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Donald Trump continues to kill it in the Anime/Nazi fanboy demographic

Not Pictured: Hitler
Not Pictured: Hitler

So at this point, we all know that a non-negligible portion of Donald Trump supporters are also fans of anime. And Hitler. Right?

Indeed, when Republican consultant Rick Wilson shocked his fellow guests on Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show by declaring flatly that a good portion of Trump’s followers are “childless single men who masturbate to anime” and have “a lot of Hitler iconography in their Twitter icons,” the real shock was that it took the mainstream media so long to notice this.

For the benefit of future historians, here’s my half-assed attempt to document the Trump/Anime/Hitler fan nexus, as it has manifested  itself on Twitter in recent days

In some cases, the Tweeters in question managed to convey their love of Trump, anime and Nazis all in the same tweet. In others, it took a couple of Tweets. See if you can determine the level of irony in each Tweet. I can’t.

Enjoy! If that is the right word for it. I have omitted some of the more overtly racist memes I ran across, as well as a few tweets that contained disturbing photos of concentration camps. I also censored one image that was mildly NSFW.

To see more of the, er, artistry of Trump’s terrible fans, see this post of mine documenting how they celebrated his New Hampshire primary victory with racist cartoons, anime memes, and Pepe the frog. 


A trifecta! Trump, anime, and Nazis. all in the same Tweet!

All that and a rape joke:

Anime Trump, slightly censored:


Trump and Hitler!

Anime Trump:

Guess who!

Anime Trump:

Hitler and Daddy, in Viva Pinata I believe?

Simultanious Trump, anime and Hitler.

BONUS: This guy also hates Anita Sarkeestian. (And is an amazing artist.)

Another trifecta! Trump plus anime, responding to a Tweeter calling themselves Hitler:

Bonus scary right-wing stuff:

Trump and anime:

Uses #altright hashtag

Trump and anime:

Anime, Trump and guns:

Anime and Hitler:

Bonus anti-Semitism:

And this:

What’s next for Trump’s most energetic meme-posters? Trump Valentine’s Day cards.

You have been warned.


168 replies on “Donald Trump continues to kill it in the Anime/Nazi fanboy demographic”

Admittedly we tend to be somewhat jumpy on this sort of thing because anime has, or at least did when the fanbase started to get going, a rather negative reputation. So we get more defensive than we would if there were a similar article with Star Wars imagery, essentially because if the first picture had Luke Skywalker in it I would expect everyone to know the plot outline. So I wouldn’t have posted a comment explaining it.

For a moment I felt the need to make a ‘Not All Anime Fans Are Like That!’ defense, but like a fart, the urge passed quickly enough. All that needs to be said is that I find those particular kinds of anime fans just as repulsive as anyone else.

Personally I went #NotAllAnimeFans mostly because the, well, I guess strictly speaking anime fan perception of the general perception of anime fans is that people who don’t watch anime think all anime fans are like that, and would not expect my mom to be a massive fan of a major female character from one of those legendary Japanese porn games. Because the range of female characters men like turns out to actually be really broad and Saber is just straight-up a knight in shining armor. Literally; she’s a helmet and shoulder guards short of full plate. Apparently the story is that the author wrote a fantasy action story and then was advised to add some erotica to boost sales.

Basically I reacted differently to this post than I would to a similar post on Hollywood movies because I feel like some people’s only experience of anime or the fandom is posts like these. It does certainly have its problematic aspects and much as I like A Certain Scientific Railgun I do not watch it with my mom. But when Fashy Neko is using Mikoto-with-cat-ears as an avatar and people ask why anime is linked to nazism, I get the distinct feeling that not everyone reading the post knows that Mikoto hates murdering people in scientific experiments because they’re viewed as less than human more than anything in the world. That has specifically come up.

@ Jarnsaxa

Please don’t forget about the 14 million people who weren’t Jews whom Hitller had killed in those camps.

To not talk about the gays and lesbians, the sex workers, the Sinti and Roma, the mentally and otherwise handicapped who were killed for that doesn’t help anyone.

I guess I was wrong, sorry David. The post came across to me as one of those “the anime people are all like that” kind of posts. Funny thing is, I don’t even watch anime myself. But most of my friends do, and none of them are Nazis or Trump supporters. Another thing interesting to point out is despite all of the ‘anime porn’ or whatever it is going on, Japan actually has less sexual assault cases per capita than the United States and many other places. Less violent crimes in general. I’m not sure how fair it is to blame anime for many of the world’s problems.

Although as you clarified, that isn’t what you are doing here.

Again, sorry.

Oooh missed the troll. My goodness, how very inventive.

A British Sunday “newspaper” – which actually existed to publicise the owner’ real business, which was premium rate sex phone lines – once put a “Hitler Was a Woman” headline on the front page, over a picture of basically, Hitler’s head cut and pasted onto a photo of a (clothed) woman in a little black dress. I read the troll’s first line and wondered if he’d perhaps seen that.

Still not as good as the headlines it had in successive weeks:

“World War I Bomber Found on Moon” (picture of a plane cut and pasted to a photo of a moon crater).

and then

“World War I Bomber Found on Moon Is Gone” (same photo of moon crater).

And it was before photoshop – they had to cut and paste by hand using scissors and glue.

I actually wasn’t trolling, if you were referring to me. But like I said it was just a misunderstanding.

Funny thing is, I don’t even watch anime myself. But most of my friends do, and none of them are Nazis or Trump supporters. Another thing interesting to point out is despite all of the ‘anime porn’ or whatever it is going on, Japan actually has less sexual assault cases per capita than the United States and many other places.

Firstly I would note that sexual assault statistics are notoriously inaccurate the world over because [everything this site says about rape culture goes here]. Japanese culture is different in many ways and I’m not sure exactly how that impacts reporting rates.

It’s also not actually the dominant form of media in Japan; it’s more Star Trek than House in terms of presence. And the popular series in Japan are the sort that you might have seen on Cartoon Network growing up; Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon. They got censored a bit for ten year olds, but not much.

However, there is totally anime porn. It’s called ecchi or hentai based on some distinction I don’t care to investigate and is not shown on TV because of content laws. It’s not generally licensed in the US because duh. Japan also has a thriving fanwork culture, some sold for profit*, and like fanfic the world over a good chunk is porn. Internet being the internet you can find it if you look.

And then there’s the part that crosses from porn like any other into disturbing. Apparently, as it stands Japanese child pornography laws only apply to depictions of real children. So it’s perfectly legal for these fanworks to feature ten-year-olds, and a small percentage of them do. If you really cared to poke around you could probably find porn featuring every character in this post, and not grown-up versions.

But that’s the creepy fringe and mostly not what people are talking about. Most likely, the stuff your friends watch that people here would complain about is mainly shounen harem anime. It’s targeted at teenage boys. The hero is generally a teenage boy (16-18) and there are at least three love interests, generally teenage girls (maybe a bit younger than the protagonist), and romance plotline hijinks ensue. The portrayal of women strongly tends towards problematic. In the worst cases they’re strategically-placed beams of light away from outright porn, and even in the better cases there’s pretty much guaranteed to be a hot springs or beach episode and some number of panty shots. Some of that is a matter of different cultural standards and some isn’t. Even filing that under “for teenage boys” there remain problems. Broadly, the female characters are meant to be popular with teenage boys. In some cases this is unproblematic because as it happens Imperator Furiosa is popular with boys, but in other cases the hero winds up rescuing girls who by all right should be rescuing him.

Basically I think the genre’s reputation is somewhat overblown but there is also a legitimate reason why the fanbase is almost entirely men and lesbians. It’s quite easy for me to say “if you ignore the fanservice, A Certain Magical Index is an awesome action show” but that doesn’t make the fanservice go away. Even as a man there’s parts where it gets uncomfortable.

*Copyright holders can sue over this but generally give it a pass on a small scale. Exception: Nintendo has a family-friendly image to maintain.

Tacking politician’s heads on anime characters? Damn, this daily fare on the net, Trump or not.

@ guy

Japanese culture is different in many ways and I’m not sure exactly how that impacts reporting rates.

A friend’s personal experience of reporting sexual assault in Japan:

“You’re making it up”
*provides evidence of assault*
“He’s probably Korean”
*identifies attacker*
“Your student visa is revoked”

Well, that’s a foreigner’s experience of reporting a sexual assault by a Japanese person, which brings in other factors. If a native reported an assault by a foreigner it would probably have ended the other way around, and the reporting rates of those incidents probably reflect that.


oh and fascism and trump are bad etc etc

(In all seriousness, yeah this is pretty damn terrible. :/)

There’s nothing wrong with mixing a little anime and nazism to make a funny meme post about Trump. The mainstream media just doesn’t get it. Nothing about any of this is serious. no one is a nazi. No one believes anime is real. How this became a forefront issue in the mainstream media is beyond me. Are they seriously focusing on a troll website that is supposed to only be jokes and nothing taken seriously?

Gregg, look at some of my other posts on the subject, like the recommended ones at the end or this post.

Or look at the twitter accounts of some of these guys.

His bio:

Furthest far right, nothing to my right but the wall. Blood & Soil Nationalist, Southerner, Florida Cracker, Secessionist, Völkisch Heathen.

Race War Central
Joined July 2015

Or this guy:

Blatantly racist name; his twitter bio links to an alt-right/neo-Nazi site.

The fact that they make jokes doesn’t preclude them from being actual racists. anti-Semites, fascists.

weirwoodtreehugger: communist bonobo,

How exactly are pro Holocaust “jokes” funny?

I would have to say nothing. I think Gregg needs to put himself in the shoes of the Nazi’s victims for a moment and maybe than he’ll understand why its not funny.

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