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Breaking News: Girls Really Are Icky and Smelly, According to Man Who Hates Them

Ladies: They Are Stinky, New Study Shows
Ladies: They Are Stinky, New Study Shows

You may have heard that girls are icky and stinky and covered in cooties.

Well; it turns out that IT’S ALL TRUE!

The Men’s Rights futurist over at the Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology blog has discovered a survey from earlier this year suggesting that most UK women don’t shower every day. “[I]t turns out that women are taking less and less showers,” he writes, with evident alarm.

In a British survey, nearly 80% of women admitted that they aren’t taking daily showers. Many women are even showering less than once every three days. (Additionally, two thirds of women in the survey don’t remove their makeup before they go to bed, and one eighth of women in the survey admitted to not brushing their teeth before they go to bed.) 

Never mind that the survey apparently didn’t include men, and that it was conducted by a company that used it to push its skin-care products. The poor blogger sees this as clear and incontrovertible evidence that women are becoming stinkier and stinkier and will ultimately explode from sheer stinkiness, or something.

At this rate, women are going to stop showering and taking baths.  In a hot month like August women are going to stink, and it will be a very nasty stink.  And that’s before adding on the stink from that will come from refusing to properly use a toilet.

Wait, women don’t use toilets?


In a previous blog post, which I wrote about here, Mr. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech concluded, based on his own highly scientific study of women that consisted of watching  a couple of episodes of Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club Mexico, that women (and by “women” he means “Snooki”) sometimes piss their pants and cover up the stink with perfume. And other times women (and by women he means someone or other on Bad Girls Club Mexico) pee in buckets while riding in limos and then later they hand “the piss filled bucket to some guy to deal with.”

From this, he concluded that “We’re Going To Need Litter Boxes For Women In The Future,” as the title of his post put it.

And now the whole shower thing. It’s like it’s like some kind of stankocalypse!

This will be a just another reason for men to go their own way.  Very few men will choose to deal with women who continuously stink and are covered in a layer of filth.  It’s disturbing that women think that they can do this without men objecting to it.

In the comments, one fellow suggests that women have pretty lax standards when it comes to male hygiene as well:

Women … swoon over homeless hobo’s, serial killers & greasy drummers, filthy hygiene comes naturally to the average chick

Why do you think housework & washing dishes is oppressive to women …

Women are feral barbaric & uncivilized, no limits when it comes degenerative women

So, in other words, not only are women to blame for their own allegedly poor hygiene, they are responsible for the poor hygiene of “homeless hobo’s” and “greasy drummers” as well. Also, for dirty dishes.

All this reminds me of those terrifying but all-too-real ads from the 40s and 50s urging women to wash out their you-know-whats with Lysol.

Ladies! Do this extremely dangerous thing that can only harm you or the man in your life will leave you!
Ladies! Do this extremely dangerous thing that can only harm you or the man in your life will leave you!

Mother Jones has an interesting and horrifying piece on how Lysol was used not only for “feminine hygiene” but as a (completely ineffective) form of birth control.

95 replies on “Breaking News: Girls Really Are Icky and Smelly, According to Man Who Hates Them”

I absolutely have to shower every day, or I start to smell immediately. Sometimes I have to shower again before bed, even if I already showered that morning. I hate this body sometimes.

My wife can go several days without a shower and still smell great. She also doesn’t sweat. Misandry!


true. If you were to ask me if I showered every day I’d say yes (though not my hair, I wash that every three days). However if you were to ask if I have ever left the house without showering, I’d have to say yes, because sometimes alarms don’t go off or early flights have to be caught.

I was raised by a woman who is fanatically hygiene conscious, she has at least one shower or bath every day, and she gets through packets of anti-bacterial wipes at a rate of knots. So I grew up thinking mushrooms would sprout on me and flies would start buzzing round if I skipped a wash.

Then in my early twenties I was traveling on the cheap, sometimes staying in places where you wouldn’t want to get undressed, or even leave any of your luggage unattended for five minutes, and it was liberating to discover that actually I could go three days without smelling at all.

I shower every other day because the water in my area is metered and has the most expensive rates in the whole country. Seriously, it’s expensive. Though sometimes if I’m particularly sweaty in the morning, especially if the previous work day has been more hot and physical than usual, I’ll quickly wash my body but not my hair.

I live in Ireland, and it is currently 52 degrees F, with 90 percent humidity, and I have most of the windows in the house wide open, enjoying the delicious breeze. I moved here from Texas a year and a bit ago. This temperature, on the Gulf coast, is called “winter”. My husband (the Irishman responsible) was offended when he arrived in Texas in July and I told him he must start showering every day and using deodorant. No, really, the precious man had never used it. Now that we’re back, he has stopped using it, and stopped showering every day, and does not smell bad. I, however, seem to have retained the ability to stink like hell by evening if I fail to use antiperspirant in the morning. My theory is that my skin bacteria are just different from his.

I think it was in A Fine Balance where some characters in the novel move in together, and they each think the others stink, until after a period of all eating the same foods they stopped stinking to each other.

Which is now making me wonder…there are some foods that real manly men don’t eat, or always eat, because a lot of what we’d consider ‘food’ is what the consider ‘girly food’–I wonder if it may be that at least for some of these guys their diet is different enough to what most of the people around them eat that they stink to us and we stink to them?

I work nights. Sometimes when it’s a choice between the snooze button and a shower, the snooze button wins. But I still always check my smell and tidy up with a washcloth, because otherwise ew.

I’ve known women who start worrying about their smell before they’ve even finished their workout. I’m pretty sure this dude does not need to fear the unwashed hordes of stinkmaidens anytime soon.

Yeah, I’m not an everyday bather and darn right, too. Every other day, unless I’m dirty or particularly sweaty. I don’t think it’s good for my skin or my hair to wash constantly. Yes, I live in the UK, but I was like that when I lived in the US. I used to catch a lot of flack from my family about this, but now they’ve come around to my way of thinking.

Oh, and can I say that I’m sooooo glad I grew up in an age with 1) access to birth control (more or less) and 2) and an acceptance that douching is not good for the vagina. I have never used one.

Kreator sez:

I forgot to mention that the climate you live in and the amount of physical activity you undertake are other important factors as well.

Yeah. If you’ve ever wondered why bathing, especially bathing before bed, is such a thing in Japanese culture, just come experience a summer here. You can get disgusting just opening the window to hang the laundry out to dry, never mind trying to leave the house.

Also, praise be upon the person who invented the towelket. If you’re going to sweat all night, it really helps to wrap up in a breathable, absorbent blanket made out of towel material.

“…swoon over homeless hobos…”

Wait…wasn’t this exactly what MRAs want us to do? Isn’t that a big thing over on AVFM, complaining about how women are so mean to homeless guys and don’t find them sexy?

Guys guys guys I think I’ve just found the poster child for all the MGTOWs/RPers/MRAs/manospherians combined.

He is a walking talking archetype oh my god. Context: the comment is in response to a video posted about two men saving a woman from being beaten by her (ex?) husband in a car park.

Isn’t the explanation for armpit hair and pubic hair that it evolved to act as an odour trap?

I don’t want to get into TMI territory here but it may be that not every chap is put off by the natural scent of a woman. Presumably there’s a reason why musk is a popular ingredient in colognes and perfumes.

On the subject of perfumes. One question I’d really love to know the answer to is who was the person who originally said:

“Hey, you know what would make this ridiculously expensive perfume even better? Whale barf.”

Wait… I thought MRA’s were huge evo-psych fans. They should be complaining some made up BS that women are not washing so they load up on pheromones to control all of the men around them to do their bidding.

But seriously – this is one of the dumbest slippery slope arguments I have read in a while. I would also not be surprised to learn the guy who complained about poor toilet habits from women is also one of the guys who feels he does not need to wash his hands after going number one.

[blockquote] On the subject of perfumes. One question I’d really love to know the answer to is who was the person who originally said:

“Hey, you know what would make this ridiculously expensive perfume even better? Whale barf.”[blockquote]

Likely the same person who thought “I’d totally eat that” when looking at a snail crawling on a rock in the river. 😛

Spaceman | August 31, 2015 at 7:36 am :

Wait… I thought MRA’s were huge evo-psych fans.

Only when evo-psych’s unfalsifiable-just-so-stories-posing-as-hypotheses square with their misogynistic agenda.

But two can play at that game.

For example, one could argue that “chicks dig assholes” is a viable evolutionary strategy for women as assholes tend to be decisive and indecisiveness is likely to get you killed on the Pleistocene savannah (the evo-psycho’s environment of choice), thus ensuring her mate is around long enough to provide for her offspring. Or that a certain amount of “cucking” on a woman’s part is to be expected from an evolutionary perspective as it maximises the genetic diversity of her offspring and lowers the risk of them all dying of some inherited disorder.

What’s that, MRAs? You don’t like those scenarios? Well, there’s about as much evidence for them (i.e., none) as any other bit of evo-psych garbage you’d like to trot out…

The anthropologist Desmond Morris, while not averse to a few cranky evolutionary ideas of his own (e.g., that women’s breasts are some kind of “replacement ass” that developed when humans switched from doggy-style to face-to-face mating– yes, really) pointed out that there’s this kind of weird arms race at work when it comes to human sexual signalling, especially for women:

Women shave their armpit hair and wash themselves to remove their natural musk… and then wear perfumes containing other animals’ musks
Women wear long dresses to disguise the sway of their hips when they walk (I’m going out on a limb here but I think ol’ Desmond is an ass man 😀 )… and then wear high-heeled shoes that emphasises it

With men there’s fewer examples, but you do have the penis sheaths worn by certain tribes in South America, or the codpieces worn in Renaissance Europe, whose ostensible job is to hide the genitals but end up drawing attention to them…

Conclusion: humans be crazy 😀

I think ol’ Desmond is an ass man

He was also quite into cats; he did a book on them.

@ Catamara

So do you think it once went like this down at L’Oriel:

“Dead Squid? Nope”

“Bit of fishing line? Nope”

“Random chunk of Polystyrene?” Etc.


heh. I had completely forgotten about him. I remember some of my college anthropology professors discussing him and the breasts=butt theory. If I remember those lectures right, none seemed to believe it. It was 10+ years ago, but I think it was in the same class that discussed the aquatic ape theory and other pseudo-scientific ideas folks had on how humans evolved.

I don’t want to get into TMI territory here but it may be that not every chap is put off by the natural scent of a woman. Presumably there’s a reason why musk is a popular ingredient in colognes and perfumes.

Well, it’s usually from other critters (skunks and civets, anyone?) or synthetic, or even plant-derived…but yeah. In small quantities, that stuff smells GOOD.

My long-time go-to scent in my twenties was The Body Shop’s White Musk, which is plant-derived. Always got compliments on it, even if I hadn’t showered that day. And the guys were never the wiser. MISANDRY!

I only ever shower every other day, at most.
Everyone’s different, and my reason is I have terrible eczema which only gets worse with even brief/cool showers. I don’t even use bodywash (only for the most sensitive areas, and only then -very- mild stuff). My skin will literally tear and bleed if I bend my joints too roughly after showering.

Time after time, research has shown us that showering every single day really isn’t that healthy. Sure it’s necessary for some people, but I was blessed with the right genes it seems. Curse the genes that gave me allergies though XD

“I wonder if it may be that at least for some of these guys their diet is different enough to what most of the people around them eat that they stink to us and we stink to them?”

When Japan re-opened to the outside world in the 1850s and 1860s, one of the pejorative terms for Westerners was “batakusai” — “stinks of butter”. Apparently the body odor that the Japanese attributed to a diet high in animal fats was particularly unpleasant to them.

My mother used to frequently repeat the old saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, which treats hygiene as a moral as well as a practical issue. This level of personal hygiene became possible only with the advent of running hot water in advanced countries. Heating enough water for most people to bathe regularly — particularly in the large families that used to be common — was basically impossible before that. (When Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, was captured, much was made of his unkempt appearance. But his personal hygiene was actually quite good, considering that he lived in a small cabin and got his water from a hose placed in a nearby stream. With no means to heat enough water to bathe in, and no access to a shower, it is very difficult to maintain modern standards of grooming in the cold seasons when bathing in a nearby river or pond is not practical.)

Also, the idea that cleanliness equates to “killing germs” is a relatively recent thing. The epidemic of cholera that struck London beginning in 1832 was then attributed to a “miasma” — “a foul odor”. In 1849 Dr. John Snow wrote a paper linking the cholera to certain wells, but his ideas were not accepted for many years. Eventually a sewage system was built and cholera was conquered (in London, that is), but we have known that cholera is spread by contamination of water by pathogens contained in the feces of the sick for less than 150 years. Before that, people would take their drinking water from a stream with turds (or even Rooshes) floating in it, and nearly all streams in populated areas were contaminated in this manner.

Once the link between “germs” and disease was established, the indiscriminate killing of every germ in sight was launched. It wasn’t until very recently that people began to understand that most bacteria are innocuous and many are necessary — and that excessively aggressive killing of even pathogens can lead to bacteria that are antibiotic-resistant. So we are beginning to understand that the best hygiene requires a bit of moderation — something less than radical cleanliness is probably best for the average person.

something less than radical cleanliness is probably best for the average person.

I thought it was fairly well understood now that the reason that there has been a big increase in allergies and auto immune deficiencies generally is that there’s been a generation of kids brought up in environments that were too clean.

Before that, people would take their drinking water from a stream with turds (or even Rooshes) floating in it, and nearly all streams in populated areas were contaminated in this manner.

Aaand this made me LOL. Well done, Grumpy.

BTW, I suspect the “butter stink” that the Japanese found so horrid was due either to the fact that people ate it less fresh (and thus, more smelly-bacteria-laden) than we do today, or maybe just to the fact that white men’s apocrine glands (the ones responsible for the kind of pit-and-crotch sweat that collects bacteria and smells) are much larger than those of the average East Asian. I do know that some plastics and waxes, when they deteriorate, stink an awful lot like old, unwashed BO.

I do shower every day, sometimes twice during the summer – between naturally oily hair and living in super-humid northern Australia, it’s sort of necessary for me, lest low-level RPG heroes start hunting me for EXP. But again, everybody has different needs.

“Butter stink” is definitely a thing that happens when people eat too many animal products. It’s definitely noticeable if you are sensitive to scents and eat a mostly non-western diet. There are similar stereotypes about people of other backgrounds with distinctive diets smelling certain ways too.

I have long been in the habit of showering just before going to bed. It keeps my pajamas and bedclothes cleaner longer. My body odor becomes noticeable after two days without showering or bathing; this has been the case since adolescence. Probably a combination of heredity and diet.

I haven’t had many opportunities to experience the scent of a woman. Our eighteen year old son, however, has a profound, powerful and distinctive body odor. He does not find this unpleasant. I cannot imagine that an unwashed woman of any age could possibly beat him on that score, cooties or not.

One curious thing – I find that Nag Champa incense smells like a pleasant, natural body odor to me.

It’s not like the majority of people shower daily. I mean, I do, but that’s because I work in a fucking sweltering warehouse and feel manky when I get home.

Generally, if you’re not doing heavy, sweaty work, you don’t need to shower *every damn day*.

In the 70’s my grandma visited France and fell in love with bidets. When she got back, she had one installed in the big bathroom in the house.

No one used it until the 80’s when the grandbabies were born, when it became our bathtub!

I guess I understand how it’s easier to give your bits a really thorough cleaning in a bidet than in the shower but it’s really not hard to clean your bits in the shower.

More importantly though, genitals and bums don’t require any more thorough cleaning than the rest of the body (assuming you’re not Roosh and take wiping your bum seriously), as much as lady haters want the world to believe vulvas and vaginas and girl ass but not boy ass are inherently filthy. The vagina cleans it’s self so if it’s icky you’re probably sick, not dirty, and the full extent of what it required for bum and vulva hygiene is rinsing with water.

Oh wow, I’m actually an “Average Briton” for once. Most surveys never seem to apply to me.

I used to bathe daily, as a teenager, but now that nobody’s forcing me to wear a head-to-toe acrylic and polyester school uniform, I’ve noticed I don’t sweat as much.

I dunno, do they count giving oneself a cat-bath with a damp washcloth as bathing? ‘Cause I’ve taken to doing that between days when I wash my hair, but that’s just because I’m staying somewhere with crap water-pressure at the moment and it seems quicker to just wash the bits of me that are grubby and do a more thorough job every 3 days.

While you guys are talking about “butter stink”… my mum has often been known to remark that black people smell good and I always thought this seemed like a bizarre thing to say. But are there actually different types of racially-determined body odour? I haven’t conducted a sniff-test, because that would be a bit weird.

I used to shower daily and wash my hair daily as a teenager, and I probably needed it then.

If my hair gets sweaty I’ll rinse it (often with a vinegar or herb rinse [herbs/tea also lowers the pH of the water, and smell better than vinegar]) on days I don’t wash it; I still usually shower daily on days that I’m working; depending on what I’m doing at work I do sometimes get more sweaty, as well I’m more likely to get mildly stressed. I definitely notice a big difference between stressed/fearful/anxious sweat and normal sweat. It takes a full-on running session to smell as bad from exercise as from adrenaline-related sweat.

I’ve heard that garlic and onions can affect your smell, too; probably true, but I love garlic and onions.

If you’ve seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Maggie Smith’s character says that the Indians will be “reeking of curry”. I was thinking, “You’re pretty racist, but I’m not sure that’s not true [though ‘reeking’ vs ‘smell like’ is a loaded word choice]…”

Yeah, I may smell on occasion, but that doesn’t mean this guy isn’t an idiot. And I can shower.

I’m going to start using “daintiness” as a synonym for vagina now, recently douched or not.

“Ouch! Right in the daintiness!”

I’m going to start using “daintiness” as a synonym for vagina now


Almost as good (maybe better, because it’s shorter) as Katie Webster’s “that other place that’s much too sophisticated to mention”.

Yeah, as many people here have noted, there are a lot of factors that come into play here. Is your skin/hair particularly oily, or particularly dry? How much does it cost for you to heat water? Do you live in an area with plenty of water where having a very long shower, or more than one shower a day, is merely a matter of if you’re willing to pay the water bill or not and if someone else needs to use the shower? Or do you live in an area that is much drier and has water conservation issues (which at the very least requires much shorter showers/shallower baths). Does the climate you live in tend towards being colder or drier (which may also tempt you on colder days to have a hot shower/bath just to warm up), or being hotter and more humid? What is your diet like? Do you take meds that may affect your B.O or how much you sweat? What about disabilities that might have an effect on your bathing habits? Does having a sponge bath count? And finally, are you just one of those people who are plain out lucky or unlucky in the BO department?

And that’s just in regards to people who live in homes with running water.

Well lets really face it, the women of today are Nothing at all like the real Good old fashioned women were.

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