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Can the Julien Blanc problem be solved with … more patriarchy? One misogynistic douchebag says yes.

Patriarchy: Also good for protection against hell lizards.
Patriarchy: Also good for protection against hell lizards.

One favorite tool in the misogynist’s toolkit is the old “if women want to be protected from violent men it proves they need patriarchy” argument. It’s a rather silly argument, but those making it tend to do so with enormous smugness, feeling that they’ve got the ultimate “gotcha” to use against feminists.

Cast in point: A post today on Roosh V’s reliably horrendous Return of Kings blog arguing that, as its title puts it, “#TakeDownJulienBlanc Shows Feminists Need The Patriarchy To Protect Them.” Never mind that the woman-led campaign against the abusive pickup artist seems to be doing pretty well already.

“Well feminists, I’ve been waiting for this a long time, and it’s finally come,” the ROK contributor who calls himself runsonmagic writes. “I’ve been waiting for the day you’d ask us to bring back patriarchy.”

He’s so obviously and so extravagantly pleased with himself here you could probably see his smug grin from space.

His “smoking gun?” A comment that #TakeDownJulienBlanc organizer Jenn Li made in a video about the campaign she started.

Describing the video in which Blanc told a room of tittering men that the best way to pick up women in Japan is by literally grabbing them while shouting “Pikachu,” she wonders aloud why women should be put in the position of having to defend themselves against being assaulted by socially stunted wannabe PUAs.

Or, as she puts it,

The responsibility shouldn’t be on the women. It should be on these nasty ass men.

That is, she thinks that the “nasty ass men” in Blanc’s audience giggling at his stories about assaulting women should have enough self-control to, you know, not grab women they don’t know and put them in headlocks because some creepy “dating” guru tells them it’s a good idea. That sounds pretty reasonable to me, as I suspect it does for most non-nasty-ass men.

But runsonmagic decides that what Li is really saying is that she

doesn’t want to fight her her own battles. She wants a men [sic] to protect her. And she isn’t alone. Many of the #TakeDownJulienBlanc tweets echo the same sentiment. Why aren’t men stopping men like this?

His conclusion: “Feminists Need Patriarchy To Save Them From Julien Blanc.”

Filling in the rest of runsonmagic’s post is a bit like playing connect the dots; you pretty much can tell what the picture is going to look like by just glancing at it.

He begins with an idealized vision of patriarchy in which men are the wise protectors of their women.

It used to be if a man was abusing or harassing women, the older men of that community would get together and teach the young man a lesson. Fathers in particular would teach their sons to be respectful of women. This system of men maintaining order was known as patriarchy. The word patriarch literally means rule by fathers.

Now, in the absence of patriarchy and male organizations, women only have ineffective government organizations, Twitter, and petitions to turn to.

Huh. Men have access to all these things too. And the women, men and everyone else involved in #TakeDownJulienBlanc has been doing a pretty good job of making use of the tools that are open to all of us in democratic societies.

Apparently forgetting that he has been mocking feminist women for relying on men for protection, runsonmagic takes a few swipes at Li for talking about defending herself from assault with a taser.

Are you so frightened of men that you carry a weapon at all times? Or is this just a violent power fantasy you indulge in, in the absence of any real power? You live in Washington D.C. If you don’t feel safe walking the streets in the city with the most government of any place in the world, who can you turn to for protection?

Uh, possibly the police? The people we pay with our taxes to ostensibly “serve and protect” us from crime?

Yes, proud patriarch, most police officers are men. Is this proof that women need “patriarchy” to protect them? No more than the fact that most teachers are women means that men need matriarchy in order to be educated.

But to runsonmagic

#TakeDownJulienBlanc is a cry for help, a damsel in distress trope.

Oh lord, is runsonmagic a #GamerGater too?

I say this not to be mean, because I truly want each and every woman tweeting that to feel safe and secure, but because I believe what will make those women most secure is being surrounded by strong men, who’ve been raised by their fathers to behave honorably and justly. Patriarchy is what make women feel safe, which is why survey after survey says that conservative married women are the most happy and sexually satisfied demographic in America.

This is a favorite argument of patriarchy (and marriage)  fetishists, but it’s not that simple. The study often cited as proof that married women are safer than single women also notes that the safest demographic of all is … widows.

So instead of arguing that women who want to feel safe should run out and marry the first guy who seems interested, perhaps the marriage-promoters should be arguing that women should marry and then, er, somehow have their husbands die?

These dark speculations aside, study after study after study after study find that domestic violence rates tend to be highest amongst those with traditional – that is, patriarchal – values, as I pointed out in a previous post. Blanc’s own behavior towards women seems to be rooted, at least in part, by the notion that in some fundamental way their bodies belong to him to do with what he pleases. That’s a pretty patriarchal idea.

But runsonmagic has moved on, declaring (based on nothing but speculation) that Julien Blanc’s seemingly sociopathic behavior must be the fault of his mother, whom runsonmagic has simply decided was single. Noting Blanc’s evident delight that he was able to assault multiple Japanese women and get away scott-free, runsonmagic writes

“I didn’t know how much I could get away with,” is the voice of a child who was never taught boundaries. It is the voice of a child who never had a father to teach him right from wrong, or to give him meaningful challenges by which to discover the limits and abilities of his own powers. …

I have no doubt that Julien is relishing much of the controversy that surrounds him now. No one would give him attention when he was a fatherless young man who wanted girls to talk to him, and now he’s got his own hashtag. …

When I see Julien, I don’t see a monster. Julien is what men become when they are raised by only women, and told women’s attention is what defines their worth.

I tried to find evidence of Blanc’s alleged “fatherlessness,” but was only able to find evidence that there was a famous French “romancier” by the name of  Julien Blanc  who was fatherless. And apparently motherless, too, after the age of eight. They’re definitely not the same guy, as the older Blanc died in 1951. Presumably the current douchebag “romancier” calling himself Julien Blanc borrowed his name from the dead guy.

If feminists truly wanted to #TakeDownJulienBlanc and keep men like him from ever becoming a problem again, they would make sure their sons grew up with fathers who were present active parts of their life. They would give attention to men they respect, rather than only engaging men who choke them and call them “dog.” And they would encourage the men in their lives to band together and lead their communities.

Or they could, you know, organize on the internet to shut down Blanc’s venues and get him tossed out of the countries he tries to bring his toxic teachings – and behavior – to. So far, that’s been working.

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I had a co-worker and a cousin who grew up without a father figure and they turned out to be as sweet as candy. My brother and I grew up with a single mom and neither of us are creeps or wimps. At least I hope not.

There was a few guys that I knew had a mother and a father and they still turned out to be HUGE DBs because they were spoiled rotten. But it’s their fault for acting that way no matter how their parents treated them.

kittehserf – MOD | November 7, 2014 at 6:30 pm

How long have you had new tabby, freemage? It can take quite a while.
kittehserf – MOD | November 7, 2014 at 6:34 pm

zennurse, yes indeed I can.

Oh, freemage, Fribbie says “She’s just a child!” about your senior tabby lady. (Fribs is 19.)

Shi-Shi might be a bit over 10, because she’s a transplant cat (ie, owner had to give her and her ‘brother’ up when his fiancee turned out to be deathly allergic), but yes, I’m hoping she’ll make it to a ripe old age. (The brother, Legolas, had issues that led to us having to put him down–it was either that, or life on a catheter, which would’ve been miserable and, honestly, more expensive than we could’ve paid for.)

And we’ve had the new one, Scotty, for about 3 weeks. I think we may have let him out of isolation a bit too quickly. It was only a few days, in part because it was difficult to spend time with him in the room he’d been placed in–we lack a lot of ‘sitting’ furniture in our place, because we just moved in. So in order to get him socialized with people as well as cats, he needed to be let into the main house area where we spend most of our time–which Shi-Shi resents immeasurably.

The annoying part is that neither of them will leave the other alone. If we’re in the living room, and Shi-Shi is on the cat-tree, and Scotty’s upstairs playing with a catnip mouse, she’ll try to sneak up to confront him (which usually gets growly and hissy and then he pounces her because he’s still largely a kitten in his head and thinks that’s how you play, and then they start yowling and I have to get the water-bottle and charge upstairs).

So we’re not allowed to use self-defense but if we call the cops we are asking for help from the patriarchy?

I love this fictional “back then” time. Yes, “back then” men actually respected women because women knew to stay in their place. And of course I know this because I was not alive then so naturally I’m an expert.

I think it’s more like we’re not allowed to show solidarity with one another and stop Julien Blanc (or any other violence-advocating asshole) together. Somehow, in their minds, this call to collective action on the tweeter translates as “damsel in distress, seeking coverage from patriarchy”. Because women can’t fight off a male menace without the “help” of dudes just itching to take over. Um, nope.

And even back in medieval times, there were some badass women around who knew what to do with a sword. I’d say they garnered a lot more real respect than the feigned “respect” of chivalry, which was really just patronage in fancy dress.

freemage, damn, kitties do not like making it any easier, do they? Let’s hope Shi Shi calms down eventually. Sounds like she’s pissed off that grown-up Scotty is still doing the kitten thing instead of realisng “Hey, this is boss cat telling me to sit down and shut up.” It varies so much with how they’ll react. We hardly had Fribs and Mads separated at all, for the same reason – there isn’t really anywhere to have a cat in the house without it being on its own; the kitchen-lounge-dining area has no doors. We’re lucky that Fribs is a pacific sort of character but had Maddie’s number from the start; she’s never taken her seriously and they settled together pretty quickly.

I actually had the best evening so far last night–a few hours straight of Scotty on the stairs (occasionally going upstairs to play) and ShiShi just relaxing on the cat tree without growling at him. Of course, eventually he decided he wanted to see what was so good about the cat tree, and we wound up having to go to Quarantine levels again, but it gave me some hope.

This whole article is a load of emotional logic and high school freshman perspective. You totally skewed the readers perspectives by dismissing the points he’s actually making versus the point’s your making up. All this just. Cause some dumbass 24 year old is making outlandish videos. Seriously.

Indeed it is.


Another nickname for #GamerGate’s admitted-rapist, pro-murder “Based lawyer.” How that twenty pounds of lemur shit in a ten-pound sack still has bar accreditation is a mystery for the ages.

Ah now I remember Matt Binder’s storify. The dude that doesn’t like drawing attention to himself but emphasizes himself in the 30(?) key point things he makes on his website. The one that seems to have grabbed all the Chuck Norris jokes and applied them to himself like they’re reality.

Now I has a sad.

And what is with guys who put bloody Esq behind their names? Okay, just found out in the US it’s used to denote someone who can practice law. Good grief.

Let’s all put all of our post nominals after our names. Mine barely fit on one line on a business card, *excluding professional memberships*.

This whole article is a load of emotional logic and high school freshman perspective. You totally skewed the readers* perspectives by dismissing the points he’s actually making versus the point’s* your* making up. All this just.* Cause* some dumbass 24 year old is making outlandish videos.

So you have no argument to make. You just came on here to blow hot air out of your arse.


And that’s real.

*Squashes the inner pedant and does not correct the grammar and punctuation

I find it weirdly fascinating how the manospherians are now apparently at each others’ throats. One can only hope that they end up destroying one another and disappearing off the face of the earth.

All this just. Cause some dumbass 24 year old is making outlandish videos. Seriously.

I guess when you’re 24, video footage of you assaulting people is merely “outlandish.” At what point does it become evidence that you are a criminal and a scumbag? Once you’ve turned 30?

Feel compelled to point out that “romancier” is French for “novelist”, and so doesn’t have anything to do with romance (or with choking women in the street, for that matter). So if that is why the younger Blanc chose the name, he’s not only a complete douchebag, he’s also bad at French…

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