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JudgyBitch: Women make babies, and men make Large Hadron Colliders

Legos for girls: Not a new idea (from a lego ad in the 1980s)
Legos for girls: Not a new idea (from a lego ad in the 1980s)

So our old friend Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield has written a rather silly post on how men are a bunch of STEM geniuses while women are basically designed to make babies. (On average.)

You’ve heard all this nonsense before, I am sure:

Human achievement depends on the tenacity and ingenuity of men, and their willingness to shoot for the moon (or a comet). Our mastery of the human condition, an end to suffering and poverty and disease and destitution requires technology. Water doesn’t magically clean itself, food doesn’t spring forth from the Earth without coaxing (at least not in sufficient amounts to feed all of us), the oceans do not replenish, diseases do not cure themselves and our ability to communicate and connect with each other, from one side of the planet to the other, all depends on technology.

Technology is designed, built, installed, maintained, repaired and operated almost exclusively by men. Without men, we would be living in grass huts, eating mud.

I’ll give her credit for at least suggesting a slightly novel “solution” to women (allegedly) being a bunch of stupid-heads compared to men. And by “novel” I mean “novel” only to MRAs.

Here is what I propose: we socialize girls to be more like men, and more like exceptionally intelligent men, in particular.

As she sees it, that means (among other things) making girls play with legos instead of Barbies (or any other traditionally girly toys), forcing them all to play Dungeons & Dragons (no, really), and requiring that they

study logic and rhetoric and traditional game theory, to sharpen their ability to work through a problem using reason and the empirical method.

Huh. I’m thinking that most of the dudes in the Men’s Rights movement must have slept through that part of their male socialization.

JB’s proposals are weirdly totalitarian, envisioning a mandatory one-size-fits-all approach to education for girls. And the misogyny underlying her glorification of “male” ways of thinking is fairly obvious. Her attempts to challenge traditionally gendered ways of raising girls fall more than a few steps short of feminism.

Sure, feminists have long fought against the pervasive gendering of toys. But they’re also into, you know, kids making choices for themselves. Encouraging girls to play with legos? Great! Forcing all girls to play exclusively with Legos, because you want them to become STEM geniuses? Not so great. Some girls want to play with legos; others prefer dolls. As do some boys.

For what it’s worth, JB describes her proposal as, yes, a “modest proposal,” so it’s not clear if she actually thinks that raising girls the same way as boys is a good idea, or if it’s one akin to eating babies.

Speaking of babies, here’s my favorite line in her post:

[T]he ultimate expression of femininity is a baby, and the ultimate expression of masculinity is the Large Hadron Collider.

Assuming this is true — and Janet Boomfield said it, so it must be! — just imagine what humans could accomplish if men and women worked together.

Yes, I’m talking about the ultimate in technology: the Large Baby Collider.

Oh, wait, we already have one of those; it’s called the Men’s Rights Movement.

But that’s a pretty primitive model. Here’s a prototype for an improved Large Baby Collider. It’s still a long way away from perfect — you may notice that half of the babies have been replaced by dogs — but it’s still a wobbly step in the right direction.

H/T — @TakedownMRAs

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In an interview once Roosh said he didn’t believe the 1 in 5 stat was true because he “couldn’t imagine there are that many men jumping out of bushes at night to drag women into an alley.” I thought he actually believed that but now I don’t know if he’s being disingenuous – how convenient it is that he wants rape to be legalised in the same places he commits rape alpha sex.

On the same note, I can imagine what I typed being said seriously by PUA scum to get a woman home. Target the young and insecure, act offended and proclaim good intentions so she feels bad about saying no to going back with him (especially since society says that women must accommodate others’ feelings, especially menz) then once she is in the door get gradually slimier and more manipulative or even forceful until bam, rape.

Oh yeah, and to avoid being reported false rape accusations they don’t forget to tell her it’s her fault for appearing too sexy/slutty/up for it, she should have said no harder, how could she expect him to control himself and doesn’t she know that when you go back to a guy’s place it always means you want sex?

Ugh, I just made myself feel ill.

“This book looks really uncomfortable to wear, though :D”

Book? Sorry did I not describe it good enough? And she wasn’t wearing it. It was on the floor and she was standing in it.

I wish people would stop taking pictures without their consent, at least blur out their faces.

Thanks for asking. I agree with ej, (btw sorry ej you been alone in those kinds of situations) you don’t want to interfere if the woman has it under control but if the guy gets violent and/or if she is giving off signals like looking around then yes you want to step in. I’m not just talking about man spreading but just all situations.

Sorry, I meant box. Not sure how I spelled book.
Then I’m still confused. She stands on it to become taller so people won’t be able to reach her phone?

So it was easy to identify the woman in the picture? How generous.

Doesn’t even need to say any of that sunnysombreba, society already did that part for the creeps. Also, this is assuming she isn’t blackout drunk, in which case… well, if she doesn’t remember it it isn’t really rape now is it? (Ugh, yep, made myself feel sick)

That is why they target women so young it might still be more appropriate to call them girls, and anyone who negging works on — less likely to have the courage to buck what they’ve been taught about accommodating people, and rather unlikely to throw their drink at a guy who maybe isn’t clearly entirely deserving that. Fuck, I’m unlikely to do that and I’m 30 and entirely willing to go “oh fuck off already” (granted, the odds of me being out alone drinking while presenting as female are approximately 0)

This is why I think the only remotely “good” rape prevention tip I’ve ever heard was to yell “fire”, not “rape”, cuz society hasn’t spent a lifetime saying “are you sure it was really on fire?” — it’s still really shit advice that assumes this all is occurring in public and places the onus on the victim, but it’s a half step up from useless, to me at least anyways. Says a lot about society if nothing else — don’t bother yelling help, nobody is gonna get involved; don’t yell rape, people will actively avoid getting involved; yell fire, that gets people to do *something*. Maybe we could, you know, teach society not to be made up of assholes? Like, fine, you’re afraid of getting involved, are you afraid of going “is this creep bothering you?” or alerting a bartender that you think somebody just spiked a drink? Or, at fucking LEAST, not scold girls for playing rough and being too loud? So maybe, just fucking maybe, when they become adults they aren’t afraid of how it will look if they scream “fuck off” at an asshole? Seriously, am I asking too much to suggest we stop telling little girls that it’s not ladylike to be loud?

And while I’m ranting, for the love of all that is holy stop telling girls that he hit you because he has a crush on you, and stop letting boys think that hitting is an acceptable way to interact with their little schoolyard crush. You’d think “Johnny, it isn’t okay to hit people” wouldn’t be followed by “aww, he must have a crush on you!”. I’m apparently asking for too much of a society where I can check the weather upon waking without even having opened my eyes yet, cars can drive themselves, surgery is performed by robots, and oh, hey, we’ve got the LHC!


I’m sore, I’m cranky, and my tortoise fucking bit me, I think it’s time for dinner.

Well ,it ooobviosuly isn’t rape if she’s not screaming and crying – we all know women don’t freeze in fear, or decide not to fight because they’re afraid of being hit or killed, nope!
In fact, I’ll do you one better – If it’s not a (prefferably black, of lower income) cisgender man dragging a screaming (prefferably white, of higher income and virginal) cisgender woman into an alley, it’s not rape!

Just so I’m understood, this was all sarcasm.

@ Argenti

The “fire” thing is a bit of a myth.

The most effective way of overcoming Genovese Effect is to single out one individual

“You there in the blue jacket, help me please”

Then rather counter intuitively, everyone helps.

Alan — what’s really funny here? I was a psych major, I fucking studied the bystander effect, did anything like that come up? Well, practical things are less relevant than why humans behave how they do… except when the practical would’ve been relevant? Apparently not here?

I’m gonna have to remember that in general, cuz that makes legit sense, whereas the fire thing seems like yeah, it’d increase the odds of somebody doing something (if only dialing 911 // 999), but not help much unless it was an actual critical situation — the mythical virgin being dragged down an alley. But “hey, you in the blue shirt”, works for anything from serious crime to “can you reach the top shelf?” (A thing I frequently find myself saying!)

On a related topic, I was watching a combo documentary recreation of Genovese’s murder, and one of the cops said something oh so fitting PUAs — what are we gonna arrest him for, being an asshole? (A hotel clerk who probably saw it but wouldn’t say a damned thing about anything)

@ Argenti

There’s an interesting phenomenon with actual fires in that, in busy areas, people usually assume someone else called the fire brigade, so it often transpires that no one actually gets round to it and the building just burns down whilst everybody watches.

No the metal frames were put together to form a 3D box, it was on the floor and she was standing in it when she was on her phone (I believe she was texting). There was nothing to stand on since there are just metal frames no tops, bottoms or sides. Did I explain better?

It’s amazing that pretty much anything a woman/girl does men and boys (even other women and girls) will extremely overreact/be hostile towards them. The saying “for every man’s action there is a woman overreaction” is backwards.

Definitely, I understand it now. Thanks and sorry for the hassle 🙂

It’s kind of fun going to youtube looking at videos that speak positively of feminism, and looking at the comment section. I particularly like when I see someone saying something along the lines of “Feminists get offended so easily, amirite?!” Not included “I came all the way to a feminist video to make jokes about feminism because I’m soooooo not offended, you guys.”

Alan — I wonder if that’s a cultural thing? Cuz I’m used to watching for a bit, start asking who called and 3+ people saying they did (if you can’t already hear the sirens) — mind, I think the most serious fire I witnessed as an adult was a microwave already outside, and I’ve pretty much always lived within half-mile of a fire station (aka in a city or the edge of suburbia)

In an interview once Roosh said he didn’t believe the 1 in 5 stat was true because he “couldn’t imagine there are that many men jumping out of bushes at night to drag women into an alley.” I thought he actually believed that but now I don’t know if he’s being disingenuous – how convenient it is that he wants rape to be legalised in the same places he commits rape alpha sex.

Oh, I think he’s definitely disingenuous. He wants date rape legalized “on private property”, remember?

Also, he’s a fine one to talk about strangers jumping out of bushes and dragging women away to rape them…didn’t he pounce on a woman in Montréal and drag her into a bar, no doubt to get her drunk and bamboozle her into submission with his nonexistent charm? Yup, that happened. Only — ha, ha — all the bouncers in the district were on the alert for him, as was his quarry. Who dumped a beer on his head.

(I’m guessing he was also lying when he claimed she rubbed her “sexy legs” all over him. More likely, she kicked him in the shins at some point.)

“Definitely, I understand it now. Thanks and sorry for the hassle :)”

No problem It’s cool.

“He wants date rape legalized “on private property”, remember?”

What if Roosh gets raped? I mean by a guy?

What if Roosh gets raped? I mean by a guy?

Well, if it’s on private property…

Sorry. I know I shouldn’t, but dammit. It’s ROOSH.

And anyway, in the US, can’t you still sue for civil damages if you’ve been assaulted or injured on private property? Even if rape is “legalized” per Roosh’s demands (fat chance!), if he took a woman home and raped her, he’d still be liable, although whether she’d get much out of that heap of steaming squalor is debatable.

Eh, yes, but… if you have home owners insurance it covers most typical injuries (stairs and stuff like that). The idea of insurance companies having to specifically exclude rape is appalling, more appalling would be if they covered it the way they do “attractive nuisances” — usually “we’ll cover it, for a fee”. I’m sure these asswipes would love to think they’re the same risk to adult women that a pool is to children — well, they should’ve known it was dangerous! Which is why you need a fence around your pool… can we put a fence around Roosh?

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