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Man who teaches men how to talk to women bans men who talk to women from his website

Day Game in progress
Day Game in progress

Roosh Valizadeh has made a career, such as it is, of teaching guys how to talk to women the Rooshy way. And not just how to talk to drunk women in clubs, where you’re lucky if they can even hear your clever negs over all the noise.

In his book Day Bang he sets forth his brilliant strategy for speaking to women in the daytime: start babbling to them about random crap like those slightly dotty elderly people who come up to you sometimes babbling about random crap.

No, really. You’re supposed to “open” with an “Elderly Opener” and segue seamlessly into “Elderly Chat,” taking your cues from the people who are the best at talking forever about nothing at all. “This is something old people excel at,” he writes.

They can have a one-hour chat stemming from an ice cream flavor because their life experience is so deep that they can seamlessly and casually connect it to a dozen other topics.

During the day I want you to think of yourself as a wandering, slightly confused old man who needs to gain information or knowledge. In my sock example, I played up that I was a style retard, incapable of buying a five-dollar pair of socks, when in reality I’m totally capable of making that decision.

And then – shazam! – you’re in like Flynn! Apparently women just melt for men who can’t figure out how to buy socks.

But it turns out that when there’s no possibility that the conversation will end with a bang, Roosh is far less interested in talking to women. Or at least in them talking back.

So much so that he’s not only banned women from commenting on his Return of Kings blog but, as of earlier this week, he’s also banning men who merely reply to women who happen to sneak past his anti-woman defenses and get in a comment or two before they’re banned. (He’s also banned “homos.” His term, not mine.)

Roosh’s announcement generated a good deal of discussion on RoK, mostly from supportive dudes glad that girls and talkers-to-girls are being thrown out of Roosh’s manly clubhouse.



Well, heck, that just means more women for me to talk to.

Excuse me, ladies, but I’m having trouble figuring out how these socks work. Do I put the delicious Pistachio ice cream in them before I put them on, or after?

Note: I really don’t want to give Roosh any traffc, but if you must, the link to his post is hidden somewhere in my post above. Thanks to MARK MINTER for alerting me to Roosh’s new policy.

158 replies on “Man who teaches men how to talk to women bans men who talk to women from his website”

Can’t edit posts. :^(

Nope, you can’t edit posts. It’s so the trolls can’t go back and change what they’ve said.

I mostly just want to thank Samantha for raising a feminist son at this point.

Actually, my partner of 42 years and I raised three feminist sons and one feminist daughter. 🙂

And the ones who have kids of their own are passing it on to them.

Life is good.

*snrk* Seeing how my husband indulges my Manboobz enjoyment the way I indulge his love of 80s musicals, I think the odds of that are slim to nil. He says he’ll do it if it means he can spout consensual innuendo.

kittehserf said:

::snaps fingers, lightbulb moment:: So that’s why various asshats have sullied the good name of the fedora! They think wearing a hat they can drop will get them Teh Secks.

I’m ashamed to admit that this took me several minutes to get. And to think, people call ME “literal”! ;^)

titianblue said:

Nope, you can’t edit posts. It’s so the trolls can’t go back and change what they’ve said.

That makes sense. It’s unfortunate that trolls are why we can’t have nice things. :^D

LBT said

I think this is the first time we’ve had two members of the same family comment on here, except for Fade and Marie!

Silver’s better than gold anyway! :^)

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