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Gotta Neg ‘Em All: Pickup artists claim they’re using Pokemon Go to “catch” real women

Pikachu, PUA
Pikachu, PUA

So you’ve heard of this Pokemon Go thing, right? It’s the massively popular new mobile game that uses your GPS to lead you to virtual Pokemons hanging out at countless locations in the real world; with a quick toss of a virtual Pokeball, you can catch them for your collection.  (If none of that makes sense to you, watch this.)

Now one pickup artist on Reddit says he’s been using the game as a pickup tool, luring young hotties playing the game to his location and, well, collecting them. Or at least, he says, collecting their alleged phone numbers and Facebook pages.

Bsutansalt, a mod on the Red Pill subreddit, shared his secret with Reddit’s would-be pickup artists in a post yesterday.

I went for a bar crawl the other night and EVERYONE was playing it, my friends and I included. Before long we were meeting women left, right, and center and the impact of this little game was not lost on me from a [Red Pill] perspective.

Do tell.

I strongly recommend installing the app and finding a Pokestop or 2 near a bar or some other venues you like. Drop a Lure and just hang out playing the game and enjoy yourself as people start to arrive.

“Will you walk into my parlor?” said the wannabe Spider to the HB8,

You’re going to meet a TON of women, likely surrounded by very weak, young, nerdy guys, and approaching them is as easy as pie.

Because naturally every Pokemon-playing woman will drop her nerd friends to run off with a dude so alpha he spends much of his time moderating one of Reddit’s most pathetically terrible subreddits.

All of the hard work, such as breaking the ice, is already done for you. All you have to do is show up and spit your favorite day game.

You could always go with the Roosh favorite “do you know where I can find the pet shop?”

Lastly, holy sh*t the quantity and quality of women this game will put you into contact with is astounding. I was debating even posting this thread so I’d have them for myself and to keep this under the radar, but it’s too good not to share.

What a public-spirited fellow!

More people installed this game 1 week than have installed Tinder in the entire 5 years it’s existed! … This isn’t your standard pimply faced nerd game. Oh no, this is big, so big you’d be a fool not to leverage it to its full potential.

He ended his little testimonial with a joke that managed to link the most famous Pokemon catchphrase with sexually transmitted diseases.

Gotta catch ’em all indeed! Just be sure to wrap it up so you don’t, you know, actually catch ’em all.

Naturally, some in the subreddit were a little bit skeptical. “You didn’t pull a single one did you,” one Red Pill Redditor challenged.

Bsutansalt proudly acknowledged that well. no, he technically hadn’t. “Facebook and phone numbers only, he explained, as if pressuring a woman you don’t know to give you a quite possibly fake phone number is some sort of heroic achievement. Oh, and did I mention that they were half his age?

“All 18-26,” he announced proudly. “I’m 39.”


Some readers reported their amazing successes with this exciting new method of lady pestering.

Someone called maxbrooksmacbook boasted that

I literally downloaded this game twenty minutes ago and a young (20) woman already talked to me about it for five minutes at a pokespot

2legion327 said the he too had also completed the “talking to female human” quest.

Can confirm. A buddy and I did this in the middle of the square in our downtown area on Saturday. Dropped lures on two side-by-side pokestops with a pokegym situated within range as well. It was just us there when we started. Within 20 minutes, over 40 people had shown up with about a 50/50 M/F ratio. We chatted up several of the women.

Someone called Synzael went a bit further, laconically declaring that he had incorporated two new Pokeladies into his Pokeplate Pokeharem. “Ez.,” he assured his fellow Red Pillers, “already closed 2 new plates in 2 days.”

“No, you didn’t,” replied corsega, unconvinced by Synzael’s Pokebullsh*t.

She’s not a plate unless you’ve slept with her twice.

You got two leads. 

Synzael insisted that he had too made the intercourse with two human females.

I mean I f*cked them once and already made plans to f*ck them again. They could totally flake but I doubt they will so yeah I labeled them plates. I’m not bullsh*tting… lol

Pressed for details, he added

I’m driving atm but I f*cked one earlier in the day then her mom made her come home the second was late around 1 am

I’m sorry, but all I can think of is Vincent Adultman from Bojack Horseman, the suave ladykiller who is actually two kids in a trenchcoat with a broom for an arm.

__ZEAL__, meanwhile, declared that he’d scored two new hotties and like a bunch more numbers without even trying that’s how cool he is.

In the past two days, 5 numbers(this is being lazy with it as well, not even bothering to put effort in), and two new girls I’m f*cking. I originally thought that the game was dumb as fuck, and people were childish for playing it. Still kind of do. But, as I saw all the pictures of people congregating due to this game, I realized just how crazy easy it becomes to be around women, without spending any money whatsoever, and having an easy in.

Also these women are super hot as this spreadsheet will show.

I now have two new women to f*ck, who are in the top ten hottest of the 60+ I’ve fucked already. I don’t even care what people think, this shit makes it so easy to get laid with no resources besides time.

Not everyone was convinced that using a silly little video game to pick up women was a truly masculine Red Pill thing to do.

“Playing video games is for man children,” one wrote. “This is a complete waste of time.”

In a followup comment, he went all cultural critic on Pokemon Go fans, telling them that they were

playing a part in the marketing machine that is destroying western society as we know it. The people who designed this game want nothing more than for you to hand your money/personal data over to them, thus raising their SMV, and lowering yours.

Apparently game designers can literally drain your Sexual Market Value through your phone.

Another cynical sort said that the original poster, despite being a mod of the subreddit, sounded a lot

like a paid marketer trying to infiltrate one of the most notoriously rigid communities to me. … Nice try, though, Nintendo.

Yeah, I’m sure Nintendo would just love to be associated with the dudes in the Red Pill subreddit.

Meanwhile, a fellow with the lovely name killxorxbexkilled took aim at those saying that Pokemon Go is promoting physical fitness by encouraging couch potato gamers to go for walks.

Ha ha ha ha…if you think shuffling around looking at your phone is in any way related to “health and fitness” you have got a LOT to learn. Tell you what u/inmemorieswetrust how about you post 3 or 4 pictures of yourself and I’ll post 3 or 4 pictures of myself and we’ll see whose idea of fitness is more in line with this sub? Seriously. Let’s see if your body can cash the check your mouth is writing.


H/T — Thanks to @cerebral_artery on Twitter, who alerted me to the Red Pill thread.

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@Alan It’s probably good to define hate crimes so they can theoretically cover prejudice based on any characteristic. In the US, many states still don’t collect statistics on disability related hate incidents and many misogynistic incidents don’t count as being “based on sex.”

Also there’s stuff like violence against people in certain fetish communities, etc. You’d need some protection against abuse though.

Western civilization in a cataclysmic free fall! Collapsing right in front of us while we play games on our phones! My god, I’m so upset I can’t even lift right now!

Hahahahaha, thank you all for giving me my daily lolz 🙂

Thus Spake ZaraOoglyboggles:

I just assume the ones where it’s a glorious conquest are made up and wildly exaggerated, and the ones where they’re preying on barely legals to be the ones I watch out for.

Heh. Fair. But as far as I’m concerned, the ones who proudly trumpet their success with “barely legal” women are folks you need to watch out for regardless of whether the tales are true or false.

I sincerely hope the guys in that thread are bullshitting. The last thing we need is women and girls being pushed away from something because of creeps like these guys.

On the subject of Pokémon Go as a whole. I haven’t tried it yet as it hasn’t been officially released here in the UK yet. But from what I’ve heard it is pretty lacking in terms of content. So for now I think I’ll just stick with Alpha Sapphire.

Women and girls are already complaining about this happening to them when they play. It’s not surprising, honestly, if you pay attention to how women and girls are treated in this society.

@Alan Robertshaw:

Do any other Brits read these MRA ‘sexual conquest’ tales and immediately think of Jay from ‘Inbetweeners’?

Yep. Although I’m guessing most of them don’t have the semi-sympathetic backstory Jay does. Or the occasional redeeming features.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Nice wordplay there, and I noticed that Zoroastrianism contains these three tenants

Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta, which mean: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.

There is only one path and that is the path of Truth.

Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, and then all beneficial rewards will come to you also.

Honestly I can agree with some of that, especially the last one.

I’m with you there, I have a very low tolerance for people who do things like that.

EDIT: Weird, how did your comment get behind mine?

Speaking of gawdawful pickup drivel (and I apologize if this has already been posted, haven’t read the whole comments thread), I’d love to see Dave’s takedown of this:

Men’s Fitness posted an unbelievable piece on “How to turn a woman’s No into a Yes,” basically advising men to keep hassling a woman who’s not interested, even after she’s explicitly said no. The online backlash had them taking it down within a day.

Particularly liked this response:

So you’ve heard of this Pokemon Go thing, right? It’s the massively popular new mobile game that uses your GPS to lead you to virtual Pokemons hanging out at countless locations in the real world; with a quick toss of a virtual Pokeball, you can catch them for your collection.

I prefer this thing I do where I walk down to a river or the ocean, use this big stick with a line attached and toss it in the water, and catch things for my dinner table.

I call it… fishing.

think it will catch on?

“You didn’t pull a single one did you,” one Red Pill Redditor challenged.

Bsutansalt proudly acknowledged that well. no, he technically hadn’t.

Therein endeth the lesson.

Can you be friends with a mackerel the same way as a Goldeen? If the answer’s no, then no 😛

I don’t have a long posting history here — just a few posts here and there — but I’m in a similar situation to yours in terms of not being out or able to live genuinely. If there’s any appeal in having an online friend to talk about those things with I’m on FaceBook as Andi Turing.

Well apparently killxorxbexkilled has an Imgur account and posted a selfie:

I guess he can back up his claims ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m not sure what PUAs consider the manly body ideal. I always imagined their standard is a cross between sweaty saxophone guy in Lost Boys and 1980’s Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian.


Oh dear. All you young ‘uns going on about the toys of your childhood and the music of your teens …

I’m married to a man who thinks that modern music died in 1970 along with Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix – he was in his late 20s at the time.

*deletes Pokemon Go*
*burns cellphone*

There is nothing that turns a fun game bitter faster than the knowledge that PUAs (and other such undesirables) have come in contact with it.

That said, I find it hilarious how they once again prove that they have absolutely no idea how women – or even basic human interaction – works.

“A girl was friendly to me and we talked about a seemingly shared interest for five minutes, so she obviously wants my dick!”

Because as we all know, it is impossible for women to talk to a member of the opposite sex for any other reason than to present herself as sexually available. It can’t possibly be that she was simply a person interested in discussing a game she liked with another person, oh no. It’s always just about sex.

Their view of women as nothing but bodies to be conquered is just…astounding.

Buttercup Q Skullpants wrote:

Coming soon: PokemonGoingTheirOwnWay.

The object of the game is to obsessively hunt down pokemon, then tell them they’re pathetic and the game is a financial trap and you don’t want anything to do with them HA HAAA

(and then immediately run off in search of the next one)

Once upon a time, a prince tried to catch a Pokémon. The Pokémon got away safely! The prince lived obsessively ever after.

(with notpologies to the latest mark)

So the WBC has a gym, and a Clefairy named LoveIsLove is at it. There’s an article, but this was the best part:

“Pokémon Go and sin no more. That’s what the lord Jesus Christ said,” [an elder at the church] added.

Apparently Jesus is into Pokemon. I wonder what his favorite is…

(article here:

Wait, I thought there were no such thing as a real gamer girls? I also thought the girls to actually play games were all fat and ugly and terrible? So how is this going to work out?


My advice, where a T-shirt that says, ” I bathe in male tears,” when Pokemoning.


…Right?? Makes me glad I don’t have kids much less daughters (unless you count the four legged furry and barky kind, and whatever god they worship won’t be able to save them if they try any funny stuff with those ‘kids’! Not to mention it’s illegal in most jurisdictions! And DISGUSTING!) to worry about protecting from creepy guys who are older than I am who leer at and try to pick up barely legal young ladies.

I’m serious Pu(ke)-A-holes…it’s bad enough that you target young women who are young enough to fall for your bullshit, you should be ashamed of yourselves for being so pathetic…but if any of you even have a brief thought cross your mind about relations with other species, the feminist collective will know and may decide to send one of their highly specialized teams for extracting a target from any location and making them disappear from existence. It won’t be a painless event for you. These creatures are infinitely better and more worthwhile of keeping around than you redpillian douchebros and creepy mc-oldsters who go around bothering underage women.

I know that if my dog whines, she has a good reason (usually she needs to potty which requires me to take her outside…) and it’s not just some pointless repetitive thing like that mark-troll.

I always imagined their standard is a cross between sweaty saxophone guy in Lost Boys and 1980’s Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian.

So happy someone mentioned Sweaty Saxophone Guy. And that he has a gif of his own. Thanks boinkboinkboinkboinkboink

Thus Spake ZarA Land Whale:

My advice, where a T-shirt that says, ” I bathe in male tears,” when Pokemoning.

Probably not a hot idea, if you think you might run into MRAs or PUAs. You might encounter one of the jackals who thinks it’s only just and proper to scream alt-right talking points at you, and if you don’t meekly sit there and take it, upload video of you so every wretched lady-hatin’ asshole with a persecution complex on the whole damn internet has a chance to take a shot at you.

I’m a seasoned Ingresser (Level 8 Frog) and I just started playing Pokémon Go a few days ago (I’m on Team Instinct). I learned about it through the article about WBC. In light of the creep warnings, I just might confine my game play to my trailer park until my stun gun arrives. I’m 25 but I look younger than I really am, so I just might be a target.


I can’t really use facebook, tbh.

Actually answering to my deadname makes me feel ill, tbh?

But, if you’d like to have someone to talk to yourself about these things, feel free to contact me on tumblr, and we can exchange emails, or something.

Pokémon Go was rolled out in Sweden this morning. My Otter and I got the game the shady way yesterday, not knowing that it would be officially released today. Amazingly, when we took a short walk yesterday we met two other people already playing the game. That’s before it was even released.

Today, my Otter took another walk for pokémon and got hit on by two randos, one of which ran up 58 steps of stairs to bother her. Fucking hell, dudes. Can’t you just stay in your apartment at all times?

@IP, uuuuUUUuuugh. I’m sorry your significant Otter was hassled and chased(!) by those creeps. I hope she’s doing okay.

Aaaaand the servers are down. I’m getting a message saying “our servers are humbled by your incredible response”. Well! This game was great until it was actually released.


She’s fine. Just annoyed. 🙂

That Pokemon thing has started here now. Judging by the news reports of people stepping into traffic whist staring at their phones (and two guys who managed to walk off a cliff!) these could be good times for people waiting for waiting for donor organs.

Yeah, the game is just not working at all today. We were ready to take on the gym on our street, but the app keeps glitching, freezing and disconnecting. I even errored out of a wild Squirtle battle. 🙁

This game was so much better pre-launch.

I keep having the “three feets” thing, where “nearby” mons all show three footprints, but they still show up near enough to catch. It’s annoying, but still playable, unlike the first few days. PI, it’ll probably get better by next week.

I’ve been told the “radar” is currently Not Actually Working, and it certainly seems that way based on my experience. Crazy lag today as well. Hopefully Niantic’s planning on plowing all this money that I hear they’re making into some infrastructure upgrades soon.

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