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Men react to tragic news that Chris Hemsworth will play a dumb guy in Lady Ghostbusters

Chris Hemsworth: Misanderistic gender traitor?
Chris Hemsworth: Misanderistic gender traitor?

It’s a dark day for the world’s beleaguered male gender. Again. The Feminazi overlords at Sony have released a horrifying video of what appears to be actor Chris Hemsworth forced to play a buff hunky character who is sort of an idiot in the upcoming Lady Ghostbusters.

I have pasted this video in below. Make sure you are sitting down before you watch it.

Generally, that’s more comfortable, though there are people who swear by that whole standing desk thing. I haven’t tried it. Seems like it would be tiring.

But before you click play on the video, be prepared for some truly shocking footage as Kevin, the dude played by Hemsworth, appears to be somewhat less than competent at his job as a buff, hunky administrative assistant wearing somewhat tight clothing at Lady Ghostbusters Inc, specifically when it comes to answering phones, getting coffee, graphic design, and knowing what the company he works for actually does.

It’s a terrible fall from grace for Hemsworth, who has previously played roles as a buff, hunky dude in tight clothing, only he’s like cool and stuff. I think he was Superman, maybe? Man-Spider? The Batsman?

I’m not really up on that stuff.

In any case, men everywhere are protesting this terrible insult to their gender. And by “everywhere” I mean in the comments on YouTube, which are generally thought to be representative of sophisticated male opinion worldwide.

“This movie needs to fail hard so this sort of stereotyping can die,” says wonderboy2402, widely considered to be the wisest of all in the wonderboy2400 series.

“I though this movie was about equality,” ossander ken added.

Actually, just FYI, the movie as I understand it is about a team of ghost containment specialists — ghost “busters,” if you will — tasked with “busting” numerous ghosts in a short period of time. Maybe you’re thinking of Suffragette?

ohnjohnson, meanwhile, asks the question that is on everyone’s mind:

So, the only reason they keep him around is because he is hot. How is that not sexist or mysogonistic or just stupidity.

How is that not!?

George Hernandez also raises an important question:

So make the only main male role in the film a dumb air head but we say the film isn’t funny and we’re the sexist? That’s some bullshit

“I didn’t care about this film but seeing this made me mad anyways,” HandsomePagan reported.

Patrick Laceholder, already struggling with a not-very manly last name, lamented

It feels like these people who usually work on R-rated films are trying to appeal to the dumbass crowds so they throw in the awkward American hollywood humour and think it’ll work.

It is indeed shocking to see American hollywood humor used in this way in an American hollywood comedy film.

Stanley13579 was simultaneously concerned for Hemsworth and mad at him:

Chris Hemsworth deserves better. I hope he’s at least getting a fat paycheck for being a tool to help Sony sell their cynical product.

“MUH DIVERSITIES” added KarmaAce00.

michael white offers a different sort of critique:

Oh and P.S. Drinking coffee like she did after he drank out of it then kinda spit into it is by no means sexy or funny.. It’s fucking disgusting..?

Actually, I have to take a teensy bit of an issue with this. While not sexy — I’m not sure why it would need to be? —  it actually was sort of funny. Maybe even more than sort of funny.

OK OK OK I confess. I thought the whole thing was funny. The original trailer was a bit of a letdown for me, but this is giving me more hope that the movie will actually be worthy of its great cast.

Angry dudes: I’m not sure how you’ve managed to miss this, but comedy regularly involves comedians and comic actors deliberately making themselves look like idiots.

Sometimes it involves men making themselves look like idiots.

Sometimes it involves women making themselves look like idiots.

Sometimes both men and women:

Sometimes comedy plays with stereotypes and is funny. Sometimes it just reinforces stereotypes and while this is often not so great, comedically or otherwise, sometimes it can actually be funny too.

For comedic actors, the best roles are often the ones in which they make themselves look like the biggest idiots. Who was the most idiotic character on I Love Lucy? (HINT: Her name is in the title.) Who was the star in I Love Lucy? (HINT: Her name is also in the title. Because it’s the same person.)

Anyway, dudes, relax just a teensy weensy bit. Men are so overrepresented in movies these days, as protagonists and as supporting characters, that it’s still kind of seen as a big deal if two women characters in a feature film have even a single scene in which they actually talk to one another about anything other than a man. And lots of movies fail that seemingly rudimentary test.

And so, if you can’t stand Chris Hemsworth taking a comedic turn as an inept administrative assistant, if the very thought of it makes you mad or sad, it’s possible that your head is so far up your own ass that, well, I mean, that can’t be very enjoyable, your head up in there. It’s sort of disgusting to think about, really.

Anyway, angry Ghostbusters-hating dudes, if you’re concerned about people thinking men are a bunch of ridiculous idiots, one excellent way to fight this perception is to STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF RIDICULOUS IDIOTS.

Or not, I mean, I find you guys entertaining. I mean, not Flight-of-the-Conchords-level entertaining, but not bad.

The only thing about the Ghostbusters clip that really bugs me is that Sony decided to release it on Administrative Professionals Day. And that’s really kind of patronizing as hell. If most film heroes were Administrative Professionals that would be one thing, but this, not so cool.

But that’s a reflection on Sony’s marketing department, not on the film itself, which I’m sort of starting to actually look forward to again.

H/T — Thanks to  for bringing this to my attention!

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(((VioletBeauregarde))): Social Justice Necromancer
(((VioletBeauregarde))): Social Justice Necromancer
5 years ago

Embarrassment humour makes me cringe, but I love Mr. Bean for some reason.

Same here…and re: Chris Hemsworth, he looked like he was having a shitload of fun in the movie–not at all like he was forced to play Kevin.

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