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Honey Badger Legal Strategy Hampered by Propensity of Time to Run Forwards

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin
Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin

The We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive is almost over! Please donate, if not for me than just for the chance to SPITE THE HONEY BADGERS! Thanks! 

The ongoing tragicomedy that is the Honey Badger Brigade’s Calgary Expo lawsuit continues to get even more tragicomical! Well, not so much the “tragic” bit, just that “comical” part.

The last time we checked in with the Brigade — that GamerGate-loving, feminist-hating gang of mostly lady YouTube blabbers — they had filed some sort of legal document charging the people in charge of the Calgary Expo with some kind of bad wrongness for tossing them out of the aforementioned Calgary Expo back in April.

They also charged The Mary Sue, a website in the United States that actually has no power over the staff of any expos in Calgary or indeed anywhere else in Canada, with somehow contributing to or causing the expulsion.

Well, The Mary Sue has responded to the Brigade’s legal filing, and the response is a doozy. Happily, the Honey Badgers have put it online for us all to enjoy.

The Mary Sue’s lawyer begins by pointing out that they are — ahem! — headquartered in New York, which is pretty clearly not located in Alberta, Canada, where the lawsuit was filed. (I am reliably informed that Canada is actually a whole other country from us.)

Then The Mary Sue’s lawyer gently reminded the court — and, more to the point, the Honey Badgers — that TIME MOVES FORWARD, not backwards, and that an article that appeared after the Honey Badgers were tossed from the Expo could not have caused them to be tossed from the Expo.

In regard to breach of contract, this claim is not just unfounded, but it is simply impossible based on the timeline of events. The Mary Sue could not have induced the Calgary Expo (“the Expo”) to evict Plaintiff because the aforementioned article was published after Plaintiff’s eviction.

Yep. Apparently the Honey Badger’s fancy disbarred lawyer got the dates mixed up. But hey, the law isn’t about these little details.

There’s more to The Mary Sue’s response, but that’s pretty much the best bit, in this Time-Space continuum at least.

Yesterday, Hannah Wallen of the Honey Badgers — she’s the one who isn’t Karen Straughan or Alison Tieman — posted their official response to the Mary Sue’s letter. It did not mention what we can only call the Honey Badger Time Paradox, but instead tried to distract readers with some new charges against the dastardly Mary Sue.

Mary Sue claims a lack of involvement in Calgary Expo’s choice to expel the Honey Badgers from the event. However, in response to questions on twitter following our expulsion, the expo’s staff referenced The Mary Sue’s article about the event.

Ok, but the Mary Sue article was published after the expulsion, so it could not have caused the expulsion.

The Mary Sue’s prior and existing relationship with Calgary Expo is further demonstrated by an April 15th article promoting the Mary Sue sponsored cosplay contest which was to take place at the event.

Ok, but the Mary Sue article was published after the expulsion, so it could not have caused the expulsion.

Mary Sue weekend editor Sam Maggs was the first person to respond to Britany le Blanc’s first tweet objecting to “MRAs in the audience” at the women into comics panel.

Ok, but the Mary Sue article was published after the expulsion, so it could not have caused the expulsion.

Sorry, Ms. Wallen, but your little sleight of hand is no more effective than this dude’s not-quite-flawless disappearing act.

Just a reminder: the Honey Badgers raised more than $30,000 to cover the legal costs of their patently ludicrous lawsuit.

In my last post I noted that

MRAs and other antifeminists … have wasted literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on causes and projects and people that have pissed away their money without accomplishing anything of value … .

This would be one of those causes.

If you’ve got money burning a hole in your wallet, here’s a much better option:

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Woo hoo.

If I don’t fuck this up, it could be an epic year. My wife and I are both graduating this summer, and we have some awesome travel plans starting with an arctic cruise in mid-January. We’re also going to Puerto Rico in the spring, and to the US in July/August.

We have a 5 year wedding anniversary coming up July 23. The plan is we’re going to London to see the Harry Potter play (managed to snatch 2 tickets for the exact date of our anniversary :p), and then we’re continuing to the US the next morning. Only to collapse in a couch for a few weeks and watch the Olympics. So excited! 🙂

@EJ (The Other One)
I’d be happy to be Mammoth’s official astrologer in residence. Thanks!

Wow! Sometimes I scare myself with my uncannily accurate predictions. Your plans sound terrific. Congrats on the upcoming 5-year anniversary. Keep us posted on your trips & such.

Dhag, have fun in Puerto Rico! If you end up going, of course.

I got to go there once for a tropical marine and coastal ecology course (yay scholarships!) and there are some amazing sights.

I highly recommend puttering/snorkeling around Gilligan’s Island, near Guanica. It’s a $4 round trip for the ferry to get to the area, and there are some lovely little critters. There are also (probably) still a ton of spiny sea urchins about. Those things are massive. And pointy. Very pointy. Extremely pointy.

Oh, and if you happen to see a lionfish while you’re there, do the ecosystem a favor and toss ’em on the beach?

They’re super invasive, and in the wrong ocean. It’s not their fault, but they like eating all the little reef fishies and none of the local groupers, sharks, or other predators know what to do with them.

There are a ton of other gorgeous places, and you should have tons of fun. 🙂

Right. It’s settled.

On 23 July or thereabouts, when dhag85 is in London, we shall have a UK Mammotheer Meet. It’s the perfect excuse.


Thanks! I’ve actually been there twice before, in 2012 and 2013. These trips usually consist of mostly lazy beach/pool days with minor excursions in the northeastern part of the island. Gilligan’s Island would sadly be too far away, and I’m also a little bit scared of sea creatures. :p

I’ve been to the “bio-luminescent bay” in Fajardo, which was amazing. The El Yunque forest was a life changing experience. I had never seen anything like it before. Can’t wait to go back.


It’s a brilliant idea but I’m not sure it will work out for me. 🙁 I think we’ll be on an extremely tight schedule: airport – hotel – prep – show – hotel – sleep – breakfast – airport. We didn’t get flight tickets yet though, so I’ll consider my options when we get to it.

Contrapangloss — lionfish? Like, those lionfish? Cuz I’m pretty sure tossing them requires touching them and that’s not really the best idea. I mean, sure, they aren’t stonefish, but still.

Actually, never mind, picking up a lionfish is smarter than what I did earlier! I had Cali in my lap, more or less, with the door open and the gate up, I thought the other non-human mammals were calling it nap time so I figured why not and went to rotate the gate to the kitchen/living room door… and found Tilly in that doorway. Yeah, that quickly went the way of their first ungated meeting. Bad. Idea. Staring, low growl from Tilly, purring Cali decided to slowly approach, Tilly hissed, swatted, I dropped my hand between them and gave a sharp NO! Cali jumped over me and down a couple stairs, Tilly spent 15 min trying to kill me and anything she could reach.

Plus side? Cali didn’t try to fight, or even seem to care that Tilly was pissed once she was safely back in her basement. Downside? Had I misjudged Cali’s fight or flight I’d have put my hand into a cat fight, but I hadn’t, she nope’ed. So that went, uh, better than expected actually, given I hadn’t intended them to meet for at least another week, and Tilly didn’t actually go from scared aggressive to attack mode until Cali approached and even then she didn’t chase, just stood her ground. I think I can work with a nope-kitty and a not-backing-down kitty, hopefully.

@Argenti Aertheri
Two kitties who haven’t been raised together can be a challenge for all involved.

We deal with this every day at my house. Boy cat is full of youthful boldness and wants to chase much-older, three-legged girl cat. Sometimes girl cat enters the room growling preemptively. It’s too funny.

The good news about your cats is that even if they never become friends, they will get used to each other and figure out how to interact. In our case, I believe it will be growls and hisses indefinitely. Luckily, there have been no actual fights, although swats have been exchanged.

Good luck!

We’ve given up that Dracarys and Toni will ever get along. Toni is afraid of Dracy and always hisses at her when she sees her. Dracy will sometimes just ignore Toni. But sometimes she’ll run at her and try to attack. Although Bailey (the dog) would always break it up before the fur could really fly. Because Toni was living in fear and wouldn’t go in the basement, which had become Dracy’s haunt and didn’t like going to the kitchen when we moved the litter box in there because my bedroom is right off the kitchen, she started peeing and pooping in the living room corner.

Now we just keep them separate. They alternate being shut in their respective bedrooms while the other has the run of the rest of the house. It’s much better this way. Toni doesn’t hiss and swat at me every time I get near her anymore.

Kat & WWTH — yeah, I doubt the ladies will ever be having girls night over some ‘nip, but I’m hoping we can at least reach passive annoyance. Thanks to a lack of litter box space, and the fact the dog is dumber than bricks, Cali will likely always be calling the basement her bedroom (Tilly shares a bedroom with mom)… but I’d like to be able to chill in the living room with her if she decides to wander in, without having to make sure the other furballs are behind closed doors first. Hell, once we get to “Cali has spotted a fish tank” I might even let her in my room, supervised of course (my room is basically an aquarium!)

I think dumbass is learning that ignoring Cali gets love and praise from me, so maybe I’ll be able to just leave the door open soon. That’s not a thing I’m willing to risk until I’m decently sure it won’t go: Tilly spots Cali, hisses and swats, Cali nopes at high speed, dog gives chase cuz ARE WE RUNNING!?!?!?!?

Introducing fish is so much easier! …omnivores and herbivores anyways… I guess introducing carnivores is always this bad actually (no more tank mates for Puff, it goes badly)

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