, PTSD among returning female vets, ad nauseam. … Don’t expect any overt misandry unless she wins a second term.

Here antimale stances will be subtle. While an Obama (or Biden, for that matter) would refuse (upon orders) not to meet with Warren Farrell, much less entertain the idea of WH Council on Men and Boys, Hillary would: she’d nod sympathetically, promise action, and dutifully deliver…an underfunded ($10M) council headed by Michael Kimmel, nagging boys into surrendering their masculinity.

To MRAs, the notion of Michael Kimmel, a feminist academic who writes regularly on masculinity, running a White House council on men is roughly akin to Adolf Hitler running a White House Hitler Club for Hitlers.

Other MRAs shared Trumpian nightmares of a country overwhelmed by immigrants. Someone called 4175 envisioned working class men facing

Depressed wages due to rush process of legalizing illegal immigrants …  [M]en, particularly black men, coming out of prison will have basically no chance of getting work as millions of former illegals with “clean” records that started on day one of their citizenship, will be the easier hire. 

Never mind that Hillary is pushing for reforms that would make it easier for those coming out of prison to get jobs.

Government jobs quickly become the best around through stability and wages, are now further dominated by women, especially with the huge difference in university degree rates which are a standard state/fed job requirement. Even worse will be direct pushes from white house for unequal woman-first hiring push in government in the afterglow of woman president election. Ripple effect lasts for generations.

Continuation of failed Rockefeller drug laws continue to ruin lower class male outcomes. Clinton made hay with being ‘tough on crime’ in the past, its an easy playbook to reach for again even in an era of decreasing crime rates.

Never mind that Hillary has called for the end of “racial profiling, and … racial disparities in sentencing,” as well as calling for “alternatives to incarceration, particularly for nonviolent and first-time offenders.” These things could drastically reduce the number of young black men wasting away in prison because of drug offenses.

Meanwhile, Trump has declared himself the “law and order candidate.” And decades before he decided to run for president, he famously took out a full-page ad in New York’s Daily News demanding the death penalty for the five teenagers — all of them black or hispanic — who were thought to have carried out the brutal rape and beating of a Central Park jogger. Turns out these then-kids were innocent; the real rapist confessed to one of the five in prison, and DNA evidence confirmed his story, after the now-adult five had spent a collective forty years in prison. Had Trump had his way they would have been killed at the hands of the state that had wrongly convicted them.

4175 was hardly the only Reddit MRA making up his own “facts” about Hillary.

“She’s on record officially supporting separate due process for women,” insisted Shammythefox, predicting “an administration that is very hostile to men.”

Of course Hillary supports no such thing. The claim seems to have come from a rather tendentious reading of an op-ed by the candidate discussing some of the unique problems faced by women in prison and their families, many of them stemming from the fact that mothers are far more likely than fathers to be the primary caregiver of their children.

This was, incidentally, the same op-ed in which she discussed the criminal justice reforms mentioned above — reforms that would benefit young black men most of all.

But never mind, because in the fever dreams of Men’s Rights Redditors, Hillary and the rest of the evil misandrists who run the world barely consider men to be human.

“[W]e’re on a slide to “pet”, then “object” (some are already there), and will end up at “pest” before things turn,” sniffed someone called rg57.

Still, not every Men’s Rights Redditor is predicting a man-geddon for working class men, or men in general, if Hillary is elected.

“Honestly I dont think much would change,” wrote Leinadro.

They would continue toiling away as the unsung backbone of the economy while being told they are entitled misogynists for having an opinion.

But there is one chance.

Bring up the plights of men to Clinton directly, openly, and frequently.

If feminism is about “equality for all people” then it shoulnt take much effort to at least have the greivances of men to be heard right? Sure change wont be instant but speaking up shouldnt be too hard right?

But Mens-Advocate — we met him earlier — had a ready response to this heretical view.

“I presume you think lynch victims should just have appealed to the Klan’s ‘better side’?” he asked sarcastically.

There should really be some sort of updated Godwin’s Law to invoke every time some MRA dude compares men to slaves or victims of the Klan.

Sometimes I wonder if we need to have a total and complete shutdown of white men voting until we can figure out what is going on.

NOTE TO LITERAL-MINDED MRAS: That last bit there contained


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Scildfreja, you are the best. And you do it all while being so kind to people, too!

Three of the people there either knew Ghomeshi or his ex-girlfriends. Every single one of them agreed he was a complete shit and were not surprised at all by his actions.

That he found not guilty only means he won’t be punished by the state. It doesn’t mean nothing happened.

And he’s not getting his old job back, either, as his original firing was caused by his own actions, and trying to contest that at this point would likely release as formal evidence all the stuff he showed the CBC management in an attempt to ‘prove’ that what he was doing was consensual. I’m sure his lawyer already advised him not to do that.

Not to mention that people turned a blind eye to him because he helped bring a younger demographic to the station… and that younger demographic is a lot less likely to forgive what has happened. The CBC taking him back would be shooting themselves in the foot.

He’s not innocent. His lawyer just managed to throw enough crap around to make sure he wasn’t found guilty (and from what I’ve heard, that judge had a history of that sort of ruling). The only positive side effect of his trial is that it’s probably in part responsible for the recent rulings by a couple of other Canadian judges publicly talking about ‘rape culture’ as a thing.

Unfortunately, way too often it takes an obvious and very public injustice to start prodding the justice system to change course. And way too often that’s not even enough.

(Don’t know anybody who knows Ghomeshi personally, myself, but I worked with somebody who went to high school with Paul Bernardo. She said there was absolutely no surprise when that name came up…)

@ Scildfreja

I’m sure he was off doing something more important than replying to you. Obviously he has a perfect reply to all of your points, and it’s all part of his master plan to free mankind from the sticky gooey clutches of womanhood, but he couldn’t take time out of his busy week to refute you.

(The above paragraph contains varying levels of scorn and sarcasm directed at somebody other than the splendid Scildfreja.)

@Alan, that is the dorkiest joke ever. It’s a variable scope joke.

(the “isMurderBot” variable is declared as a static variable, so applies to the whole class; the programmer used an assignment operator (=) instead of an equivalency test (==) in the IF statement, so accidentally assigned every individual robot to be a murderbot in the actual body of the program)

All programming jokes are complaints about how annoyingly picky compilers are. There are no other programming jokes.

@Victorious Parasol, thank you! I had thought I had offended him! Thanks for reassuring me that he’s actually just too busy defeating the gynocracy by reading forum posts and making snarky comments. Battle on, brave warrior! Your mighty-thewed ancestors will sing your name in Valhalla!

Viscaria | August 10, 2016 at 9:03 am

@PI, the more I hear about your living situation, the more I worry about you… I hope you can get out soon.

I’ll actually be finally out on the 22nd! I have the plane ticket and everything, it’s just the packing that’s making me want to just burn everything and start over.

I’m in the middle of cleaning up my messy room (depression is awful if you like clean spaces, I can barely bring myself to do anything and asking for help is out of the question, because no one in my family can help, and I’m honestly too embarrassed about the mess to ask) and sorting through everything, and…it’s exhausting. And stressful. And too hot for this shit, so I’ve been doing it at night. And that means my sleep schedule is all messed up, and that means I’m even more stressed out because I’m running on two hours of sleep and three cups of coffee. Once I get home I’m going to nap and then maybe do some packing during the night again.

But, I’m hoping to have everything I’m taking with me shipped out on Amtrak sometime next week. Hopefully. I’m still making sure everything’s up to code for it, so I don’t have to do an emergency change of plans, since I likely can’t afford to.

In other news: I have work at my aunt’s place today (which is where I am now, I’m on my lunch break) and tomorrow. She wanted to have me help with some stuff before I left, and she just wanted to see me and say hi and stuff.

She’s very happy that I’m moving out, and she’s considering going out to where I’m going herself.

Take care of yourself, PI <3 Is there some way you can switch from coffee to something else? I was on coffee for quite some time, especially during the depths of my depression. I was so anxious and miserable that I spent most of the day nauseous and unable to concentrate, and had pretty frequent anxiety attacks.

Caffeine wasn't the only issue, but it was a factor! I got off coffee and sugary drinks for awhile and it helped a lot. Found that I really like soda water when mixed with something like a bit of lime cordial or orange juice. The sour and sweet goes well together.

(There may also be some rum in there from time to time.)

(from time to time)

Not to tell you what’s best for you! I’m back on coffee myself, too. Just thought it might help to ease off the caffeine if you’re having a tough time with the anxiety.

I’m very excited for you! You’re going on an adventure! I’m sure it’ll all go swimmingly.

Thanks, Scild. <3

I actually really love soda water and fruit juice, but I don't have access to it right now. It's coffee or nothing.

But, I'm home now, so time for a well-deserved nap.

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