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This just in: Pretty chicks are ruining video gaming. Also ugly ones.

Protect yourself, men!
Protect yourself, men!

Over on Roosh’s Return of Kings site, the lovely individual known as Redpiller1985 has totally figured out what has ruined video games, which sadly “have declined since their great rise in the 70′s-00′s.” He’s looking at you, ladies!

Ok, well, that’s not exactly a new sentiment to hear from a #GamerGater. But Redpiller1985 has managed to precisely identify just which kinds of ladies — sorry, “chicks” — are ruining gaming the most: the pretty ones who actually play video games. Or at least pretend to!

You go to any Youtube channel about gaming and it will have a useless pretty chick talking about her experiences with Pokemon as a child. These women are not actual gamers but women riding a fad. They’re called “Gamer Gurls” for the reason to mock the gurl phrase that feminists like to use. These semi-attractive chicks have learned that they can get the princess treatment by pretending to be a video game enthusiast.

Huh. You mean like this person or this person or this person? Or possibly this person?

But I digress. As it turns out, according to Redpiller1985, there is another kind of chick who is also ruining gaming: the ugly ducklings. Well, the ugly ducklings that grow up to be ugly chicks, that is.

Also another type of chick started to pop up. These women though don’t have the facade of being attractive. Instead they use videogames to up their social status. The land whales realized that if they could fake their enthusiasm for games, some video game beta would find them attractive as well. The betas fight over these chicks and since they’re all manginas of the highest degree. This is one of the reasons that betaness and even omeganess are the norms in video game culture.

I’ve prepared this helpful Venn Diagram:

venndiagramAnyway, these chicks are why Call of Duty is more popular than the unnamed “quality products” that Redpiller1985 prefers are objectively better than Call of Duty, which is apparently (who knew!) bought mostly by “chicks.”

 Girl gamers and their beta male hangers-on rather buy Call of Duty than support quality products. Don’t let women in to your sub-culture unless you want it permanently disfigured. Too bad they already did it to my favorite sub-culture.

Redpiller1985’s complaint about Call of Duty is just a teensy bit ironic, given that not long before he wrote his post, a contributor to Roosh’s terrible gaming site Reaxxion had declared Call of Duty “the best shooter series ever,” in part because it has flamethrowers. (No, really.)

Redpiller1985 also complains that chicks are destroying the fine art of video game journalism as well:

Women and beta males have made video game journalism an entry point for dilettantes with humanity majors. … Video game publications have turned into tabloids with female writers at the helm. Most people can’t name a female game journalist because they coast on their male colleagues who do the actual work.

Well, actually, most people can’t name a video game journalist because they don’t actually give a shit about video game journalism, which is barely journalism at all.

But it is a little ironic to see complain about someone else’s journalistic ability, given that he is writing for what many consider the worst blog on the internet. And that he is also the author of this, er, sentence:

The betas fight over these chicks and since they’re all manginas of the highest degree.

Since they’re all manginas of the highest degree WHAT?!

Only time will tell, because redpiller1985 never finishes that thought.

H/T — @thrillith via r/GamerGhazi. And then another H/T to @thrillith for also tweeting about that Reaxxion piece on Call of Duty.

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Khoshekh clocked me in the face with his cast. Good morning to you too.

Well, the Furrinati Overlords can’t slack off just ‘cos it’s New Year. Gotta keep them serfs in their place.

So many adorable kitties!

I dreamt last night that someone gave me a little black cat called Newton, and here there are black cats and talk about kitty names. Odd.

This thread is reminding me of when my kids played games on the PC. One was a cooking game; if you completed the recipe successfully, you could print it out and make it in meatspace.

That sounds super cool. Do you recall the name? My son would eat that up. Like, literally, probably.

My mom and I are currently turning a failed Minecraft monster spawner into a stained glass fountain in our server. 😀 (our successful spawner is up at the world ceiling with a very cool glass tower leading up to the killing floor on like the 210th y level. It also goes down to the bedrock at the bottom. SO COOL! haha)

We do play on Peaceful b/c Mom is into the building and exploring parts of the game, but not the zombies-spiders-and-creepers part. Sometimes I turn it back to Normal when she’s not on so I can collect some loot and XP.

But I send her a message first so she doesn’t open a front door to a creeper. I mean, shit, that’s just common courtesy. lol

@cupisnique, tiny cats are so adorable! I somehow always manage to adopt kittens that turn out huge though 🙂 Cecil is bigger than his older sister now (who I adopted as an adult) but is very slim. Long legs, long tail, long body. His older sister is a bit tubby so still weighs 50% more than him.

I love the photos of the kitties, always nice to see loads of them in a thread.

Today I managed to get the Been There, Done That achievement on a second character in Guild Wars 2, thanks to some guildies giving me a hand to get my last map and skill point in World vs World vs World (you play against two other realms, in pvp). I am very happy. 🙂

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but did you know that a mangina is a kind of moth??!?!?!? I feel like a sarcastic meme is in order every time that word comes up.

I tend to be a fan of large kitties and usually have jumbo male cats. But Dracarys is a tiny little girl. Quite a departure for me but it’s nice. She easily fits on my lap and I can lift her with one arm.

Hmmm — I have been thinking of changing my nym to GrumpyOldMangina, so now I could claim that I just happen to be a moth (rather than a somewhat moth-eaten old curmudgeon).

Screw this guy and all the others like him. I’ve been gaming since the atari days and men have no right of ownership to the gaming world.

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