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Red Pill Woman warns evil sluts that “every penis you put in yourself breaks your heart a little.”

TempestTcup10 Endorsed Contributor 44 points 8 hours ago*  Unless you are the type of person who can have sex without any sort of feelings attached, every penis you put in yourself breaks your heart a little.  You should feel like being only with your SO is a very special gift instead of a burden.
You’re a heartbreaker, love taker

Today I thought I’d highlight this lovely “Red Pill” insight from one of the gals on the Red Pill Women subreddit, a weird sort of Women’s Auxilliary to the Red Pill subreddit that devotes itself to “objectively and realistically discuss[ing] sexual strategy from an anti-feminist, non-feminist, traditionalist and/or evolutionary psychology perspective.”

Which basically means a lot of slut-shaming.

Yep. The Red Pill dudes fill their subreddit with advice on how to stuff their penises into as many HB8’s as possible; meanwhile, Red Pill women attack these same women as penis-stuffing sluts who will end up miserable in the end and sort of deserve it for being such penis-stuffing sluts.

While I have no problem with penis-stuffing, I would like to warn all penis-stuffers, male or female: Make sure every penis you’re stuffing into yourself has a flared base, otherwise they could easily get stuck up in there somewhere.

And now I find myself thinking of Pat Benatar’s famous ode to heartbreaking penises.

H/T — Password_is_potato on the awesome Blue Pill subreddit


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@sunnysombrera “Not if you’re a 4channer.”

I could imagine it’d be pretty terrible for a 4channer if death brings self-awareness.


“I don’t think men should get to sleep with whoever they want either. Sex is meant to be only within the boundaries of heterosexual marriage”

You’re entitled to your opinion as we all are. But no government body appointed you the sexual police. You do not set rules for anyone else nor do you speak for anyone else but yourself.

“I don’t condone abuse, but the fact remains that there is an epidemic of women leaving their families when they are not being abused, and this is child abuse. I went through this myself.”

And there it is. “I WENT THROUGH THIS MYSELF.” Red pill in a nutshell. It couldn’t possibly have been that maybe you share some of the blame in the demise of your relationship. Nope it’s all her fault.

So you must now construct a world where not just your ex but all women are to 100% blame for ALL failed relationships and all women who end relationships are selfish abusers. Oh and those women are the downfall of society because they want agency and control over their bodies. Shit – it would just be easier if we just locked ’em up and took away their ability to make any decisions at all!

TBF, maybe your failed relationship was not your fault — I don’t know your situation. But I’ve yet to hear even one red ever accept any responsibility for any outcome in his relationships with women.

But I’ve yet to hear even one red PILL MAN ever accept any responsibility for any outcome in his relationships with women.


” I have a feeling your definition of domestic abuse is very narrow. Except for when women do something you don’t like, of course.”


I’m taking his self-banishment as a sign he’s a bit overwhelmed by his inability to respond to rational questioning of his beliefs on this site. Good move on his part.

I’d imagine it’d be pretty terrible if waking up every morning brings self-awareness.

In fact, that’s what I wish on all these nasty nincompoops. Just for 15 minutes Every. Single. Morning. for a month or so, they have full and complete insight into just how awful they’ve been in the various ways they’ve been awful and they understand just how bad that’s been for the people who’ve suffered at their hands. Once they’re showered and breakfasted, the episode is over and they can get on with the day. But tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, they have to face it all again. For weeks.

Then they get let off the leash and given a chance to live a decent life.

@Suzy Q
I also think it’s a sign that he knows we’re not going to accept any of the bullshit he’d give to said rational questions. To his credit, he made that realisation A LOT faster than most other trolls.

As to abortion, sorry Tom, but you’re a cis man. The issue is never going to impact your body (health, autonomy, etc)

Aww, he’s no fun – he fell right over.

It’s become clear to me that there’s a certain kind of troll who comes here, unloads a bowelful of truthiness, and is then taken aback by our collective response. To quote Buttercup’s line to the Rowdy Ruff Boys, “What are you guys, new?!”

“That’s a curse I feel I can get behind and have no guilt or worry about bad karma about casting.”

Granny Weatherwax does something like that in “Wyrd Sisters”, she knocks down all the mental walls of the villainess and reveals her true self to her. And then granny Weatherwax is surprised when it turns out the villainess knows just how evil she is, accepts it and is proud of it too.

Hate groups always contain the seeds of their own destruction.

They always end up fragmenting with the former members spending more time slagging each other off than their original target. Maybe it’s the inherent flaws in their ideology or maybe it’s just the “My very narrow views are self evidently true and any dissent is heresy” attitude they all seem to posses.

They’re like a cross between the People’s Front of Judea and bleddy Daleks.

I thought Tom was saying he was a child of divorced parents, not that he went through a divorce himself or am I reading this all wrong?

@Banana Jackie Cake

Could be. I read it as he was talking about his own marriage but you’re right he could have been talking about his parents’ marriage.

I could offer him my own experience as the child of parents who should have divorced but didn’t until after they’d made my childhood like growing up in a war zone. But that’s not really the point. My experience/opinion should not dictate policy and neither should his.

Unit he goes to law school, passes the bar, practices in the family courts for 20 years and works his way up to becoming a judge, it’s only his opinion. And we know what they say about opinions. 🙂

A troll actually admitting trolling and asking for a ban? Wow. I really HAVE seen it all today.

I kindly thanks all the “sluts” out there for breaking the weak hearts of all these delluded maggots.

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