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Exciting new meme: #ConfusedJanetBloomfield AgainstFeminism


When I saw this quote from our old friend, A Voice For Men’s repeatedly-banned-from-Twitter Social Media Director Janet Bloomfield, it seemed to me to be so extravagantly confused that even the most confused cat against feminism would be embarrassed to have said it. So I made a new meme for it. Ta da!

Here’s the whole paragraph the quote comes from:

I am often accused of simply not understanding what feminism IS when I dare to criticize it, especially on Twitter. Get a dictionary, blah blah blah whatever. See, here’s the thing: I know exactly what feminism IS and the claim that feminists stand for gender equality is not only outright laughable, I’m beginning to see it as a calculated, deliberate, malicious lie. Feminists damn well know they are seeking superiority and the wholesale destruction of society as we know it to be replaced by a brutal matriarchy in which all women and the remaining men will be subject to totalitarian controls that would make Stalin green with envy.

Not all the remaining men! I have been assured I will be guaranteed a spot in Women’s Country with the other male servitors.

Anyhoo, if anyone else feels inspired to do any meme-ing, there are certainly any number of quotes about feminism from MRAs that might work well for similar graphics. No need to stick with cats. There are any number of animals that might better symbolize confused MRAs, from dung beetles to snakefish to bat guano. Ok, that last one isn’t strictly speaking an animal, but you get the idea.


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When the church is on fire, Catholic priests run in for the cross, Baptists run in for the Bible, and UUs run in for the coffee maker.

::checks phone book for local UU chapter::

Is anyone even dedicated to studying the LA pod? Because, yeah, we know nothing about them and sightings are purely opportunistic, it seems. It’s SO hard to study the offshore populations. The best resource is the whale watch companies who inform the researchers when orcas are spotted.

I know a loner was travelling with a huge pod of striped (I think) dolphins off of San Diego last spring which was very strange. The only other sighting was what people hoped was LA pod but was actually just K pod on the move.

Yeah, I can’t think of anyone studying them, either. Pretty much all we know is they got caught on tape killing a shark… And then they disappeared, again.

Is anyone studying the Antarctic dwarf ecotypes? Those guys are really, really cute.

“fruitloopsie, your skit captures her almost perfectly, except for one thing: she didn’t hold up that “bathing in feminist tears” pic she posts 50 times a day as if it’s some kind of automatic debate-winner.”

::face palms:: of course! How could I forget?

Teacher: ok class can anyone tell me what is 2+2?
Jb: 6
Teacher: what?
JB: it’s 6
Teacher: how did you get that answer?
JB: a few classmates told me
Teacher: well they’re wrong. Did you look in your text book on how to add?
JB: it’s 6 I don’t need to look it up, I know what it is
Teacher: all you have to do is count on your fingers and-
JB: Wh***! C***!
Teacher: principles office! now!
JB: fine! Before I go I have one more thing to say!… You suck 24 c***s!
::runs down the hall laughing while holding up a poster with pictures of cake on it that says: “I bathe in Feminist tears!”::

The End!

***Here There Be Spoilers*****

Hey, leave me out of “Women’s Country” unless there’s a librarian position open. Sure, I could handle the art all right, but my science is iffy and I totes suck at handicrafts. Besides, if I wanted to have sex, I would have to get a shot first (ouch!), and then pick out some bearded Defender even if I would rather sleep with a “servitor”. And I wouldn’t get any choice about it, either, unless I wanted to be a drunk prostitute in the outside land. No, thanks.

Men, however, even in Tepperland, get a choice; you can play soldier, play games, have sex (LOTS of sex on holidays) and drink all the beer you want as a “Defender”*, or you can come back as a servitor, where you can secretly father the children, read all the books you want, and maybe join the “Servitors Council”.

Don’t get me wrong; it would be nice to have a servitor to do the cooking, cleaning, and shopping, but I’d rather be in the Tepper’s “Six Moon Dance” society, where if you give birth four times, you’re awarded a “Hunk”. (Only one Hunk per woman, though, and only if you’ve gone through pregnancy and birth four times, so it’s a better deal, but still not a great deal.)

*True, if your garrison acts up and there’s a war, you don’t get any anesthetic or doctoring, (except for the suicide drink if you’re in too much pain) but as long as you toe the line, that’s no big worry.

All this Tepper talk reminds me that I should reread my books of hers sometime. And maybe think of acquiring some more, if I could only figure out where to put them all.


Gate to Women’s Country is definitely her most depressing. I just reread The Fresco and The Companions, but I think The Family Tree is probably still her best take on the issue of the relationship between humans and other species.


I don’t recall that anyone is made to have sex in “Women’s Country”. I recall that servitors are to supply sperm, but if they are found to be faulty (too few returns) they don’t get used, and I doubt they are actually forced to provide. Also I think the servitors get to have lots of sex, at least with the women in the know. I also recall rape outside of Women’s country, and frank acknowledgement of frequent rape and forced multiple pregnancies regardless of the women’s health in Patriarchy Land, but that’s not the same as women in Women’s country being forced to have sex with the defenders which I am certain wouldn’t happen. Wasn’t the defining characteristic of Women’s Country that it was Hades, and there is no fucking in Hades? I know it was criticized for being completely heteronormative, but the gender binary needed to be complete for the plot to work. That being said, it *was* handled insensitively, edging on cruelly. The forced sterilization of women with faulty genes (too few returns) seems to indicate that sex is optional, but parenting is not. I seem to remember that they would choose defenders who got too drunk on holidays to remember who they had sex with to be “fathers” to boys of women who didn’t have sex (at least with defenders) but knew what was going on. I may be remembering it wrong, it’s been a while.


My favourite Tepper is The Family Tree, and I loaned my copy to my mother, who donated it to a second hand store. It’s out of print. I can’t forgive her. Am I in the right here? Because I feel like I am, and she doesn’t get it.

Grumpy old nurse:

@ marinerachel – maybe she’s been putting the bonbons in her butt by mistake and that’s why she’s so judgy?

…maybe…Also why I almost owe my job a new keyboard.
Nurse is awesome.

they all chanted to destroy the american family by promoting promiscuity and homosexuality.

Unitarian Universalists are just NOT party people like that.

Beauty was interesting in that it was where she first lit upon a bunch of ideas that she’d go into in more detail later, and for the fun with fairytales aspect. It’s the same with Grass and her first attempts to really delve into some of the environmental stuff, imo.

She’s done tons more writing about religion over time but I still think Raising The Stones may be the best in that it’s the one that’s most pointed about specific religions (even though they’re not named, it’s clear which ones they are).

And yeah, nobody was being forced into sex in Women’s Country, though it was implied that some of the women who left to go hand around the Protector camps may eventually have been. I think people sometimes misread it and think she intended Women’s Country as a utopia, which really isn’t the case at all. Remember (SPOILERS) that the book ends with daughter and father both looking back over the history of the place and its current state and crying together.

No, nobody was actually raped in Women’s Country (unless the garrison was having one its periodic rebellions), but if you weren’t in the know (as most of the women weren’t), and wanted to have sex and children, you had to at least appear to pick a Defender, hopefully somebody who got too drunk to remember whether he’d had sex with you or not. Morgot pulls off this trick by having a long standing affair with the Defender Michael, though her kids (except for Stavia’s pain-in-the-neck older sister) are actually fathered by her servitor Joshua.

The-pain-in-neck older sister *does* fall for a Defender, and has a lot of sex with him, though (this is hinted) her son Markus is really fathered by Joshua too. (the family tree gets a little complicated).

However, on the plus side, all the kids are expected to learn how to read and write, which puts WC light years ahead of a lot of societies.

That picture of JB’s head on a cat is truly the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Cute little baby orca makes up for it, though.

I dunno, that’s probably the least alarming she’s ever looked, if only because of the relatively calm facial expression.

Yeah, but at some point you’d have to empty JB’s litterbox, and that’s just not something I really want to think too hard about.

She’d also probably say “wh*re” instead of “meow.” Or worse, going off on some kind of nonsensical screed.

The thing (well, ONE of the things) that struck me when reading Mallory Millett’s walk down memory lane is this – she claims that this happened at the founding of NOW. She can remember all that from forty eight years ago – but she can’t remember what NOW is an acronym for? She specifically refers to it as the National Organization of Women, instead of *for* women. I call unreliable narrator.

a communist pseudo-church service where they all chanted to destroy the american family by promoting promiscuity and homosexuality.

I believe this is the conservative stereotype of what Unitarian Universalist services are like.

Well, I did once attend a pre-Pride service where the church was decked out in rainbow streamers and there was a cardboard cutout of Obama behind the altar. I remember thinking, as we danced down the aisles to Lady gaga, that that image would confirm everything some people “know” about liberals.

Falconer: You cannot fool me, I’ve seen the manifesto of Unitarian Jihad firsthand!

I really wish this meme had caught on. If anyone’s wondering, my jihadi name is Sister Twin Daggers of Worth and Dignity.

@Shaun DarthBatman Day:

My favourite Tepper is The Family Tree, and I loaned my copy to my mother, who donated it to a second hand store. It’s out of print. I can’t forgive her. Am I in the right here? Because I feel like I am, and she doesn’t get it.

Was your mother particularly squicked out by the book? I have to admit to doing this once with a evangelical angels vs. demons book lent to me by a (stealth*) evangelical guy I dated once, except I just threw the book in the garbage**. And this was before my pagan phase when I was still a nice Lutheran gal! I realize now that it was wrong of me (and I wish I regretted it more, but I don’t) and I should have returned the book to him.

tl;dr Yes, you are in the right here.

*The second date (that never happened) he asked me on was to his weekly Friday night ‘poker game’ that just happened to have a bible study tacked onto the end. Plus, no beer! The book was just the icing on the evangelical witnessing cake. Seriously, the fact that I was a pretty hard core Lutheran ( haha, “hard core Lutheran” I crack me up!) wasn’t good enough for him!

**It was THAT BAD! All of the women in the book were teh eeevil except for the wife of the (hot, hip, young, of course) pastor and this did not escape the notice of then-not-all-that-feminist me. Still, bad twincats! No!!

Yay Tepper reference!

I have read both The Gate To Women’s Country and The Fresco… though it’s been a while for both. I liked Gate To Women’s Country. The Fresco seemed a bit too anvilicious to me.

I haven’t read it yet, but I picked up The Family Tree at a used bookstore recently. Maybe it’s Shaun’s copy?

Glad people like the comment. I think I first found about the term “gina tingles” while hate-reading Mary Sunshine’s old blog. I’ve been lurking at We Hunted the Mammoth since its Manboobz days. And I just had to laugh at the UU comment because I am a UU and the comment is so true. I think every UU should have a bumper sticker that says, “I Break for Potlucks.”

On-topic: I’ve identified as a feminist since I was a kid. I been reading feminist-related websites (including this joint) for quite a while. But being a curious kitten, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by anti-feminism, so I started reading anti-feminist websites. While reading, I kept saying to myself, “That’s interesting,” which is the Midwestern equivalent of a Southern lady saying, “Bless your heart.”

One hot mess of an anti-feminist site I found was Bloomfield’s “Judgy Bitch” site. At first I thought it was a parody. But parodies are usually funny and well-written. Janet Bloomfield is as funny as a stroke and a horrible writer.

Part of me feels sorry for Janet. What is it like to live 24/7 with so much bitter and hate? But if she chooses to act like brat, then let her.

However, I have to snark on how Janet thinks she’s some powerhouse intellect. Um, no, child, just no. Her insane hatred of Jessica Valenti is at turns disturbing and funny. Did Ms. Valenti pee in Janet’s Wheaties? Does Ms. Valenti know who Janet is? Probably, not.

Oh, well, Janet is good for a snark every now and then.

However, I do feel sorry for the cats. Poor kitties. What have they done to deserved Janet Bloomfield? Will someone please think of the KITTIES?

Gina, your observation on Janet Bloomfield and Jessica Valenti reminded me of the one bit of Ayn Rand dialogue I actually like. In Fountainhead, there’s a scene with Howard Roark and Ellsworth Toohey, in which the latter tells the former, “We’re alone now, nobody can hear what you say. Why don’t you tell me what you really think of me?” Roark replies, confused, “But I don’t think of you.”

Bloomfield, like the other anti-feminists, would be utterly dismayed to be told that. They work so hard to get attention. . .

I didn’t love The Gate To Women’s Country either (especially the bit about how they cured homosexuality), but I have no idea what your last two sentences are about.

A welcome package for little old me? Well, you all know how to make a girl feel welcome. Excuse me while I blush demurely.

And Robert, despite being a passionate reader and a book reviewer, I refuse to read Ayn Rand. I’d rather go on a 24-bender of the “50 Shades” series than read something that inspired Paul Ryan’s political philosophy. One of my friends once asked me if Paul Ryan made me ashamed to be from Wisconsin. I told her, “He makes me ashamed to have blue eyes.”

On-topic: That is one thing about Janet Bloomfield that totally cracks me up. She is so fucking transparent in her naked ambition and desperation to be noticed. It’s like she’s a toddler jacked-up on Red Bull and Pixie Stix, and spreading her feces on the wall while screaming, “Mommy! DaDa! Loooooook at me make pwetty pwainting!!!!!!”

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