Good news: Abusive "pickup artist" Julien Blanc kicked out of Australia

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Julien
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Julien

Writing about abhorrent misogyny pretty much every day of every week can get a tad depressing. So I’m glad to have some actual good news to report. Good news, at least, for non-misogynists.

The #TakeDownJulienBlanc campaign has taken off internationally, and the “pickup artist” who advocates choking women as a clever “opener” has been kicked out of Australia, his visa revoked.

In an op-ed in The Independent yesterday, self-described “Aggressive Chinese Girl” Jenn Li explained why she started the #TakeDownJulienBlanc campaign and what it has accomplished so far:

Julien Blanc, a “dating advice” consultant working for Real Social Dynamics (RSD), travels around the world teaching men how to manipulate, and in some cases, sexually assault women. …

In Blanc’s videos his treatment of women is – to put it lightly – horrifying. There are videos of him going up to women, clasping their throats, while putting his finger on his lips, saying “shhh”. For reasons beyond me, he has decided to document this abuse by labelling the videos of him doing this with his own hashtag: #ChokingGirlsAroundtheWorld. …

When talking about how to “seduce” a Japanese woman, he is quoted as saying: “Just grab her… To take the pressure off, yell Pikachu or Pokemon or Tamagotchi or something”. He is obsessed with degrading Japanese women, and abusing his white male privilege. “…

By perpetuating the idea that Asian women are a “free for all” for predatory men, he is encouraging other pathetic men to abuse them. …

When I first started the campaign, I had almost no strategy; I just threw things and hoped they stuck. I called the Japanese Embassy, reported him, wrote to the press, did the hashtag thing, and started a petition on

I’m now targeting venues who are hosting his events. The campaign is still in its early stages, but something has seemed to have stuck. We have been able to shut down events in Melbourne, Brisbane, Austin, and Seattle, and Eventbrite have stopped hosting his events.

In Melbourne, as I noted a couple of days ago, Li and her supporters convinced the hotel hosting his event to boot him. Blanc ended up having to host the event on a boat, and sent an assistant along to conduct the “seminar” in his place. Locals organized a protest and the event itself was shut down. Not long afterwards, local authorities reported that they had revoked Blanc’s visa. He’s now left the country.

Li’s next goal? To shut down Blanc’s scheduled seminars in Japan in two weeks.

RSD founder Owen Cook, aka “Tyler Durden,” has posted a weird, rambling “non response” to the controversy on his website, a strange mixture of apology, defiance and self-justification. After announcing that “we’re not NOT responding. :),” he basically throws Blanc under the bus:

I think Julien’s video was absolutely stupid.  It was totally out of context and he posted it to get shock, not realizing the full outcome.  I’m sorry about the video.  I would have taken it down if I’d seen it, but don’t monitor all social media postings.

I watched Julien’s entire Free Tour from that event today, and he talks about not degrading women and how he’s just kidding around.  The full infield clips have the girls laughing and asking him to kiss them and things like that.  He deliberately left this out of the video to make it inflammatory.  Again I don’t approve that behaviour and frankly neither does he, he was an idiot to post that.

Then he complains that #TakeDownJulienBlanc supporters are

deliberately taking things out of context. … I see fake twitter accounts claiming to be Julien, or videos from me with sarcasm that are cut to say insane things I’m not saying, and that have context when you watch the whole thing.  They know they’re doing this and think it’s funny, so there’s not a lot of dialogue to be had.

So I’m not NOT talking… it’s just that there’s nobody to talk to. 🙂  I’ve apologized in other threads and condemned the behaviour.  From there it is what it is.

He follows up with a weirdly self-aggrandizing spiel:

All I care about is my ability to do good in the world.  RSD has been a cool vehicle to do that.  If it isn’t a viable vehicle anymore, I’ll continue to do good.  The people who watch our stuff honestly have no idea what it’s like to be a shy guy trying to learn to meet girls, or the pain it causes.  They have no context for why we teach guys what we teach, after years of trying different things to see what works.

It doesn’t matter.  I’ll always do amazing work and make the world better.  As long as I can do that, I’m happy.  The vehicle is just a temporary form that has to be discarded like anything else, whether tomorrow or in 50 years.  As long as I’m alive I’ll keep finding new vehicles to do good things.

It seems like SJW’s cause a lot of trouble for good men as well as bad.  I think it’s important people find out about them.  I think the mainstream media does a lot of messed up things as well.  I’ve honestly felt guilty for not addressing these issues for a while now, but was too busy teaching “pick up” which I’m sure people sensed I did more out of obligation to the community that helped me, than it being my main focus.

So regardless of what happens, I’ll continue to do good.  I’ve spent days working on RSD related stuff, no different than before.  I personally expect RSD to be fine.  My life is basically the same as it ever was, not really different.  I’ve been planning on building something new for a long time, and have a lot of things in the works with it even before this, so if it’s not fine I’ll do other things.

I suspect the plain English translation of all that is: CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP I THINK WE’RE SCREWED.

As far as I know, Blanc himself hasn’t offered any response to any of this yet — aside from quietly taking down Tweets featuring pictures of him choking women.

For the latest on all this, check out the #TakeDownJulienBlanc hashtag on Twitter, and follow Li herself at @JennLi123.

You can also sign a petition to Take Down Julien Blanc and RSD’s Seminars and Web content. Last I checked, the petition had garnered more than 30,000 signatures. There’s another one directed at the Japanese government here.

For more on the campaign against Blanc, see:

Julien Blanc, the ‘female attraction’ expert, glorifies sexual violence. The fewer seminars he holds, the better, by Somayya Ismailjee at

Julien Blanc, self-described pick-up artist who promotes choking women, leaves Australia and has visa cancelled, at

Australian Government Deports Notorious “Pick-Up Artist” Julien Blanc, by Mark Di Stefano at Buzzfeed.




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7 years ago


Fuck, so many people who talk just for talk, who are they to judge?… yeah I now is a good distractor to see a man that can be judge and condemn, it helps to forget the misery in the lives of the hatters, is just bullshit…

Because there’s nothing inherently condemnable about a man who grabs women by the throat and forces their faces into his crotch and encourages other men to do so. And all those people who are calling Julien Blanc out for his reprehensible behavior are just miserable haters.

This man Julien Blanc, i’ve been follow him for the last two years, I can say that you the feminist and white knifes are wrong. Is all about point of view.

Because the point of view that a man shouldn’t assault women is equally as valid as the point of view that men should be able to assault women. It’s all just a difference in opinion! Besides, people who think that Julien Blanc shouldn’t assault women and encourage other men to do so are just wrong.

We are in the 21 century and keep thinking like a square. Is obvious that the mainstream media distorts the info so we can see a more shoking and seeling think that is so far away from the truth.

Because when Julien Blanc posted videos of himself assaulting women and encouraging other men to do so, it was obviously just a distortion of the mainstream media. And besides, women need to loosen up and quit being such squares and not get upset and start complaining when men assault them.

The truth in part or half the truth is not the truht.,/blockquote>

Julien Blanc assaults women and encourages other men to do so, but that’s only part of the truth! He’s actually a really good guy!

Wake up People!! Stop the hate, there´s no need and least towards this young boy.

Poor, poor little Julien Blanc! All he did was assault women and encourage other men to do so! He doesn’t deserve to have his seminars in which he encourages men to assault women shut down! Stop the hate! Because there’s certainly nothing hateful about assaulting women and encouraging other people to do so.

(I apologize for my english)

That’s not what you need to apologize for.

7 years ago

And here’s a little snack, blockquote Mammoth.

7 years ago

We are in the 21 century and keep thinking like a square.

This is totally true. Whenever anyone suggests that it might be a good idea to think like, say, a rectangle instead of a square then the MRAs, the Dark Enlightenment types, the Republicans, show up up and tell the rectangular thinkers that they are inciting the downfall of civilization. PUAs and folks like Julien Blanc are the enforcers of square-shaped thinking.They abuse the rectangular thinkers into pretending to be square thinkers.

The thing is, rectangular-shaped thinking is actually pretty damn close to square-shaped thinking, but square-shaped thinkers refuse to accept even the slightest deviation. This means that all the trapezoidal and spherical thinkers are in even worse shape than the rectangular ones.

When any PUA creates a system of rules and scripts for interacting with others based on “what women want” they are perpetuating square-shaped thinking by making the assumption that everyone is a square-shaped thinker.

7 years ago

Stop the hate, there´s no need and least towards this young boy.

I agree. I don’t hate Julien Blanc, I’m not even angry at him.*

But not hating someone is oceans away from accepting them uncritically. It’s possible to point out and acknowledge that somebody’s behavior is toxic and dangerous without hating them. Trying to keep Blanc out of whatever country he targets next isn’t necessarily an expression of hatred towards him personally (although it certainly could be). It’s not personal animus, it’s a public safety concern.

*This is probably my own selfishness, as I’m in absolutely no danger of being targeted by him or people like him and so I don’t find his actions threatening to me personally. I don’t want to speak for anyone else here, as I think getting angry at him is a totally reasonable reaction given how far over the line his behavior has been. I didn’t watch the videos, and that’s probably another part of the reason why I’m not actually angry.

7 years ago

Young boy? We’re not talking about some child who doesn’t know any better. We are talkinga bout an adult man in his mid 20s who makes his living by encouraging other men to frighten and assault women. and who thinks putting videos of himself assaulting women on the internet is all just shit & giggles. Becasue, hey, he can get away with it. Well, fuck that noise.

Buttercup Q. Skullpants
Buttercup Q. Skullpants
7 years ago

Hey Raul and Kurtis, I’ve developed this astounding, revolutionary new method of talking to women that doesn’t involve choking and assaulting them.

Send me $2000 and I’ll share it with you.

7 years ago

Why yes. It is the 21st century. So why Raul, are you using “square” as an insult? This is the first time I’ve even ever heard it in real life. The only time I’ve seen it is in 60s TV shows.

7 years ago

Here, Wargies! Here, Wargies, Wargies, Wargies! Bring your Orcies, I have Trollflesh for you, good Wargies!

7 years ago

I’m so L7, Daddio. I’m just not ginchy or hep.
*adjusts beret*
*wanders off playing the bongos and smoking rope*

7 years ago

Hey, Raul
I think I’ve figured out why you are so pathetic at making a connection with women that you have turned to taking lessons from a con artist who assaults women for fun and profit.

If you are very, very nice and say, “Pretty please with a cherry on top”, I might clue you in.

7 years ago

The truth in part or half the truth is not the truth.

Sometimes. Other times, only part of the truth is the part that matters. The amount of abuse or assault one should perform when trying to get a date is precisely zero. Anything more than that, and you’re damned no matter what your intentions or context.

Is obvious that the mainstream media distorts the info so we can see a more shocking and seeling think[sic] that is so far away from the truth.

Except, of course, that this blog isn’t the mainstream media, and the “info” we were presented was Julien’s own videos in full plus commentary. There’s very little room here for distortion.

7 years ago

Hey, Leah! Love that beret and cat-suit thing you’ve got going on. Pass the rope?

Also, don’t think Raul can say “Pretty please with a cherry on top”, as that is too betaomegachiepsilon or something.

7 years ago


I’m so L7, Daddio. I’m just not ginchy or hep.

It’s hip, dad, hip.

And a hip bone! Knee bone thigh bone!

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