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World weeps as noted humanitarian Matt Forney is suspended from Twitter

Matt Forney: Voice of a Degeneration
Matt Forney: Voice of a Degeneration

So our dear old friend Matt Forney, the neo-Naziesque internet doofus, has found himself suspended from Twitter (again), shortly after posting an assortment of tweets so wildly homophobic they even managed to offend the lovely Milo Yiannopoulos and his internet horde.

According to noted free speech expert Matt Forney, Matt Forney was suspended “because I was guilty of Being Conservative on Twitter.”

Evidently the powers that be decided at their latest meeting that Forney constitutes A SOMEWHAT SMALLISH THREAT TO THE NARRATIVE, and thus must be silenced, sort of, by not being allowed to use one of the many social media platforms available to him.

Twitter may be picking on me because I’m popular enough to be a threat to the leftist narrative yet small enough that they can silence me without causing much of an uproar.

Naturally, the rule-abiding Forney, who insists he “wasn’t doing anything that could be considered a violation of the Terms of Service” has violated these same Terms of Service by setting up a new Twitter account to get around the ban. Just like he did the last time he was banned, if I recall correctly.

As for Milo, Forney insists that

I like Milo … but I question how much longer a guy who brags about having gay sex with black men can call himself a conservative.

Here’s some examples of the kind of TRUTH* that Twitter will be shielding us from.

Matt Forney ‏@basedmattforney 21h21 hours ago The alt-right is eventually going to have to come to terms with the fact that a pro-homo traditionalist movement is a contradiction. 2 retweets 16 likes Reply Retweet 2 Like 16 More Matt Forney ‏@basedmattforney 21h21 hours ago Same thing happened with the manosphere years ago. People easily swallow the red pill on women and race but choke when it comes to gays. 0 retweets 9 likes Reply Retweet Like 9 More Matt Forney ‏@basedmattforney 21h21 hours ago Forney's Law of Degeneracy: the number one preoccupation of sexual deviants is justifying their deviance to other people. 5 retweets 17 likes Reply Retweet 5 Like 17 More Matt Forney ‏@basedmattforney 21h21 hours ago It doesn't matter what their politics are. Left, right, alt-right: homosexuals, bisexuals etc. will never shut up about their sexual habits. 3 retweets 11 likes Reply Retweet 3 Like 11 More Matt Forney ‏@basedmattforney 21h21 hours ago There is no such thing as a traditionalist, tribalistic society that tolerates open homosexual hedonism. The very concept is oxymoronic. 8 retweets 16 likes Reply Retweet 8 Like 16 More User Actions Follow Matt Forney ‏@basedmattforney Every successful society discourages homosexuality, whether it's by social shunning or the ISIS method of throwing gays off of rooftops. RETWEETS 7 LIKES 21 MontyThe Digital Womble.Communism=failurePatrickcybertwerkFreelance AutistsebastianoJenn ReddChristian 5:14 PM - 11 Jul 2016 7 retweets 21 likes Reply Retweet 7 Like 21 More (((David Futrelle)))Tweet text Reply to @basedmattforney Matt Forney ‏@basedmattforney 21h21 hours ago Anyone who thinks open homosexuality is a-ok needs to spend a few hours watching Common Filth videos or perusing My Posting Career.


NOTE: aforementioned TRUTH* should not be confused with real truth.

How will the world’s Twitterers survive being deprived of these insights, at least if said Twitterers don’t bother to subscribe to Forney’s “backup” Twitter account?

Nightmare, sweetie.

giphy (19)

Sorry. I just wanted to use that gif again.

And speaking of gifs, in case any excessively literal-minded hostile readers are reading this, please note that this post contains


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A. Noyd
A. Noyd
5 years ago

Her Grace Phryne sez:

The Dark Souls games have TONS of lore, but it’s subtle.

Also known as “wholly ignorable.” It might shape the look and feel of an area—which any sort of competent world building ought to do—but there are never any of those drawn-out encounters that regale you with it that you find in most other action fantasy games and RPGs. (Nothing wrong with liking that sort of thing, but it’s nice to have games that don’t do it.)

(((Her Grace Phryne))): Tool of the Butt-Worshipping, Lesbian-Powered Elite
(((Her Grace Phryne))): Tool of the Butt-Worshipping, Lesbian-Powered Elite
5 years ago

I… guess? I mean, you don’t have to pay attention to the lore, but it’s useful for understanding the storyline.

Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson
5 years ago

What’s Matt’s new Twitter screen name? I guarantee he has one. @basedmattforney was his second one I know of. He’s a Chuck Johnson figure: Total bigot and lots of screen names.

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