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Return of Kings: Fight SJWs by giving feminists dirty looks, writing letters in seekrit code

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Fat feminist ladies! If you’re walking down the street one day, and some bitter douchebag gives you a dirty look, he may be more than just a bitter douchebag giving you a dirty look while you walk down the street.

He may be a brave cultural warrior engaging in a guerilla struggle against the Social Justice Warriors and their evil “cultural narrative.”

Over on Roosh V’s Return of Kings, alleged martial artist and regular RoK contributor Jean-Batave Poqueliche is offering wannabe reactionary culture warriors concrete suggestions on how to “hit the cultural narrative where it hurts.”

One of his recommended strategies: be kind of a dick.

“Launch counterattacks, even small, every day,” he urges.

Don’t call back the empowered slut after the bang and don’t tell her why. Give the disgusted look at that feminist tub of lard when she walks down the street. Ask a girl with a nose ring if you can hang your keys on it while you go get yourself a beer.

Take THAT cultural narrative!

Destroy their arguments, make the hamster wheel explode, and go chase some real skirt with as much patriarchy as possible.

Did someone say exploding hamster?

Poqueliche has a number of other equally brilliant suggestions for reactionary dolts hoping to win the culture war. Among them: stop using Facebook, stop using Google, record all your conversations, and go to Lithuania, where hot blonde twenty-year-olds are apparently lining up to tell bitter western dudes how much they hate feminism. No, really:

Nothing can describe what it is like to hear a Lithuanian 20 year-old girl with long, blond hair, high heels, and a dress telling you “I hate feminists.”

But my favorite suggestion seems to have come directly from The Hardy Boys Book of Super-Seekrit Spying for Little Douchebags: Send letters to your friends in super-seekrit code!

[W]ritten mail is the safest way to communicate in our day and age. …

The internet is (relatively) easy to monitor via keywords, but Barack has only two hands and cannot open or read all the letters that the United States Postal Service receives every day. Still not convinced? Use a code that you create, keep it within your community, and update it regularly.

Here’s one code he suggests you could use:


Yeah, that looks totally uncrackable, dude!

Alas, The Hardy Boys Book of Super-Seekrit Spying for Little Douchebags is not a real book. (There is a Hardy Boys Detective Handbook, which I was a proud owner of as a kid.)

But if you’re a culture warrior who truly wants to learn how to be a super-seekrit spy, here are some more suggestions you might find useful:

You’re welcome, Roosh boys!

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(((VioletBeauregarde))): Prominent Misanderer of the Gynocracy
(((VioletBeauregarde))): Prominent Misanderer of the Gynocracy
5 years ago

I have long hair and I’m not fat, but I do have a clip-on nose ring. As long as I don’t wear that I could quite easily confuse those RoK fuckers. I’m a freaking ninja SJW! *whispers* Does social justice in the shadows

Steven Dutch
Steven Dutch
5 years ago

Microaggression. Nobody has ever thought of that before.

PeeVee the (Noice) Sarcastic
PeeVee the (Noice) Sarcastic
5 years ago

Dutch, quit necroing old threads, mmmmmkay?

You’ve done it a couple of times already.

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