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Contest time! Design a commemorative plate for A Voice for Men! Actual prize will be awarded.

Can you fill in that white space with some crap?
Can you fill in that white space with some crap?

A couple of days ago, we did our best to figure out what was going on with the strongly vaginal imagery of A Voice for Men’s newly issued commemorative coins, designed by a “a world class jeweler and minter, widely recognized as a master artisan in his trade,” who also happens to be the father of A Voice for Men’s “Activia Director” Attila Vinczer.

The commemorative coins were such a lovely gift to all of us who enjoy laughing at MRAs that a friend of this blog suggested to me that we should return the favor by designing a commemorative plate for AVFM. This generous soul also pledged to provide a prize for the winner: an authentic “male tears” coffee mug.

So let’s see what you’ve got! You can use the carefully prepared commemorative plate template I pasted in above, or make one of your own. The more perplexing, the better!

If you need some inspiration, let me remind you again what the official AVFM commemorative coin looks like:


I’m sorry. That’s not AVFM’s commemorative coin. That is actually a guinea pig wearing glasses. Let me try again:

82028e3d8085bdd970681eacfce72967Crap. That’s actually a nineteenth-century illustration depicting the Galvanic Reanimation of the Dead. Here we go again:


What is that I don’t even.


Ok,ok, here’s the damn coin:


Also, I am being told that the younger Vinczer is not actually AVFM’s “Activia Director.” He is actually the site’s “Minister of Greek Yogurt.”

185 replies on “Contest time! Design a commemorative plate for A Voice for Men! Actual prize will be awarded.”

Pallygirl: We appear to be on the same wavelength.

Kitteh: Sorry. Let me put a retroactive content note on that for, er, puckering.

Also we should totally put “content note : tingles” on all threads like the one the other day.

This “prize” isn’t any more valuable than the coin that you were all gleefully mocking the other day. Who’s the cheapskate now?

Wow, Woofy actually thinks that people are doing these silly fake plates so that they can win a prize. He is officially the dumbest person able to access the internet who is not commenting on YouTube.

This “prize” isn’t any more valuable than the coin that you were all gleefully mocking the other day. Who’s the cheapskate now?

This is so clueless that part of me wonders if it’s performance art.

Hey! A coffee mug usually isn’t more valuable than an ounce of silver, even when the silver has been marred with a ludicrous design! Whaddayaknow, Woody actually said something correct! Yes, he misses the point completely, but technically correct.

Next we work on being correct in a way that is actually meaningful? Maybe? Think about it?

You were mocking Paul the other day because he was offering a small token in return for what basically was a donation of $60. I don’t see how this is any different.

Yes Woody. David set up the contest for the purposes of further mocking Paul and Attila. Once again MRAs demonstrate they have absolutely no idea what satire is.

Also, you don’t have to donate $60 to enter the contest. The prize is in exchange for a few minutes of work.

Are you really this clueless? Please tell me this is performance art.

Maybe it’s different because this is for giggles? And David isn’t asking for any money?

Woofy is a one-man illustration of the “trolling or just stupid?” dilemma.

I actually kind of worry about you, Woody. I hope you can see how a cheap thing that you pay $60 for costs you more than a cheap thing you get for free. Like… $60 more.

These are great. I think my favorites are Paul with the $ eyes, the beaver w/JFK’s quote, and JB’s award.

Have any of you gross folks checked out the Caustic Soda podcast?

If not, check it out. It’s educational, funny and often disturbing and gross.

I’m a Caustic Soda jerk. I don’t miss a show.

Also for, um, maggot infestation?

Oh, those weren’t supposed to be maggots, it was just supposed to be a hairy asshole. It’s symbolic, you see: The asshole represents Paul Elam, and the hairs represent Woody and all the other sycophants who sprout up around him. It also represents hairy assholes.

My first thought was intestinal worms, but then I figured that you probably didn’t mean to be that gross, and maggots feed on bloated decomposing corpses, which would be quite nice symbolism for the relationship between the MRM and the regressive form of masculinity that they’re so determined to preserve.

I didn’t read those as worms or maggots, just as hairs. Which was quite enough, I might add! 😀

I would be with you, WWTH and chimisaur, on thinking that Woody was Elam’s sockpuppet, except that Elam has some serious rage control issues that would make it difficult for him to masquerade as anyone in a space where he’s being criticized.

They do look kinda like worms, and I now actually kind of want to redraw the hairy-asshole picture to make it more clear. Which is not an impulse I should have.

Kitteh, just saw that you added the content warning. LMAO!

It also kind of looks like Sauron’s eye, with lightning coming out. I thought lightning initially, or iris pattern. 🙂

Come one come all! In fact come one and all, be honored by my presence. I am the maleficent mistress. The one and only Queen Domina.

Now bow before my creation as I lash my whip in the direction of the dashing and ever so divine Alison Tieman. A long time ago Alison (isn’t she oh so sweet) made a video about how poor delusional men are just like plow horses and the princesses (women) just keep the poor plow horse ignorant.

I am just such a woman and here is my plow horse. He’s so much happier when he is ignorant. So giddy up David and send me my prize or I will have to make you my little pony.

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