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New Theory: Feminists argue with misogynists online because they are desperate for male attention


The Dark Triad: Pretty much a synonym for "giant douchebag."
The Dark Triad: Pretty much a synonym for “giant douchebag.”

So I was skimming my way through the comment section on a recent Telegraph article on MRAs and the Red Pill. Naturally, the comment section was filled to overflowing with angry comments from an assortment of familiar MRA and “Red Pill” names. I happened to notice some, well, intriguing contributions to the discussion from a fellow I didn’t know: DarkTriadMan, first name, Ivan.

Though he avoids the “red-pill, blue-pill” lingo that so fascinates so many reactionary. woman-hating doofballs, Ivan Adultman — sorry, Ivan DarkTriadMan — basically thinks we live in the Matrix:

The dark world is lit from age to age with the light of reason and progress, with technology and science, and our creature comforts are blinding. But the reality is quite different. Western civilization is nothing more than a teasing curtain, increasingly ridiculous and tottering, drawn over the dark world that remains as the base nature of creation.

How can a curtain be “teasing” or “tottering,” much less both at the same time?

But never mind, because Ivan DarkTriadMan opens this “teasing curtain” to reveal the DARK TRUTHS about women. Or at least about the teenage girls he fantasizes about having sex with.

Dear readers, if you’re not in the mood to read some seriously skeevy, rapey shit, you should probably skip the next quote.

The half-dozen teenage girls twittering and chatting and giggling over their cellphones and taking selfies of their perfect clothes and bodies and hair are an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that they are a huddled group of frightened, beaten commodities kept for the amusement of the warlord and any of his men he chooses to reward. They don’t giggle and take selfies and they don’t dare talk back when they are told to present their naked rears.

Um, what? Somehow i doubt that the readers of the Telegraph are much interested in hearing about the creepy Gorean sexual fantasies of one Ivan DarkTriadMan.

But apparently he doesn’t think his creepy sexual fantasies are creepy — or, for that matter,fantasies.

Nope. Ivan DarkTriadMan is convinced that teenage girls taking selfies, feminists who find him repellent, and presumably every other woman in the world, are all secretly in lust with the giant hunk of man that is DarkTriadMan.

As he explains in another comment, feminists (or maybe all women?)

change from whining to salivating at the drop of a hat when the male they truly desire walks past. You cannot change biology, although you can layer over it with false, blathering frippery.

Yeah, that’s right, even those man-hating feminist harpies are totally into him.

Such creatures as our local feminist thrive on the concern and disgust of men. It is through such engagement they find value, as the engagement and attention of men is not otherwise available to them on the open sexual market that forms the basis of human interactions.

I’ll let Jennifer Lawrence handle this one.


Presumably, when feminist women post comments on message boards mocking him for “living in your own weird little world” and noting that “you talk about women like you have never spoken to one,” they’re just flirting.

They totally want the DarkTriadMan.

PS: I’m not sure what sort of “frippery” DarkTriadMan was talking about, but some of you might enjoy this Frippery. Well, Frippertronics, to be more precise.




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6 years ago

Wow. I really do hope this Dark Triad guy is a Poe. Otherwise…..yikes.

@Mattie: I can understand the concerns about ableism, but, this is a sincere question: what exactly does the label of “psychopathy” have to do with racism, or even classism? I am honestly confused here.

6 years ago

@Paradoxical: I probably wouldn’t survive either. But it does worry me a little, just how much some of the more radical MRAs, MGTOWs, “Neo-Reactionaries”, etc. are so completely obsessed with the Apocalypse; it’s almost if they *want* it to happen!

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
6 years ago

I *think* the link between psychopathy and racism/classism is that the criminal “justice” system is the only place that really uses psychopathy as a thing. The various psych diagnosises that share traits don’t use the term, and we all know how fucking racist and classist the American “justice” system is.

PI — I think I saw that graphic over on DarkTriadAsshole’s site when somebody linked it here awhile ago. Cuz yeah, that shit really only flies here as self-identification. Only sorta on topic, but the parallel may be apt — some people despise the term manic-depressive, but me? Call me that as much as you like, the Victorian feel of it suits me just fine.

6 years ago

@Argenti: Hmm…..I think I see what Mattie was trying to say(yes, the criminal justice system has a lot of problems, racism-related and otherwise, I won’t deny that for a second!) , but it’s still really baffling to me, though, but this is primarily because neither the media or even the justice system, from all I’ve noticed(and I watch a *lot* of crime shows), haven’t at all hesitated to use the label for some white criminals, either, even if they happen to be upper class. Of course, there could possibly be a major disparity in the usage of this term, but, to be honest, I’m fairly certain I would have spotted it by now if there *was* a significant trend with this particular thing(though, admittedly, not *100%* certain).

6 years ago

Also, *have hesitated, instead of haven’t hesitated. Apologies for the double negative.

6 years ago

Everything really is about sex with these MRAs. Everything that happens is related to sexual attraction to them in their eyes. Its the arrogance and the denial of any sort of autonomy on the part of women (who they mostly consider feminists whether they are or not) that gets me.

Ivan Throne
5 years ago

I’ve just come across this, and I haven’t had such a delightful laugh in at least a week. How superb!

Please note, however, that I currently have the #2 bestseller on Amazon in Gender Studies… right behind Naomi Wolfe.

Have a wonderful day, churls…


Ivan Throne

Ichorous Allsorts
Ichorous Allsorts
4 years ago

“Ivan Throne, like Milo, is a sloppily-painted mockery of an intellectual. His hollow writing combines the forced edginess of our cringe-inducing high school days with a knack for hocking commodified anti-PC pornography to Red Pill dopes. He’ll wave around his bestseller as proof of his genius, forgetting he shares that honor with the Twilight Saga, The Secret, 50 Shades, and the Da Vinci Code — all highly marketable, self-indulgent, pseudo-spiritual masturbatory aids for the paranoid, the immature, or the terminally affectatious.”

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