She Hunted the Mammoth

I guess the folks at Ubisoft didn’t get the memo that only dudes hunted mammoths.

(Maybe because it’s not true. It may be that no one did. But a video game about people looting already dead mammoths probably wouldn’t sell many copies.)

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If you like watching Let’s Play’s with no racism/misogyny/GGer crap, Many A True Nerd is my FAVE.

Oooh yes, let me second that. I always enjoy a good MATN video.


yeah, y’all are right I’m sure. I guess it is a little easier to believe that there might really be something wrong (like, physiologically wrong) with such people rather than just being angry, manipulative, hate-fueled dipshits with an internet connection. That kind of thing is what is slowly eroding my hope for the human species

And people stigmatising and stereotyping mental illnesses are making ME lose hope for humanity. Don’t do that, seriously. If you think mental illness is a more valid reason for hateful, bigoted behaviour than being a hateful bigot then you need to get out of that mindset immediately.

It’s a classic coping mechanism based on a desire to compensate for their own inadequacies: appropriate and collectivize the achievements of others in their race/gender/class as if they were their own.

some sort of username,

thanks for saying that. No BS, no sarcasm. I can appreciate what you are saying. Sometimes I think too much for my own damn good, and start forming thoughts that trivialize issues

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