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Sarkeesian Effect Makeup! Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini are reunited, and it feels so weird

Woah, as Keanu Reeeves, playing Neo or possibly some other character, might say.

Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini, the Sarkeesian Effect duo, are BACK TOGETHER AGAIN, and plan to finish their, er, “film” together shortly! Aurini posted the video above yesterday, announcing the reunion and giving a timetable of sorts for finishing the film, which obviously won’t be met, but hey.

Owen seems to have confirmed this, posting this video consisting of nothing more than the Owen/Aurini logo — yes, they have a logo — and the classic Peaches and Herb song “Reunited.”

Then again I haven’t seen Owen on camera announcing the reunion, so it’s possible that the wily Aurini has him tied up in the trunk of his car.

Also, Aurini is missing his goatee, which raises the possibility that the person making the “Aurini” video is actually his evil twin — or maybe his good twin, I’m not sure — from an alternate universe. You know, like in Star Trek.

Ah well. I’m going to assume this is legit. I was really looking forward to two Sarkeesian Effects, but I suppose I will be able to make do with just one.

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1. Anton LaPUA has switched to a cowboy look, like when the Undertaker suddenly changed from a goth to a biker in the 2000s. What am I going to call him now? Anton Oakley? The Man With No Game? Also, did anyone else see that episode of RAW where the Undertaker was supposed to ride his motorcycle up a ramp to the ring in a badass manner, but it got stuck halfway and they cut to a commercial as he slowly rolled back down the ramp? Because that was hilarious and now everyone denies it happened.

2. “Making a film is like planning a wedding every day.” Like either of these guys will ever be in the position of planning a wedding. OMG BACHELOR SHAMING

3. Of course, it’s not that they underestimated how challenging it would be for two people with no experience in the field to produce a feature-length documentary. It was Social Justice Warriors undermining them! Damn those Social Justice Warriors!

4. Turns out the first Godfather movie almost wasn’t made because Robert Evans and Francis Ford Coppola got in a fight over how legal rape should be. I did not know that, but, you know, the 70s.

5. THEY HAVE A COUPLES THERAPIST. Is it better if it turns out to be Roosh, Jack Thompson, or a skull?

6. At this point I got bored with the video and focused on trying to figure out what the American flag cowboy poster in the background is. Possibly Garth Brooks? My husband thinks Garth Brooks.

7. They have an animator! But his identity must be kept secret because the Social Justice Warriors are just that scary.

8. From here on out, Owen’s job will be restricted to producing the music. And pocketing most of the Patreon money, so let’s not feel too bad for him here.

9. They’re really paranoid about protecting themselves from Social Justice Warrior attacks. I might be more sympathetic if I hadn’t just watched Anita Sarkeesian’s “What I Couldn’t Say” speech. But I did, so holy shit, you whiny little poop babies, you sure can dish it out but you can’t take it. To quote a worthwhile human being, fuck you.

10. The film will be finished by the end of May. The film that currently consists of unedited single-camera footage, sometimes with sound, of nerds complaining about feminism. This makes me feel like a real slacker, because that’s the when I expect to finish my latest Kickstarted collection of comics, and my designer only just finished putting together the final proofs for the printer. Obviously I am under-serving my readers.

11. I’m disappointed there’s only going to be one, but I cannot wait to see this film.


Is that a skull I see on the tealight holder behind Aurini?

It’s hard to tell, but yes, it looks like one of those Mexican Day of the Dead style skulls, like the one at the bottom of this page (found using an image search, I have no idea what the rest of the site is about).

Neumieproductions: OMG! That movie looks amazing. I can’t wait to see it. I hope it is released to the public soon. 🙂

Im to hear that they are back. It will be a glorious SJW moment when these two goofbolls presents “documentary”* to the world.

*that would need some extra quotation marks just to be sure

Initially I thought this video was fake, on account of the skull being absent. Now I expect the skull has stormed off in disgust at both of them.

“You’re not my REAL parents! I don’t have to obey you!”

*skull slams the door closed*

*skull levitates on bed, and plucks its guitar, crooning a self-made ballad how it loves all SJWs, finishing with “We Shall Overcome”*

(How it plucks its guitar, don’t ask me. Possibly telekinesis.)

1. Anton LaPUA has switched to a cowboy look, like when the Undertaker suddenly changed from a goth to a biker in the 2000s. What am I going to call him now?

“American Dumbass”.


Anton LaPUA has switched to a cowboy look, like when the Undertaker suddenly changed from a goth to a biker in the 2000s. What am I going to call him now?

Macho McWannabe. Or maybe Epic Fail, because that’s not gonna fool any ladies.

I don’t think my mind is capable of preparing for a five-minute animated sequence about how to out-argue Anita Sarkeesian, written by this guy.

I don’t think the animated sequence is meant to be 5 minutes – that’s just the length of the imaginary argument that viewers can win after watching it.

My money’s on “But you’re intolerant of intolerance. Checkmate, SJWs!”

“Anton LaPUA has switched to a cowboy look, like when the Undertaker suddenly changed from a goth to a biker in the 2000s. What am I going to call him now? ”

Why, that there feller, he’s the Tryhard Kid. He’s so mean, he once broke up with a skull that he caught a-fakin’ an orgasm.

RE: Falconer

Just walk away, dudes!


RE: Judas Peckerwood

What are the odds that this “reunion” hasn’t happened at all

I admit, I was wondering the same thing. Owen didn’t seem like he was interested in reconciling.

RE: Hambeast

Fluevogs FTW!

We own a pair! Miranda snatched them from a used shop for less than a hundred bucks. GENIUS purchase. Best winter boots I’ve ever had.

Calling it right now, Owen isn’t in on it and satan just wrote his statement (not just because I want him to be the one that escapes)

Hey, Hbomberguy’s video has the spring music from Click Clock Wood!

As for the reunion itself: For a moment I was worried that they were actually amicable again (in which case the only explanation would be that the breakup was staged for PR… which would be a little out of character for Owen, though certainly not for Aurini), but no, it’s transparent that Owen is still not into this at all.

This is just the manospherian melodrama that keeps on giving.

There is not enough popcorn in the world.

This is delicious. It just gets better. I am going to watch the shit out of this ‘documentary’ via one of the inevitable torrent files that will be floating around the internet if and when it ever actually gets ‘released’, ie: posted on Aurini’s site behind a paywall.

And did Aurini actually say they were getting hammered by SJWs online, and that it was… stressful? Online harassment… stressful? Huh.

Good Lord. Aurini without his goatee is somehow more insufferable. He looks like he’s five years old.

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