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Do Misogynists Dream of Electric Sex Ladies?

Truly offal.
Truly offal.

Do Misogynists Dream of Electric Sex Ladies? Well, yes. Yes, they do. This terrible, terrible comic provides yet more evidence of this, as if we needed any. Click on it for a larger version.

I’ve lightly censored the comic, but yes, the covered-up letters in “bioc**t” are indeed the letters you think they are.

H/T — r/thebluepill. I’m not sure where the original cartoon is from.

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@vix — OMG, just keeled over dead of laughter. But you just know that everpeach is going to end up running of with DJ Roomba from Parks and Rec!


True, although an AI designed to both handle child care duties and serve as a romantic substitute would probably be fairly good at handling human emotions.

I was sure that the comic was a parody. I mean, you’d think that they’d at least make the sexbot conventionally attractive and human-looking, but no. Instead, the sexbot just exists to insult the woman. But it’s real. It’s from r/I’mGoingToHellForThis.

Yeah, ’cause we’re all clamoring for that rank weeaboo cock, amirite ladies!?

Quick question, though; what do you think the ratio of sperm to mountain dew is in their splooge? I wanna say its about 50/50, but I have a feeling I’m being really generous.

Why is there no mentions of Electric Barbarella? 🙁 That was the FIRST song that came to mind.

LOL! These MGTOWs are so pathetic. Don’t they know that know woman would react like this? I mean, sex dolls have existed for a while and us women are not obsolete. As previous commenters have pointed out, dildos have existed for millennia and men are not obsolete either. Also, there is a big difference between not wanting intimate relationships with women and hating women. He just didn’t want the risk of a breakup.I bet most men who have these dolls still respect women and treat us like human beings. In fact, they don’t even seem to treat their dolls like sex objects. Rather they treat them like actual girlfriends, like the man in the Doll Husband video. It’s kind of sad, really. He seems like such a sweet guy. 🙁 I mean, if he treats an inanimate object with so much love, imagine how he is going to treat a real life human being. O.O


M.-That reminds of a documentary on Ancient Egypt I have seen a while ago. Some archeologists found a basketful of clay phalluses. They were an offering to Hathor (ALL HAIL HATHOR, QUEEN OF THE GOA’ULD!! XD) The woman in the documentary said that they were religious symbols . But this gets me thinking that they were just dildos and had no religious significance in themselves. The Ancient Egyptians were a very sexually open people and they made many sex related toys and figures. Maybe they thought Hathor would find them pleasing?

I am a BIT worried about sex dolls and sex bots, though (but not for the reasons the MRAs and MGTOWs think, of course). It worries me because of how sexualized women are in society. The ‘artist’ (and the commenters in the thread linked by fruitloopsie) clearly see us as nothing more than sex objects, hence the term ‘biocunt’. For example, there is a growing market for realistic female sex dolls, but there isn’t an equal market for male ones (I don’t even know if there ARE any). There is ‘probably’ an equal demand for dildos and fleshlights, but they are marketed completely differently. I have first heard of fleshlights a few weeks ago and out of morbid curiosity, I looked them up. I was shocked (but not surprised) to find pictures of naked women posing with the fleshlight between their legs as if to compare the fleshlight with her genitals. It turns that they make a mold of the woman’s genitals to make an accurate copy on the fleshlight. This doesn’t seem to happen with dildos. You don’t see a men making molds of their erect penises to make dildos and you don’t see men posing with these copies in such a manner. It reinforces the fact that women are seeing primarily as sex objects and that we are considered as nothing but walking pussies.

I can’t WAIT for the robot sex machines! Maybe then these guys will wander off with their new, improved masturbation tools and leave women alone.

You can buy “penis cloning kits”, misseb47, so you can make a cast of your junk for your partner to use as a dildo.

Suffrajitsu, that’s a great song/video. It made me think of the sadbros who insist they don’t want to hear women – excuse me, ‘female’ vocalists. This is what they’re missing.

It seems to me that a good vibrator or dildo is a sexbot, just a good-parts-only version. Why add arms, legs, torso etc., when they would only complicate matters? Unless the whole body sexbot can also make breakfast. . .

Bad news for MGTOW, in the future every robot will have a penis.

(video gets a bit dark at the end)

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