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What?! Philadelphia Train Crash “Exposes The Problems With Homosexuals In America,” Return of Kings Writer Claims

The last episode of Mad Men aired last night, but if ever something needed a Don Draper “what?” — or even an entire video full of them — the latest garbage post from garbage human being Matt Forney at garbage site Return of Kings is it.

In a post titled “Brandon Bostian’s Amtrak Crash Exposes The Problems With Homosexuals In America,” Forney — Internet-infamous for his posts making “The Case Against Female Self-Esteem” and claiming that “Fat Girls Don’t Deserve to Be Loved” — suggests that the real cause of the Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia could be engineer Brandon Bostian’s “unchecked homosexuality.”  

What a shock that a woman-hating, fat-shaming shithead who recently attended a white nationalist conference would also turn out to be a raging homophobe as well. Bigotries of a feather flock together.

Linking to posts on far-right muckrakerwallower  journalist Chuck Johnson’s GotNews site that seem to indicate that Bostian is gay, and that he might possibly have posted dick pics to sites devoted to posting dick pics, Forney cranks up his logic engine and writes that

It’s not a stretch to argue that a man obsessed with showing off his private parts to strangers might also be inclined to show off how fast he can drive a runaway train.

So wouldn’t that make Elliot Spitzer a prime suspect in the crash?

Well, no, because Spitzer isn’t gay, and in Forney’s mind the real villain here is unchecked gayness. Indeed, Forney claims,

because the left has so effectively hidden the dark side of gay culture from view, homosexuals are becoming a major threat to public health and safety.

In addition to being buttsex-having “disease vectors,” Forney charges, gay men “[l]ack … propriety and proper boundaries.” His proof? A story in the right-wing Washington Times titled “Gay couples’ children oppose same-sex marriage, tell of unpleasant upbringings.” In the story, one woman claimed that

her gay father was so preoccupied with sex that when she was in high school and brought home a male classmate, both her father and his lover propositioned him for sex. 

Forney writes:

Imagine a straight man hitting on his son’s girlfriend. You can’t, because even a single father wouldn’t think about violating his son’s boundaries in that fashion. This is how many homosexuals act: they’re narcissists who can’t be bothered to integrate into society yet constantly demand that straight people approve of their life choices.

Uh, dude, it’s not hard to imagine, because it happens all the fucking time — and these men often have no issue with violating the boundaries of the girlfriends either. Also, you’re writing on a site catering to men obsessed with dating young women (and teenage girls) many years their junior, where the big debate is whether women “hit the wall” and become too terminally old to “bang” at 30, or 25, or even 17. (Seriously, see the comments here.)

Forney continues:

Gay marriage, typically framed as a matter of “love,” can easily be used to enable homosexual child molesters.

Uh, dude, I hate to break it to you, but non-gay marriage can easily be used to enable non-homosexual child molesters, too.

Oh, but Forney wants us to know that he’s no homophobe. Nope, he explains, he’s not afraid of those filthy “homos.”

The leftist tactic of smearing critics of homosexual degeneracy as “homophobic” is completely off-base. We aren’t “afraid” of homo misbehavior, we’re disgusted by it, same as if we’d stepped in a dog turd on the sidewalk. There is nothing wrong with being revolted by people who spread disease through reckless sex, who adopt children so they can abuse them sexually, and who think shoving a taser up a mummy’s ass makes for a fun Friday night.

Uh, what? Is there some secret brigade of gay archeologists going around tasering mummies?

Getting back to that “w” word: What does any of this nonsense have to do with the train crash in Philadelphia? Your guess is as good as mine, particularly since we don’t even know what caused the crash at this point. Aside from his ridiculous “argument” about the inherent recklessness of dudes who post dick pics, Forney doesn’t even bother to try to make any sort of logical argument tying Bostian’s apparent sexual preferences to the crash.

Oh, and before I forget, I should point out that Forney also seems to think that Bostian was “likely an affirmative action hire” (!?) because, before becoming a train conductor 8 years ago and then an engineer 4 years ago, he worked at Target.

Naturally, this being Return of Kings, the comments are mostly pretty horrifying. Amazingly, there are a few commenters who actually challenge Forney’s homophobia. But there are also guys like advancedatheist, who writes

I would like to see the return of social norms where gays feel shame and humility again because they face sanctions against “expressing themselves,” and where they especially have a lot of trouble finding each other to engage in their self-destructive behavior. I suppose gay men’s lives have “value” based on some kind of abstract moral reasoning. But that “value” doesn’t mean they have a right to sexual fulfillment, for the simple reason that nobody has such a right. Instead we have let gay men set the standard for this entitlement mentality that threatens to bring down civilization.

Apparently, at Return of Kings, any excuse for homophobic rants will do.


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7 years ago


It would seem useful to distinguish between what comes from fear and what comes from hatred.

I’m not sure what you mean by this comment. I read up a lot on the anti-gay movement in the US, mostly through Right Wing Watch. I do think some, but far from all, American Evangelical Christians genuinely feel threatened by gays gaining mainstream acceptance, because they sort of place all their anxieties about changing cultural norms and sexual mores onto the LGBT community. It’s pure scapegoating but it’s easy to attack a loosely knit group that roughly makes up less than 5% of the population, when it’s heterosexuals moving away from traditional family units that’s causing the real cultural shift.

Then there’s the GOP and conservative talking heads who fan the flames to keep social conservatives loyal to a party that doesn’t serve their economic interests. Racism also serves a similar purpose, especially in the south where 85-90% of the white voters voted against Obama.

Does Forney truly hate gays? I don’t really care because he wrote an polemic in which he distorts facts, aka lies, in order to dehumanize gays and lesbians. He talks shit about lesbians, but his man focus is on gay men. On a depressingly popular website for “heterosexual, masculine men”, he’s arguing gay men shouldn’t be seen as men, but instead as degenerate homosexuals who “exhibit behaviors and pathologies that are almost nonexistent in the straight population”.

And, if you check out the comments, plenty of ROK’s terrible readers are eating it up. There’s admiration for Russian oppression and anti-gay violence. There’s agreement that gays threaten traditional heterosexual social order.

They blame liberals/leftists/Cultural Marxists/SJWs, particularly feeeemale ones.

I still have a difficult time comprehending that there is a large chunk of the population, albeit disproportionately female, content to junk major components our social infrastructure (e.g. nuclear family model, religion) merely to appease a deranged 2% of the population.

FYI, here’s another poster’s reasoned response to that post and explanation of feeeemale behavior.

They are primitive creatures, imperfect and materialistic to the extreme.

Luckily, there are some laughs to be found.

Is it too late to turn this article into an Amicus Brief and mail it off to SCOTUS? The jokers who run this madhouse have no idea what they’re about to unleash upon us. The Onion poked fun at opponents of same sex marriage with this “witty” piece of satire below, but my question is, are we really far from this happening for real?

The title of that chilling Onion article is “Marauding Gay Hordes Drag Thousands Of Helpless Citizens From Marriages After Obama Drops Defense Of Marriage Act”.

Sorry dude, Animus can’t be used to argue against marriage equality. Also, holy smokes, manospherians only have a passing familiarity with reality and no fucking sense of humor.

For any Philosophy majors, here’s some insight into how Continental Philosophy took The Red Pill.

Nietzsche wasn’t gay nor did he have syphilis, his insanity was caused by brain cancer.
He wanted to marry but was rejected, the cunt ran off with his friend instead because she suspected he was crazy in love with her (Cunt logic: he loves me, he’s a piece of shit)

He learned by fire, rather than books. Schopenhauer also struck out with women, yet gained incredible insights from his failures.

Poor Weininger was so upset about his lot in life, thinking himself a failure, that he rented a hotel room previously inhabited by Beethoven and shot himself at 23, unmarried – but later hailed a genius.

Solomon, Aristotle… both saw clearly what was desireable in woman… both were debased and defiled by woman.

7 years ago

I’m pretty sure that advancedatheist is actually Charlie Check’m. He use to call The Atheist Experience show (calling himself evolvedatheist) and try to start arguments about gay and trans people. He also use to go onto atheist forums and post long angry homophobic rants, before inevitably getting himself banned. He also fancies himself a rapper. Here’s his magnum opus, entitled “No Gay Marriage”

epitome of incomprehensibility

How strange. I thought only environmental disasters were caused by people being gay. /sarcasm

7 years ago

@brooked – It’s just a sense that it might be worth exploring different approaches to coping with opponents whose opposition is based in fear, hatred and both. I’ve found it unsatisfactory just pinning a big scarlet H on people, which sort of flattens everyone out into a monolithic Enemy without really helping to distinguish which ones are completely beyond the Pale and which might be able to be worked into tolerably civil coexistence.

7 years ago

I’m really not convinced it’s useful to try to parse fear from hatred. Fear from anger, sure, I can see operational benefits. Hatred, not so much.

7 years ago

> The leftist tactic of smearing critics of homosexual degeneracy as “homophobic” is completely off-base. We aren’t “afraid” of homo misbehavior, we’re disgusted by it,

One; that makes you look *worse*, you idiot. Two; phobia (noun) an extreme or irrational fear of OR AVERSION TO something.

7 years ago

Interesting seeing someone on AVFM acknowledging that “nobody has… a right [to sexual fulfillment.].” It’s weird how consistently, and apparently unconsciously these creeps parrot left wing discourse — especially feminist discourse.

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