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Lesbianism is a plot to deny men sex with hot women before they get old, Red Piller explains

By the time she switches to men .... it'll be too late! (Because she'll be old and ugly by then.)
By the time she switches to men …. it’ll be too late! (Because she’ll be old and ugly by then.)

Scientists may not have the whole “what causes homosexuality” thing figured out to everyone’s satisfaction yet, but one Red Pill Redditor thinks he has an answer.

Shockingly, it has to do with his boner, and the fact that not all women are interested in it.

LionLaw 49 points 17 hours ago*  I feel like being a lesbian is a phase for women, something they all eventually grow out of (for the most part) once the threat of the wall becomes all too real. Maybe not a "phase" per se, but more like an excuse to waste away her youth and good looks before her beta in shining glasses comes to marry her while she fucks chad on da side. Edit: Jesus, I wouldn't touch those women with a stick

The rest of the Reddit thread contains numerous other Red Pillers offering their own theories about lesbians, so, er, go read that if you want to bathe more in the intellectual equivalent of a fetid hot tub filled with red bull, ignorance, and poop.

H/T — r/thebluepill (the good ones)

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Elfkat: well, at least you know why you did it now! Just think of the fun you could have with that question in future –

DudeB: “You’re only gay because you want to avoid sleeping with me.”
You: “Nope, actually, I’m gay because I want to avoid sleeping with DudeA. You can join the queue, though.”

(Cue professor falling over laughing again).

I used to give talks at my university about being gay and at the Q&A at the end, one guy accused me of being gay so I could avoid sleeping with him. I told him he was awfully vain to think I had planned my life around the chance that I would ever meet him and I thought the professor was going to fall on the floor he was laughing so hard

Yup, all these lesbians are gay because of this one dude.

That, or they’re gay because of that other dude, the schlubby asshole my sister used to date, who seriously opined that lesbians were gay because they couldn’t orgasm with men. (Well, I guess not. I suspect, though, that it more likely has something to do with not being attracted to them enough to have sex with them in the first place.)

Regarding the book cover:


I like that the lesbian option is the one with the word “love.” And considering how great “normal [heterosexual] marriage” was for women… Yeah, I can believe it was a lesbian novel, with a skippable get-past-the-editor-and-publisher ending fake-chapter.

Hasn’t there been repeated studies that show that lesbians are more likely to orgasm than straight women?

Methinks the men doth protest too much.

What’s funny about that novel is the author’s credit at the bottom. See the mention of “We Too Are Drifting”? That book, along with Beebo Brinker (mentioned above) and The Price of Salt, are some of the classics of early literature by lesbians for lesbians. I actually bought copies of them at the university bookstore for a sociology class. Those three were called out as unusual for NOT having the “returns to heterosexuality” ending that was almost required for the time, and are the first such that I know of in American literature.

Hasn’t there been repeated studies that show that lesbians are more likely to orgasm than straight women?

Methinks the men doth protest too much.

Yes, there have been such studies, showing just such results. And even though I’m not gay myself, it makes sense to me that they would; who understands a woman’s body and its sexual needs better than another woman? Lots of guys are utterly clueless about how long it takes a woman to get aroused, and heighten that arousal long enough to orgasm. And why not? When it only takes them a couple of minutes to get off themselves, how WOULD they know, unless a disappointed and unusually frank woman took them to task for it?

It always strikes me as weird that queer women/ lesbians/ asexual women, etc are accused of coming out as queer/ bi/ lesbian/ asexual as a nefarious, plot to deceive men into believing that such women just aren’t that into those men’s dicks (or just aren’t into their dicks at all), when the reality is that this is just an excuse promoted to prevent men from noticing that, in fact, such women aren’t really that into those men’s dicks!

I mean, really: did they become MRAs just to try to confuse me? That’s probably it: thousands or bitter men sitting in front of their computers thinking, “No, I can’t make that argument. Crip Dyke might read it some day, and that argument has some coherent aspects to it. Maybe I should just go full-on MRA, forsaking all logic, reasoning, and, hell, thinking too, so that in case CD someday reads one of my arguments on WHTM, she’ll be in a complete brainspin for, like, tens of seconds!

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