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Men's Rights Activists: PR Geniuses, Part XXVI

public relations

So Cosmo ran a piece by Jill Filipovic on A Voice for Men’s phony WhiteRibbon site, and, as surely as winter follows fall, the AVFM comments brigade showed up to offer their unique brand of wisdom.

Take it away, Samuel Twain:

Samuel Twain · Top Commenter Bahahahahahahahaha, Cosmo is full of morons and gold digger trash. When are you women going to get jobs and start paying your own way instead of what you do now....whine whine and more I have yet to meet a feminist that wasn't getting by by using some white knight mangina mother fucker. I thought you gashes could take care of bidness?lol Reply · Like · Follow Post · 5 hours ago      Natalie Rose Apar · Follow · Top Commenter · Administrative Specialist to the Finance Department at SAAVI - Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired     So, you got that information from doing a rectal pull, I assume? In 2013, women made up more than half of the professional and technical workforce in the United States. Try checking a fact sometime. Also, non sequitur, but most women aren't interested in your dangling, frontal skintag.     Reply · Like · 2 hours ago     Samuel Twain · Top Commenter     bahahahaa nothing I like more than watching some hot headed gash get her panties in a She said work ahahahahahahahaaha paaalease     Reply · Like · about an hour ago

Now, before any MRAs reading this ask how I know that Mr. Twain isn’t just some troll with nothing to do with the Men’s Rights movement or AVFM, bla bla bla, well, as you can see, Cosmo uses Facebook for its comments. And following Mr. Twain’s comment back to his Facebook profile you can see that he regularly posts MRA propaganda and AVFM memes, is a member of a Facebook group called Men’s Human Rights Movement, and, oh yeah, his friends list is filled with AVFM staffers.

So yeah, MRAs, he’s one of yours.


141 replies on “Men's Rights Activists: PR Geniuses, Part XXVI”

The book blurb:

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is a rapidly growing movement of men who are opting away from the traditional expectations of manhood. Generally speaking they are not interested in marriage, romantic commitment or proving themselves worthy of either by climbing a corporate ladder that has grown weak and unstable beneath their feet. They are cutting their own path through life and living on their own terms more than men have ever dared to before. This book explains this phenomenon, provides a historical perspective and tells you why MGTOW is gaining so quickly in popularity among men who are weary of being told to “man up.”

1. What is there to explain, I would have thought “Men Going Their Own Way” aka no girly cooties allowed, didn’t require much of an explanation.
2.So MGTOW don’t climb the corporate ladder. How do they earn money? Here is where Paul will explain grifting for fun and profit.
3. I would have thought many monks and abbotts, plus religious hermits and prophets, would have done this MGTOW thing a lot earlier. Excluding the ones who had kids on the side.
4. The last sentence shows it’s for whiny manbabies. If you’re already avoiding women, dudebros, then the people telling you to “man up” aren’t actually, you know, women.

I hope the humorous reviews start soon.

This is amusing of itself:

Sweden, oft touted as a socialist utopia, ranks near the top in term of income inequality.

I just hate it when these clowns refuse to do some simple fact-checking of the stuff that falls out of their mouths (or, I guess, drips off their fingertips would be better phrasing here).

Sweden’s Gini coefficient — the measure of income inequality on a scale of 0.0-1.0 — is in the mid-.20s (somewhere between .24 and .27, depending on whose doing the calculating). That does represent an increase in economic inequality there over 25 years ago (when it was around .21), but Sweden’s Gini coefficient is still not only among the lowest in Europe, but among the lowest overall in the whole, wide world. That datum is out there and really easy to find.

What countries have the highest Gini coefficients (meaning, are the most income iniquitous)? According to the World Bank data tables, Honduras, South Africa and Zambia are sitting at the top with Gini coefficients above .55 (South Africa packs a whopping index of .65 as of 2011).

God, I hate, hate, hate it when people pull that kind of scheisse out of their ärsche. Gratis Ptaka gets an ‘F’ on that paper just on that bit of fallaciousness, alone.

Most men aren’t going to allow themselves to be ruled by women in relationships.

Well said. No one rules anyone in my family. As for women marrying “up”, my super-qualified nurse, substantial paypacket, daughter is very happily, recently, married to a man who doesn’t earn as much as she does. My own husband and I sort of took turns at who earned more than whom throughout our married/ working life. It made no difference to our happiness or to our individual self respect. Now that we’re retired, those issues don’t arise.

As for non-financial issues, we both can cook (and iron and clean the loo). But it was he who taught our daughters to cook when they were very young. It was great for him, for them, for all of us.

I’m still a bit mystified about the idea that anyone would want to “rule” anyone in a marriage or other partnering relationship. And for anyone who tries to? Walk on legos forever.

Right-wing bigots want the world to collapse, because they know they’ve lost the fight against gender, racial and LGBTQ+ equality and that’s the only way they can regain control and stuff the cat back in the bag.

Oh, I know. Or at least they like to fantasize about it. I don’t think they’d like the reality at ALL. Same thing with their fantasy of an “ordered” patriarchal society: in their fevered fantasies they’re all top dog and kings of the domain, everyone bows down to them! But of course that’s not realistic– most of them would be in the middle, at BEST, and you don’t make it long or far in a very structured, hierarchical society by copping an attitude with your betters.

Can I be a straight lesbian bish ruling my man in the feminist utopian matriarchy as I force a transfer of funds from my SO who is obviously unemployed because I stole all the good jobs so I can stay at home eating bonbons in Asia? I could totally get behind that. Especially since I have a yeast allergy and bread out of existence sounds fabulous and excuses me from sammich making forever!

@mildlymagnificent – I know, I thought the same thing when I read that! My parents were the same way – my mom made far more money in the beginning, and then after my dad got his business built he made more (even though the vast majority went back in to his company). There was never any power struggle and they were very much in love, during the whole 36 years until my dad passed away. Hell, even my grandparents have always had an egalitarian marriage.

These guys always think there has to be a winner and a loser, or a ruler and a subject, in dating and marriage. It’s the old fundamentalist view that the husband is the head of the household, and that the wife will always try to seize control if he isn’t strong enough. But they overlook the fact that plenty of relationships aren’t like that today, and that plenty of people in those relationships are not miserable.

Tessa: win!

They are cutting their own path through life and living life on their own terms more than men have ever dared to before

Okay, so…they’re bravely unemployed, and courageously free of human attachment. They’ve cast off all the shackles that come with love and work. No more tedious feelings of accomplishment, self-sufficiency, or intimacy. They are a rock! They are an iiiisland!

What is it, exactly, that they’re doing with their freedom that’s so daring and novel? (Spamming comment threads with rambling manifestos doesn’t count.) How do they propose to change the world by being lazy, disengaged, contemptuous, and isolated? Why is that an admirable state of being?

They make it sound like MGTOW is the next enlightened phase of human evolution, when in reality it’s just a way of saying “we can’t cope with the world, but we should still be king anyway, we hate all of your guts, please run after us and beg us to stay.”

Given that extra-uterine reproduction isn’t a thing, and parhenogenesis for dudes isn’t a thing, I wonder just how these Next Phase of Evolution dudes think they’re gonna pass on their splendid manly man genes? They couldn’t do like Krotag’s tribe, after all, because no homo!!1!eleventy!!

Son of Kronar (NSFW)


I looked over our prediction and it seems legit. I do have one question though: Could you elaborate on why it would be bad if the dollar stopped being the reserve currency? Because as far as I’m aware that wouldn’t actually be bad.

I’m so sad about being bread out of existence. Can’t I be rice or pasta-d out of existence instead?

Re: copypasta. I’ve seen a few of the MRA commenters I recognize from the manosphere spreading out to comment elsewhere in mainstream publications. They’ll find a news article on a domestic violence incident, or an article on the economy or technology and start tying it in to the evil tide of feminism or advocate for foreign brides or just attack some women. If there were a way to attach pictures, I have some. Some sort of MRA evangelical outreach operation, it seems like.

And about as popular at the mainstream news sites they spam as the evangelists who knock on your door while you’re eating dinner, as far as I can tell.

@Gratis Ptaka

Hey asshole, jsyk, Sweden has been run by the right, not the left, for the last 8 years. On top of that, there’s only one small socialist party on the national level left (Vänsterpartiet) as Socialdemokraterna are quite right wing these days, and have been for the last 15+ years or so. Also, if you think Swedes in general are feminists, or socialists for that matter, then you’re a moron and perhaps shouldn’t spout nonsense about countries you know nothing about.

And what’s so bad about children being born out of wedlock? Do they lack something children conceived by married people possess? Can only they defeat The Old Ones? I’m going to assume that people will still be raising children with other people when possible, it’s usually easier that way.

Well, if children are born out of wedlock, the fathers cannot own them and the mother. The whole thing is about property rights and making sure that the man’s property goes to the the kid with the “correct” genetic “legitimization.”

Personally, I think that the whole idea of “illegitimate” kids is a steaming pile of road apples. Listen up, manospherians – EVERY CHILD WHO COMES INTO THE WORLD FROM BETWEEN A WOMAN’S LEGS IS A LEGITIMATE CHILD. Children do not need to be claimed by the right father to be legitimate. Nope. The ONLY important thing is for children to be wanted and loved. And that does not have to be by the “right” sperm donor.

I just noticed the paragraph where she’s going on about birth rates tanking and this being hidden by mass immigration…in Japan and South Korea? Oh honey, no.

But they overlook the fact that plenty of relationships aren’t like that today, and that plenty of people in those relationships are not miserable.

You know, I think that the reality is that the best marriages and live-in relationships have always been that way. Happy people who love each other cannot be bothered with those stupid power games.

The illegitimate child nonsense really bugs me. Mr.Grump and I have been happily living in sin for over 20 years, now. My mother keeps reminding me how I’ve Damned my progeny for 7 generations because my kids are bastards. Never mind that their father is actively involved in their lives, and was, in fact, a SAHD for 3 years. Never mind that my relationship with Mr. Grump is based on mutual respect and is very loving. /end rant

Sorry, all, if that was TMI.

@Gratis Ptaka sounds like my gut feels after I’ve eaten too much stuff at the Chinese buffet and digested it poorly. Some of his points are valid enough, but they are mixed in with all sorts of crap, pop-psych, crackpot economics and what-not, totally disorganized and incoherent.
When I read something like this, I think with pity of the professors and graduate assistants that have to grade crap like this every day.

I keep offering to give them a compass and a map. Maybe I need to offer orienteering classes too?

The important part, cassandrakitty, is that you recognize that it’s your job, as a woman, to do all the actual work involved in a Man Going His Own Way. What, you think his cheetos are going to deliver themselves? Pfft.

Orienteering classes are misandry! What are you, implying that men need to be instructed in this? Don’t you know that orienteering skills are genetic, and carried on the Y-chromosome?

I keep offering to start a Kickstarter to buy them an island so they can fuck off to there, and program their sex dolls for them.

My, I missed some very long, pointless copypasta. I’m gonna skip reading it and just laugh at silly boys who haven’t figured out how easy it is to go their own way. Far, far, far away. We encourage it.

Wait, I noted the last bit. Sweden really doesn’t rank neat the top in income equality. I have no doubt income inequality is a problem because, well, that’s how capitalism tends to work. And the current government is mostly centre-right (and there is a worrying rise of extreme right wing support). Sweden isn’t the most conservative country going, but it’s no hippy love-in.

Every time I see “born out of wedlock” I’m reminded of an old Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch. Pete told Dud that a kid in school told him the worst word in the world – bastard (which he pronounced ba-starrd).

Dud: wot’s a bastard, Pete?

Pete: a bastard, Dud, is a child born out of wedlock.

Dud: eww … wot’s a wedlock, Pete?

Pete: a wedlock, Dud, is a horrible thing. It’s a cross between a steam engine and a padlock, and some children are born out of them instead of the usual way, and it’s the worst word in the world.

As a celiac, I fully support bread out of existence. It can go it’s own way.

BGTOW #yesallbreads

This is old, and I apologize for engaging in thread necro’ing, but um…do these clownshoes realize that they’re also railing against the patriarchy by “…opting away from the traditional expectations of manhood. “?

I mean, protesting “traditional gender roles” is…I dunno, seems pretty feminist-y to me. I could be wrong, but the notion that MGTOWs are accidentally fighting a feminist cause (only in their alleged desire to break away from “traditional expectations of manhood”) makes me emit the giggle unending.

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