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Memes Going Their Own Way

Amazing graphic design here, A++
Amazing graphic design here, A++

Reddit’s Ovendice, rapidly becoming my favorite MGTOW, is on a meme-tear today, filling up the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit with amazing works of meme art.

I don’t know if he’s “designing” these himself, or if he’s found some secret goldmine of misogynistic memes as graphically painful as they are intellectually ridiculous.

Either way, I felt obliged to share some of the, er, “best” of them with you all. Consider them an early Memeday present.

First rule of MGTOW graphic design: When in doubt, switch over to a different font
First rule of MGTOW graphic design: When in doubt, switch over to a different font!


Hey ladies, any of you want to come over for some food, booze, my house and chill?


I’m guessing that being so grotesquely misogynistic that you think this is true must also be pretty tiring

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Has anybody else been trying to figure out the “and then spend it on something amazing” one and only just now realised it’s an advert?

Just me then.

WWTH: There are actually two species of canola/rape, the common rape (Brassica napus) and the less commonly grown turnip rape (B. rapa). They’re both sold as canola, since their oil has practically identical qualities. Maybe the manosphere would call them real rape and false rape respectively.

@ Alan

What I’m seeing is “Free Delivery”, a photo of a woman clutching her brow and of a man so awed by wonderfulness that his jaw has dropped.

And yes, it took me a double or triple take to realise it’s an ad. The font helped: I can read it without vomit rising in the back of my throat.

@ Bluecat

I normally get an advert for some lass jogging which is something I definitely don’t do, so the going shopping one is a nice change.

@Alan, others re: ads: I keep getting Weebly ads.

The internet thinks that I should start a small business and use drag-and-drop site design services, apparently.

re: what I’m guessing is an attempted burn (“enough brain power here to toast bread…lightly”):

It’s probably for the best that I don’t have the ability to toast things with my mind.

I’d find some way to abuse that power.

@ mockingbird

It’s probably for the best that I don’t have the ability to toast things with my mind.

“Oh no, the President has a slightly upset stomach, who will save us now!!!”


“Thank you Telekinetic Toaster Girl!”

Oh jees, great super power. Never have a cold cup of tea, or have cold feet! Dinner’s always hot! It would be lovely.

If you’re willing to put bread on your feet, I guess. Personally I keep both my feet and my tea far away from my bread.

Maybe g is valid as a concept; maybe there is a view of intelligence that can be accurately summed up as a variable. But even if this is the case, a domain-specific view is very useful in finding out whether that is the case, too! It’s a win-win, I figure. Does that explain?

It seems like a great explanation of your perspective! I don’t know where I stand, myself. My feels are complicated! Two parts of my identity get involved in way difficult to reconcile.

On the one hand, every attempt to measure general intelligence has been a patriarchal clusterfuck that underrates the abilities of women, non-white people, the poor, people with learning disabilities, etc. etc. etc. I know that academic achievement is influenced by a lot of environmental factors like food security. I know that IQ isn’t a super great predictor of achievement. I know that studies of world-class competitors and performers consistently show that people we regard as one-of-a-kind talents actually spent incredible amounts of time on unusually diligent forms of practice. I’m very tempted to conclude that we should all stop worrying about general intelligence and just focus on making sure everyone has access to the kind of support and instruction currently available to the privileged.

And yet I don’t know any way to describe what makes a “gifted” child gifted without invoking “g.” And I am convinced that giftedness is real. There’s this population of children we can identify who seem to share not only advanced abilities but common quirks, common interests, common problems, and common needs. I grew up with them — I was homeschooled in a co-op where almost every child was a prodigy pulled out of school for poor fit — and around adults who organized lectures and conference about gifted psychology and gifted education. When I started to interact with people outside that bubble world, it certainly seemed like there was something different between us and them, and I personally cannot come up with a better hypothesis than g.

I don’t know how to reconcile these ideas. You’re certainly not obligated to get involved, but if you’re capable of assisting me, I would be grateful.

@ Snowberry – oh my! Seems like I wasn’t smart enough to comprehend such things, yet again. And rotting would count in that case, I suppose… and I bet with all those unhealthy bonbons and whatnots in our bodies, we can’t even fertilize that meadow properly while we just lie there, wasting away our lives(?)! Damn us!

(No worries, I appriciate that dark humour 🙂 )

@ mockingbird

And now one for The Watergate Hotel.

Someone called G Gordon Liddy has given that place a terrible Yelp review.

Damn. I have two almost identical e-mails and read the blog on multiple platforms. Of course I typed the wrong one now… no sockpuppeting intended!

@Alan – But it seems so lovely from the pictures.

Rather than attempting to rebrand it, they should just go all out and make a themed dealie. It’d kill with tourists.

What they’d be giving up in high dollar revenue from the elegant set they’d make up with sheer volume.

It’s genius!

re: something lewd: I’d like to clarify that I’d only get about as risque as any of these:
(Actual cards from the SFW version of the Exploding Kittens game.)

Oh, nevermind.

They are kind of going with a theme. I think they’re aiming for “Affluent Mid-Century Extra-Marital Dalliance”.

It’s not as fun as “Felonious Misuse of Government Resources”, but meh.

I’m going to walk away from the rabbit hole that this ad’s become because my kids’ll soon come downstairs and be like, “We need love and attention!” and “Where’s our breakfast?”

ETA: Whoops. Fell just a bit behind schedule:

Meme 1: “Respect isn’t something you demand… it’s something you EARN!”

Bull. Sure, respect must be earned first, but must *also* be demanded to get others to acknowledge it.

Just ask every civil rights movement, ever. Respect was DUE, but was not granted until those to whom it was due wouldn’t let themselves be ignored by those who should be giving it.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” — Frederick Douglass

I saw a pretty good explanation of this somewhere (forgot where). It pretty much stated that there are two kinds of respect. One kind was treating other people like fellow human beings and not being a horrible asshole towards them. The second type was respecting somebody as an authority of some kind. And some people take ”I won’t treat you as an authority” as ”I won’t treat you with respect as a person”, so they feel it’s okay to be shitlords, because, hey, you don’t respect them either.

Earliest reference I know of is from this link, roughly a year ago:

Sometimes people use “respect” to mean “treating someone like a person” and sometimes they use “respect” to mean “treating someone like an authority”

and sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say “if you won’t respect me I won’t respect you” and they mean “if you won’t treat me like an authority I won’t treat you like a person”

and they think they’re being fair but they aren’t, and it’s not okay.

@ mockingbird

Everyone I know who’s stayed there has done so only because of that bit of history. It’s such an obvious thing to cash in on isn’t it? You could have some variation on those murder mystery weekends. Sneaking around with torches, planting bugs etc. They’d coin it in.

ETA: I used to stay at the Europa Hotel in Belfast and they were perversely proud of the fact it was the most bombed building in the world 🙂

Damn, the Watergate Experience weekend! That is genius.

The “I got bombed at the Europa” weekend could appeal to the stag do demographic, though you can see why they might think twice.

Re: adverts. I put my date of birth on my Facebook page.

I swear, on my 50th birthday it was Happy Birthday! Yay! And here are some ads for facelifts and for funerals.

They seem to have tailed off over the last 6 years, but it was kind of the algorithm pixies to think I’d want to look my best in my coffin.

@ bluecat

but it was kind of the algorithm pixies to think I’d want to look my best in my coffin.

Speaking of bombing and looking your best, after the 7/7 attacks my mum’s major concern was that she wanted a nice up to date photo of me for the papers in case I got blown up.

Did that motherfucker use the Rocky Horror typeface as the last one in the second pic? FUCKMOTHERING NO THAT IS TOO FAR.

Also, hi, I’m another commenter emerging from the depths of lurking.

Anyway, Ovendice, you sack of shit, if you use more than two fonts in a single design, that design has failed. And don’t you DARE abuse Rocky like that.

The second one, with all red police, successfully makes my eyes bleed without even using the old good Comic Sans.
Apart from ridiculous ideas, he sure has a thing with art. The bad side, i guess.

The ad I’m getting is of a man’s hand knocking on Opportunity’s door. No doubt he had to seek it out himself because of Misandry.

re: what I’m guessing is an attempted burn

…Enough burn power to lightly deform one edge of a snowflake.

I want someone to do a dramatic reading of the second meme, with ridiculous voices that switch from helium to crashing thunder.

@ rugbyyogi –

I have a couple ex’s like that too. One was a cute, nerdy guy I had met at the comic book shop and who introduced me to Doctor Who, I made the mistake of feeling sorry for ex #1 because he painted himself as the victim because his evil ex-wife and couldn’t see his daughter and another ex had just disappeared with his other kid. After I got to know him better, I pitied that poor woman for just being required to let him speak to her child on the phone, the one who ghosted had the right idea. Turned out his MO was to latch onto girlfriends like a lamprey and try to get them pregnant, then would run away to another state so that it would be hard to cross jurisdiction for child support. But he was adamantly the victim, talked a lot about fatherhood rights and was ripe for AVFM. I was 18 at the time and naive.

He flunked out of his job and sat at home playing WoW all day until he ran out of money and I refused to to pay for his subscription, to which he whined “What am I supposed to do all day when you’re at work?!” and “You’re my girlfriend! You’re supposed to want to do this stuff for me!”

He continued to lie about looking for one even after I caught him out by putting tape on the front door, insisting that neighbors must have been sneaking over to smooth it down after he came back (switching his story only after I pointed out it was impossible to have done so himself, he wasn’t terribly bright.) He threw a tantrum because I wouldn’t get a joint bank account and pawned a bunch of my stuff while I was at work. I got the hell out after he killed my pet rats in a fit of pique because I had hidden the mouse and keyboard so that he couldn’t just goof off all day.

The only reason I wasn’t able to throw him out is because he was impossible to get either of us off the lease without his signature of consent and they turned around and gave him new keys after I explained the situation and paid them to have the locks changed. It was only after I left and stopped paying the bills that he was forcibly removed by the police for squatting, and he called and expected me to feel sorry for him.

After that he would occasionally leave emails with long diatribes about how he “treated me like a queen” and how I was just another gold-digging whore, bragging how he was already engaged and expecting yet another child, and a lot of straight up bullshit about how I supposedly owed him money because he had actually contributed a small amount for the landline to be connected. I should also mention that he lied to me and said he was 21, when he was actually 30. A grown man mooching off a teenager.

Ex #2 was just very controlling, decided I wasn’t contributing enough money while going to college even though I had paid for all the furniture and decided to place parental blocks be on the computer because “I didn’t need to be having fun online” but also accused me of “dragging him around like a dog” for picking a restaurant once.

If I asked him to pick up some milk from the store on his way home he would send me angry condescending messages that he was broke because of me (Shortly after when I dumped him and left it was revealed he was “broke because of me” since he had blown a bunch of money he didn’t have on expensive tickets to “save our relationship”).

He stole all the furnishings and kitchenware I had paid for, but later randomly decided to return some of it by sneaking into the backyard and leaving a box of my plates (with food mess pointedly stuck to them) and a baby book on top with “You will probably need this” written on the inside cover. Same guy became a raging MGTOW later and thanked me for “opening his eyes”.

the less commonly grown turnip rape (B. rapa).

Dammit. All I can think of now is a rutabaga with a hole drilled into it.

I can tell you from experience meme #1 would be a deeply unpleasant experience. There’s fields of rape across the road from my house; even a 100 yards away it reeks and makes me feel like I have a cold.

Also, someone please take Paint away from these prats, eyesores the lot of them.

Dammit. All I can think of now is a rutabaga with a hole drilled into it

And to further my botanical geeking, turnip is a root vegetable form of B. rapa, while rutabaga is actually a root vegetable form of B. napus, or common rape. Or rutabaga rape, if you will.

OK, I’ll stop now.

FrickleFrackle | April 26, 2016 at 10:47 pm
(yes I know Deadpool isn’t an anime character but whatever)

Au contraire, mon frère!

There’s a Marvel anime called Avengers Disk Wars (which is kind of a cross between the Marvel Universe and Pokemon/Digimon), and guess who was on an episode~?

So, yes, Deadpool is an anime character.

Also, I know there’s also a Ganondorf dude tiddy pad from LoZ, but I’m not sure if they have other dude pads.

This is a travesty of the highest order. I demand more anime men on tiddy mousepads.

Is it bad that Meme #2 makes me want to drink booze and eat just to spite those guys?

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