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Reddit or Stormfront? The hip new game that's sweeping the nation

Uh, dudes, that's not how you upvote someone on Reddit.
Reddit upvotes, in real life.

Just wanted to let you all know about avery diverting — and damnably difficult — little game you can play on the internets: Reddit or Stormfront?

The premise is simple: You’re presented with an assortment of terrible comments, and you simply have to guess whether each one came from the hive of whiteboy bigotry known as Reddit … or the hive of white supremacist bigotry known as Stormfront.

It’s actually really hard. I’ve been playing it off and on since last night, and I’m barely doing better than pure chance.

The game was evidently inspired by the funny/disturbing Reddit-critical subreddit, SRSsucksOrStormfront. You might also enjoy perusing MRMorWhiteRights.

63 replies on “Reddit or Stormfront? The hip new game that's sweeping the nation”

I think with a quiz like this you need to decide to answer a minimum number like 20 or 25 questions before you start, so that you’re not tempted to terminate the quiz once you’ve obtained a lucky/unlucky streak that improves or worsens your score. And obviously if there are only 29 quotes (?) then it’s not too onerous to answer every single quote, but couldn’t they use a greater sampling of quotes? I decided to answer 20 in a row and got 12 correct and 8 incorrect (i.e. 60%), though more often than not I was answering ‘Reddit’.

Podkayne, I tried to apply that logic – that a quote identified as being in response to a black person would tend not be on Stormfront – and was surprised by at least one quote like that which was actually identified as being from Stormfront. So even applying rules like that is not a certain approach to getting a good score.

66%, And I don’t read either… I judged the comments with worse grammar, random capitalization and caps lock abuse to be Reddit and obviously this worked better than guessing. 😀

There is a large orange tabby sitting on my feet as I type.
He is the sort of cat that, if you push your foot under him, settles back down around it like a pile of gently-whipped cream on a warm strawberry shortcake.

Well, I can tell Dickens from Bulwer-Lytton a good nine times out of ten, so I figure I’ve got an okay chance at this. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Tried the game. Sucked at it. I guess I’m not very good at this racism stuff.
As for orange tabbies, I’ve never had one, but my step-gran does. His name is Marley, (after Bob, of course!) and he’s such a sweet little suck! If there is a human lap available, he will be on it in a matter of seconds.

As a “poc” (fuck that word) I find it scary that I can’t tell the difference between nazis and sjw s sometimes, but I guess if I say anything against basically being called colored and lumped in with other non white people ive got internalized racism or I’m really a white dude in disguise.

Crab, I’m sorry people have said that to you. Those are not uncommon objections to the term “poc” and it’s fucking terrible that people would try to control how you identify.

Well the other day my SO called me in to show me something that made them incredibly upset, it was a post rejecting “race mixing” I was surprised to see people who called for social justice and equality say race mixing is wrong, calling those who are mixed “mixed breeds” and mongrels I could only imagine how mixed people felt seeing the ones who were supposed to be kind and stand with them trample them with insults and disgust. It left me wondering if my SO and I had children how would they be treated if the ones who stand for “change” dont even except them where would they be safe ?

Having spent my day swearing at IE8’s inability to handle CSS like a modern browser, I’m not up for serious things. The game, otoh…65%

I’m tearing up right now. I cannot describe the joy you have just given me. As an ethnic minority, and a woman, and a business owner. There is nothing I care more deeply about than the widespread oppression of white men. And now. thanks to you guys! I have a new “vitual” home away from home.Where I can support and contribute to this noble struggle for equality. I’m SO lucky I’m not a white heterosexual christian male! How DO they do it?
Thank you for hunting the mammoth!

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