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Professional women could kill men for fun and “would prob get away with it,” MRA warns

Woman doctor, possibly contemplating murder
Woman doctor, possibly contemplating murder

So a little over a week ago, a drunken idiot in Miami attacked an Uber driver and trashed his car after being refused a ride. A video of the incident quickly went viral on YouTube; so far, it’s racked up more than five million views.

To the denizens of the Men’s Rights subreddit, this is somehow a Men’s Rights issue.

Because, you see, the drunken idiot in question was … a woman! And not just any woman — a young, thin, conventionally attractive woman who happens to be a fourth-year neurology resident a local hospital, and who also, apparently, happens to remind more than a few MRAs of every woman who’s ever turned them down for a date.

The headline given to the Men’s Rights subreddit post on the subject was basically catnip for angry misogynists: “Bratty rich doctor gets drunk and makes a huge fool of herself trashing Uber car, assaulting the driver then gets off when Police arrive.”

Naturally, the Mens Rights Redditors are furious that the woman — who’s been suspended from her job — isn’t going to spend the rest of her life in jail, because the “white knight” Uber driver decided not to press charges.

“Reverse the genders,” one commenter sniffs, “and [the charge] would be attempted murder.”

Actually, if you reverse the gender of the assailant, it would be misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor public intoxication. At least that’s what one drunken man was charged with after his much more violent assault on an Uber driver last November. Video of that assault got less than a tenth of the number of views the “bratty rich doctor” video got.

And that earlier video didn’t inspire anyone to vomit up an angry wall-o-text attack like this:

Ovendice 20 points 4 days ago* Welcome to the 21st Century Female. I'm surprised there aren't hundreds of videos like this because this is how most women behave now. Because of the work I do (I've been doing corporate sales for almost a decade now) I have to deal with women, professional women at that, and most all of them are like this. Doctor's offices, dentist offices, hospitals, attorney's firms, insurance companies, real estate companies and on and on and these are supposed to be the 'best' women. Lol No, they're the worst; in fact the higher their status the more HORRENDOUS they are. It's that exact same level of insane arrogance that says, "I'm untouchable. I can say and do anything I want and no one can do anything about. Even if I'm just a secretary, but if I have a better job than you? I am GOD and you are an ant. And if you're male and you get into ANY kind of disagreement with me at all, I'll just call the police and say you were harassing me because anytime there is a dispute between a male and a female the male is INSTANTLY blamed and attacked and removed, as we've seen in those videos experimenting with a couple fighting in public. And of course because of VAWA. Hell, most of the time cops aren't even necessary, there's usually 5 white knights ready to jump right in and beat you to a pulp if you so much as smart off to a female. Meanwhile she can treat you and talk to you like a piece of shit, assault you, even kill you if she wanted to and would prob get away with it, thus why she calls the man a piece of shit in the video. And the very fact that men can do nothing to defend themselves or even complain is why she's doing it- she's untouchable and she is getting off on her power. In a way though, she IS right, he and most men ARE 'pathetic pieces of shit' because most men have ALLOWED it to get this bad, not even caring about their own rights! This of course is a direct result of 50 years of Feminism and ZERO accountability: THIS is what a Feminist looks and ACTS like!

Welcome to the 21st Century Female indeed.

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I’ve had the “If I am missing or dead” talk with people close to me because I know these men are abusers, rapists and wannabe murderers of women. I know they’re terrorists. They will cause more murders.

It doesn’t take a genius to kill. But as a movement? Nope. They can’t find their asses with both hands. All they do is humiliate themselves. Threatening to kill and rape people who grew up under threat of rape and murder is pissing in the ocean. Kill us? That could happen to me for turning down a date or yelling back at a catcaller. Ho fucking hum.

They’re fools first and foremost. They’re ripe for mocking. All they will manage to do is make men and women more feminist. I wager they’ll only ever be known as a tragic punchline.


They want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

Right! And their MRM gurus (Roosh, Elam, and so on) want to keep them miserable. Because if manospherians aren’t miserable, they won’t need Roosh or Elam to sell them the secrets that (allegedly) will make them powerful (and thus happy). And then they’ll stop sending Roosh and Elam money. And then…

They’re threats to all women ammount to ” Live enslaved or die”. Thats pretty much always an easier choice than they imagine it to be.

They’re cowards. Cowards who project their fears. If they received the harassment they dish out, they’d all hide under their beds.

Because of them I wear my clothes tighter. I throw more attitude. I make more friends. I try more daring things and fight back my anxiety harder. Why? Because I can and if me being happy spites assholes, so much the better.

That will be there legacy if I have any say in it. Happier women, fucking ruling their own lives and giving sad pants to misogynist terrorist scrum.


David might have ten girlfriends, for all we know.

Are smart and funny still popular with women?

If so, then David could have ten girlfriends.

They poison men then sell them a snake oil “cure”. Its pathetic that they prey on the weak like they do.

A friend of mine almost went mgtow after his divorce. He had been badly mistreated. It was sold to him as a way to better himself. When I showed him what It was and he walked away, his new friends turned on him and hurt him again.

He is fine now. He is still focusing on bettering himself and being happy. He’s got friends out the wazoo. Can you imagine how sad it would be if he had gotten stymied in his recovery by these asshole parasites?

@ lea

It’s not so much that they’ll commit violence as an organised movement; more that they inspire and encourage others to do so.

In a way they reflect how modern terrorism is changing. It’s getting harder and harder for groups to take action themselves. The security services are pretty good at stopping most organised actions. Even the old cell structures are getting easier to compromise.

But nowadays you don’t have to fly people out to training camps in remote deserts. All the info is available on the internet. Same with MRAs; especially as all they really need is a gun or a knife (although I’ll put money on the use of explosives within two years)

The radicalisation used by MRA figureheads is identical to that used by other terrorist groups. I read the various terrorist in-house magazines. In terms of how they incite violence they are indistinguishable from the MRA output.

Although ironically whilst things like Dabiq have a pretty unreconstructed view of women, they’re nowhere near as abusive in terms of language. They’re actually quite sweet. It’s all stuff like “Sisters, you’re too precious to god and wonderful to sully yourself doing man’s work” and the like.

So yes, someone killing you for turning down a date is more likely
than you being the victim of an MRA terrorist ‘operation’ but the MRA movement creates the atmosphere where someone is more likely to do that.


Live enslaved or die

Democracy: Can Women Ever Participate?

Panel discussion by Paul Elam, Roosh V, and Dean Esmay

Audience Q&A to follow

@ Saphira,

golly that is priceless.

I specially liked

“no fatties, you must be the type who exercises,” and “very feminine, puts effort into her daily makeup, mani and pedi a plus!”

All that hard work, and my reward would be… a chance to audition for a bit of bump and grind with Mr Charming, if he feels I’m worthy. Cool.

I’ll be on the sofa eating bonbons – with my cats winding themselves against my hairy shins, and making fun chat and snuggles with my beloved.

Who has a rotundity around the tummy parts, walks with a stick, doesn’t always shave his neck, and is the sexiest man on earth. (FACT!)

Who has a rotundity around the tummy parts, walks with a stick, doesn’t always shave his neck, and is the sexiest man on earth.

You live with YODA!!!! How cool is that?

Oh wait, you said ‘Earth’ not ‘Dagobah’; carry on, don’t mind me,

Dating advice like…
Be genuine.
Like what you like proudly.
Be kind whenever you can
Don’t manipulate or abuse.
If you just wanna fuck, say so. Don’t be fake.
If you want a relationship, say so. Don’t be fake.
Don’t take rejection personally. Everybody gets rejected.
Dont feel you are mean for rejecting someone else.
Meet people by doing what you love.
Be as good to yourself as you would be to a treasured friend.
Don’t worry about being alone. There is nothing wrong with being alone.
The friend zone isn’t real. Friendship is a gift. Give it back to the people who give it to you.
Wash your ass.

…Will never show up in the Manureosphere. Because they want to force other people to change instead of doing the hard work of changing themselves. You can’t stay a bitter douche and have lovers beating down your door.

I have to imagine that when thin women see a message from a guy with “no fatties” prominent in his profile, they’re pretty turned off. Most of them aren’t going to be flattered and thrilled to be deemed good enough by some misogynistic creep.

I know as a large breasted woman, I don’t want a guy who goes on and on about how small breasted women aren’t real women and how they’re gross because they look like boys.

Preferences are fine. Trashing someone for not matching those preferences, is not.

@Alan Robertshaw

I’m watching that BBC 3 Troll Hunters at the moment. Milo is more of a creep than I thought possible – how can anyone think the appropriate response to death and rape threats is to tell the victim to get over it?

Again with the gender reversal. What people really ought to be discussing is race. If Sandra Bland can die just for ‘saying the wrong things’ imagine the consequences if this woman wasn’t white. Not saying that she wasn’t fairly charged more that if she were black she would very likely be unfairly charged or even worse. If this minor misdemeanour needed a broader discussion in the media at all that is.

@ lost in lindsey

He’s quite clever though. If you hadn’t seen the rest of the programme to know what he was referring to, he’d sound quite reasonable.

He made it sound like people were getting into a huff about a bit of jocular disagreement over politics; and the nasty stuff was very much the exception rather than the norm.

“No one is asking for a shift in power/opportunity beyond 50/50, even to redress the past imbalance.”

When it comes down to justice, of course not.

But when it comes to redressing past imbalances in opportunity? Hell yeah. Hell to the yeah.

If I was passed over for promotion multiple times for being a ladytaur, then yes, I should get a better place in line for it now than J Random Dude. If I was left out of something for a long time unfairly because I’m a ladytaur instead of a ladysheep, then yes, I should get a better place in line for it now than J Random Sheeplady.

You can’t say the race is fair if some of the contestants are tied up behind a tree for the first half.

Affirmative Action is generally understood (by people who aren’t twits) to be an attempt to actually get us to that hypothetical “Year 0” where everyone actually does start even. It’s not an elegant solution, but it’s a necessary one, with no real superior options available.

This woman has gotten death threats, had her family’s address posted and her phone numbers blasted online. She has received thousands of online negative reviews from people claiming she gave them blowjobs, etc.
This would never have happened if she were male. The reactions to her behavior are more disgusting than her behavior.

Becoming a doctor is hard work. It’s so sad that she may have thrown that away. But yeah, she’s “entitled.” They make it sound like MD degrees are just handed out.


This woman isn’t white. She’s not African American, but she isn’t white and the internet’s responses to this have been racist and sexist.


Again with the gender reversal. What people really ought to be discussing is race.

I have good news for you! Although the main focus of We Hunted the Mammoth is misogyny (“The New Misogyny, Tracked and Mocked”), we Mammotheers often discuss more than one oppression in the same conversation.

I think this post is takes the wrong perspective. The man in that video last November lost his job as an executive and was subject to criminal charges. The doctor has been suspended from her position but had no criminal charges. So clearly the outcome in Nov was worse. But as a matter of equality it would have been a better if the outcomes were the same. Threats and intimation are vile. Yet there is room for legitimate criticism if there is an unequal outcome. I.e the doctor has her residency re-instated and has no charges laid. Also from the comments I saw online, the vast majority of the criticism was (a) the belief that the women’s behavior was disgusting. ( Which it was). ANd (b) the belief that a man attacking a female uber driver would have received a very different reaction from the authorities. So using a male on male attack to justify the normalcy of the events is not really a good approach and not analogues. You have to be careful not to structure your posts in a way that makes the narrative appear so biased or you will seem like just the other side of the coin to the people you are posting about

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