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A Case of the Memedays: Can you gyno-explain this baffling gyno-meme?

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

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I skipped Memeday on Friday, what with Brexit and all, so let’s have a manic Memeday Monday instead.

The somewhat bewildering meme above was recently posted to the A Voice for Men Facebook page, along with a brief explanation of what the meme-maker was trying to get at.

Without looking at the explanation, can you guess what on earth it might be? Take the following quiz and see!

Well, that was weird.


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(((Hambeast))) now, with more parentheses!
(((Hambeast))) now, with more parentheses!
5 years ago

BQS said

That’s the fatal flaw in RedPill philosophy. They trade upward objectification (treating woman as holy angels who redeem men) for downward objectification (treating woman as evil garbage animals who ruin men) and call it “self improvement”, because they mistakenly think they’re higher than they were before. In both cases, they get to avoid looking women in the eye. The woman, of course, doesn’t get to have any sort of inner life of her own – it’s all about her effect on men.

There is a beautiful horribleness in that statement that really has me mesmerized by its eloquent truth. I’m copying it for future reference when people ask about the manosphere.

I have yet to read page 2 comments; I have to leave soon to go to my dad’s house to do some more cleaning so I probably won’t be back online till tomorrow morning. I just had to mention how profoundly this struck me!

5 years ago

Looking a woman in the eye and acknowledging her personhood is of course something that MRA’s and assorted misogynists consider completely unnecessary/ impossible.

They are constantly dehumanising us, rarely as angels, usually as demons, animals or inanimate objects. Their whole way of talking about women reflects this – we are hamsters, harpies, plates, pieces of ass etc ad nauseam.

No wonder sex dolls seem so attractive to many of them – it must be terrifying to consider human interaction with someone you constantly dehumanise.

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