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Belated Award Ceremony for that "Design a Commemorative Plate for A Voice for Men" contest with REAL PRIZE

As you can tell, I too am a graphics wiz!
As you can tell, I too am a graphics wiz!

Hey, remember that contest we had in which we designed commemorative plates for A Voice for Men? Well, TA DA! Today I announce the winner! Who will win an actual real you-can-put-liquids-in-it coffee mug with the words “MALE TEARS” on it.

First let me say that there were many, many fine entries, all of them living up to the incredibly high standards set by Men’s Rights graphic artists.

But I can only award the prize to one person, because those are the rules I made up for the contest, so without further ado, the MALE TEARS mug goes to … drumroll … Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III, for his highly conceptual commemorative plate honoring A Voice for Men’s commemorative coin, which is what inspired this whole contest in the first place:

No, that really is a picture of AVFM's commemorative coin in the middle there.
No, that really is a picture of AVFM’s commemorative coin in the middle there.

Clearly, Mr. Rugglesby’s graphic work is also IMPECCABLE. There’s absolutely no way anyone could pecc that.

Mr. Rugglesby also deserves credit for this wonderful plate celebrating AVFM’s many achievements in the struggle to have any effect in the real world beyond paying some of Mr. Paul Elam’s bills, of which there are apparently a lot.



Oh, wait, that wasn’t the plate. That was one of many, many outtakes from my Confused Cats Against Feminism photo session the other day with my extreme ly uncooperative cats. Here’s the plate.


Technically the non-happening concert thing was CAFE, not AVFM, but who factchecks plates?
Technically the non-happening concert thing was CAFE, not AVFM, but we’ll let that slide because who factchecks plates?

So congrats, Mr. Rugglesby. Send me your address and the generous anonymous donor who offered to give the winner of the contest a cup (and who actually came up with the idea for the contest in the first place) will send it to you.

But Mr. Rugglesby was not the only one to produce a plate of award-winning quality. SECOND PRIZE goes to Jen93 for this NSFW plate.

Yeah, I can’t really show that here on the blog.

Jen93 also contributed this lovely plate, which I can show you here.


For these two contributions, Jen93 wins nothing. No prize.

Life is tough.

Well, she wins our respect and admiration, and that’s worth something.

For THIRD PRIZE we have a tie.

There’s Karalora, with this plate, which I think gets to the heart of what, along with unbridled manbaby rage, is really behind AVFM.


Augochlorella’s plate offered a variation on this theme:


Myoo depicted, I guess, what might happen if the next AVFM fundraiser is a bust.


In case you can’t tell, Mr. Elam is eating his shoe. Click on the pic to see the image in full size so you can read the fine print; you can do that with any of these pics, actually.)

Tracy also ties for third with this special commemorative plate honoring the excellent public relations work of AVFM’s Janet Bloomfield, who apparently thought that the best way to promote a Men’s Rights conference was to call people she doesn’t like “whores” on Twitter.


Deniseeliza scores with some excellent use of clip art:


Fromafar2013 passes along Paul Elam’s diet tips for troubled, broke men who donate to AVFM.


And no, Fromafar2013 is not making this up: in a post berating troubled men for not sending him money, Elam did in fact suggest that true Men’s Rights warriors should get used to a diet of ramen noodles.

Oh, there are so many more wondrous plates — from Quantumscale’s Doge-y entry, to Cthulu’s Intern’s ironic celebration of Elam’s views on rape, to Fibinachi’s reworking of “A Horse With No Name.” And for some reason, there were a lot of penis related entries, including opium4themasses’ plate featuring a nude potato and Polliwog’s  tribute to the sad boner of misandry.

And then there’s this entry from Buttercup Q. Skullpants, which wins the We Hunted the Mammoth Extra Special WTF Award for Things That Look NSFW But That Really Aren’t Commemorative Plate Award for this pic:


No, this is not what you think it is. (And I don’t even want to know what you think it is.) It’s actually, as Buttercup explained, a picture of

a Carolina sphinx moth, one of the 2007 winners of the Oklahoma Ugly Bug contest …Moths symbolize misandry, because the feeeeeemales emit pheromones and in response, the males burn themselves to a crisp against the porch light.

So get your mind ouf of the gutter!

There were many other fine contributions, which you can find by poking around in this thread.

Congratulations to all the winners, and to the losers as well.

I will try to come up with another excuse for another graphics contest sometime in the near future. All this talent should not go to waste.


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7 years ago

Applause for Fibi (I knew you’d come through!), and hugs to Samantha. Dang, that’s a long time to be ill with anything, let alone something so mysterious. Glad to know you’re all right now.

7 years ago

@Jenn93, awesome plates.

7 years ago

Congrats everyone! Chuffed I tied for 3rd!

That thing is a MOTH?? *hides under the bed*

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