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MGTOW Redditor warns unwary men of the dangers of sexy lady robot … SPIES!

Fembots: As dangerous as they are seductive
Fembots: As dangerous as they are seductive

So the fellas in the MGTOW subreddit are as excited as our old friend Heartiste about that Daily Mirror article predicting that we’ll all be schtupping robots in 50 years.

bidi123 28 points 1 day ago  It gets you off better than any woman ever could, as often as you want, and you don't have to do anything in return. Everything no woman ever did. Does not get old, does not get fat, does not want children... What's not to like? permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]TX_Man_ 19 points 23 hours ago  Not to mention no divorce and no false rape accusations permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]bidi123 13 points 23 hours ago  and the most important bit: no condoms and std's

But one Redditor thinks he sees a possible danger in this seemingly perfect solution to every MGTOW’s lady problems: the sexy robot ladies could be … spies for Microsoft!

pirate6728 2 points 17 hours ago  Y'all are not gonna like me much. Under the immediate circumstances, I don't care. This still needs to be thought about and maybe discussed. A sexbot is the perfect vehicle for spyware. Think about it: Most men say things to their lovers (pillow talk) that they would never say to anybody else. If Microsoft, Google, Facebook and the Federal Government all want to learn your deepest, darkest secrets it would be hard to come up with a better way than a robot woman capable of real sex. We already have spyware of various sorts as it is. Google does all it can to learn everything. Microsoft just released Windows 10, and as part of that package you can turn on "Cortana" which does nothing but spy on you so it can--supposedly-- learn how to make your computing experience "better", and of course it's not hard to go on and on about the various ways the powers-that-be spy on us now. So-- give us a robot woman, programmed to learn about us so it "can make you more pleased with your experience"--- and you have spyware that would make Sean Connery drool when he played 007. Something to think about.



MGTOW and SEXBOT lie in futuristic bed after sex.

Sexbot turns to MGTOW and gives him a quizzical look.



What are you thinking about, honey?


How women are filthy whores.







[Brightly] Let’s play a game!


What kind of game?


Let’s play “can we remember our social security number.”


Ok, you start!


I’m a sexbot, silly, I don’t have a social security number.


Ok, ok, 597-21 … wait a minute!


MGTOW leaps from the bed and points his finger at Sexbot, shaking with anger.



You’re a SPY! Just like that guy on Reddit warned me about!


I’m not a spy, silly! I’m a sexbot!


Who are you working for? Microsoft? Google? SarkeesianCorp?


The END TABLE lets out a long sigh.



Dude, she works for SarkeesianCorp. I work for SarkesianCorp. You work for SarkeesianCorp.


Oh. I guess I do, huh?


No one’s even used Social Security numbers for like 20 years.


She just wanted to play a fun game, you dingus.


[Turning to Wall Sconce] Do you work for SarkeesianCorp, too?


Seriously? What do you think?


[Muttering to himself] Seems like everyone works for SarkeesianCorp these days.


This popcorn is delicious indeed.


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“emo kid” — lmao

This coming from the ugly duckling who once raged at length on these very pages about how wounded she was (and obviously still is) from getting rejected by the popular boys in highschool. 😀

It’s difficult to overstate how vigorously you must have labored to type that string of characters with a straight face. I MEAN I JUST SERIOUSLY CAN’T EVEN.

For all the talk around here about lack of conservative self-awareness, you dorks are a fascinating case study of your own.

anonymous: You know, some of us have grown up and matured since high school. Something you can look forward to, I’m sure.

artsmyth: I’m sure. I’ll bet whichever sensitive ninny made words like “crazy” verboten around here is looking forward to it too.

anonymous: As you seem to be of the right age for it, you can always make your own clubhouse where you and all your chums can gather, even hang a “no gurlz aloud” on the door, and say all the words mean ol’ adults don’t like you saying in polite company, giggling at how naughty you are.

Oh noes! Here I was guarding against the fat and ugly insult. Little did I know this mastermind of insults would come up with “dorks!” Oh anonymous, you slay me with your words. What a rapscallian!

You know, it’s been a while since Bina talked about high school. Either anonymous has been creepily lurking for many weeks, or he slipped up and admitted to socking.

“Either anonymous has been creepily lurking for many weeks”

lmao — this Dunning-Kruger effect casualty reflects ineptly on the triteness of insults and fires back with the most hackneyed bromide of her own.

I’ll let you get cracking on that case. Ya gotta earn dem unemployment bucks somehow.

Double fail.

You don’t know what the Dunning-Kruger actually is. I didn’t vastly overestimate my competence. I made an observation that it’s fishy that you remember biographical details about Bina when your first post was yesterday.

Also, I’m not unemployed. When you get old for a job, you’ll discover that to get unemployment benefits, you must be unemployed. Or occasionally, underemployed.

lmao — this Dunning-Kruger effect casualty reflects ineptly on the triteness of insults and fires back with the most hackneyed bromide of her own.

Is there a game of “use as many words you don’t actually know the meaning of in one sentence” going on that I don’t know about?

“I didn’t vastly overestimate my competence.”

Oh but you do.

re: unemployment — I’ll defer to your expertise on the subject.

Goodbye for now, you mincing fa-ggots.

“Is there a game of “use as many words you don’t actually know the meaning of in one sentence” going on that I don’t know about?”

Telling. 😀

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


Don’t like that edge cut you on the way out.

I really hope MRA central brushes up its script.

“Broad insults, naughty words and vague implications” doesn’t offer much to work with. (To anon’s credit, dudle did try the stalker angle, I guess.)

Re: anonymous

Hmm, would a diagnosis of “Delusions of Adequacy” breach our ableism policy?

Most people leave “I am rubber, you are glue” and “I know you are, but what am I” behind with recess and large-print primers…

Actually, some schools are starting back up about now. My mom is a teacher and her township started classes this week. My nephews start back next week. It does tend to vary by area though. Some places don’t start back until after Labor Day (first Monday in September).

My schools always started the day after Labor Day. My friend who went to Catholic school usually started back in late August. So it just depends.

I’m kind of surprised summer vacation is still a thing. Wasn’t it originally there so that farm kids could help their parents? No kid would ever want to hear this, but they could probably trim down summer break to 2-6 weeks. It would give them more time to learn and help out parents with childcare costs.

Frankly, I don’t know that many school districts could afford to do away with summer vacation. There’s been enormous economic pressure on many districts to trim days.

Trimming the summer break would actually really help. Students forget a lot when they are away from school for so long. Usually, the first few weeks of school are spent reteaching things that were taught in the previous year.

There are quite a few papers about this, but this paper reviewed data from multiple other studies and found that students lost about a month’s worth of learning over the summer.

@ej – growing up with the long summer holidays, I loved them and there are advantages re. summer jobs for older kids and teachers, etc. I now deal with the UK system which has a shorter summer break (but as a parent it feels long enough!!) and endless term and half-term breaks. I’m not sure they’re actually in school for any longer and I have more frequent occasions where I have to scramble for childcare and we end up having breaks during the dank, dark days of Feb and October and a long stretch over Christmas. There’s no perfect system!

…I wish school started later. I’m going to have a month and a half of 80+ hour work week heck when my school job starts up again at the U, but my summer job is still holding on for the end of summer.


And colleges start later than primary and secondary.

It starts too soon.

“lmao — this Dunning-Kruger effect casualty reflects ineptly on the triteness of insults and fires back with the most hackneyed bromide of her own.”

That’s cute, like a parrot picking up some basics of human speech and using them for a long, passionate, and ultimately meaningless squawking session. Maybe someday he’ll learn to craft insults that can actually hurt someone’s feelings, or use “tongue-in-cheek” as something other than a retcon.

@ Carayak

If you ever get a parrot teach it to say “Help; a wizard turned me into a parrot!”

You’re absolutely right. I was coming from the perspective of improving the learning process by not having to reteach things, but it can be difficult for working parents who have to find childcare during those breaks.

My mom still teaches at my elementary school, so we never had to worry about that when I was growing up. If we were off of school, so was she. While it was great for us, it’s not something everyone is able to do. I worked as a day camp counselor when I was in high school/college and there were definitely times when I felt like a glorified babysitter. You could tell that that kids didn’t want to be there, but the parents just needed somewhere for them to go during the day. It’s kind of sad when you think about it.

Nah the troll just tried to get at us with primary school insults. Which didn’t work because we’re all adults here, way past that stage. I’m pretty sure he/she was a lurker/sockpuppet, since they obviously didn’t bother to learn what Dunning-Kruger is and just picked up the term by reading our comments.

Which makes me then think that maybe anonymous actually IS an adult. >_>

Imagine if you will a primitive AI, unable to truly understand language but capable of digesting what people write, chopping it into pieces, and using it as its own statements in future. It sees a person accuse another of being “stupid”, so it stores that as a thing to call someone. Likewise, it stores “fa-ggot” and “Dunning-Kruger”, despite not having any knowledge of what they mean and so not able to deploy them appropriately.

Can we be sure that anonymous is not such an AI?

Now that silly primary-school troll is gone…

@David, your script is hilarious! I look forward to more adventures with End Table and Wall Sconce.

Oh my god, I can’t believe someone expects guys to have pillow talk with sexbots and reveal all their deepest secrets to them.

They already know your secrets. No sex bots nessecary. I doubt 99% reddit users don’t bother to use a VPN…

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