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Women are like dogs that eat their own puke: A lesson in tolerance from Red Pill Redditors

Hey, sexy lady!
Hey, sexy lady!

So one young fellow went to the Ask The Red Pill subreddit earlier today with what almost looked like a good question, at least for someone whose thoughts about women have been distorted by Red Pill thinking: “How can I learn to appreciate women for what they are?”

Alas, it turned out that his question, and his situation, was a bit more complicated than it at first appeared. For young somthsomth is not some predatory pickup artist who wants to challenge his own misogyny and learn how to appreciate women as more than mere sex objects.

No, there’s a bit more involved than that.

An introvert who lost his virginity at age 23 (not that there’s anything wrong with this), somthsomth is convinced that all the women who’ve had sex with him since then were just “doing it as a favour, thinking about someone else while at it.”

These days, he says, despite learning the correct Red Pill ways to score the HBs, he

ignore[s] women unless there is something in for me, business wise. … I don’t see any of this as a worthwhile conquest any more. I can be happy alone and by myself. Masturbate if needed. When our eyes lock I see them riding CC and think about how it really is. How they had someone elses tongue in their mouth last week and someone elses cock in them. Probably same tomorrow. Why would I even want to put my tongue there any more or worse, cunnilingus around the hole where so many others have been. This feeling makes me sick. To touch something like that.

Uh, what? I don’t think you need advice from Red Pillers. I mean, no one ever does, but that goes double in your case. What you need is to talk to a therapist. And I mean that literally. Your issues aren’t going to be solved on Reddit, even if you ask your questions somewhere less toxic than Ask TRP. Seriously: it is unlikely you will ever be happy unless you get actual professional help.

But, what the heck, let’s see what sort of advice the Red Pillers had for you.

“Now that you are becoming more attractive and have a wider selection of women, you will see that a lot of them are CC riding sluts with meaningless jobs and meaningless hobbies,” dinkle_berrg noted. “These girls are for fun, but I see they make you sick.”

The solution? Look for nice girls in that sea of shallow “CC riding sluts.” Even though, you know, they’re mostly shallow “CC riding sluts.”

pilledgod agreed, explaining that even though All Women Are Like That (AWALT), “some are more clean, fun, and rewarding overall.”

Others pointed out that it is possible for even committed Red Pillers to appreciate women as the clearly inferior but sometimes entertaining creatures they are.

“I used to be annoyed that girls were never philosophical,” wrote cofair, “but Sometimes you just want to live in the moment and stop being so cynical. They have a childlike wonder that I will never have again.”

RealRational had some very, er, rational thoughts on the matter.

I can definitely relate to that “ew” feeling you get when you realize what women really are. As others have said in here, there are good ones and bad ones. Looking at it as a transaction with assigned values is really the best way to do it. Some are higher value, decide where your floor is.

NOTE: Try to do the math in your head. It’s a little offputting to women if you whip out a calculator while you’re assigning values.

Also, remember that defective women can, to some degree, be repaired:

But the thing is that this is what women are. They can be trained to be better, just as boys can be made into men, TRP is very helpful in that regard. But you can never let your guard down with them, your frame. … .

The real question is: Are women worth more to you than booze and pot?

[A]ll you have to decide is if the risks are great enough for you to deny yourself this luxury, women. Women are a luxury, like alcohol or weed, a vice that you allow yourself as reward for hard work.

RealRational thinks that they probably are:

Personally I think if you deny yourself the experience of the feminine you are doing yourself great discredit. The masculine exists to drive innovation, progress. It is the embodiment of discipline, the only effective tool at shaping the universe according to your own will, your own desires. The feminine is our reward for doing so. It provides a safe harbor, a place of refuge from the toils of life.

Oh, and RealRational has some ReallyRational thoughts on homosexuality, which for some reason he feels the need to share at this point. Apparently it’s the fault of society not liking macho dudes enough?

The need for [the feminine] lies at the very heart of every man, which means “gays” are nature’s response to an imbalance. Society demonizes everything masculine? Nature says “fine, then both genders can be feminine and your entire species can die”. Fortunately for us nature is never absolute in it’s adjustments.

In the meantime, get out there and spin some plates!

Women, higher quality women, do have a lot to offer that will lessen your burden and make your toil much more bearable by virtue of providing you a healthy, happy home to find respite in which allows you to more fully rest which allows you to more effectively work. That’s what “home” is. But even a plate, if she’s able to offer you this safe haven for even a single night, is still valuable. Just less valuable than the former.

SariaLystra was also big on the whole “training” thing, although all he seemed to want to train women to do was to clean his house:

Make them into your personal maid. I’m not kidding: you’re instilling value into them and then getting something out of it. If she isn’t serving you, she’s not worth anything to you other than being a wet hole.

Balalasaurus summed up the whole Woman Question with a simple analogy. Because women are, essentially, just like dogs, only hopefully a bit less furry.

Dogs lick themselves whenever they feel like. They shit in public and don’t give a damn where. When they throw up, they usually eat their own puke.

Does that mean that they’re any less enjoyable as pets? Does it take anything away from the fact that they are man’s best friend? Similarly, women will behave the way they do because its their nature. You can’t hold it against them. Doing so will cause you endless frustration.

Exactly. So if a woman shits on your living room rug, or humps your leg, or starts drinking out of the toilet, remember: That’s just the way they are!

Also, Balalasaurus thinks that maybe our boy somthsomth should try a cooking class. Dogs love cooking!

What you could do is change the context where you meet women. For example instead of trying to meet women at a bar, instead meet them at places where you get to do the things you enjoy like a cooking class for example. I’m not saying that will eliminate the CC riders, but the quality of women that you will find will be that much closer to what you really want.

Just don’t start feeding them table scraps. That will encourage begging.

H/T — r/thebluepill

128 replies on “Women are like dogs that eat their own puke: A lesson in tolerance from Red Pill Redditors”

Clearly “Schrödinger’s Brad Pitt” isn’t just sexing up all the ladies when men aren’t looking, he’s also having sex with them inside their minds while they’re having sex with other men! Men will never escape Brad Pitt’s sexily looming shadow!

I really hope Brad Pitt knows he’s the MRM’s sexual boogeyman. He seems like the kind of guy who’d get a giggle out of that.

I like how you think. All we have to do is modify a poodle gun and we’re in business!

Ima build me a bear cannon! Cue montage!

No one cares. Why would you think anyone cares? Run along now. Go find someone who wants your opinion and cares about who wants to fuck you.

That challenge should keep you busy for at least the rest of the weekend. Bon voyage!

Wow, was Quartzok-43 being serious? I thought he was just trying to channel MGTOW intentionally to show how stupid they look, bad spelling and all.

Curse you Poe’s law! I can’t even tell when people are being serious anymore!

Also “feminime”

Are those feminist mimes? We totally need feminist mimes in our roving witch mobs when toronto hits defcock-1.

Wow, this kind of misogyny is actually pretty horrifying, even from a male viewpoint – this goes way beyond the run-of-the-mill, relatively subtle patriarchal bullshit. These guys really, with full honesty resent and hate the very concept of women (women being more than sexbots, mere decoration or home personnel, that is) – and I suspect they do on an almost subconscious level, with the whole redpill, mgtow, men-are-gods-women-are-shit ideology being just an attempt to rationalize those base feelings. Of course, they would never admit to that (the guy in the first quote comes close, almost) – the Übermenschen, the paragons of rational thought who make the Earth go around can’t possibly be mere subjects to such puny irrationalities, can’t they?

I assume Quartzok is making fun of the guys in question. If not then it was really weird.

Maybe he’s horrible at sex so the women are quickly disappointed and try to fake an orgasm to be kind because they know what a fragile ego he already has. He doesn’t seem as though he would be too keen to learn proper techniques to satisfy his partner either so it’s the hand or shit lays for you, little guy.

“Lea, can we spray them with actual bears?”

Aww, why do you hate bears? Poor bears, what did they ever do to you?


I agree it’s off putting, you don’t want to run the risk of being misleading when making a first impression. That can just cause all sorts of confusion.

The manosphere is so extreme it’s really hard to tell parody from reality a lot of the time.
I don’t know if new commenters always realise that though.

In regards to quartzok, Ya’ll realize that a lot of people aren’t going to veiw the comments section on a blog as a community, right? Or anything on the Internet for that matter.
Probably just thought it was a funny thing to post. Definitely a joke.

@Banana Jackie Cake

I’d like to announce that the pancakes are delicious, with just a bit of sesame oil and 100% pure dark amber maple syrup from Canada on top. It doesn’t say where in Canada but I’m assuming near a DEFCOCK 1 place since the label says it’s “misandric approved” with a little witch giving a thumbs up.

On a lighter note, funny snarky comments:

“Things My Male Tech Colleagues Have Actually Said to Me, Annotated

““Most girls aren’t into this kind of stuff.” No way, do you have the list? The list of things most girls are into? I’ve been trying to find that thing forever, can you forward it to me? You have my email. Thanks, man, you’re the best.

“You got it! Clever girl!” Accolades I would prefer to ‘clever girl’ include: ‘inexorable agent of destruction’; ‘unknowable one’; ‘king’s champion.’ Also acceptable: ‘Gov’nor’ pronounced in a Cockney accent.

“You don’t mind if we call you a ‘chick,’ do you?” I say nothing, because you’re onto me. You’ve guessed it. I am actually a socialist collective of 112 baby chickens dressed in a trenchcoat. Curse your perspicacity.

“How did you learn to do all this?!” The ancient Spider-Goddess Llorothaag came to me in a harrowing blood-soaked vision. In exchange for perpetual servitude as her handmaiden, she imparted knowledge of IP subnetting.

“It’s not ‘P.C.’ to say this, but…” Thank you for this helpful preface alerting me to the fact that I can spend the next thirty seconds fantasizing about Star Trek without missing anything important.

“It’s got to be a girlfriend-proof system.” I picture an unruly mob of murderous girlfriends descending upon your Brooklyn apartment, seeking to sate their dark desire for living flesh. They scream and gibber as they prepare to devour all that lies within. You block the door with your home theater system. Thank god: it is girlfriend-proof.”

And so on…lol.

That is the best thing ever. OMG. 😀


My previous was directed at Myoo, BTW. (And it’s just magical.)

Quartz def = snark.

And, wow, did my last post get eaten by the blockquote beast.

I will still judge you as a loser if you don´t have a well-paying job, car and home.

When I met my wife, I was earning slightly less than her (and she now earns about five times what I do), I was renting a small flat in a not particularly salubrious area, and I didn’t own a car. In fact, to this day I can’t drive.

My entire marriage must be a fourteen-year pity-fuck on her part. I can’t think of any other possible explanation.

I’m certain that Quartzok is a parody. My strategy to get around Poe’s law is to read for form, not for content. Every opinion in that post is something a real red piller might have said, but they wouldn’t say it all in one post. At several points the comment appears to reply to an unseen interlocutor or to acknowledge a criticism. That’s a pretty common tactic people use when putting on a role — basically posting a one-sided transcript of an entire conversation to show that they have a well-developed character without making everyone live through the mendacity and sea lions in real time. A real red piller would have spread that content out over at least a half-dozen posts.

Doesn’t mean it’s not tone deaf, of course.

I totally missed the sarcasm. Quartzok was an actual Poe? I honestly cannot tell the difference anymore.

It’s perfectly norbal, everybody feels the same way as Somthsomth; after all, haven;t we all felt absolute revulsion while chowing down at the local steak house because every one of those forks has been slutting around in a thousand strangers’ mouths! I refuse to be beta-cucked by some bad-boy-loving water glass that has had hundreds of men lapping thirstily at its grody contents! I only dilute my precious bodily fluids with rain water and pure grain alcohol, Mandrake!

“1. He’s Already in a Relationship with Someone Else. I am single sometimes, but there is usually a woman or two, or three, or whatever, floating around somewhere in the wilds of my life. I am in some sort of a relationship most but not all of the time. Then again I am always collecting new ones, so hey. But yeah, you hook up with me, and chances are I am not alone.”

Somehow, I find this hard to believe. Unless he hooks up with a lot of neo-Nazi shieldmaiden types, I can’t imagine any woman finding this guy attractive.

“2. He’s Not Ready for a Relationship. Ready for a relationship? Sure. I always am. Ready to settle down? Don’t think so.

This was a hard one to answer.

I do like serious relationships as opposed to just sex. For one thing, the sex is so much better when you and the woman are wildly in love with each other. Love makes sex better or even possible for women. Plus it makes them horny as all get out. Want to turn a woman into a wild, raving, nympho sex maniac ready, available and panting at all hours? Easy. Just get her to fall in love with you!

Men don’t need to be in love to have sex, but sex in a wild love affair is better than casual sex, FWB’s, hookups, or whatever. It’s just a lot more fun. Hard to explain.”

TL; DR: Holy sexist boner note, Batman. It could also be summed up much more succinctly with the cliché that forbidden fruit always tastes sweetest.

“3. He’s Self-Absorbed.

Yep. My fatal flaw. A common complaint is that I lack empathy or don’t care, but I do not believe that is on the mark. Instead, I am simply solipsistic. I am all wrapped up in myself all the time. So, yeah, other people come second. Sorry about that!”

No, Robbo, I think they’ve got you pegged exactly right. Assuming that “they” are actual women, which I still somehow doubt, because see #1. In any case, it’s not a contradiction to say that you lack empathy because you’re a solipsist to whom “other people come second”. Actually, that’s practically the dictionary definition.

I won’t say it “hurts” me, but it baffles me, and perhaps enrages me (or used to) that these guys think that we women do nothing useful or interesting. Starting at an extremely young age, I’ve always had some great hobbies. I’ve worked hard to develop skills and talents. It’s been almost an obsession at times.

When I was a young teenager, I was leery of many of the guys at school, because I could tell that they didn’t give a single damn about anything I was interested in, would not even notice what my talents were, and perhaps would try to divert my time away from these interests. (I’m sure many other guys wouldn’t, but at that time, the guys who seemed to notice me didn’t seem the least interested in my hobbies, and more interested in my breast size.)

To be stereotyped as someone with no interests, no talents, no nothing, just an empty shell of silliness and fluff, is so far from the truth for me, and for every other woman I know.

Witch Women from outer space are out to steal your semen, close those legs men and preserve your manhood/Public service announcement from MGTOW

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