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Cats respond to #WomenAgainstFeminism with new blog: Confused Cats Against Feminism

You can't argue with that!
You can’t argue with that!

So two of the females in my household have decided, sadly, that they want to get in on this whole Women Against Feminism thing. Yes, that’s right: they want to publicly declare their opposition to feminism.

Against my better judgment, I agreed to take pictures of them with signs spelling out their objections. None of their arguments make much sense to me, but, hey, they’re entitled to make their case on the internet if that’s what they want.

There’s just one little complication: the two antifeminist females in my household are not, you know, human females. They’re cats. Not being, strictly speaking, women, they can’t really post their pics to the Women Against Feminism blog.

So in the interest of free speech and fair play, I’ve set up a Tumblr blog where my cats, and other cats who share their beliefs, can take their stand against feminism – no matter how ridiculous their arguments are.

I present to you: Confused Cats Against Feminism.

You can see the first post there now, featuring my own adorably furry traitors to their gender.

I urge you to submit pictures of your own antifeminist cats, with their own little signs.

You can submit pics on the Confused Cats Against Feminism site, post pics in the comments below, or you can email them to me here at futrelle at

There’s just one rule: your cats must be genuinely confused about why they oppose feminism, and generally unclear about what feminism is.

And the ideas expressed on their signs must be their own. In other words, I don’t want any Men’s Rights Activists paying cats on Fiverr to hold their signs for them. That shit won’t fly in this litterbox!

All that said, blatant photoshopping is perfectly fine. This is the internet, after all.

And if your animal friend is something other than a cat, that’s fine too. As long as it’s possible that they might think that they’re a cat.

Also, feel free to put the word “Poland” or the Polish flag on your pictures. A lot of the women on the Women Against Feminism blog do that, for some reason.


233 replies on “Cats respond to #WomenAgainstFeminism with new blog: Confused Cats Against Feminism”

Forgot to add: If anyone wants to caption my picture and submit it to tumblr, be my guest. I have no photoshop skills, and I’m terrible at coming up with captions, but it’s too cute of a picture not to share.

I’m way late to the party on this one, but I just finally got enough time to sit down and do some pics for Canine Companion. Poor thing – living with me has turned her into a reactionary.

I thought about typing something else, but I figured that would be over the line 🙂

And Penny the cat looks very dapper! Would that I could rock a necktie so well.

When I had dogs, it was poop and dead animals that they liked to roll in. /sigh

jenny o: Oh, we accept that women can have different opinions.

We just happen to disagree with these anti-feminist womens’ opinions and are openly mocking them for being nonsensical and strawmaning.

There’s a big difference between those two things.

Because you still remember Erin or whatever he was calling himself? The guy with the chickens.

Funny how women’s opinions only matter to misogynists when those opinions are misogynistic, innit?

ITT: Bigots who don’t accept that women can have different opinions.

Yeah, I’m certainly not friendly with anyone, regardless of gender, who supports ideas that directly contribute to women’s oppression. Why would I be tolerant?

That’s it! Jenny-o aka Erin has been getting *cough* her *cough* ideas from Confused Chickens Against Feminism.

WWTH, calico logic, I love it!

Brilliant idea! Wish I had thought of it 🙂 Still, adding my cat to the mix, although I’m afraid it will have to be a pencil-drawing. Hope that’s ok. She is genuinely confused about why she is against feminism, you see 🙂

I’d love to participate but our household only has 2 post-feminist dogs and a brood of hens, who by definition are fiercely feminist (or they’ll be Sunday lunch when they stop laying) 😉

Would be nice if even a single one of those cats pics were funny. It would also be nice if it wasn’t simply a reactionary childish ploy to detract from the serious concerns raised by many on the WAF sight. I’ve yet to see those concerns adequately acknowledged or points refuted.

I’ve yet to see those concerns adequately acknowledged or points refuted.

Then you must be deliberately avoiding reading any of the criticisms. And you must have been pretty damn ignorant of feminist theory to start with.

Would be nice if even a single one of those cats pics were funny. It would also be nice if it wasn’t simply a reactionary childish ploy to detract from the serious concerns raised by many on the WAF sight. I’ve yet to see those concerns adequately acknowledged or points refuted.

We already did that.

Lots of feminists did. Here’s Amanda Marcotte’s take, which is spot-on, as usual.

A couple minutes of googling turned up many more results.

It would be nice if boring ass troll understood logic. The WAF aren’t fucking raising concerns with anything. “I’m not a feminist because I like wearing make-up” and others of its ilk are not fucking concerns, they’re not even points because they’re not valid.

Also, MRAs who complain about feminists not caring enough about male rape, circumcision, and so forth, where’s the howls of complains about these not-feminists completely avoiding these topics?

Oh that’s right, you don’t care about males, you just care about cheap shots against feminists. Fuck off.

It’s interesting how it’s a man who invented this childish excuse for a backlash towards women who speak their minds. Since you clearly believe that women shouldn’t be able to form their own opinions and make their own choices David, you sir, are the real misogynist here.

Aw, I bet Nicole thinks she’s the first person to try that shitty “gotcha”.

So, basically, Nicole, you believe that women can not be criticized for their words? That a woman can’t be told she’s wrong or be called out for saying something ignorant, because she’s a woman?

That’s awful patronizing of you, there.

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