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Chateau Heartiste: If you want a good woman, you need to be racist as hell

Successful pickup artist and locked-down white woman
Successful pickup artist and locked-down white woman

Dudes! More specifically, white dudes! Are you interested in “locking down a good White woman” of your very own?

These days, a commenter on Chateau Heartiste explains, you can’t just hypnotize the ladies with your buff bod and masterful pickup artistry. You also need to be racist as hell. Oh, sorry, you need “to reject the anti-White race-propaganda that’s flooding out [sic] society.”

You need White Supremacist Game.

According to a comment from “Corvo” that Heartiste liked so much that he made a post of it,

The culture has become increasingly negrofied, and, whether by nature, nurture, or CultMarx propaganda (seemingly a perfect storm of all three) so many young White men and boys are just unprepared for the reality of the mating game in the current year.

And that’s where the white supremacy comes in:

Without race-awareness, far too many will either end up as wiggers–second-class, embarrassing, pale shadows aping the worst humans on the planet–or schlubby beta borderline incels.

Huh. I’m a little confused here, since I was under the impression that the “worst humans on the planet” were the aspiring pickup artists who read Chateau Heartiste.

It’s not surprising, really, when you’re force fed a diet of CultMarx propaganda that tells White boys they have no culture or history to be proud of (in fact if anything they should feel guilty) and that they should just have some more potato chips and join in the magic negro worship.

So “Cultural Marxism” is basically an exceedingly sneaky plot to sell potato chips? That explains a lot.

For those who don’t believe that racism is the magic ingredient that will allow aspiring pickup artists to score themselves a truly quality woman, Corvo offers a “field report” that attests to his amazing success in attracting the young hotties during, er, a recent trip to a water park with his wife and kids.

Apparently there’s no “game” more powerful than “Racist Dad Game.”

I was out in northeast Pennsylvania for a few days with the wife and kids at this big indoor water park / lodge place in the mountains. Demographically it wasn’t quite what I grew up with, but it was still 80% White.

Well that’s a relief!

There were far too many soft White men lumbering around under too much fat; even worse was seeing young White boys already overweight at age 10. I’d estimate that a majority of the boys were fit and could grow into little shitlords given the right guidance. Most of the girls were fit, although most of the mothers were not (most outweighed my petite woman, who’s 7 months pregnant).

That’s right. Even though his wife is pregnant, she’s no fattie!

I’m no looker; 5’10” and about a buck-fifty; bald (been rocking the skinhead since college) and in my early 40s.

But Corvo knows what to do to make sure the young hotties notice him.

I threw up a flag – put the TRUMP t-shirt on and walked around like I owned the fucking place.

Donald Trump is such an awesome alpha that just wearing a t-shirt with his name on it will make you irresistable to the hot babes!

[O]ver two days I had 4 cute girls, none older than 21, come up to tell me they liked my shirt

That’s right, fellas! SOME HOT BABES LIKED HIS TRUMP T-SHIRT at a rate of TWO HOT BABES PER TRUMP SHIRT PER DAY! Obviously they all wanted to bear his children.

(for the record, I got one positive comment from another father, and one smart-ass remark from a 65+ cat lady hag working at the on-site Starbucks – I told the cunt to make my coffee great).

Wait, there are 65-year-old women working at Starbucks? I’m beginning to wonder if this story isn’t really 100% accurate.

Yeah I gave the cute girls some friendly banter and invoked a little very mild dread game with my wife, but this is the point: there are still good (as good as they come anyway) White girls out there just waiting to be taken and lead.

Er, the past tense of the verb “to lead” is “led.” Also, I’m not 100% sure that when a woman half your age says she likes your t-shirt that this is an indication that she would also like your penis.

The quality ones are the ones with latent race-realism in their naughty little hearts. And any real man is going to want a brood of little sh*tlords one day.

I hate to break it to you, dude, but your kids aren’t going to grow up to be carbon copies of you. They might end up rejecting your foul racism. And possibly dating or even marrying someone who isn’t white.

Oh, we can only hope!

I doubt any one of those girls would have approached me back in my go-along-and-get-along-beta-gentleman days.

So over the course of two days at a water park teeming with people, four young women said they liked his Trump shirt. Dude, that doesn’t make you King Sexy of Supersexy Land. I know this may be hard to believe, dude, but it’s possible that they … just liked your Trump shirt.

Corvo follows this story with a lovely racist rant.

Wherever they go, nogs and third-world ingrates showboat and walk around like they own the place. When the truth is they and their culture have built nothing, accomplished nothing, and know nothing; they are shallow, ignorant, and ultimately dependent on White men.

This from a guy whose idea of a great accomplishment is to wear a Trump shirt to a water park and get a few compliments on it.

I don’t walk around hating anything that doesn’t deserve hatred, but you need race-realism to put things into perspective so that you can go out there and pull the quality girls.

Sure, basic Game will get you plenty of warm holes to stick your dick in for a few minutes, and by all means use it to your advantage. But the cocktail of Game and race-realism mixed and served daily by the worthy men of Le Chateau are the prescription for true abundance in life.

That and a Trump t-shirt, I guess.

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These insults are so hurtful! How will I sleep tonight?

Oh, kiddo, people haven’t even began to insult you. You should read these forums more often. It’s beautiful how they can take people down, especially my girlfriend. It’s great, I love it.

These insults are so hurtful! How will I sleep tonight?

Alone, hopefully.

These insults are so hurtful! How will I sleep tonight?

Hey, everyone! Glenn doesn’t know the difference between an insult and schadenfreude!

I once read a saying which 1000% bears repeating: “Pick-up artists and garbage men should switch titles”

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